Chapter 1: I'm You and You're Me?

'Knock' 'Knock' "Hey Rae" Beast Boy knocks on his team mates door "We're going to a new club in Jump City, Star told me to invite you she's too busy getting changed" Beast Boy stands outside of Ravens room for half a minute, there is no answer at the door "At least say yes or no" Beast Boy begins to walk back to the sitting room but stops himself half way down the corridor looking over his shoulder at Ravens room "She'd usually answer the door..." Beast Boy gets a sneaky grin on his face and walks back slowly in front of Ravens room door "I guess seeing Rae isn't answering the door she mustn't be no one can stop me going into her room" Beast Boy says out loud in hope it gets a reaction out of Raven, still there is no answer at her door "Damn...that should have worked" Beast Boy places his hand on Ravens sliding door "Is she even in?" Beast Boy takes a deep breath before opening Ravens door, Beast Boy slides the door open with his eyes closed "Rae, Don't kill me!" Beast Boy cowardly says while flinching in fear, Beast Boy slowly peeks open one of his eyes to see she's not there, Beast Boy walks inside the dark horror like room "Where is she?" Beast Boy asks himself while approaching the foot of her bed.

Beast Boy begins to tap the bottom of his chin but suddenly remembers something "Why am I going to so much trouble to get her to go? It's not like she'd go anyway...Why am I talking to myself?" Beast Boy bombards himself with questions, Beast Boy has a sudden shrug and begins to walk out of her room until he notice her pillow is shaking, Beast Boy looks at her pillow "Now what was that rules that Raven said..." Beast Boy tries to remember the do's and don'ts of Ravens room...mostly don'ts Beast Boy scratches the back of his head struggling to remember the rules, Beast Boy looks at Ravens pillow as it continues to shake, Beast Boy takes a quick sigh before approaching Ravens pillow Beast Boy picks up Ravens pillow.

Beast Boy carefully inspects Ravens pillow to wonder why its still shaking, Beast Boy feels something inside the pillow case Beast Boy tilts his head confused what it could be. Beast Boy puts his hand inside the pillow case and pulls out something very familiar to him "Oh no it's the Mirror.." just before Beast Boy puts down the mirror he is suddenly dragged into the refection of the mirror, Beast Boy does his best to try and not get dragged into the mirror by transforming into a Gorilla but it does no use as his nails are scrapping off the floor "" Beast Boy disappears from Ravens room into the mirror, The mirror drops down on Ravens bed "Beast Boy did you ask Raven to join us to the club of the dance" Starfire peeks into Ravens room to see there is no one in there "They must be in another room" Starfire begins to fly into another room to find her friends.

Meanwhile in the mirror, Beast Boy is already panicking "What do I do? What do I do? I barely got out alive last time" Beast Boy moves his head around "Raes mind reminds me a lot of her room...very dark and scary" Beast Boy suddenly hears a burst of laughter behind him "haha good one" Beast Boy looks over his shoulder to see pink "Raven?" Beast Boy asks "Welcome back...I see you haven't changed at all, still funny haha" Beast Boy begins to scratch the back of his neck as he's not used to Raven ever laughing at his attempts at jokes "Have you seen the real Raven?" Happy looks directly at Beast Boy "Hmm...let me...think..." As Happy continues to think Beast Boy continues to look over his shoulder to make sure no creatures sneak up on him "I...think...she'" Beast Boy hears an almost inaudible answer, Beast Boy turns towards the quiet answer to see another Raven with a grey robe hiding behind a rock "You don't have to hide" Timid nods her head and approaches Beast Boy and Happy with a hunched over back and raised shoulder with her arms crossed "I'm..sorry, I...should have said It sooner" Beast Boy waves his hands up "Don't be sorry, Is there anyway you can contact her?" Beast Boy asks the two of them "I..can...but..she'll be angry" Beast Boy gets a sudden smirk "Isn't she always angry how will this be different?" Happy again bursts out in laughter catching Timid off guard "haha, wow two for two!" Timid takes a deep breath and closes her eyes attempting to contact the Raven, Beast Boy stands there watching on while Happy is running around with her arms out pretending to be an aeroplane "Happy Raven is creepier than the normal Raven"

