Chapter 19: Prepare Yourself

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"D...did that really happen?" Raven asks herself as she sits up in her bed, Raven scratches the back of her head as she steps out of bed and walks to her mirror "I still can't sense my emotions" Raven puts down her mirror and walks to her door, Raven opens the door to see a smiling Starfire.

"The morning of good friend" Starfire says, Raven tilts her head.

"er...Good Morning?" Raven says, Starfire nods her head "Why are you standing outside my room?" Raven asks, Starfire looks down the hallway to make sure no one is there and walks into Ravens room.

"Close the door" Starfire requests, Raven shrugs and closes the door, Raven turns to Starfire to see her sitting on her bed.

"What's all this about?" Raven asks.

"Its about the date with Beast Boy...tonight" Starfire says, Raven looks down at the floor with her hood hiding her face.

"er...what about it?" Raven asks, Starfire claps her hands together.

"Do you have anything you can wear?" Starfire asks, Raven has another careless shrug.

"I can wear this" Raven says, Starfire slowly shakes her head.

"In the Girlcode Magazine, it says on the first date you must look your best!" Starfire says with enthusiasm.

"Don't I look ok in this?" Raven asks, Starfire looks away unprepared for the question.

"You do...but you need to dress to do the impressing" Starfire says, Raven has a short sigh.

"Fine" Raven mutters, Starfire gives Raven a warm smile and walks to Ravens closet and opens it "Star...No..." Raven says as she rushes towards Starfire but its too late, Starfire's already opened Raven closet.

"All you have are cloaks? And a poster...of a Unicorn?" Starfire questions, Raven scratches the back of her head.

"As you can tell I'm not much of a fashion freak" Raven says, Starfire turns to Raven with bright eyes.

"You know what that means..." Starfire teases, Raven raises her finger at Starfire.

"Don't say it..." Raven says, Starfire gives a sneaky smile.

"A trip to the mall of shopping!" Starfire says with enthusiasm as she raises both her arms in the air, Raven holds her forehead.

"I knew she was going to say that..." Raven thinks to herself.

"We must go to the mall of shopping to get your nails done, hair done and find the perfect dress!" Starfire says, Raven continues to have her head held down.

"Do you really think all of that is necessary?" Raven asks, Starfire giggles heavily.

"Hehe, yes it is. I won't allow you to throw away your first date" Starfire says as she grabs Ravens hand, Raven has a short sigh.

"...Fine then" Raven mutters, Starfire claps her hands.

"Most wonderful friend, we must leave can you teleport us?" Starfire asks, Raven rolls her eyes as she raises her arms surrounding them both in dark energy teleporting them to the Mall.

"We must get your clothes first!" Starfire says as she grabs Ravens hand dragging her.

"Star...I can walk myself you know" Raven says sarcastically.

Meanwhile at the tower "Yo...BB are you awake in there?" Cyborg asks as he knocks on the door, there is no answer at the door "You got 5 seconds BB until I burst through the door" Cyborg instructs "5...4...3...2...1" Cyborg opens the door to see Beast Boy is still asleep in his lumpy bed "This guy has a date tonight and he isn't even ready" Cyborg thinks, Cyborg grabs Beast Boys shoulders and begins to repeatedly shake him "BB! Wake Up!" Cyborg yells, Beast Boys eyes shoot open.

"What!" Beast Boy yells as she sits up.

"Do you realise what date it is?" Cyborg asks.

"er...December 17th ?" Beast Boy questions.

"Right, you know why today is so important right?" Cyborg asks, Beast Boy scratches the top of his head trying to remember.

"Er...your getting a new upgrade?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg facepalms.

"Its your date with Raven" Cyborg says, Beast Boys eyes become wider as he steps out of bed.

"How could I forget?! What time is it?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg looks at his built in watch on his forearm.

"It's 7:30" Cyborg says, Beast Boy has a small stretch.

"Its fine I still got a good few hours of sleep" Beast Boy says, as he's about to climb back into bed, Cyborg grabs his shoulders stopping him "What's up dude?" Beast Boy asks.

"Rule 1 about a date, you must be prepared" Cyborg says, Beast Boy shrugs his shoulders.

