The Pack Mother

Chapter 1

Fusedtwilight: Okay, it has been a while since I did a twilight fan-fic. And too all my readers who are waiting for the sequels to Kin and Kindred, Focused Madness and Pups and Tykes I am sorry it has taken me so long to give you those stories. I do have the stories set up in my head and have written a few chapters, but my imagination is pulling me in so many directions now. Please be patient a little while longer.

And just so you all know, this is going to have some major lemons! Now, I normally do not write lemons into my fanfics, though there was a few in Pup's and Tykes. I admit I have done some adult work over on FP but nothing like this.

I don't know how I came up with it, but like all stories it started with an idea. Leah is one of my favorite characters and I just found myself wanting to write a twilight story that had sex and a plot.

And as a final warning this chapter has NO BETA. I have two betas but the one doesn't beta stories with lemons and my other beta is already doing two other stories for me and has a very hectic life right now. So please enjoy.

Leah P.O.V

I arrived home late at night. I had just finished doing my rounds and was bone tired.

It has been three years since the almost battle with the Volturi and things have been blissfully quiet.

We haven't had a single nomad in the area in over a year. Carlisle said that after the confrontation all the witnesses spread the word of a large pack of werewolves that protected the lands.

Suffice it to say no vampire in their right mind wanted to go against seventeen pissed off werewolves.

The Cullen's had left years ago, they just couldn't risk people noticing their endless youth any more, Bella and Edward staid as long as they could so Jake and Nessie could stay together but eventually they too had to leave.

Jake talked with Nessie on Skype almost every day and night. She came to visit him a lot so that helped as well. Jake wanted to go with her, but he was the alpha now, he could not just up and leave his pack.

Almost a year after the confrontation we merged both packs. Sam relinquished his alpha title to Jake so now Jake was the top dog.

Sam was tired of being a leader and Jake had proven he had finally matured and was ready to be the alpha he was meant to be.

Jake offered Sam the role of beta, but Sam declined, he wanted less responsibility so he could finally focus more on his normal life with Emily.

So now I was the beta of our super pack. I thought having the minds of nine other guys could be tough, but try sixteen. Now that will give you a headache.

Sam and Emily had married and I did my duty and was the maid of honor.

I won't lie, it was very difficult for me to do. But I pushed all my pain aside and did this for them. They both thanked me over and over, there was lots of hug and tears and I made it through.

Mom was so proud of me. So was Seth.

I had come a long way. I had changed for the better. I still took yoga and went to a therapist. I had to edit lots of stuff out but it really helped to talk about my issues.

You would think telling a stranger my inner most fears and pain wouldn't do me much good as it would with a friend or family member.

But strangely it was easier to tell a stranger then anyone else.

I had gotten a job at a pharmacy in Forks. I didn't want to get a job here, I needed to have a life that was separate from La Push.

My therapist said this was a good idea. He said breaking away from La Push could help me. La Push was where so many bad things happened to me, spending time away might help.

Mom was over at Charlies, I was glad she moved on. I was a bit pissed when they first hooked up. I felt it was too soon. But Charlie made her happy, and she took care of him.

I guess it was better with him then anyone else. At least he would treat her with respect and all.

I fell on my bed and soon began to drift to sleep.

Yeah my life was good. But there was still one thing missing.

A baby.

I still hadn't been able to solve my problem. I had tried to not phase. I had hoped that since vampire women could not have kids because their bodies did not age maybe if I stopped phasing then my biological clock would start ticking again.

No such luck.

I wasn't going to let that get me down. I wasn't going to stay the same old bitter harpy who moaned about her shitty life.

I was slowly coming to term about a babyless life.

My love life had been a little better. I have had a few flings, nothing beyond a summer romance with some studs from California who were nice but not the kind of guys I wanted to settle with.

Thought finding a guy would be tricky since I couldn't have kids. Let's face, sooner or later a man will want to have babies. So what use would they have with a woman who can not have any.

I banished those thought from my mind. I would not go to sleep with them, they would haunt me in my dreams and I would wake up grumpy.