Timid opens her eyes "I..told..her" Beast Boy nods his head "What did she say?" Timid begins to fidget with her hood "Well...she said she's coming bring you home" Beast Boy raises his arms in the air in victory "That's our Raven" Timid looks at Beast Boy surprised at his reaction "And...she said...she's going to" Beast Boy's face quickly turns to fear "Yep...that's out Raven" Suddenly a laser beam is struck next to Beast Boys feet causing a small explosion, Beast Boy looks up to see a group of flying Gargoyles with red eyes heading towards them, Beast Boy dodges most of them but looks to his side at Timid "er...Grey something!" Timid runs behind a rock, Beast Boy shakes his head and looks to his left at Happy "Pink Raven help!" But he soon notices Happy is still running around pretending to be an aeroplane, Beast Boy shakes his head at the two of them but he's soon picked up in the air by one of the Gargoyles in their menacing claws, Beast Boy shapeshifts into an Elephant, the Gargoyle can't lift Beast Boy and more due to the heavy weight and falls to the ground along with Beast Boy, before the Gargoyle can take off flying again it's suddenly crushed by the Elephants foot, Beast Boy returns back to human form and looks up to see even more Gargoyles firing laser beams from their eyes, Beast Boy is lucky to avoid them but one of the beams hits his chest launching him back hitting his head off a rock that Timid Is hiding behind, Beast Boy looks up with very blurred vision at the Gargoyle approaching him at a fast rate "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" A sudden dark energy explodes the Gargoyle into pieces, Beast Boy's head is continuously swaying back and forth over the hit off the wall, The remaining Gargoyles have a final loud screech before retreating Beast Boy stands up holding the back of his head "Thanks, Grey Raven" Timid behind the rock shakes her head slowly "It...wasn't me" Beast Boy raises his eye brow and looks across at Happy "Thanks, Pink Raven?" Happy shakes her head "It wasn't me you goof haha" Beast Boy scratches the top of his head.

"Then who was it?" Beast Boy looks up to see Raven wearing blue floating in the air "Raven!" Beast Boy yells, Raven lands on her feet near Beast Boy "What was the rules I told you about my room?" Raven asks, Beast Boy shrugs, Raven rolls her eyes "Rule 1, Don't go in my room, Rule 2, if your dumb enough to break Rule 1 Don't touch anything in my Room!" Raven raises her voice, Beast Boy diverts his eyes away from Raven "I knew it was something to do with your room" Raven adjusts her hood.

"We need to get you out of here, follow me to the portal" Raven hovers in the air, Beast Boy looks at Timid and Happy "What about them?" Raven tilts her head "Leave them" Beast Boy has a sudden shrug and waves at the two of them Happy enthusiastically waves at Beast Boy, While the hidden Timid shy waves behind the rock "Sometime today" Raven says, Beast Boy transforms into a Pterodactyl and flaps his wings flying beside Raven "Follow me" Beast Boy nods and trails behind Raven "Why did he come in my room in the first place?" Raven questions whilst flying, Raven spots the portal back out of her mind but notices something surrounding it, a large group of Gargoyles with demon red eyes, Raven and Beast Boy land in front of the Gargoyles that appear to be guarding the portal back "Be careful, fighting near the portal can cause a..." Before Raven could finish telling Beast Boy what not to do, Beast Boy turns into a Rhino and charges the Gargoyles "No wait!" Raven yells but it doesn't seem to be working Raven flies in the air and begins to fire dark projectiles at the Gargoyles, the Gargoyles avoid Beast Boys charge "Go through the Portal" Raven says, Beast Boy turns back into his human form "I can't leave you to take them on by yourself" Raven flies down to the side of Beast Boy "Just go in the portal, I'll be fine" Raven looks over her shoulder at the Portal behind her "But..." Before Beast Boy could continue The Gargoyles have all fired the laser beams at the same time aiming for Raven, Beast Boy pushes Raven out of the way of the beam, the two lay there on the ground "You idiot" Raven says to Beast Boy, Raven points at the Portal which the laser beams are heading for, Beast Boys eyes suddenly shoot open as the Portal explodes before his very eyes "Oh no..." Beast Boy mutters.

Beast Boy gets back up on his feet along with Raven, The Gargoyles have a quick chuckle before flying away from the two of them "It looks like all they wanted to do was trap us here and finish us off later" Raven says calmly while Beast Boy is looking at the remains of the destroyed portal "How can you be so calm! We're trapped here!" Beast Boy yells while Raven shakes her head "We're not trapped here there's another way'll be a little dangerous with two people" Beast Boy puts his hand on Ravens shoulder "Whatever it is do it" Raven looks at the her team mates green face "But there are consequences..." Beast Boy shakes his head "I don't care what happens just get us out of here!" Raven feels Beast Boys hand on her shoulder tightening "Don't say I didn't warn you" Beast Boy gets his hand off Ravens shoulder.

