Chapter 22: Mind Games

Raven gets out of her medical bed and stands at Terra's bedside, whose fingers continue to twitch. Raven continues to speak into her communicator "Repeat, Terra is showing signs of consciousness I need someone here now" Raven speaks into the communicator. Cyborg bursts into the room and locks the door behind him "What are you doing?" Raven asks out of concern.

"The less people here will make it more manageable" Cyborg answers, Cyborg stands at the side of Terra's bed.

"C...Cyborg?" Terra struggles to say, Cyborg looks down at Terra and back up at Raven.

"Raven I need you to stand guard near the door to make sure no one gets in, I need to deal with Terra" Cyborg orders, Raven nods and walks near the door.

"What're you going to do?" Raven asks, Cyborg goes down to Terra's level.

"I'll try to communicate to her and monitor how much strength she's getting back" Cyborg answers, Raven nods again and keeps her eye on the door.

"Terra...Terra...can you hear me?" Cyborg calls out, Terra with half her eyes open stares deeply at Cyborg.

"Cyborg...w...where am I?" Terra again struggles to speak, Cyborg continues to monitor the strength of Terra as she starts to feel her hand instead of her fingers twitching.

"You're at the tower" Cyborg answers, Terra blinks a lot.

"The t...tower?" Terra begins to speak more clearly. Suddenly there are large knocks on the door.

"What's going on in there? Let us in" Beast Boy orders, Raven looks back at Cyborg who shakes his head.

"I'm sorry Beast Boy, Cyborg told me no one is aloud in" Raven answers, suddenly Beast Boy punches the door.

"Let me in, Terra might need me" Beast Boy says as he continues to punch the door. Raven has a short sigh and surrounds the door in a dark wall to make sure no one can come in. "Raven...let me in now!" Beast Boy orders, Raven looks down at the floor surprised that Beast Boy called her by her full name instead of her nickname and chooses to ignore him.

"Your doing good Raven" Cyborg praises, Terra's eyes begin to shut and her hands begin to slowly stop moving. "No...she's losing consciousness" Cyborg says, Cyborg looks to the nutrients tank next to her bed to see its empty. "'s out of nutrients..." Cyborg announces.

"Is there anymore?" Raven asks as she tries to block out all of the loud punches on the other side of the door.

"That...was the last we had..." Cyborg says, Raven looks down at Terra who is starting to stop moving, Raven stands away from the door and places her hands on Terra. "Raven...what are you doing?" Cyborg asks, Raven begins to chant a spell. Cyborg quickly stands up and grabs Raven's shoulder "Raven stop...don't do what you did last time" "I promised BB I wouldn't let Raven do this again..." Cyborg advices, Raven shakes her head and her eyes glow dark pushing Cyborg back.

"Sorry Cyborg..." Raven apologises, Raven continues to chant "Azarath...Maliphieat...Zynthos!" The room is covered in darkness, Raven continues to keep hold of Terra. Raven legs start shaking, Raven begins to lose consciousness and falls to the floor, the room has returned to its normal colour. The dark wall surrounding the wall fades, Beast Boys eyes open wide expecting the worst.

"" Beast Boy thinks to himself as he shapeshifts into a Rhino and charges through the door, the door shatters into many pieces. Beast Boy shapeshifts back to see Raven laying there motionless on the floor "RAVEN!" Beast Boy calls out as he goes down to the floor to support her. One of Ravens eyes open half way to see a blurry Beast Boy looking down at her.

"B...beast b...boy" Raven says as she closes her eyes and her head goes back, Beast Boy quickly lifts Raven and places her back on her medical bed. Beast Boy turns around looking at Cyborg who is getting back to his feet.

"Cy, help Raven!" Beast Boy orders with anger and determination in his eyes, Cyborg nods and tends to Raven. "What's wrong with Raven?" Beast Boy quickly asks. Cyborg stands to his feet facing Beast Boy.

"It's the same that happened last time, Raven gave up her nutrients to help Terra..." Cyborg gets interrupted as Beast Boy punches Cyborg in the face. Cyborg doesn't flinch and Beast Boy ignores the pain in his hand from punching Cyborg.