I would think about the obstacles I have over come and the hardships I have endured that made me stronger.

Like the great wolf I was, I would go on.

I dreamed I was in a vast meadow.

Hundreds of different kinds of flowers grew here. Their sweet perfume filled the air.

This is what I needed, a nice dream. A happy place free from the darkness that followed me.

"Hello daughter."

I turned around and found myself face to face with a naked woman. She had long black hair and white paint on her body. She had very big hips and breasts. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't fit either.

"Okay, naked women in my dream. Must be Brady, he has a thing for big women," I said.

The woman chuckled. "I am more then a dream child. I am the spirit of the earth and I have come to give you a gift."

Okay, spirit of the earth. Obviously I have been reading to many fantasy books. But hey, what the hell, I will go with it.

"What kind of gift?" I asked.

She walked over to me and took my hand in hers.

"You are a strong woman Leah Clearwater. You have endured much and come out stronger for it. But you still have a lot to come. Your time is nigh and you must be ready. The gift I give you will give you what you want. But at a price I am afraid. No gift is for free. There are dark times ahead and you are needed to secure your tribes future. In accepting this gift you will also accept the responsibility that goes with it."

"Look lady, this is just a dream so I will take what ever you have to offer."

She just smiled. "Remember you said yes."

She opened her mouth and a vibrant green mist came floating out. It flew through the air and floated into my mouth and nostrils. It tasted and smelled like spring.

"The gift is received. Now awake daughter and begin to fulfill your role."

I awoke.

"What an odd dream."

I got up and stretched. I went to go get a shower. As I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror I noticed something odd.

My skin was smooth and flawless, not a single flaw or blemish marked it. It even had a sheen to it, a kind of luster. My hair was thicker and my eyes a deeper shade of black.

Even my bosom seemed different, bigger.

"Odd," I said.

I took a quick shower and went downstairs.

Seth was making breakfast. He turned to look at me and frowned.

"Morning Seth," I said.

"Morning Leah."

He handed me the large plate of eggs, bacon and toast and I thanked him.

As I ate I was aware he was looking at me funny.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Leah...have you been working out or something?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You look different. Kind like Bella after she became a vampire."

"Okay, first of all yes I have noticed. Second of all don't ever compare me to Swan!" I said hotly.

"I am just saying Leah. Even your sent is different. You smell like spring time."

"Spring time?"

"Yeah, you know when all the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining and the air is cool but comfortable."

I shrugged. "Maybe it is a wolf thing. The men get all tall and beefy and I get more sexy."

"Maybe. So what are you doing today?" he asked.

"I got to go to work at the pharmacy," I said.

"I thought you had the day off?"

"I did but someone had to call off and they asked me to come in. More money for me."

Seth smiled. He walked over to me and He hugged me around the shoulders. "I am happy for you Leah. You have come a long way."

"Thanks Seth," I said.

We ate our breakfast together and After that I got ready for work.

As I drove to Forks listening to some tunes I smiled to myself.

Yeah, my life was so much better now. Nothing could possible go wrong.

Shit I hope I didn't just jynx myself.

Seth P.O.V

After Leah left Collin and Brady arrived.

Despite the fact we were in different packs we were still good friends.

We were going to play Halo and talk about life after school. I was going to graduate this year but they still had one more year to go.

I was planning on going to college in Seattle, that way I would be close to home in case I was needed and I could find a better job then I could around here.

I heard them coming from the woods long before they got to the house.

Of all the werewolves I had the best hearing. Jared had the best eyesight and Leah was the fastest runner. I always prided myself on my hearing, just as Leah did with her speed.

Collin and Brady walked in without knocking. I wasn't bothered.

All the wolves were like one giant family. My house is your house as the old saying goes.

"Hey guys," I said.

"Hey," Brady said.

"S'up?" Collin said.

Suddenly they stopped. They began to sniff at the air, big goofy grins appeared on their faces.

"Dude what is that smell?" Brady asked.

"What smell?"

"Is that Leah? Damn is she smelling fine!" Collin said.