"Give me your hand" Beast Boy holds his hand out to Raven, Raven places her hand in Beast Boys "Make sure we're connected, if not we could be both sent to different dimensions" Beast Boy puts his head down then back up at Raven "I guess theirs no pressure then" Raven looks down at the ground and begins to say her spell "Azarath Marianqwa Vloatius Zynfiaks" Raven begins to glow bright white along does Beast Boy, suddenly a portal is revealed above there heads as Raven continues to chant her spells Beast Boy looks up at the Portal "Is this what's suppose to happen?" Beast Boy asks but her receives no answer, The two begin to levitate getting closer and closer to the portal, Raven finishes saying her spell and there suddenly inside the portal.

As there going through the Portal which is going as fast as the speed of light, Beast Boys grip is beginning to slip as his face is becoming stretched, Raven notices this and with her free hand grabs Beast Boy by his collar "WOAHHH!" Beast Boy sees the end of the portal the two enter through it, the two fall from the ceiling of Ravens room the two get up holding there heads but Raven quickly notices something wrong with her's green "Oh no" Raven mutters, Beast Boy fails to notice this "What's wrong?" Beast Boy asks "Look at your hand" Beast Boy shrugs and looks at his hand "WOW I'm as white as a ghost what happened?" Beast Boy looks up to see a familiar green face "I've seen you in the mirror before" Raven holds her head with her new green hand "You idiot, we've swapped bodies" Beast Boys eyes suddenly shoot open wide "OH NO, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!" Beast Boy yells with worry, suddenly Dark energy explodes from her pillow Raven looks across at the panicking Beast Boy "Calm down, my powers are based on emotion If you don't calm down something devastating could happen, take a deep breath and remain calm" Beast Boy nods his head "Ok...keep calm...keep...calm" Beast Boy takes a deep breath and exhales "How did this happen to us?" Beast Boy asks, Raven looks at her mirror on her bed which is completely shattered "The portal to escape my mind that we went through, was created by my mind for my mind, with two people the portal will mix our minds up causing a 50% chance we'd switch bodies" Beast Boy shakes his head in disbelief "Why didn't you tell me?" Raven puts down the shattered mirror "I tried to but you kept interrupting, anyway do you think I wanted this to happen? And what was you doing in my room?"

"Star wanted me to ask you to go to a new dance club in Jump City" Raven shakes her green head "I think you'd already know my answer" Beast Boy nods his head "You'd probably say no but it'll get you out of the house" Raven sits down on her bed "Do you know how to get us back in our own bodies?" Beast Boy cautiously asks "I'll have to fix the mirror, which could take between a week up to a month, but for my sake I'll try and be quick" Raven picks up the shattered pieces of the mirror and carefully looks it over "What do we tell the others?" Raven shakes her head putting down the pieces of the mirror "Don't tell them, if they know they'll try and get involved with fixing the mirror causing many of there spiritual presences to merge with the mirror which will cause everyone to switch bodies, so we'll have to keep a low profile" Beast Boy has a frustrated sigh "Easy for you to say, I'm a social creature and if I have to be like you, means I have to stay in your room reading all these creepy books" Raven stands up off her bed "It's not a picnic for me to, when is the last time you washed?" Before Beast Boy could say a thing Starfire walks into Ravens room "Pardon the intrusion but will friend Raven be joining us at the club of dance?" Raven looks to her side at Beast Boy who forgot he's in Ravens body, Raven gives Beast Boy a nudge "" Ravens eyes shoot open, Starfire floats towards Beast Boy wrapping Ravens body in a hug "Oh most wonderful, everyone will be going" Starfire not knowing her strength lets go of the squashed Beast Boy "Very well done Beast Boy" Raven suddenly notices Starfire is talking to her "" Starfire smiles at the two of them and leaves the room, Beast Boy suddenly bursts into laughter holding his stomach "haha you said dude haha" Raven rolls her eyes "Listen what did I tell about keeping a low profile, we have to act like each other so it doesn't look suspicious" Raven says, Beast Boy slowly nods his head "Ok...I get'll have to learn some good jokes though" "I can't wait" Raven answers sarcastically.