"Why didn't you stop her?!" Beast Boy demands an answer, Cyborg looks down at Raven.

"I tried to stop her...but she pushed me away..." Cyborg answers, Beast Boy continues to look down at Raven.

"What's going to happen now?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg soon gets a smile on his face.

"If you let me finish before you punched me, I was going to say...Raven is going to be fine" Cyborg says, Beast Boy raises his eyebrow.

"How do you know?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg taps the bottom of his chin.

"I checked if Raven has enough key nutrients...yes she does, it's almost as if she never lost them" Cyborg says, Beast Boy tilts his head confused looking up at Cyborg.

"Then why is Rae not awake?" Beast Boy asks, Cyborg puts his hand on Beast Boys shoulder.

"She gave Terra something very vital, I don't know yet. But whenever you give up something vital it'll take it's toll" Cyborg explains. Beast Boy continues to look down at Raven as Cyborg takes his hand off Beast Boys shoulder.

"Do you know when she'll wake up?" Beast Boy asks.

"She'll be awake by morning" Cyborg says, Beast Boys eyes open wide in excitement.

"Really?!" Beast Boy says with enthusiasm, Beast Boy soon lowers his head "Cy, I'm sorry about punching you..." Beast Boy apologises, Cyborg shakes his head.

"It's fine BB, do you want me to owe you one back?" Cyborg jokes as he holds up his fist, Beast Boy shakes his head quickly.

"You should probably head to sleep, I'll keep an eye on them for you" Cyborg says, Beast Boy nods agreeing. Beast Boy begins to walk towards the door.

"Goodnight BB" Cyborg says, Beast Boy nods turning back to Cyborg.

"Night Cy" Beast Boy says, just as Beast Boy exits out the destroyed door.

"Goodnight Beast Boy" A unfamiliar voice says, Beast Boy stops in place and turns around to see a blonde haired blue eyed girl sat up in her bed. Beast Boy approaches her with widened eyes.

"T...Terra..." Beast Boy says, Cyborg turns around and the two of them gather around Terra.

"How long have you been awake?" Cyborg asks, Terra looks up at Cyborg.

"When Beast Boy punched you" Terra says as she points at Cyborg, Beast Boy scratches the back of his head nervously.

"I said I was sorry...anyway how are you feeling?" Beast Boy asks out of concern, Terra now looks at Beast Boy.

"I'm feeling better than I did, I guess it was Raven that saved me?" Terra asks, Beast Boy nods.

"I helped too..." Cyborg mutters, Terra giggles lightly.

"Thanks Cyborg..." Terra says, Cyborg rocks his head back and forth but then turns to Raven to check on her condition. Terra turns her attention back to Beast Boy "How am I back? I thought...I..." Terra gets interrupted.

"It doesn't matter about that, all that matters now is you're home" Beast Boy says, Terra gives Beast Boy a warm smile. Beast Boy looks down out of shyness, Cyborg continues to look over his shoulder at the two of them.

"This doesn't look good..." Cyborg thinks his concerns.

"What have I missed?" Terra asks, Beast Boy gets a huge smile on his face, Cyborg rushes towards the two of them to intervene.

"Beast Boy you should probably get some rest for tomorrow, you has that early morning training set up..." Cyborg lies, Beast Boy tilts his head confused.

"Really?" Beast Boy asks for confirmation, Cyborg nods. Beast Boy steps away from Terra's bedside and walks towards the door. "I'll talk to you tomorrow Terra" Beast Boy bids farewell and walks out the room as Terra waves at him.

"Beast Boy hasn't changed a bit, can you tell me what I've missed?" Terra asks, Cyborg has a short sigh and stands next to Terra's bedside.

"A lot has happened, there is very little crime in the city due to the Brotherhood of Evil being defeated by the Titans" Cyborg says, Terra slowly nods head.

"I see, so I'm going to guess it's kinda boring around here?" Terra asks, Cyborg shrugs. "Anything else happened? Is Robin and Starfire finally going out?" Terra asks, Cyborg shakes his head.

