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Prologue Part Final: The Thirteen Days of Serah Farron Part I of II


Serah Farron, an 18-year-old young woman who's the youngest sister out of the three Farron sisters, having been born three years after her elder sister Lightning, and one year after her older sister Averia.

Possessing an inner fortitude beyond her years, she is more than capable of making decisions on her own, whatever her somewhat overprotective elder sister might think.

In another lifetime, she would've been the center of many tragic events. She would've been someone else's fiancée. And she would've taken the easy way out of thing. But this is not that other lifetime.

This is a different time…a different place…an alternate reality…another life altered by the birth of Averia…

(DAY ONE, Bodhum)

"Serah? Serah!"

In the residence of the Farron sisters was the middle sister Averia Farron, who just walked in looking for youngest sister. Like her sisters, she has the trademark light strawberry pink hair styled in long low pigtails and aqua blue eyes. She's 5'5", has a slender, athletic body with E-cup breasts, and wears a black jacket with extended gold shoulder pads, a small red mantle, a black choker with beige beads hanging from the sides and a small locket hanging from the front, a red plaid skirt hemmed with black lace with black bicycle short under them, black thigh-high socks, and black leather knee high flat-heeled boots.

Out of the three sisters who are either cold and standoffish or rebellious but caring, Averia is a cheerful, straightforward, confident, playful, and energetic young woman who's the kind of person who would teach someone how to swim by pushing them in the water. Sure, she is a nice individual and can be slightly crazy, but making her angry is a surefire way to unleash her psychotic, sadistic side she hides too well.

"Serah, where the heck are ya?!"

"Down here! I'm in the workshop!" a muffled voice called from the basement.

Averia hopped downstairs hearing a loud buzzing sound the further she walked down. When she arrived, she saw her sister in front of a table dressed in a full bodysuit with a safety mask, protecting her from the sparks of a laser welder she's using on what appears to be a sword, writing something. When she finished a few moments later, she put it away, allowing Averia to come closer.

"Ah! You finally managed to recreate the Sanctum's Blazefire Edge! Fantastic! Looks like making those other weapons like the Crescent Rose paid off, eh little sis?"

Her sister nodded as she took off her mask, revealing a young woman with the same pink tint of hair Averia and their sister has. She has her hair tied into a ponytail on the left side of her head, a darker shade of blue eyes, and cat-shaped earrings.

She is Serah Farron.

"Looks like it." Serah agreed as she grabbed the gunblade and twirled it around, "Unfortunately, it doesn't get rid of the dreams though."

"Don't be like that. I think having dreams of an alternate world where Hunters and Huntresses fighting monsters is awesome! Maybe you were meant to have those dreams. Might be a message of some kind!" Averia suggested, making Serah look at her skeptically.

"Well, what ever it is, it's getting really old, and I want them to stop. I've learned all I could from them." Serah grumbled, "Besides, I have my own problems to deal with…"

"Well, a treasure hunting trip to the Sunleth Waterscape can change that! Come on!" Averia said, gesturing to her and bounded up the stairs.

Serah shook her head at her sister's antics as she unzipped her full-body suit and let it fall to the ground, revealing her outfit that consisted of a revealing, form-fitting dress of white, reddish-pink, and gold consisting of a white top, pink sections on the front and back connecting the top to the skirt over black shorts, cut-out sides at the waist, criss-crossing pink straps on the sides of her torso, and two straps that go over her shoulders into a cross-back shape. She wears a storage pack on her right hip that hangs from her waist, pink and black thigh-high leggings, and purple ankle boots. She also wears a pink choker, short pink sleeves under gray gloves, and two gold armbands, one on each arm.

Putting her new weapon on her lower back in its Gun Form, Serah followed after her sister.

"Today is the same as always. Nothing particularly stood out. Everything went on as usual. But the future is never transparent. Sometimes I wish these quiet days would last until my time in this world is over. But I know that's nothing but a naïve wish. Until the time comes that everything changes…I…"

(DAY TWO, Bodhum Outskirts)


In the society of Cocoon, it's the name of a vigilante group composed of like-minded youths in Bodhum who strives to live a life of freedom and independence; self-funded by the operation of a seaside café in Bodhum. Functioning as a neighborhood watch of sorts, NORA members patrol the vicinity of Bodhum for trouble. Most often, "trouble" consists of encroachment by dangerous forms of wildlife. NORA had never openly acted out against the Sanctum, and because of this, the military had been content to turn a blind eye to the group's activities.

The group consisted of Snow Villiers, Gadot, Lebreau, Maqui, and Yuj; and NORA is their acronym that stands for No Obligations, Rules, or Authority.

Snow Villiers is the group's leader. He's 21-years-old, 6'7" tall, has light blond hair, blue eyes, and a stubble beard. He wears a black bandanna, black gloves, large gray boots, a light blue vest over a black shirt, and a striped blue scarf hanging from a belt. He wears a beige trench coat with frayed hems that functions as his weapon as it is fused with Antimatter Manipulation Principle (AMP) technology. He is a relentless optimist and a self-proclaimed "hero" who wishes to protect and help anyone in need. Although his heart may be in the right place, his naivety and optimism rub people the wrong way, among other things.