"Dude not this again," I said.

Collin still had a major crush on Leah. Even before he became a werewolf he thought she was the most beautiful women in the world. Even when she was going through her mean and nasty phase he still crushed on her, but he also developed a healthy amount of fear of her as well.

"It is Leah, shit man what perfume is she wearing?" Brady asked.

"You guys smell it too?" I asked.

They began to move around the house. First to the kitchen then to the bathroom. I was shocked when they went into Leah's room.

That is a death sentence.

"Guys get out of there!" I said.

I watched in horror as Collin jumped on Leah's bed and began to roll around in it and Brady began to go through her cloths drawer and rub her cloths to his face.

"Guys come on stop it!" I yelled.

They seemed to snap out of it and blushed. They quickly left the room and I followed shutting the door firmly behind us.

"What is wrong with you two?" I asked.

"Sorry Seth, I couldn't help it. That scent is sooo good!" Brady said.

"Yeah, it's Leah but it is different. It's like springtime."

"Yeah, Leah looked different as well," I said.

"What do you mean?" Collin asked.

"It's like how a human looks different after they become a vampire. They look the same, but better."

"Wow, Leah looking better?" Collin got a dreamy look on his face. I knew he was imagining Leah naked right now. I had the unfortunate luck to see some of his little fantasies about her.

"Shut up Collin."

We went to play some games and talked about school and patrol. They still sniffed the air every once in a while, I noticed their pupils had gotten a little bigger as well.

Something was up. I don't know why but I had a bad feeling about this. First Leah's appearance and sent alters, now Collin and Brady are acting like felines around catnip.

I would go speak to Billy about this. Maybe he would know.

Or it might be something unique for Leah. She was the first female werewolf in our tribes history. There is not telling what biological traits she has.

Leah P.O.V

I was starting to get annoyed.

Every guy that came in the store today kept on staring at me.

I was no stranger to getting a appreciative look from a man. I know I was good looking. But the way they looked at me made me give them a glare with a silent promise of an ass whipping that sent them scurrying off.

My co-workers looked at me stunned. Tasha and Hilary asked me what I was using to look so good. They asked me what shampoo I was using and what cream I used for my skin.

"And your breasts! Damn girl it looks like you went up a size or two," Tasha said.

"I think I did. None of my bras fit me this morning," I said.

"Do you drink a lot of beer?" Hilary asked me.

"No why?" I asked.

"I read in a magazine beer has an ingredient in it that can cause a womans breasts size to increase. How do you think I stay so perky?"

She thrust her chest forward showing off her breasts.

"Wait, your not pregnant are you?" Tasha asked.

I felt a stab of pain run through me at the question. Tasha and Hilary didn't know I couldn't have kids.

"No, definitely not."

"My mom and sister, when they got pregnant they look just a little different. You know that glow they say a woman gets when she is having a baby?"

"Believe me I am not pregnant," I said.

"When was the last time you had sex?" Hilary asked.

"Several months ago."

"Say what?" Tasha asked.

"Several months! O.M.G!" Hilary said.

"Girl, your a beautiful woman, why aren't you out their tapping that ass?" Tasha asked.

I could not help but laugh. "Look my last relationship was with a guy from California, it was a summer romance. We ended things good when he had to go back. I am trying to focus on me right now. I don't need love."

"Leah we are not talking about love. Were talking about sex!" Hilary said.

"Amen girl," Tasha said clapping her hand. "A woman needs love'n just like a man Leah. You are young and full of sexual energy! You can't just keep that contained, you need to let it all out."

"If you want I could hook you up with one of my guy friends," Hilary said.

"No thanks," I said.

Hilary's guy friends were the kind of guys who drank beer then crushed the can on their held and belched to see who could be the loudest. A bunch of idiot frat boys who liked to film themselves doing stupid shit then put it on Youtube.

And unlike Hilary, I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. In fact I am allergic. It causes me to develop a rash of 'I will kick the shit out of you.'

"Hey Leah," A nervous voice said.

Jim the stock boy had walked over. He was smiling and a little red in the face.