"I'm already prepared" Beast Boy confidently says, Cyborg gives a sly smile.

" you have a suit? Have you washed? Do you know how to act on a date?" Cyborg bombards Beast Boy with questions, Beast Boy lowers his head.

"" Beast Boy hesitantly answers.

"We have a lot to get done" Cyborg says, Beast Boy tilts his head looking at Cyborg.

"We?" Beast Boy questions.

"You need help and that's why I'm here, I'm going to make a man out of you" Cyborg says as he points at Beast Boy, Beast Boy gulps.

"Thanks...dude" Beast Boy says.

"No you have a suit?" Cyborg asks again, Beast Boy opens his closet to see a bunch of scattered clothes in his closet.

"Yeah I have one somewhere..." Beast Boy says as he dives into the pile of scattered clothes "I found it!" Beast Boy declares as he pulls it out in front of Cyborg.

"When was the last time you washed it?" Cyborg asks as he holds his nose.

"Wash?" Beast Boy questions, Cyborg has a short sigh.

"That's one thing we need to do...anyway What is the first thing you say to Raven when you see her for the date?" Cyborg asks, Beast Boy taps the bottom of his chin thinking of an answer, Beast Boy clicks his fingers.

"Yo Rae, you ready for our date?" Beast Boy says, Cyborg bursts out with laughter.

"Haha, your joking right?" Cyborg says, Beast Boy shakes his head.

"I'm being serious" Beast Boy says, Cyborg stops laughing and has a short sigh to himself.

"You don't say that at the start of a date" Cyborg says, Beast Boy sits down on his bed looking up at Cyborg.

"What am I meant to say?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg takes a second to think about it.

"You're meant to say 'Good evening Raven, you look magnificent tonight' then you put your arm out allowing her to lock her arm with yours" Cyborg says, Beast Boys jaw drops.

"You can't be serious" Beast Boy says, Cyborg tilts his head.

"I'm being serious, all women love compliments on their appearance even Raven" Cyborg says, Beast Boy raises his eyebrow.

"Ok?" Beast Boy replies.

"I'll teach you to be a gentlemen" Cyborg says, Beast Boy shrugs as Cyborg grabs him and carries him out of the room.

Meanwhile at the Mall "This one looks nice...OH! and this one too, This one will make you look cute, this one will..." Starfire pulls out the collection of clothes.

"Star...I only need 1 dress not a dozen" Raven says as she stands behind Starfire.

"But they're all so adorable, why not try some of them on?" Starfire asks as she holds up the stack of clothes in front of Raven.

"Fine" Raven answers, as the two of them walk back to the changing room, Raven looks at the stack of clothes "Why are they all dark purple?" Raven asks, Starfire gives a concealed smile.

"They match your eyes, that is one rule of shopping. All clothes must match the eyes" Starfire says.

"Then why don't you wear green all the time?" Raven asks, the two walk into the changing room.

"Green goes with any clothes, while your eyes they say Natural that you need the perfect dress" Starfire says.

"Er...thanks" Raven says, Starfire puts down the clothes on the seat in the changing room.

"You are most welcome friend, now which one of the 37 dresses do you want to try first?" Starfire asks, Raven holds her forehead.

"This is going to be a" Raven thinks to herself, Starfire grabs one of the dresses out of the large stack.

"Try this one" Starfire says, Raven takes the dress. Raven puts the dress on and look in the mirror.

"What do you think?" Raven asks, Starfire taps the bottom of her chin.

" look as adorable as a kitten...but I believe your showing too much skin with the legs..." Starfire reviews, Raven raises her eyebrow.

"Who knew Star is such a critic?" Raven thinks to herself as she takes off the dress, Starfire hands Raven another dress to try on. Raven puts on the dress, Starfire lets out a loud gasp.

"T...That dress is perfect!" Starfire shouts with all her might.

"Do you really think so?" Raven asks.

"Yes its splendid, the colour along with your eyes matches...The dress is long so your not showing too much skin with your legs" Starfire reviews, Raven gives a short smirk.

"So do you think I should get this one?" Raven asks, Starfire claps her hands with joy.

"Oh yes friend" Starfire requests.