Gadot is the macho second-in-command and self-described "shock-trooper" of NORA who wields a machine gun. He is 21-years old, 6'3" tall, and has fiery hair, dark skin, and a muscular frame with teal clothes. He's brash and sometime blunt, but carries a soft and caring spot overall. Out of all the members of NORA, he knows the NORA leader far better than anyone.

Lebreau is the third member of NORA who runs the café that funded their operations. She's 19-years old, 5'6" tall, has shoulder length black hair, light brown eyes, and wears clothes with a butterfly and volleyball motif. With her brusque, mature, no-nonsense manner and firearm wielding capabilities, the young woman is treated just like one of the guys, and she would have it no other way.

Maqui is the fourth member of NORA who serves as the group's mechanic, whose talent for using junk to upgrade machines also provides NORA with another source of income. He's 17-years-old, 5'3" tall, has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a black and pink jacket with khaki pants and silver and purple shoes. He joined the ranks of NORA out of his admiration for Snow, wanting to be like him, reliable and heroic.

Yuj is the fifth and junior member of NORA who's their calm and amiable mood maker. He's 19-years-old, 5'9" tall, has feathery blue hair, striking gold eyes, and wears a orange shirt with a subtle yellow gradient, with a dark red, long-sleeved shirt underneath, as well as black leather pants and black leather boots. He has an upbeat and cheery personality, with insatiable interest in fashion.

Serah Farron and Averia Farron were originally part of the newest additions to the group, being two of their best fighters; but now only being loosely connected with them through their best friend Lebreau. Serah is one of the strongest warriors on Cocoon, slightly behind Lightning and slightly above Averia. Now a days, the two Farron sisters only help them out from time to time. The reason why they're loosely connected with NORA was because of the actions of the leader, Snow.

For now, that was far from Serah's mind despite the event happening months ago as she threw herself into eliminating monsters that dared cross the borders of her home to harm the people living there. Equipped on her back is the Blazefire Edge that she forged herself, but currently she's using her personal favorite weapon named Starseeker, a transformable weapon that can switch from a bow to a sword, and can split from its Sword Form to a Dual Blade Mode.

Of all the top soldiers in Cocoon, Serah, who classified as a civilian, has higher stats in speed and ability than any of them (even more so than her elder sister), proving that as she slashed through multiple monsters, leaving multiple afterimages of herself while appearing to be skating on the ground.

Averia was not far behind in speed, making it appear as if she almost teleporting, but opting to use an AMP Manadrive blitzing the enemy with overwhelming magic attacks along with her weapon Chrono Trigger, a gunsword equipped with its own manadrive that transforms between a swordwhip with gun capabilities and a long-barreled gun that takes magazines that was personally forged by Serah.

"One more!" Averia declared, pointing at the poor flan that was remaining.

"Got it!" Serah shouted, switching her Starseeker to Bow Mode and shooting the flan with an incendiary arrow, eliminating it.

"Nice shot. Guess those archery lessons in school paid off eh?" Lebreau called out as she went over to them, slapping Serah on her back.

Serah just looked at her weapon before put sheathing on her back in its Sword Form, "I just felt sorry for the flan. I had so many ways to end it in mind."

"How cruel~" Averia laughed as the rest of Team NORA arrived, and turned to them, "Mission complete. The citizens of Bodhum can sleep peacefully."

"That means we're done here," Garot said with the others nodded, "Right Boss?"

"You bet'cha." Snow confirmed, raising him fist in the air, "Which means another victory for NORA!"

Averia sighed and shook her head at that cheesy line while Serah and Lebreau just rolled their eyes.

"There're just monsters Snow. Nothing big to celebrate." Lebreau deadpanned as she put her rifle on her back.

"Well, if we're done here…"

Serah turned to leave, but Snow grabbed her right arm, stopping her.

"Wait, Serah. Can we talk about what happened?" he asked with Serah narrowed her eyes in anger as she turned to him.

"Excuse me?" she said angrily as she recalled the situation in question.

(FLASHBACK NO JUTSU, Farron residence, several months ago)

Fairytales…inspirational tales of heroes and heroines who endure all kinds of trials and challenges to get the happy ending they yearn for. They tell these tales to boost the confidence of those who lead different lives. They work, but in the end, they are just that: stories…stories that are just a mere escape from the harsh realities of the world.

In Serah's dreams, there was a girl in red that said the reason she wants to be a "Huntress"; to be like the heroes that fought for what's right and protect those who can't protect themselves. But there was a black-haired girl who countered this saying that the real world isn't a fairytale.

And Serah finally knew what she meant, as she stared at the front door where her elder sister, Lightning, just walked out off.

She couldn't believe what happened, as she turned to look at Averia, who looked at her in uncharacteristic disappointment. She expected shouting, maybe a few shots from her PSICOM-issued Blazefire Edge gunblade, followed by laughter from Averia, but not her in the process of moving out of the home that they, the Farron sisters, shared. She only told Lightning firmly that after a year of dating Snow, they were planning to get married, with or without her blessing. The way she said it was a little harsh, but still, Lightning needed to know that she's mature enough to make her own decisions. Snow even agreed, with a goofy grin on his face, saying that he can take care of Serah in her stead.

