Pack Mother

Chapter 31

Fusedtwilight: Well here is the last chapter, I hope you have all enjoyed the story. This chapter is the shortest, but it ties up all the loose ends.


100 years later

Jake P.O.V

I walked alone into the La Push cemetery, carrying a large bouquet of flowers.

I had a lot of graves to visit.

First I stopped by mom and Billy's grave. He had died ten years after our victory due to complications with his diabetes.

I took over his duties as chief for several years before I have it up to Taylor.

He was buried here right next to his imprint. A woman whom I had gone to school with.

Imprint and irony do seem to go hand in hand.

Sam and Emily.

Quil and Claire.

Paul and Rachel.

Seth and Rebecca.

They were all here.

My pack, my friends, my family.

I had watched them grow old and die, watched their children go on to have their own families and die.

It was not easy.

I was back here because the time had come. The day the spirit warned us had come and we were getting ready.

A lot happened in the last century.

God where to begin?

Well, after Shipa Kadidu was defeated and Leah woke up we finally got the peace we so needed. The only thing we ever had to worry about was the rare vampire coming into our turf, and with a pack like ours it was easy.

We did have a scare when Taylor and his pack took on a vampire by themselves. It should have been easy, but Alex got cocky and the leech managed to rip one of his arms off.

The bastard was lucky Alex's brothers killed him, Leah was furious. But the next day Alex's arm had grown back. Apparently the new super-shifters power of healing was more advanced then we had thought.

Emily had a baby girl they named Kat Leah Uley. Spencer was so happy to have a baby sister, and just as happy when they had another child three years later, a boy they named John.

Kim and Jared got married and had a son they named Tom.

Quil married Claire when she turned twenty-one. By then she already knew about us and Tyson being his son with Leah. But she loved him none the less. They had two sons. Quil stopped sleeping with Leah when Claire and him started dating, though he did visit her often. Claire needed time to come to terms that although she was Quil's imprint Leah would have a special place in his heart as well.

Paul and Rachel got married and had twin girls and one son. Seth and Rebecca got married when Seth turned eighteen and had three little girls. Two of them had been twins. It was a common thing in the black family.

Rachel and Rebecca's daughters phased during their teen years. But Seth and Rebecca's daughters were super wolves like their brother Harry. But they aged at a normal rate, just as the spirit said.

Collin imprinted on a girl who would become a coach for the girls sports teams at Forks. She was a tough, no nonsense woman who loved nothing more to put Collin in his place.

Brady moved to Canada for several years. He had met a girl from Micheal's reservation and they got married and had some kids and moved back to La Push when their children graduated high school.

Embry never imprinted or married. He lived with Leah and Jim until the day he died. Leah and him had two more little boys. He never fell for anyone but Leah. She was all he wanted or needed. I remember the day he died, just one in many deaths. Like many he stopped phasing and let old age claim him. Leah cried so hard, Embry was special to her and losing him hurt her deeply.

Leah and Jim had one more child, a little girl. Leah had so many kids she only wanted one more. They named her Naomi. And they both treated her like treasure.

Her children with the Forks pack and the pups fathers matured in six months and joined Taylors pack. Justin, Nick, Brandon and Pacey loved their little brothers and their mothers welcomed them warmly into their families.

The pups no longer needing to indulge the compulsion went on to graduate and a few of them went to college and got good jobs like they wanted.

The Forks pack continued to be strong allies, they went on to find wives. But none of them ever told their wives about their wolf natures.

The older wolves who phased do to making love with Leah eventually stopped phasing after a few years of enjoying being a wolf. They did not want to watch their wives get older then they.

We remained allies with the Lupus, Frank continued to live in Forks to raise Collin. But he took the time to go back to Mexico to visit Eva. Eva and him got married when she got a little older, she remained mates with Marco who begrudgingly shared her with him. Frank and Eva had two sons.

Marco and Dan had dozens of kids. Dan was happy living with Marco's pack. They developed a father son bond. Twenty years after the Mexican pack was restored they began to fight back against the vampires. They had the element of surprise and the numbers they needed to beat back the vampires.

Every once in a while we would go down to help them clean house. There are now three pack in Mexico. They remain our allies and distant family.

Hans and Heather eventually married and moved to Finland. She helped him find the forgiveness he was looking for and they had a family of their own.

Howie and Ryan dated for seven years. He went to live with Ryan and they almost got married. But many great loves end in tragedy. Ryan was killed by the mate of a vampire his pack had killed years ago. Howie was devastated and moved back.