Jim was the kind of guy who was clean cut all American do not wrong. The good boy parents want their daughters to marry and have kids with. He was six foot one and had short blonde hair and hazel eyes. His skin had a slight tan to it that made me wonder if maybe he had some Native in him.

A lot of people in Forks would find out they had some Quileute in them if they looked back far enough.

I had to admit, Jim was attractive. But he was still fresh out of high school and still had that swagger of a young man preparing to go out into the world and explore and try new things.

Plus he was just so damn innocent in a naive sort of way. I know I wasn't that much older then him at twenty-three but I needed a man who was mature and down to earth.

"You look really pretty today," he said.

"Thanks Jim," I said.

He stood there awkwardly, he opened and shut his mouth like he was going to say something but could not get it out.


He quickly left to go back to work and we broke out laughing.

"Poor Jim," Hilary said.

"Leah why don't you go out with Jim?" Tasha asked.

"He's nineteen," I said.

"So, he's legal,"Hilary said.

"Yeah but he's still so...boyish."

"That's why you make him into a man girl! You can mold him into what you desire," Tasha said.

"How do you make that sound so tempting yet so dirty at the same time?" I asked.

"It's a gift," she said.

We all laughed and went back to work. When it was time for lunch I was surprised to see mom come in with a bag of food she had made for me.

"Hello sweetie, how is your day?" she asked.

"Good, thanks for the food."

I opened the bag and saw she made dad's famous smoked fish. Dad had made a whole book on different recipes for making all kinds of fish food.

She was giving me an odd look and I already knew why. The same reason everyone else had been looking at me.

" seem different."

"I know right Seth and I noticed it too." I looked around to make sure we were not being over heard. I leaned in close and whispered into her ear. "I think it might a be a wolf thing. You know how the guys got tall and muscular?"

"Yes but this is not like that Leah, it's like you got an amazing make over."

I shrugged. "I am the first female wolf so maybe the rules are different for us."

"A bit late but better late then never, are you patrolling tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah. Jake has night class tonight and Seth has the morning shift so it's me and Embry."

Now that we have such a large pack it is a lot easier to schedule patrols. More nights for us to spend at home in our beds instead of running around hunting vampires.

"Okay, I will save you some dinner for when you get home. Tell Embry I said hi."

"I will mom."

She left and I ate my fish in the employee room.

I was feeling really good. Peace had finally settled for everyone in Washington, my life was back on track and now nature finally decided to be rewarded for my hard work with a all natural beauty make over.

Perhaps finding a man won't be so difficult now.

Not that I had a problem with that before but still it's nice to have an advantage.

Seth P.O.V

I knocked on the Black's door.

I waited, I could hear Billy's chair moving.

The door opened and Billy smiled when he saw me.

"Seth, what can I do for you kid."

"Hey Billy can I talk to you?"

"Sure, come on in."

He let me in and shut the door. We went into the kitchen and I sat at the table.

"You look troubled Seth," Billy said.

"I think something is going on with Leah," I said.

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah it's just...she looks different."

"Different how?"

I told him how she looked now, then I told him about Collin and Brady's reaction to her scent.

"They went into her room and rubbed themselves over anything that had her scent. It was like watching a cat with catnip. Leah thinks it might be a change brought on by her werewolf genes but even her scent has changed."

"What does it smell like?"

"Well the same, but now it's like springtime. Blooming flowers, fresh soil and sunlight."

"And you were not effected?"

"Not like Collin and Brady."

"Hmm. Well I wish I could help you Seth but Leah is a unknown for us. Remember she is the first female werewolf in the tribes history. Her new appearance could be a result of her genes. But I don't know why it took so long for it to develop. As you know she never showed any of the typical signs of an impending transformation. That is why your father was so shocked, he didn't see it coming. It is true that when they phase the first time their scent resembles a wolf's but for it to change again?"

He got a thoughtful look on his face. "Keep an eye on her Seth. Tell me if anything else happens."

"I will."

"Would you like to stay? The game is on."

"Sure thing."