And then it happened.

While Serah felt uncharacteristic confidence that Lightning would let her go, while hoping that she didn't sound too negative, that confidence started to fade when her sister's face warped into sadness and hurt.

The thing Serah knew, Lightning left, feeling that she and Serah were not sisters anymore and that she cast her away, and Snow affirmed her beliefs, saying that he's the one who'll take care of Serah.

Now Lightning was gone, and Serah felt dirty about what she did as her world started to shatter apart.

"Claire…" she whispered, "No…"

"Well, that was smoother compared to last time."

Serah blinked as her boyfriend's words repeated in her head, causing anger to bubble within her very being at his thoughtless words.

"What did you just say?" Serah asked as she turned to Snow, who looked relieved, "Did you not see what just happened?"

"Serah, calm down." Averia told her, with no hint of her usual positive attitude in her voice.

"Averia's right Serah, and what'd you mean by what I just said? Lightning gave me her trust in taking care of you from now on." Snow replied as if the answer was obvious as he bought her close to him for a hug, "A new family needs a fresh start after all."

That was real smooth on Snow's part, since Serah's anger reached a boiling point with Snow's brainless answers.

"What the hell are you talking about, Snow?" Averia asked, confused but starting to get frustrated at Snow's lack of concern, "Claire's upset over what Serah said. Now who knows where'd she gone? Last time something similar to this happened, she fought a monster stronger than her and ended up in the hospital!"

"So? She's your big sister, right? She can take care of herself." Snow replied, shrugging, shocking Averia with his answer.

"What did you say?" Averia asked slowly, her frustration turning to anger as Serah started whispering.


"Hmm? What did you say Serah?" Snow asked, not hearing what Serah mumbled as he ignored Averia.

"Let…GO!" Serah screamed as her hair flashed bright red and flames exploded around her form, making Snow jump back in surprise, his hands now sporting burns.

"Serah! Why'd you activate your Aura?!" Snow asked, suddenly in shock when he saw Serah's enraged face, "What's wrong?!"

"What's wrong? What's wrong?! Claire left me, thinking I've replaced her with you! And you! How would you say something like that?!"

"What do you mean? I'm sure Lightning finally realized that she was just in the way of our happiness." Snow tried to reason with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, that was also the wrong thing to say, as Averia smacked Snow on the back of his head, hard.

"Ow! What was that for?" Snow asked as a rubbed his head as Averia looked furious.

"How dare you!" Averia shouted, now sorely tempted to outright shoot Snow with her weapon, "How do you know what Claire feels?! I oughta-!"

"Averia, no!" Serah interjected, holding her back "I know you're trying to help, but this is my fight to deal with!"

"Fight?! We both wanted Lightning out of the way!"

"No, this isn't what I wanted! You're the one who convinced me to stand up to her, and she left thinking I threw her out of my life! This is your fault!"

Serah turned on her heel and ran out of the house with Averia, with Snow following moments later.

"Claire?! Claire?!" Serah shouted, looking around the neighborhood, but couldn't find her, "Where are you?" she thought.

"Damn it! How could she disappear so quickly?!" Averia growled in frustration as Snow caught up with them.

"Serah. What are you doing? Let's go back inside and talk about this. I'm sure Averia can-" Snow said, moving to touch her, but only got an afterimage when Serah used her speed to avoid him.

"We'll talk when I find Claire and apologize for listening to you!" Serah snapped as she went to her motorcycle.

"You go, little sis!" Averia thought in glee at Serah's verbal war with Snow.

"What'd you mean?! Aren't I more important than her? She was only in the way between us unlike Averia! She never like me from the beginning!" Snow protested as Serah got on her motorcycle and turned it on.

"Gee, I'm starting to see why!" Serah countered, as she revved the engine, "It's always hero this and hero that, something that I've tolerated up until now! Considering what you just now, I don't know what I saw in you!"

"But I'm your hero!"

"I know you saved me from a Behemoth King one time, but that doesn't make you my hero for life. It was a one-time thing. I thought we had a lot of things in common, but the way you're acting now, it appears I was mistaken!"

Snow made a stepped towards the sister, clearly angry, but Averia whipped out her Chrono Trigger in its Gun Form and pointed it at him.

Between his legs that is, making him stop and jump back.

"…Don't do that." Averia said coldly, now standing between him and Serah trying real hard to suppress her itchy trigger-finger to outright shooting the so-called hero.

"Averia, drop it!" Serah said, looking behind her and glaring.

"Then let's go before I start wasting bullets!" Averia snapped back, not backing down from Serah's fiery attitude, "He's pissing me off!"

"How could you side with her on this?" Snow asked, grasping at straws here while baffled at Averia, who originally supported their relationship for the past year.

"Because she's my little sister, and you showed me a you that I don't want my sister be with! No family should be broken up over a simple relationship." Averia replied.

"Our relationship isn't simple. We're destined for each other since I saved her!" Snow countered, his words further ticking off the two younger Farron sisters.