With the help of his family he was able to heal and one day he met a guy in Port Angeles. They married and had two kids using a surrogate.

The Lupus with the help of the Cullen's began to gather the other shifter groups again. First was the tigers in India, then the Lions in Africa. A friend of Rebecca's she knew from when she was married to Solomon came to visit her. Turns out she was a female shark. Leah had a vision of her once and her two lovers who were twin brothers. She was happy to meet Leah who like her was a chosen of natures.

The Lupus now had wolves, lions, sharks, tigers, eagles, alligators, bears, hawks and even spiders (who were scary as fuck) and although it was difficult at times for them all to work together they were putting more effort into maintaining the group then they had before.

I had to leave La Push after a few decades, though I did visit often. Taylor made a wonderful chief. I was there when he got married and became a father. I was there when it was his turn to join our ancestors.

One by one by friends died, I was the only one left now. All that remained of them was my memories and their own descendants

I kept in contact with the elders, and ever once in a while I would visit with Nessie.

The last one to be buried was Leah.

My mate.

I placed the flower on her grave, she was buried next to Jim who became a registered member of the Quileute tribe.

I rubbed my shoulder where my tattoo once was. When Leah died it faded away. I still rubbed where it used to be when I was feeling nostalgic or I was missing her.

"Hey Leah," I said. "Sorry I haven't visited in a while. I just wanted to let you know the time has come."

I looked up into the sky. I wish it was a better day. But it was a typical cloudy day that blocked out the sun and promised eventual rain.

"It took a century but the Volturi have finally decided now is the time. Apparently they found some vampires who have abilities that don't attack the mind so now they are more confidant in their chances. The Cullen's allies have begun to gather again and as such more wolves are phasing. Just like old times. I have already told them. It's weird seeing our great-great-grandkids. I see so much of us in them. I feel happy and yet sad. I wish you could see them."

I ran my fingers over her tombstone.

"Tomorrow the Volturi will come for us. Tonight I will be telling the new pack your story. I promise I will leave the more adult stuff out."

I placed a kiss on the cold, smooth surface of her tombstone.

"I love you Leah and I miss you every day. Tomorrow all the hardships you went through will pay off."

I turned my back and went deep into the woods. I phased and headed for First Beach.

For so long I have been a lone wolf. I have almost forgotten what it was like to share my mind with another wolf.

I phased back and walked out of the woods and walked the rest of the way.

The fire was already going and the elders and wolves were already here.


My descendant Grant and his son, the alpha of the pack Steven greeted me. I shook their hands.

"Are the Cullen's at their house?" he asked.

"Yes. They will meet up with us in the morning," I said.

I walked over and greeted the others. Shaking hands, bumping fists, ruffling hair. They knew me, I was a legend.

Jacob Black. The alpha who imprinted on a hybrid.

Everyone sat down, but I remained standing.

I looked at them all, and with each face I saw an old friend.

Sam, Quil, Jared, Paul, Embry, Seth, Collin, Brady and as always Leah.

Her great-great-great-grandon Grant Hilfiger was here. The look he gave me was part scowl and all Leah.

I saw Quil's mischievous smirk, Embry's soft smile, Sam silent gaze, Paul's cocky smile, Jared's grin, Seth's warm happy eyes.

I felt a pain in my heart. How I missed them all.

"Tomorrow, our tribe will once more be under attack. We have faced many threats over the centuries. This enemy we once faced but managed to avoid fighting. But this time they mean to kill us, no matter what. They will kill you, and kill your families just to make sure our gene is wiped out. But that is not going to happen. You are like me, a wolf shifter. But you are also different. Nature made you to be better then me in every way to help fight this threat."

I let the words sink in. Watched their eyes fill with pride.

"But before this battle I am going to tell you a story. About a woman. Beautiful, strong, and a big temper."

They all chuckled.

"Her name was Leah Clearwater. You all share a bloodline with her. Leah never wanted to be like us. You must think that cray, after all what we are is amazing right? Well being what we are comes with a price. For her it was more steep then what we had to pay. She just wanted love and a family. She just wanted to be normal. In the end she got what she wanted, but not in the normal way and not without much hardship."

I rubbed my shoulder. Leah's face flashed before my eyes. Like watching a video on fast forward. I remembered when we were kids, I remember when we were still human, when we phased, when we were lovers, when she got old. I could almost smell her scent in the air.

"This is the story of one of the bravest women our tribe has ever known. A woman we honor and have sworn to never forget her name. This is the story of Leah Clearwater, the Pack Mother of the Quileute's. She found love and she had a family. In abundance."

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