Billy was like an uncle to me. My dad and him had been friends since they were kids. Billy was like a father to me and had helped me during dad's passing.

I sat on the couch and he turned the volume up and we watched the tv.

My thoughts were still on Leah. I know I was probably over worrying but I was just hoping this wasn't going to turn out to be another wolf thing that was going to mess up her life.

She has been through enough, she doesn't need some surprise wolf thing popping up.

Leah P.O.V

Later that night after I got home and got ready I hugged mom and left her and Seth at the house and ran out into the woods.

I was going to wait for Embry to show up so we could start.

Embry had finally told his mom about the wolf thing. Now that she knew he didn't have to sneak out anymore. Turns out Embry is Sam's half-brother.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at that. Apparently Embry's mom met Sam's dad after she had one too many drinks and she didn't know he had been married at the time.

I waited for Embry, when he was ten minutes late I decided to start without him figuring he could just catch up when he finally arrived. His mom hated to know he was out their possibly fighting vampires so she liked to give him extra long hugs and made him make many promises about how he would be careful and safe.

I took off my cloths and tied them to my leg.

I was about to phase when all of a sudden my groin exploded suddenly with the most intense burning sensation I have ever felt.

I cried and fell to my knees. My whole body began to quiver and I could feel myself begin to sweat.

I tried to stand up but my legs kept on giving out from me from the throbbing of my womanhood.

I gasped as the burning began to increase in intensity. My blood felt like it was boiling in my veins.

I peeked down and saw my pussy was beginning to slowly drip with sexual fluid.

I touched my lips and a sharp spike of pleasure hit me.

"What the hell!" I groaned.

Just then I heard the sound sound of something large rushing through the woods and to my shame Embry came bursting into view.

We stood their frozen, I wished the earth would swallow me up then and there. Just when my body decides to spontaneously become ridiculously aroused one of my pack finds me.

Embry was staring at me, the look he was giving me made things around my stomach churn in a good way. He was breathing really hard, staring at me with a look that was darker then what Embry ever gave before.

Then I smelt it, the musk of a male. Embry's scent was stronger, it drowned out all other scents, I felt like someone had thrown a bunch of spice at my face.

A groan escaped my mouth and my pussy throbbed harder. The burning was so intense now. I needed to find relief! It was killing me!

Embry growled and a sense of anticipation washed over me. My eyes roamed over his body, I never noticed but he really did look rather magnificent.

As I looked him over I noticed his cock had slid out of it's sheath, all pink and leaking large drops of pre-cum.

He phased back and seeing him in his human form, naked and aroused made the need intensify.

"Embry," I whispered.

I had to have him! Here in now I needed him to fuck me! I wanted him to slam that magnificent organ between his legs into me and quench this burning, to save me from this maddening need.

He walked over to me, his normally gently and friendly eyes burned with something so dark and primal that it did not belong on the face of a human. It was more animal then man.

I knew he was being effected as well and judging by his hard cock which was still leaking pre-cum he wanted the same thing I wanted.

I did not wait for him to come to me, I walked and met him and we wrapped our arms around one another and shared a steamy kiss, our tongues fought for dominance and he grabbed my right leg and pulled it up to his waist.

With a single thrust he was buried in me to the hilt. The sudden intrusion of the massive prick invading my most intimate of places was a joyous merging of pain and pleasure.

I did not wait, I was so wet and burning with need. He began to thrust into me, hard and deep. Growling like an animal as he did, hitting me so hard the sounds of our skin slapping into one another filled the woods.

I had to be careful with my human lovers, I was not as strong as a vampire but I was still strong enough I could do some damage if I wasn't careful. But Embry was like me, we both had the same strength, the same endurance.

We picked up the speed and began to thrust harder and harder into one another. I pushed him off me and tossed him on the ground, I got on top of him and lowered myself onto him again and he howled his approval as I began to bounce on his dick.

I don't know what caused this, I don't know why I was suddenly fucking Embry Call of all people like a sex crazed nympho, but I didn't care.