"What about the others?" Raven asks as she takes off the dress.

"They're great but this one stands out, you must get" Starfire says, Raven puts on her cloak.

"Ok, I'll get it" Raven says, Starfire embraces Raven in a huge hug.

"My friend, I am most happy for you. You also look great in the dress, Beast Boy will be impressed" Starfire says with joy, Starfire breaks from the hug.

"I guess I need to get my hair and nails done now right?" Raven asks, Starfire shakes her head as the two walk to a worker to purchase the dress.

"I'm doing your hair and nails" Starfire orders.

"How come?" Raven asks.

"I know your strengths in your beauty" Starfire says, Raven has a short sigh as she stops in place looking at Starfire.

"Have you been watching fashion shows on TV?" Raven asks, Starfire lowers her head knowing she's been found out.

"Was I really that obvious?" Starfire asks.

"Yes..." Raven gives a quick answer.

"Do you still want me to do your hair and nails?" Starfire asks.

"Of course, I trust you Star" Raven says, Starfire gives Raven a warm smile.

While at the Tower "No...No...No Beast Boy act more gentleman like, try it again" Cyborg orders as Beast Boy is in the mirror.

"I've done it 20 times..." Beast Boy says, Cyborg shakes his head and points back at the mirror "Good...Evening Rae, Wow that dress makes you look...fantastic?" Beast Boy says, Cyborg again shakes his head.

" call her by her full name not her nickname, don't say fantastic say something complimenting the beauty, words like magnificent" Cyborg says, Beast Boy clicks his fingers.

"Can I write it on my hand? So I know what to say?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg again shakes his head, Cyborg goes down to Beast Boy level and puts his hand on Beast Boys far shoulder.

"BB...when you see Raven, just say what's in your heart" Cyborg says, Beast Boys jaw drops.

"Wait a've been watching some romance films right?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg nods his head. Beast Boy bursts with laughter "Haha, why?" Beast Boy asks.

"To help you not screw up your first date" Cyborg says.

"I'm going to work as hard as ever now!" Beast Boy declares as he raises his arm in the air.

A few hours pass While in Starfires room, Starfire is in front of the mirror with Starfire sat in front of her "Your hair will look as good as ever" Starfire says as she begins to brush it.

"Thanks Star" Raven says.

"No problem friend" Starfire says.

"Hey...Star?" Raven calls out, Starfire continues to brush Ravens hair.

"Yes?" Starfire answers.

"I'm...I'm..." Raven stutters, Raven takes a deep breath "Scared" Raven says, Starfire stops brushing.

"Why? I've never heard you say that" Starfire asks out of worry.

"I used to have individuals in charge of my emotions...but they're not their any more..." Raven says.

"Is that what your scared of?" Starfire asks, Raven shakes her head and looks behind her at Starfire.

"I'm in charge of my emotions and...I can't handle it, its too much" Raven says.

"Your emotions may just got your powers back a few days ago it may take more time" Starfire says, Raven again shakes her head.

"If that was the case I won't have emotions right now...but I I'm in charge of my emotions and its tough..." Raven says.

"Are you sure?" Starfire asks.

"I'm heart is beating faster I..." Before Raven could continue she gets interrupted.

"That's normal everyone's first date" Starfire says as she goes back to brushing Ravens hair.

"It might be but...why am I excited but scared at the same time?" Raven asks, Starfire has a short giggle.

"It is normal to feel that way" Starfire says, Raven has a short sigh to herself to try and calm down.

"I don't get it...I wasn't scared to face Terra, Slade or the Brotherhood, but for some reason this date is scarier than that" Raven says, Starfire continues to giggle.

"I find that most funny, just try to calm down. You may enjoy yourself tonight, don't forget to tell me what happens hehe" Starfire says.

"Thanks Star, I'll tell you what happens" Raven says.

While in the main room "You got your suit on, you smell good and you know what to say, I think you're ready" Cyborg says.

"er...thanks Cy" Beast Boy says unenthusiastic.

"What's wrong BB?" Cyborg asks, Cyborg sits down next to Beast Boy on the couch.

"I don't know, I don't think I'm ready" Beast Boy says.