"Reality seems more preferable than the fairytale you're living in." Serah said, now not wanting to be within a mile of Snow before she herself kills him.

"If you leave me now, it'll be over between us!" he snarled, all patience gone, "I'm sure you wouldn't risk our relationship and waste the last year we had together!"

Serah just looked at him before riding off. Snow looked to go after her, but Averia fired a couple of warning shots, keeping him back.

"If you come near my family again outside NORA missions, I won't be held responsible for what me and Serah will do to you."

With that parting threat, Averia used her speed to disappear to search for Lightning as well, leaving a growling Snow, who then regained his winning smile.

"This isn't over, because the hero gets the girl no matter what…"


"Snow... Let. Her. Go." Lebreau snarled, going towards the two with her trigger finger itching to shoot her "leader".

"Lebreau, stay out of this. This has nothing to do with-" Snow started, but Serah spun-kicked him in the ribs, hard, forcing him to get go of her as he grunted in pain.

"There's nothing to talk about." Serah replied coldly, "Do not touch me again."

As Serah walked off, Averia turned to Snow, her playful attitude gone.

"Seriously. Touch her again, and I will cripple you. My warning still stands."

Her original attitude returning, she ran after her little sister.

"We may be childhood friends Snow, but what you tried to do a few months ago with Serah, Lightning, and Averia was not something I expected out of you, and it's unforgivable." Lebreau piped him, glaring at Snow before leaving to catch up with Serah and Averia.

Snow growled and turned to his team, but they looked at him with disappointment.

"Don't look at us, boss." Gadot said as they walked away from their leader, "When you told me, I told you not to do it. You bought this on yourself, and now you have to live with it. The only reason we of NORA are still with you is out of our friendship, despite that idiot stunt you pulled with the Guardian Corps."

As they disappeared, Snow punched a tree in frustration.

As for Serah, she looked at Averia, who smiled and shrugged.

"That's right, I'm no longer with Snow. Lightning never approved of him, not because of leading NORA into unsanctioned actions, but because of what she saw in his personality, something I failed to see. His antics were cute at first, but that day he showed me a different side of him, a side I shouldn't spend the rest of my life with. Lightning told me to forget about dating him after she met him, and she was right. She was only looking out for me…"

(DAY THREE, Pulse Vestige)


Serah's eyes shot opened and quickly sat up to find herself outside the Bodhum Vestige, the local landmark in Bodhum. She originally passed by there due to her fascination in studying history, but found a child playing around there. When she called out to her, the child then ran into the Vestige, with Serah chasing after her until she found herself deep in the ruins with the child nowhere to be found. As she looked for the child, exploring the ruins in the process, she came across something entombed within the Vestige.

Before she knew it, she was surrounded and under attack by Cie'th, crystallized and deformed beings that are actually former l'Cie that failed their Focus, a mission given into him by fal'Cie who marked them, turning them into mindless monsters that have no hope of returning to their original form. The Cie'th attacking Serah are classified as Shambling Cie'th, Cie'th with large, humanoid appearances.

Using all of her weapons at her disposal, Serah managed to defeat all the Cie'th and was about to escape when she felt something stab her in the arm. Before she could look to see, she fell into unconsciousness.

As she slept, she dreamed that she was floating above the city of Eden. Before she knew it, she transformed into the creature known as Ragnarok and started to lay waste to the Cocoon. Horrified by this, she used her willpower to take control of her dream by using Ragnarok's arm to stab herself in the stomach, the pain forcing her to wake up.

Serah panted as she looked around, finding nothing out of the ordinary, except that the door leading into the Vestige was now gone, and there was a black spot on her upper left arm-

Wait, black spot?

Horrified, Serah slowly turned to her arm to find an overlapping sequence of black arrows brand on it. She knows it. She recognizes it. She's seen pictures of it. It's a nightmare for anyone to find it on his or her bodies. And now it's a nightmare come true for her.

She is now a l'Cie, a Pulse l'Cie that is.

"It was a day unlike any other, only just a normal day that went wrong. There was a Pulse fal'Cie in the Vestige, and it turned me into a l'Cie, enemy to the world, enemy to all."

(DAY FOUR, Farron's Residence, night)

A fuming Averia arrived back at her home she shared with her sisters and turned off her car. She went to the door and opened it with her keys. Entering, she found Serah pacing around the living room, muttering to herself and looking fanatic, her hair a mess as well.

"There you are! Where have you been? Lebreau and I been trying to get ahold of you. It's not like you to just disappear!" Averia said loudly, but Serah didn't seem to hear her as she continued what she's doing, "Hey! Serah!"

Averia grabbed Serah's wrist and flicked her on the head, snapping her out of it, "What wrong with you all of a sudden? Did you hear what I just said?"

"Huh, yes I did. Sorry Averia." Serah said, scratching her head as Averia narrowed her eyes.

"You didn't hear what I said and you know it. Is everything all right?" Averia said, concerned as she let go of Serah, "Is Snow bothering you again?"

"I didn't even come in contact with him today despite him calling me every five minutes this afternoon. No, I was just riding around on the highway…"

"You usually don't do that unless something happened and it's weighing down your mind. Last time you did that was a month ago, the day after what happened between you and Claire that night." Averia said softly, making Serah flinch and remember her failed attempt to get closer to Lightning.