All that mattered was the fact he was a glorious specimen of a man and I was having him to satisfy my desire.

The burning in me reached a pitch and I could tell from the way he was breathing and tensing his body he was close as well. A few more thrusts later and I threw my head back and howled loudly into the night time sky. Embry followed suite and as I tightened around him he began to pour into me, his semen gushed into me, burning my inside with a sizzling heat.

We laid there catching our breath. The high of our carnal act began to disappear and I looked him with the same look he was giving me.

Amazed, shocked, embarrassed, confused, blissful, content.

I just fucked Embry, he just gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Embry who was always quiet, yet friendly. Who loved to make a good bet and was very loyal to his friends. Who never yelled at me or told me to piss off, even when I rubbed the fact he was a bastard out of wedlock in his face.

And he just fucked me like a pro.

"Leah, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah I just...I don't know what happened. My body just switched form normal to horny know. What about you?"

"I was rushing to get to you before you phased but then I caught your scent's different, your different. I followed it to you thinking how amazing you now smelled and then the same thing happened to me and it was like a switch went off in my head."

I stood up and he slid out of me. We both groaned from the sensation and his semen began to leak from my vagina. Thank God I can't get pregnant, he shot me with so much of his load it would have been a sure thing.

"Leah why do you look different? Did something happen?"

"No, I went to bed and woke up like this," I said.

We stood there awkwardly for a few moments.

"What should we do?" he asked.

"Let's do our patrol and then head home. We'll talk to Billy about this," I said.

"Great, that will be a fun talk," he said dryly.

We phased and went on patrol. Jake had night classes, Quil was babysitting Claire and Seth had the morning shift. Jared and Paul would be taking over after our shift ended and I wanted to be gone before they phased.

I knew it was only a matter of time before this damned mind link power showed them what happened. Pretty soon the whole pack would see exactly what happened.

I am still wishing I could just die.

We both tried to think about anything else, but of course our minds kept on thinking about what had happened.

Why had it happened?

Would it happen again?

Why us?

We did not speak, embarrassment and shame kept us from talking. But our connection was strong enough to tell one another that although we were a little scared and confused.

We both really, really enjoyed what had happened. A lot.

We ran our patrol, nothing out of the ordinary. No signs of any leeches.

Well I guess that is that. Jared and Paul will be taking over now, Embry said.

Yeah, let's go home. And Embry...I am sorry...for what happened.

It's okay Leah. I don't know what happened, but I have to confess...I did like it.

I grinned. Me too call. Your not to bad in the sack.

He chuckled. Yeah, finally gave up my V card on graduation night. We had a bon fire down at the beach and a bunch of kids form Forks showed up to party with us.

You sly dog. See you tomorrow Call.

See you later Leah.

Embry ran off to his house. Once he was close enough he phased back to human and I was by myself.

I went on my home, my mind racing.

I had to admit, I did feel good. What happened although unexpected did leave me feeling very satisfied in the way a woman feels when she has had a very good lay.

I was running home when it hit me again.

The burning fire between my legs returned full force and I let out a yelp, falling to the ground.

I writhed on the ground, writhing as my woman hood once again betrayed me and filled me with an aching need. I phased back to human and lay on the ground holding myself.

"Not again!" I moaned.

I don't know how long I lay there on the ground, writhing around, rubbing myself in order to extinguish this beautiful, terrible fire. But I soon became aware something was coming.

Twigs snapped and the ground shook as once more something came rushing through the woods.

I looked up, expecting to see Embry, figuring the need overwhelmed him again too.

But instead of seeing a sleek wolf with gray fur and black spots I saw a wolf that was built more sturdy and had dark silver fur.


He was acting just like Embry had been. His chest heaving as he breathed hard, his eyes filled with a primal darkness and his cock hung proudly from it's sheath.

He phased back and looked at me with a leer. I should be freaking out, this was even more bizarre and wrong then Embry.

He began to walk to me, his cock erect and dripping pre-cum stood proudly. His intent clear in his eyes and his manhood.

I was going to get fucked again by another of my pack brothers.

And I wanted it.

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