"After we get back from the club, we need to have a serious talk" Raven says In a serious tone, Beast Boy nods his head agreeing "We need to get to know each other...or should I say ourselves" Raven rolls her eyes at Beast Boy and walks out of her room "Listen, if I find out you've done anything stupid while your in my body, I'll send you to another dimension" Beast Boy whimpers in fear "Understood" Beast Boy walks behind her, the two walk down the hallway into the central room.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg yells while playing a game, while Robin and Starfire are in the kitchen, Raven looks over at Cyborg who is waving at her "YO BB, This time I'll kick your butt" Cyborg tosses a controller to Raven, Raven has a small sigh and walks to a seat to sit down near Cyborg "You ready BB?" Cyborg asks, Raven looks at the controller very confused "er...dude?...what's the controls?" Beast Boy sits beside Raven, Cyborg looks at Raven with his robotic eye very suspiciously "I'm not falling for that old trick again BB, I'll show you the controls that'll distract me causing you to win" Raven puts her head down "That was a close one" While Beast Boy watches the two of them play waiting in anticipation "GRR I want to play!" Raven is still confused with the controls and loses shamefully to Cyborg "Take that BB, you did terrible and you did the whole I didn't know the controls as an excuse" Cyborg restarts the game so he can defeat Raven again, Beast Boy quickly whispers over to Raven "X is to accelerate while the Triggers use super proton cannons and.." Cyborg hears that with his super sonic hearing "Wait a minute...Raven how did you know that?" Beast Boy is unprepared for that question and looks around thinking for an answer "Well...I..." "I've...been showing to play" Raven answers on behalf of Beast Boy, Cyborg gets a sudden grin "Isn't that sweet when did you two become such good friends?" Raven begins to scratch the top of her head trying to think of an answer "If I answered that...I'd have to send you to another dimension" Beast Boy answers this time " got it" Raven looks to her side at Beast Boy "Do I really say stuff like that? Or is he overreacting?" "BB give Raven the controller lets see how good you are at teaching" Raven hands over the controller to Beast Boy who gets a sharp glare in his eye.

"WHAT? HOW DID RAVEN WIN?!" Cyborg lost against Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire walk over to the three of them "Really Raven beat a game?" Robin questions "How wonderful friend Raven, you are as they say a gamer pro?" Beast Boy remains to have a blank face while inside he's doing back flips at humiliating Cyborg "You must teach me how to play" Starfire says to Raven while sitting on the arm chair "Sure...but it'd be better if you ask Raven, she's become better at the game than me" Starfires eyes suddenly twinkle "Really?" Beast Boy nods on behalf of Raven, while Cyborg Is shedding tears of defeat "Why...why...BB"

"Is It time for us to go to the Club of Dancing?" Starfire asks Robin who's checking the time on his watch "I guess we could set off now" Starfire flies in the air towards Beast Boy "But Raven isn't wearing club gear, do you want to change into something else?" Beast Boy looks to his side at Raven who's expression is easily readable and its shouting NO "No thanks Star, the blue robe is my style" Beast Boy answers, Raven wipes her forehead "If he did that...he'd never see daylight again" Raven feels a huge mechanical hand on her shoulder "So BB you ready for tonight?" As Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy walks out of the main room and go to the garage to the T-Car "I guess so" Raven says, Cyborg gets a sly grin "So are you going to do it?" Raven looks up at Cyborg with a blank face "Do what?" Raven asks, Cyborg has a huge face palm "How could you forget?" Raven has a short frown, Cyborg moves closer to Ravens pointy ear "I'll have to whisper of else she'll hear" Raven nods " said you'd dance with Raven" Ravens eyes shoot open wide "I almost forgot thanks...dude" Cyborg puts his hand out asking for a hi five, Raven gives him a hi five and the two enter the elevator to the garage "Beast Boy wanted to dance with me? Does he have a death wish or something?" The two arrive at the T-Car to see Starfire and Beast Boy are both sat in the passenger back seat, Raven sits in the passenger seat along with them next to Beast Boy preferably, Cyborg sits in the drivers seat with Robin to his right.

While on the journey there "At the club don't do something I wouldn't do" Raven whispers to Beast Boy "At the club do something that I would do" Beast Boy whispers back to Raven "At the club just sit there, say nothing and do nothing" Raven says to Beast Boy who adjusts his hood "Ok...but you'll need to have fun when your there, dancing, picking up girls the normal stuff I do at a club" Raven holds her head while shaking her head "This'll be a long night" Cyborg looks at the rear view mirror at the two whispering amongst each other "I see your plan BB, softening Raven up so it'll be easier to dance with her later tonight"