The reaction Averia got was Serah's eyes becoming glassy and a waterfall of anime tears came from her eyes, making her sweatdrop.

"Okay~, not going there. Sorry, little sis. So, wanna tell me about it? What's got you riding on the highway? This time I mean."

Serah wiped her eyes and shook her head, "I'm not ready to talk about it. Not yet…"

"And what happened to your arm?" Averia inquired, pointing to the bandage wrap on Serah's left bicep.

"Guh," Serah started sweating, looking at the bandage that was covering Serah's Pulse l'Cie mark, "I took a spill where freerunning. I'm okay."

"…Fine. Maybe this will cheer you up. I'm going on a trip to the Euride Gorge Energy Plant. Come with me. You can get some materials for your future projects." Averia offered, "Help take your mind off whatever happened until you're ready to talk about it."

Serah thought about it, smiled, and hugged her sister; "Thank you, Averia-oneesan. I'll see you in the morning, for that trip."

"You got it, little sis…" Averia whispered, returning the hug.

"I love my two sisters, but Averia is the only one who has ever been close to me since our parents' deaths. I try to be as close to Claire as I'm close to Averia, but she is distant, shuts me out, and despite caring for me and Averia, she prefers to hide behind a mask of indifference. Claire changing her name to Lightning was only one example of how she deals with us now. What would my sisters think when they found out I became a l'Cie? I may be strong, but I'm too scared to find out…"

(DAY FIVE, Euride Gorge)

"Well, here we are. Euride Gorge Energy Plant." Averia said, gesturing to the building sitting on the side of the volcano as they arrived.

Located near Bodhum, the Euride Gorge is one of the premier tourist attractions in Cocoon. It's a power plant, generating power to the Cocoon populate, thanks to the fal'Cie Kujata that resides within.

"…" Serah just nodded, suddenly nervous about going inside.

"Hmm? What's wrong, little sis?" Averia asked, confused by her sister's silence.

"Mmm mmm, it's nothing. Just gathering my thoughts."

"What do you mean? Aren't you happy to be here?"

"I am, but…"

"You wish Claire was here with us." Averia said quietly, with Serah nodding.

"…Sorry if that hurts you." Serah said as Averia shook her head.

"No, it's fine. In a way, I wish Claire was here with us as well. She shouldn't be so distant, especially with us." Averia stated.


"Well, next time we come, we'll drag her with us." Averia declared, "How about it?"

Serah smiled, "I'd like that."

"Ah, there's the smile you should have!" Averia exclaimed happily as she hugged Serah, "That why I love you so much!"

"Averia-oneechan!" Serah squeaked, wailing her arms around.

"Hey! Be glad I hugged you. I had half the mind to tickle you senseless."

"Eh he he. You don't need to go that far." Serah said, laughing nervously before noticing something odd, "It's awfully quiet."

"…You're right." Averia said as she let go of Serah, "In fact, I don't see any tourists at all. There's no way they can be closed, so why…"

Suddenly, there was a huge rumbling that shook the complex, rocking the place as the sound of an alarm blared to life, surprising Serah while making Averia groan.

"Oh no. The fal'Cie…"

Equipping Starseeker Bow Form and Chrono Trigger Gun Form respectively, Serah and Averia rushed into the building.

"What about the fal'Cie Kujata?" Serah questioned as they took the stairs to the floor where the fal'Cie can be seen by tourists.

"The only explanation for the rumbling is because Kujata's either threatened or under attack. One of the rules here for viewing Kujata is to never project hostile emotions towards it, because it's sensitive to that kind of thing. Failure to comply results in someone turning into a Sanctum l'Cie." Averia explained, with the last part making Serah flinch.

"Let's hurry!" Serah said as they reached the floor.

Bursting through the doors with their weapons out, they saw the fal'Cie Kujata, a large, silver-gray construct with a mask-like shape sitting on the volcano, through the window thrashing about. Looking around, they saw a little boy with brown skin, an afro, and wearing a set of dusky pink dungarees over a light blue and green zipper jacket and trousers, with a white polo-neck underneath; on the ground, unconscious.

Hearing a set of running footsteps, the sisters whipped around to find two armed unidentifiable figures running through a door and slamming it close.

"Hey!" Averia shouted angrily as Serah went to tend to the child.

"I'll look after him. You go after them!" she said, using a manadrive in her inventory to use a healing spell.

Nodding, Averia used her speed to blast through the doors and go after the intruders.

"He seems to be fine." Serah muttered, putting away her manadrive, picked up the little boy, and laid him down on a lounge seat, "Why was this little boy here when no one else around? Hmm, what's that?"

She peered at the boy's right hand and recoiled, horrified.

"Oh no, he's been marked…like me. But why?"

She then looked directly at Kujata in anger, who stopped thrashing about. For some reason, Serah felt as if Kujata was now looking directly at her, as if knowing what she really is. She then remembered the rules, kept her anger in check, and raised her hands to show she means no harm, causing her to come to a realization.