"Slowly but surely they'll get together, but there is a couple at the tower" Cyborg says, Terra sits up in her bed.

"No way, really?" Terra says, Cyborg nods. "Who? Is it you and Starfire?" Terra asks, Cyborg shakes his head "Beast Boy and Starfire?" Terra bombards Cyborg with another question, Cyborg shakes his head. "You and Raven?" Terra asks, again Cyborg shakes his head "Who?" Terra asks.

"Beast Boy and Raven" Cyborg asks, there is a long silence in the room and Terra tightly grabs her blanket.

"Seriously?" Terra asks for confirmation, Cyborg nods "That's not what I was expecting, them two are almost the complete opposite" Terra states the obvious, Cyborg takes a seat between Raven and Terra.

"I thought that would surprise you" Cyborg says, Terra begins to tap the bottom of her chin.

"How did it happen? With Raven and Beast Boy?" Terra continues to ask many questions, Cyborg has a small chuckle.

"It's a long story involving spies, three kids and a meeting" Cyborg says, Terra's jaw drops and raises her eyebrow.

"What?" Terra says, Cyborg shakes his head slowly.

"Never mind, just get some rest" Cyborg says, Terra has a disappointing groan and lies back down in her bed. "Goodnight Terra" Cyborg says, there is no answer as Terra is already asleep. Cyborg takes a second look at Raven "I hope BB knows what he's getting himself into" Cyborg thinks to himself as he leaves the room.

Meanwhile in Raven's mind, Raven is floating around in darkness "W...where am I?" Raven wonders, Suddenly the darkness fades to bright white. Raven opens her eyes too see one of her emotions surrounding her, the cloak is red.

"Long time no see Raven..." Red Raven says, Raven continues to move her head around.

"Where am I?" Raven asks, Red Raven shakes her head.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is I'm becoming more powerful...your angry at something..." Red Raven taunts, Raven shakes her head.

"I have nothing to be angry about" Raven answers, Red Raven chuckles as she floats over to be face to face with Raven.

"Oh...Really? What about the fact that Terra's back?" Red Raven taunts, Raven clenches her fist.

"Why would I be angry? She's out friend after all" Raven says, Red Raven continues to chuckle.

"You're angry that Terra's back...Your scared that Beast Boy will like her more than you right?" Red Raven says, Raven puts her hands on her head.

"Shut up...Beast Boy wouldn't do that..." Raven says, Red Raven shakes her head.

"Who did he like first? You or Terra?" Red Raven questions, Raven turns her back to Red Raven.

"Things have changed since then" Raven says, Red Raven gives a sly smirk.

"Love never changes, you know that Beast Boy will fall for Terra again...but why did you save her twice?" Red Raven questions, Raven lowers her head.

"If I didn't save her...Beast Boy would be upset. I don't to see Beast Boy upset" Raven lectures, Red Raven teleports face to face with Raven again.

"Even though it'll sacrifice your happiness..." Red Raven says, Raven looks away.

"Well...I..." Raven gets interrupted.

"Beast Boy will obviously take Terra over you, but I can help you. Allow me to take control of your body for 2 minutes and I'll take care of all your problems" Red Raven offers, Red Raven extends her hand towards Raven. Raven again turns away from Red Raven.

"I don't know, I'll see how it goes..." Raven says.

"This offer still stands, you know where to find me" Red Raven says as she vanishes before Ravens eyes.

"W...would Beast Boy really do that?" Raven thinks to herself.

Morning arrives, Beast Boy barges into Robins room to see his team mate still sleeping, Beast Boy furiously shakes Robin "Wake up, we have morning training remember?" Beast Boy says, Beast Boy backs away from Robin to see Robin slowly sitting up in his bed.

"What're you talking about? There's no morning training..." Robin says sluggishly, Beast Boy raises his eyebrow.