"What do you mean?" Cyborg asks, Beast Boy has a short sigh.

"Last time I was in a ended in heartbreak I don't want to experience that again...we all know what happened with Terra" Beast Boy says, there is a long silence.

"BB...This is different, Raven is different and I don't think that'll happen" Cyborg comforts, Beast Boy shakes his head.

"But...what if it does happen?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg clenches his fist and stands up.

"BB, tonight should be the best night of your life. You've been looking forward to this for months before you two got together and now you don't want to go through with it? BB...quit looking at the past and look at the present" Cyborg lectures, Beast Boy stands up out of his seat.

"Cy, Thanks. I'll give it my all tonight" Beast Boy says, Cyborg pats him on the shoulder.

"That's my little green buddy, I wish you luck tonight" Cyborg says, Beast Boy nods his head, suddenly the built in watch on Cyborg arm goes off with a loud alarm, Beast Boy puts his hand on his ears.

"What's that?" Beast Boy asks as the alarm shuts off.

"Its time for the two are meeting in here right?" Cyborg asks, Beast Boy nods.

"I wonder where she is?" Beast Boy wonders.

"Star look at the time" Raven says, Starfire looks at the clock on her table.

"Oh no you can't be late for the date, you've got your dress on and your hair and nails are done, I think that's it" Starfire says.

"Ok..." Raven says, Starfire opens one of her draws and pulls something out.

"I bought this a long time ago...for this special day here" Starfire says as she gives Raven a necklace with an Amethyst stone in the centre.

"Are you sure Star?" Raven asks as she looks down at the necklace.

"You deserve it my friend, it was a Christmas present but you need it much sooner" Starfire says as Raven puts the necklace on, Raven lets out a small sigh "Are you ready?" Starfire asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be" Raven answers, the two walk out of Starfires room, the two stand in front of the door to the main room. As Starfire is about to open the door Raven puts her hand on Starfires shoulder stopping her "Star?" Raven says, Starfire turns around to Raven.

"Yes friend?" Starfire says, Raven wraps her arms around Starfire embracing Starfire in a small hug, Starfires eyes are wide open in shock but soon she gives a warm smile and puts her arms around on Ravens back.

"Thanks Star, for everything" Raven says, The two break from the hug.

"You're welcome, I wish you the best of luck tonight" Starfire says, Raven gives Starfire a short nod.

"Where do you think she is?" Beast Boy asks.

"Girls take a long time when it comes to getting ready for a date" Cyborg reassures, the main doors open Raven and Starfire walk into the room, Beast Boy sets his sight on his date his jaw has dropped to the floor to see Raven in a long dark purple dress, Raven sets her sight on Beast Boy in a luxurious suit, both their hearts are beating heavily.

The two stand face to face with each other, Beast Boy continues to stare with at Raven while Raven is trying to look away and hide her blush but it doesn't work everyone in the room notices it, Starfire walks over to Cyborg whose jaw has also dropped, there is a long silence in the room neither of the two of them want to say something, Beast Boy coughs and puts out his hand.

"Good evening look Beautiful tonight" Beast Boy says, Raven raises her eyebrow looking at Beast Boy.

"er...thanks you look great too" Raven compliments, as Raven puts her hand in Beast Boys hand.

"Shall we go?" Beast Boy asks, Raven looks across at Cyborg and Starfire who is giving Raven the thumbs up.

"Yeah...lets go" Raven says, Beast Boy gives a short smile and holds Ravens hand as the two of them walk toward the door out of the main room both of their hearts are beating uncontrollably, the doors close behind them.

"You did a good job Star" Cyborg compliments, Starfire gives a small smile.

"Thanks, you did a good job too" Starfire says.

"They grow up so fast, just a few weeks ago Beast Boy was talking about his look at him...he's grown up" Cyborg says, Starfire puts her hand on Cyborg mechanical shoulder.

"I am most proud of Raven, she's changed so much..." Starfire says, Cyborg gives a sneaky smile.

"Did you put the hidden microphone on Ravens dress?" Cyborg asks, Starfire nods "I put one in Beast Boys suit, now we can hear what's happening on their date...Good Luck...Both of you"

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