"Wait a minute. Was there…Pulse l'Cie here?! Then… Averia…!"

"Dajh! Dajh, come out! I know you're in here!"

Serah perked up when he heard a voice of a man who just came through a door. She turned to find a middle-aged brown-skin man with an afro, and wearing a long, olive coat over khaki trousers, a white button-down shirt, and black buckled engineer boots.

"Dajh! Where are you?! Say something!" he shouted, and coughed over the dust that floated in the air.

"Hey mister! Over here!" Serah called out, waving her hand to get his attention, "Is this who you're looking for?"

The man looked to see Serah waving her hand, and moved over to get a better look at the little boy.

"Dajh!" the man said in relief as he went over to them, "What's wrong with him? Why is my son like this?"

"Don't worry, he's healthy." Serah assured the father as the now identified Dajh started to wake up, "I found him unconscious and laid him on the seat here."

"Daddy? Daddy!" Dajh cried in joy, happy at seeing his father.

"It's all right! You okay? You're not hurt are you?" the father asked as he checked his son over until he noticed the mark on Dajh's hand, "Wait, what's that? I've never seen this before."

"That was on him when I found him." Serah said sadly, unwilling to tell the father exactly what the mark is for obvious reasons, sheathing her weapons as members of the Guardian Corps arrived.

"Secure the area."

"Yes, sir!"

The Guardian Corps; made of highly mobile shock troops, they are the first main branch of the Sanctum military. Fulfilling the roles of police officers and protectors, they are responsible for maintaining security in various jurisdictions throughout Cocoon and tasked with eliminating all manner of criminal activity and rampaging wildlife.

Serah and Averia's sister Lightning is also part of the Guardian Corps in its Bodhum Security Regiment with a rank of Sergeant.

As the Guardian Corps scattered, with some of its medics tending to Dajh, Averia came back with a scowl on her face.

"I lost them." she said gloomy, "I don't know how, but they gave me the slip. What's the situation here?"

Serah jerked her head toward Dajh, with Averia looking and frowning when she saw the mark on the little boy's hand.

"Is that…?"

She then looked at Kujata, then back at the mark, before fitting the pieces together.

"So, the ones I've been chasing were Pulse l'Cie, and Kujata was just protecting itself by making this kid a l'Cie."

Serah nodded at this, before realizing something, "Which means that PSICOM is coming…"

PSICOM, aka Public Security and Intelligence Command, is a military force on Cocoon. Along with Guardian Corps, they are the second main branch of the Sanctum military, and are charged with protecting Cocoon from Pulsian incursion, bearing responsibility for any and all threats of Pulse.

"Mostly likely, yeah." Averia confirmed as Serah turned to leave, "What about it?"

"…It's nothing. We should come back another time." Serah stated as she quickened her pace.

"Good point. I don't want to be anywhere near those PSICOM assholes…" Averia agreed as she caught up with Serah.

"Hey, wait." the father of Dajh called out, making them stop, "I don't know who you are little lady, but thanks for helping my son."

Serah turned and smiled, "I was just doing what was right."

"Ditto." Averia added as she and Serah continued on.

"Heh. I didn't even get their names, but I won't forget them."

Shaking his head, the father turned to tend to his son until PSICOM arrives with their best medics.

"Hey, you two!"

Serah and Averia froze in their tracks, with the former gritting her teeth and the latter swearing under her breath, just as they were just a step away from the entrance.

"Is there a problem, officers?" Serah asked nervously, her eyes shifting from her hidden l'Cie mark and back.

"We'll have to detain you two. That boy back there was just found with the mark of a Sanctum l'Cie. I hope you understand." the officer said as the girls groaned.

"Can we take a raincheck on that?" Averia asked hopefully, but the members of the Guardian Corps shook their heads, "Eh~…"

"Averia. Serah. What are you two doing here?"

Both girls jumped and turned to the sound of the recognizable voice. Their facial expressions turned to shock at who it was.


"Pulse l'Cie were here in the Euride Gorge. Whatever actions they took here resulted in a Sanctum l'Cie to emerge, and that l'Cie is a little boy named Dajh. …Why must it be someone so young? Is fate truly that cruel? To me and Dajh? While the fal'Cie acted to protect itself, I can't help but feel that this can not be a coincidence. Pulse l'Cie and newly-minted l'Cie appearing? Why do I feel that there's more going on?"

(DAY SIX, Bodhum)

"Serah, where are you going?" Averia asked from the second-floor window of her and her sisters' home, "Going for a ride again?"


Serah didn't answer as she got on her motorcycle after she zipped-up her black leather motorcycle suit.

"Are you even wearing anything under that?" Averia teased, getting Serah to blush furiously in response.

"Li-like I'm go-gonna tell you!" she stammered in embarrassment as she turned on her motorcycle.

"Oh well! Just as well anyway!" Averia responded loudly over the roar of the engine, suddenly getting serious, "Bogey approaching! A bigfoot with a bunch of flowers!"

Serah frowned as she looked in the direction Averia was pointing is and groaned to herself, seeing her former boyfriend Snow walking towards her with a bundle of flowers and a goofy but cheesy grin on this face.