"There's not?" Beast Boy asks for confirmation, Robin shakes his head. Beast Boy lowers his head and leaves the room. As Beast Boy is walking down the hallway "Just wait until I see Cy...I'll prank him good...maybe switch his tools for rubber tools..." Beast Boy plots his revenge, Beast Boy continues his walk down the hall to Cyborgs room, Beast Boy walks pass the medical facility and has a peek inside to check on his friends. Beast Boy is shocked to see Terra sitting on her bed instead of laying down "Terra!" Beast Boy yells, Terra looks up to see Beast Boy walking into the room.

"Morning Beast Boy, what's up?" Terra says, Beast Boy shakes his head as he approaches Terra's bedside.

"Terra you should be resting" Beast Boy says out of concern. Cyborg walks into the room with a loud yawn.

"Morning guys...Terra, you should be laying down" Cyborg says out of concern, Terra shakes her head.

"No, I'm fine" Terra says as she stands up out of bed. Terra's legs begin to shake and she loses balance falling forward onto Beast Boy, Beast Boy holds her up to keep her standing up.

"I told you, your falling all over the place" Beast Boy jokes, Cyborg continues to watch the two of them as he walks over to Raven's bedside to see Raven with one of her eyes half open. Cyborg opens his mouth ready to say something, Raven gently shakes her head.

"I said I'm fine, let me try walking again" Terra says, Beast Boy shakes his head.

"So you can fall on me again?" Beast Boy jokes again, Terra giggles lightly. Cyborg turns around facing watching the two of them, Beast Boy looks up at Cyborg as Raven shuts her eyes. "Cy, what do we do? Terra won't lay down" Beast Boy asks.

"Well...she looks more healthier than she did, so...I'll take her to the rehabilitation centre to help strength come back to her legs" Cyborg says, Terra grips Beast Boys attire tightly.

"What about Rae? We need someone watching Rae when she wakes up. So it'll be easier if I take Terra to the rehabili thing centre" Beast Boy says, Cyborg looks down at Raven, Cyborg lets out a short sigh.

"Ok BB, just be careful and keep your eye on Terra we don't want her to hurt herself" Cyborg says, Beast Boy nods as Terra puts her arm around Beast Boy who supports her out of the room, the two leave the room. Raven sits up in her bed "How are you doing Raven?" Cyborg asks, Raven who has her head held down.

"I'm fine" Raven gives a short answer, Cyborg sits beside Ravens bedside.

"Your not upset are you?" Cyborg asks, Raven has a short pause before answering the question.

"Its just Beast Boy being Beast Boy, he didn't even wait for me to wake up..." Raven says out of worry, Cyborg nods his head.

"I see what you mean, how did you save Terra? You shouldn't have had any nutrients with the amount you supplied her" Cyborg questions, Raven puts her head back up.

"During the time I was resting when I was awake, I duplicated my nutrients using a spell, the spell takes a long time to charge up. I did it just in case something like that happened" Raven answers, Cyborg sits back in his seat looking at Raven.

"That's clever, so do you think your well enough to finally get out of bed?" Cyborg asks, Raven quickly nods as she climbs out of the bed. Raven stands out of bed, Raven wobbles a bit as she stands on her feet. "Are you sure your ok?" Cyborg asks.

"I'm fine, just a little shaky that's all" Raven says, Cyborg shrugs as he watches Raven get her balance back.

Short time passes, Raven is fully able to stand and walk around the room, "You heal quick" Cyborg compliments. Raven has a short sigh to herself as she looks up at Cyborg.

"I'm going to go check on Beast Boy and Terra" Raven says, Cyborg gets a sly smile "I'm not jealous" Raven says, Cyborg continues to have a smirk on his face. Raven leaves the room.

Meanwhile at the rehabilitation centre, "Terra...your doing it!" Beast Boy says with joy to see Terra slowly walking around the room, Beast Boy stays close by to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

"Told you I was fine Beast Boy..." Terra says as she keeps her full concentration on her footsteps.

"Yeah you go girl" Beast Boy cheers on, Terra loses her concentration and falls forward, Beast Boy catches Terra before she hits the floor. "On second thoughts you haven't got it" Beast Boy jokes, Terra lightly giggles.

"You still make me laugh Beast Boy..." Terra says as she stares deeply into Beast Boy's green eyes, Beast Boy helps Terra back to her feet.

"Thanks, I make everyone laugh now. Even Raven, she just doesn't want to admit it" Beast Boy says, Terra again giggles lightly.

"By the way...Cyborg told me something interesting last night..." Terra teases, Beast Boy tilts his head.

"What?" Beast Boy asks, Terra moves closely near Beast Boys ear.

"That you and Raven are a couple hehe" Terra says, Beast Boy breaks into a small blush.

"er...yeah we are..." Beast Boy says shyly.

"That's so surprising, I never thought that would happen" Terra says, Beast Boy nods.

"Me too, but me and Rae went through a lot to get to where we are now" Beast Boy says, Beast Boy guides Terra to a seat where the two of them sit down.

"What happened?" Terra asks, Beast Boy scratches the back of his neck.

"Well at first it was me that was really liking Rae because we hung out a lot, even though Rae won't admit it she was beginning to really like me...a lot happened but in the end...we're together" Beast Boy says, Terra begins to tap the bottom of his chin.

"Who confessed first?" Terra asks bluntly, Beast Boy scratches the top of his head.

"Technically it was me who confessed first...but then Rae confessed later...hmm..." Beast Boy thinks about his answer "Well...I confessed first but Rae said now wasn't the time, but later down the line Rae confessed to me and how can anyone turn down Rae haha" Beast Boy explains, Terra smiles at Beast Boy.

"That's sweet, I guess" Terra says, Beast Boy squints his eyes looking left and right to make sure no one is around.

"Terra...there's a reason I asked you to be here with me" Beast Boy says, meanwhile Raven is walking down the hallway.

"I think the rehabilitation room is down here I think" Raven thinks to herself as she sees the sign above the door. The door is slightly open Raven peeks in to see Beast Boy whispering in Terra's ear as Terra giggles away.

"No way...really?" Terra says, Beast Boy puts his index finger on his lips.

"Shh...remember don't tell anyone, especially Rae" Beast Boy says, Ravens eyes open wide as she moves away from the door.

"No...way..." Raven thinks to herself, Raven walks back towards to door to continue peeking in.

"I won't, do you really think we should do that?" Terra asks, Beast Boy quickly nods.

"We should, it's been something that I've been wanting to do for a long time" Beast Boy says, Raven takes a few steps back away from the door.

"Something he's been wanting to do for a long time? Is he going to confess to Terra?" Raven thinks to herself, Raven takes another peek at the door to see Beast Boy and Terra walking towards the door, Raven teleports away. Beast Boy and Terra walk out of the room.

"When do you think we should..." Terra gets interrupted by Beast Boy.

"Shh...the walls have ears...we'll do it later today" Beast Boy says. Raven teleports into the centre of her room.

"Beast Boy isn't really..." Raven thinks to herself suddenly there's a large pain in the back of Ravens head, Raven grabs the back of her head.

"I told you Terra was here to get Beast Boy back...remember just 2 minutes is all I need" Red Raven says, Raven shakes her head frantically.

"I don't need you, I'll deal with it myself" Raven answers.

"Just so you can suffer in silence? The longer you wait the worse it'll get" Red Raven taunts, Raven picks up a book.

"I trust Beast Boy...he'd never do that" Raven thinks to herself, Red Raven continues to chuckle.

"I can picture it now, the next words from your beloved Beast Boy's mouth 'Rae lets break up' haha" Red Raven says, Ravens puts her hand over her heart as it aches.

"SHUT UP!" Raven thinks to herself as she uncontrollably throws her book at the mirror which shatters into pieces "What am I doing?" Raven thinks to herself as she bends down to pick up the pieces of glass.

"Raven...are you ok? I heard a loud crash in your room" Starfire calls out as she stands out the door.

"I'm fine Star...I just dropped something that's all" Raven says.

"May I come in?" Starfire asks, Raven stands up after picking up all the pieces of smashed glass.