"Of all the…" Serah growled, putting as she on her sunglasses, "What does it take for him to get a damn hint?!"

Not to any mood to deal with Snow, Serah revved her motorcycle and took off, her motorcycle popping a wheelie before righting itself.

"Hey baby, wait!" Snow called out, fruitlessly chasing after her.

"What an idiot…" Averia thought, shaking her head as she closed the windows, not wanting to talk with the big dofus.

A few minutes later, Serah found herself on the highway under Eden, lost in her thoughts again, trying to decide what do now that she's a Pulse l'Cie.

She would love to tell Averia and Lebreau, but she was scared of what their reactions would be. Would they still accept her? Would they toss her aside like a leper? Even worse, would they try to kill her?

Serah shook her head, trying to brandish those negative thoughts. Averia told her that she loved her on the same scale as she loves Lightning, and Lebreau told her that no matter what, the bonds of their friendship would never be broken.

But there was one person she wasn't so sure about, and it breaks her heart.


"You don't know what love is. You don't know what you want. All you're doing is making mistakes. You may love me more than a sister, but I can never return your love. You're too young."


"This never happened, and it will never happen again. I'm nothing more than your sister, and all I can do is protect you and Averia. Leave, and never darken my room at night again. This is your own good, for your future…"




Serah blinked and noticed that she was doing 100 mi/h and was coming up on a truck, with her sunglasses flashing "COLLISION ALERT!" in red letters and her earpiece screaming "WARNING!" repeatedly in her ear.


Serah made a sharp right and veered off course, riding up the curved barrier and vaulted off it upside down, the speed causing her to fly above the opposite barrier. Acting quickly, Serah activated her motorcycle's Hover Mode, with the wheels spitting down the middle revealing hover technology. Serah then leaned to side to right her now hovering motorcycle and sighed in relief.

"That was too close." she muttered, hitting her head on the dashboard, "Get a hold yourself. That was months ago. The last thing you need is to die and have our sisters and BFF find a Pulse l'Cie mark on your dead body. You can't even imagine how they'll…feel…"

"Serah…what the hell… Why didn't you tell us?!"

"I could've helped you! I thought I was your friend, Serah!"


The dashboard then received a fist through it courtesy of a frustrated Serah. She then closed her eyes and breathed slowly, calming herself.

She would not let those she considers her family to go through that. No way.

"I can't let them worry any longer." she thought, opening her eyes showed a fire in them as she drove her cycle back into the highway, "I've got to tell them...!"

"I have to tell them, for they say that tomorrow's not promised. I can only hope I'm not wrong about my family, but no matter that they think, I can't be with them any longer. PSICOM will no doubt be after me when they found out. Lightning, Averia, and Lebreau; they're strong in their own right, but I can't let them get caught in the crossfire. It may be sick to some, but I love them too much. I must bare this burden and fight this battle by myself…"

(DAY SEVEN, Bodhum)

"You came." Serah said quietly as Averia and Lebreau arrived at a local landmark off the coast of the beach in Bodhum.

"Was there any doubt?" Averia asked flatly, "What's this about, Serah?"

"Is everything okay?" Lebreau asked, concerned.

Serah sighed and turned around to face the two people she trust most in the world.

"Averia-oneechan. Lebreau-chan." she said, smiling.

Averia frowned when she read the air in the way Serah said their names, "What?"

"I wanted to do so many things with you two besides hunting monsters. Go sneak into the Sunleth Waterscape and explore, go play in Nautilus, and even go skysurfing above Gran Pulse. Although the last idea is borderline crazy." Serah said, laughing nervously at the last part.

"It is crazy! Never mind that; what did you get yourself into that you're saying things like that?" Lebreau demanded, "I'm sure we can still do those things, except for the Gran Pulse part."

Serah groaned. It was time to stop beating around the bush.

"I'm sure we can, but we can't. Not anymore."

"Serah, little sis, you're scaring me. You're scaring the both of us here." Averia said, "Why can't we do those things?"

"Because I can't be with you anyone. I'm leaving Bodhum. I'm leaving you two. We're no longer sisters. We're no longer friends. I'm sorry."



"You're kidding, right?" Lebreau suddenly laughed, "Oh Serah, enough with the stupid jokes. They're so narmy!"

"I mean it." Serah countered in the coldest tone she could muster as she walked past them

"Hey, you can't just throw away our bonds away that easily, so why don't you tell us that the hell is going on before I become unreasonable." Averia said sweetly, before her voice turned cool at the last part as she and Lebreau followed Serah, "All the things we did together. All three of us, and you're suddenly just gonna throw it all away just like that? No way, little sis! We've gone too far for a simple statement like that to tear us apart."

Serah stopped and whipped around, snapping, "It's not your choice!"

"How is it NOT our choice?! How is it that you want to leave us!?" Lebreau snapped back, stepping forward, but Serah summoned Crescent Rose in its Scythe Form to keep her and Averia back, "Serah! What the hell are you-"

"You think I want to leave you?! I don't want to, but I have to. Don't make this harder than it already is! Please, just stay away from me…"

"Serah, the least you can do is tell us what happened. You at least owe us that." Averia said quietly, getting upset at her sister's behavior, "I mean, come on! What did we do?"