"Yeah you can come in Star" Raven says, the door opens and Starfire walks into the room. Starfire looks around the room to see the mirror is smashed.

"Did you and your mirror have some kind of argument?" Starfire asks, Raven looks at her destroyed mirror.

"No...I just tripped and my book hit the mirror" Raven lies, Starfire shrugs.

"Did you hear the good news!" Starfire says with enthusiasm.

"What?" Raven asks, Starfire has a huge smile on her face.

"Our friend Terra has finally awoken!" Starfire says full of joy, Raven lowers her head.

"I know Star" Raven gives a short reply.

"It is most wonderful our friend is unharmed, she can finally be a Titan like us" Starfire says.

"Yeah" Raven gives another short reply.

"It will be even more fun, our girl talk will finally have 3 members!" Starfire says as she jumps for joy.

"Yeah" Raven repeats herself, Starfire tilts her head confused as she stands face to face with Raven.

"I'm don't seem excited to see our friend return" Starfire asks, Raven looks up at Starfire.

"I'm glad Terra's back..." Raven mutters as she clenches her fist.

"Most wonderful friend, are you going to stay in your room all day today?" Starfire asks, Raven shakes her head.

"You must watch this new program that involves the unicorns!" Starfire says as she grabs Raven's wrist and drags Raven out of her room.

"Star, I'm perfectly capable to walk" Raven complains, Starfire shakes her head as she continues to drag Raven.

"The show is starting soon we must get there quick" Starfire says.

"Does that mean Star is calling me a slow walker?" Raven wonders. The two enter the main room which is seemingly empty, there is no one in the main room, Raven and Starfire sit in their seats ready to watch the show that Starfire recommended.

"So what's the show called?" Raven asks, Raven giggles slightly.

"It's called the Life of Horses" Starfire says, Raven raises her eyebrow.

"That sounds like a documentary" Raven says, Starfire shakes her head.

"The show is about Horses on a ranch" Starfire says, Raven continues to watch the TV.

"Anything else?" Raven asks.

"It's endless hours of horses" Starfire says as she continues to watch the screen, Raven leans her head on her hand.

"This is such a great show" Raven thinks to herself sarcastically.

"She actually said way" A voice is heard coming into the room, Raven looks over her shoulder to see Beast Boy and Terra entering the room.

"She totally did and then she..." Beast Boy cuts himself off when he sees Raven, Beast Boy and Terra look at each other giving each other an unspoken message to keep quiet. The two sit on the couch Raven and Starfire are sat on, Beast Boy sits between Raven and Terra.

"Hey Rae, how are you feeling?" Beast Boy asks, Raven takes a look at Beast Boy.

"I'm fine" Raven gives a short answer, Beast Boy slowly nods there's a long silence in the room.

"What're we watching?" Terra asks.

"It's a show about the wondrous life of horses" Starfire answers, Beast Boy continues to have occasional glances towards Raven.

"So...Rae did you finish that book last night?" Beast Boy does his best to get a conversation going.

"Yes" Raven gives another short answer.

"Was it any good?" Beast Boy asks, Raven moves her head looking at Beast Boy to also see a smiling Terra next to him.

"It was ok but I didn't like the ending" Raven answers, Beast Boy taps the bottom of the chin.

"Let me guess, something tragic happens to a character you like at the end?" Beast Boy guesses.

"No, everyone lives happily ever after. I hate them kind of endings" Raven answers.

"Why?" Terra asks, Raven has a short sigh and glares at Terra.

"Because it's unrealistic, there's no such thing as a happy ending" Raven answers, Beast Boy shakes his head.

"Not really Rae, look at me and you we have a happy ending coming up soon" Beast Boy says as he chuckles, Terra nudges Beast Boy in the side.

"Good one Beast Boy" Terra says as she giggles away, Raven raises her eyebrow.

"How was that funny to Terra?" Raven wonders.

The afternoon passes very quick, Raven is resting her head on the sofa asleep, Raven opens her eyes to see Starfire wiping tears out of her eyes, while Beast Boy and Terra aren't there. Raven sits up in her seat "Where's Beast Boy and Terra?" Raven asks, Starfire puts down her box of tissues.

"They said they were going into Jump City for something" Starfire answers, Raven puts her hand over her heart because she feels her heart aching.

"W...what are you crying about?" Raven asks.

"The show about the horses ended" Starfire says, Raven doesn't reply. Cyborg walks into the room stretching his mechanical arms.

"Sup guys, anyone seen BB or Terra?" Cyborg asks as he sits besides Starfire.

"They're both doing the hanging out in Jump City" Starfire answers, Cyborg immediately looks at Raven who has her arms crossed and her head held down.

"Raven are you ok?" Cyborg asks, Raven takes her time answering the question.

"I'm fine, why is everyone asking if I'm ok, I'm fine" Raven repeats herself, Cyborg looks at Starfire.

"Raven...your not upset because Beast Boy is hanging out with Terra?" Starfire asks, Raven looks up at her two team mates.

"Am I really that obvious?" Raven asks, Starfire and Cyborg nod at the same time.

"What're you worried about? Did they say anything to each other?" Cyborg asks, Raven takes a deep breath before answering.

"They were talking about something, then Beast Boy told Terra not to tell anyone" Raven answers, Starfire gasps, while Cyborg shakes his head.

"Don't worry Raven, it might just be a misunderstanding that's all" Cyborg attempts to reassure Raven.

"But what if it's not?" Raven asks, Cyborg and Starfire look at each other again to see who'll give an answer.

"I don't think Beast Boy would do that" Starfire says, Raven looks back down at the floor.

"Beast Boy did like Terra way before me so..." Raven gets interrupted as Starfire stands up out of her seat and kneels down to Raven's level.

"Raven, Beast Boy did choose you" Starfire says, Raven looks away from Starfire.

"Yeah...after he thought Terra was gone" Raven says, Cyborg clenches his fist and stands up.

"Raven...Trust me Beast Boy would never do that, if he did tell me so I can remind him with my fist about you" Cyborg says, Raven continues to not look at her team mates.

"I'll be the bad guy then, someone who can't take the fact Beast Boy likes someone else" Raven replies, Cyborg and Starfire look again at each other, Cyborg motions with his hand to speak to Starfire in another room, the two of them walk into the kitchen.

"I believe Raven is being too hard on herself" Starfire says, Cyborg nods.

"Do you think Beast Boy know?" Cyborg asks, Starfire looks down at the floor.

"Beast Boy has harboured some feelings for Terra in the I'm most unsure..." Starfire says hesitantly.

"Whatever happens we need to make sure Raven remains calm, I'd hate to see her when she's angry, there is no telling what she'd do to BB and Terra if...what she's saying is true" Cyborg says, Starfire nods as the two walk back into the main room to Raven hasn't moved since they left the room.

Meanwhile in Raven's mind "Are you losing hope on Beast Boy?" Red Raven asks, Raven shakes her head.

"I'm just worrying about nothing that's all" Raven answers.

"That's what you keep telling yourself know deep down that Beast Boy likes someone else" Red Raven taunts.

"I...I..." Raven gets interrupted.

"My deal still stands, allow me 2 minutes to control your body and I'll make everything right" Red Raven says, Raven has a short pause as Red Raven extends her hand.

While in the real world the door opens "Remember keep it a secret" Beast Boy says as he walks in with Terra as they giggle.

"D...Deal.." Raven shakes hands with Red Raven.

"Haha...It's a done deal" Red Raven says, Back to the real world Raven's eye colour changes red but her cloak remains blue.

"Don't worry I will" Terra says, Red Raven immediately stands up on instinct and approaches the two of them.

"Damn...Raven must have blocked me from using my powers..." Red Raven thinks to herself, Cyborg and Starfire stand up and stand behind Red Raven. Quickly Beast Boy and Terra stop laughing, the two of them put there hands behind there back.

"Er...what's up Rae?" Beast Boy says, Red Raven shakes her head.