Serah grabbed her ponytail in frustration. Despite her decision a day ago, she hoped to get out of this without telling them, but Averia and Lebreau were not making it easy.

No choice.

"Okay. Look."

She slowly pulled the bandage off her left bicep and turned so that the two can see her brand in all its cursed glory.

Averia gasped in shock and horror as she felt her world slowly falling apart the moment she saw and recognized the mark on her arm.

Lebreau suddenly felt extremely cold in the inside of her body when she saw the mark she's seen in a textbook back when she was in school.

Both wanted this to be a dream they could easily wake up from, but this reality felt too real.

"I was not branded by Sanctum like the little boy. No. I'm branded by Pulse. I'm a l'Cie. Enemy of Cocoon. Danger to us all."


"It can't be…"

"Do you understand now? You're both…my enemies, as well as the rest of Team NORA…and Lightning."

Serah turned around so her loved one wouldn't see the tears now fall from her eyes.


Dismissing Crescent Rose, Serah used her speed to leave the area, away from Averia and Lebreau, who were still shellshocked at what they've seen.

"Um, Averia, what just happened?" Lebreau asked slowly, "Averia!"

Averia however was gripping her strawberry pink hair in anger as she remembered the time Serah was acting weird three days ago. It was also when she realized that prior to that day, the bandage on Serah's arm was NOT there.

"Son of a bitch…" Averia muttered, "All this time… I can't even imagine… Gah~! Why the hell am I even talking about this?! Serah needs me more than ever!"

There was no way in hell that Averia would leave Serah to her fate like this. No way in hell!

"Averia…" Lebreau looked at Averia in amazement. Most people would abandon their family and friend if they become l'Cie, but not Averia.

"Serah…the enemy of the world? My enemy?! Ha, what a load of crap! No matter what, she will always be my beloved kawaii imouto (cute little sister)!" Averia screamed in anger and defiance, "I don't care if I become Sanctum's Most Wanted! If anyone hurts Serah in any way, I'll make them beg for mercy before I tear them apart limb from limb!"

At the last part, Averia's pink and red Aura flared and exploded, making a now frightened Lebreau jumped back.

"Eep! Beware of Averia's sisterly fury!" Lebreau thought fearfully, "Woe betide anyone who harms…Serah…"

Realizing what she just said, Lebreau clenched her fist. Now inspired by Averia's resolve, she made her own decision.

"Grr, I can't count on Lightning to help. Considering what happened back at Euride Gorge, she's a wild card." Averia bit her thumbnail before turning to Lebreau, "Lebreau-chan, you're my and Serah's BFF. Can I count on you, even though Serah's now a Pulse l'Cie?"

"Oi, who the hell do you take me for, a random citizen who would scream at the sight of a real live Godzilla? I'm Lebreau, member of Team NORA, but above all else, yours and Serah's best friend, now and forever. We've gone through too much for a simple l'Cie brand to tear us apart!" Lebreau declared with a wink.


Averia was surprised. Then again, she felt that she shouldn't be. It's Lebreau after all. Wiping a tear from her eye, Averia smiled, and Lebreau smiled back.

"Saa, let's go to Serah!"

"And protect her from the world!"

As Averia grasped Lebreau's wrist and used her speed to leave the area, the two failed to notice an uninvited guest stepping out from behind her of the landmark's pillar.

"You two won't be the ones protecting Serah. The one who will protect her and figure out her Focus…will be me!"


Next time – Prologue Part Final: The Thirteen Days of Serah Farron Part II of II

-Seven more days until Team XIII arrives. Until then, what will happen to Serah now? Will Averia and Lebreau be able to help her? Can she figure out why she's made a l'Cie and what her Focus? And will Lightning finally open her heart and help Serah in her time of need?

-Crossover Elements

Naruto – Naruto is the main character with fem!Juubi and Itachi coming along for the ride.

Fabula Nova Crystallis – Final Fantasy XIII will be the main setting of the story, and Averia wears the uniform of the school in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Dissidia Final Fantasy – Chaos and Cosmos' daughter Aurora leads her warriors on a mission to prevent the destruction of the world from their parents' battles.

Dead Fantasy – Tifa, Yuna, and even Kairi bring all of their asskicking finery.

Kingdom Hearts – Kairi is a Warrior of Twilight and on Team XIII to learn and earn experience for the upcoming fight against Xehanort. She also carries the spirits of Namine and Xion within her.

Parasite Eve – Aya Brea is a Warrior of Twilight and on Team XIII.

Tales of… – Techs, spells, and Mystic Artes show themselves in Naruto's arsenal, and will be taught to the other girls on the team. Weapons a maybe since naruto owns the Flameberge and Vorpal Sword blades.

RWBY – Serah Farron created and uses the weapons and Aura seen in the RWBY series. She also has dreams of Team RWBY's adventures.

BLEACH – Naruto owns the new Zangetsu blade and possibly the abilities in the world of BLEACH (undecided until next chapter).

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Naruto owns Jetstream Sam's weapons.

Released: December 25, 2013