"Don't what's up Raven to me, what were you two doing?!" Red Raven demands an answer, Beast Boy looks at Terra whose looking back at him.

"We just went to Jump City that's all" Beast Boy answers, Red Raven continues to glare the two of them down.

"I didn't ask where you two went, I asked what were you two doing?!" Red Raven stands face to face with the two of them.

"Raven, there is no need" Starfire attempts to calm Red Raven down by putting her hand on her shoulder.

"No need? All he's been doing since Terra came back is hanging around with her" Red Raven says, Beast Boy lowers his head.

"That's enough.." Raven says to Red Raven who doesn't listen.

"Please Raven, Beast Boy wasn't doing anything" Terra pleads, Beast Boy remains silent with his head still down.

"I don't want to hear anything from you Terra" Red Raven says, Starfire takes her hand off Red Ravens shoulder.

"Raven just calm down a bit, I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation" Cyborg attempts to bring peace to the room.

"Stop it..." Raven pleads to Red Raven who continues not to listen.

"Then tell me what you was doing!" Red Raven demands, Terra looks to her side at Beast Boy who continues to have his head down.

"I got told not to tell anyone" Terra says, Raven continues to glare at Terra.

"Let me guess, you two was on a date" Red Raven says, Beast Boy clenches his fist tightly and finally puts his head up, Beast Boys eyes are misty and watery.

"That's it I've had enough!" Raven says, Red Ravens eyes fade to their normal colour, Raven is now in charge of her body.

"" Beast Boy says as he pushes a bag that was behind his back to Raven, Raven grabs the bag.

"Beast Boy?" Terra questions, Beast Boy suddenly runs out of the main room and into the hallway where he finds his room, Beast Boy retreats to his room "What was that all about?" Terra asks.

"There was no need to be harsh on the guy" Cyborg says, Starfire nods agreeing.

"We don't treat our friends like that" Starfire says, Raven tightly grasps the bag in her hands and opens it to see 2 Bracelets inside, Raven takes them out of the bag there are 2 different colours, one is Green while the other is dark purple. There are names on both of the Bracelets on the purple one it reads 'Beast Boy' while on the green one it reads 'Raven' Ravens hands begin to shake as she looks down at the two Bracelets.

"W...what are these?" Raven asks, Terra looks at the Bracelets.

"They was Christmas presents for you from Beast Boy, he asked me to go because he doesn't know what to buy a girl for Christmas" Terra explains, Ravens hands begin to shake.

"I'm...I'm...such a fool" Raven tightly grabs the Bracelets and runs out of the main room to the hallway, Raven stands outside of Beast Boys room. Raven puts her hand on the door to try and open it but it's locked. "Beast Boy its me, Raven" Raven calls out, there is no answer.

"I'm sorry...I'm just a fool, I should have trusted you" Raven says as she leans her back on the door.

Meanwhile on the other side of the door Beast Boy is leaning up against the door to hear everything Raven is saying "I was jealous and I still am of Terra, you can do anything with her with no questions asked, you guys can go bowling and to carnivals, but because your with me you can't do that stuff that you'd often do with a normal girlfriend, I'm just different" Raven lectures.

Beast Boy opens his mouth ready to say something but soon shuts it "I should have trusted you, you'd never do anything to hurt me or anyone and I was wrong to think that you would" Raven continues her speech, Raven is now sitting on the floor leaning up against the door.

"I understand if you don't want to talk to me...I understand if you don't want to talk to me ever again...I'm sorry..." Raven says, Raven who still has the Bracelets in her hand "I love the present Beast Boy it matches me, thank you" Raven says, again there is no answer on the other side of the door.

"I need a lot of hope to get a better present than that, you made a real challenge for me" Raven attempts to joke with Beast Boy but there is still no answer. "Is there anything I can do so you'll let me in?" Raven asks, there is no answer again. Raven stands up and puts her hand on the door "I'll be back tomorrow Beast Boy"

Raven walks down the hallway before she leaves the hallway she turns back to see if Beast Boys door is open but its not.

"Goodnight Beast Boy...I'm sorry..."

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