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Chapter 24: On Thin Ice

"I...I knew it..." Raven mutters as her hands shake uncontrollably as she re-reads the note "It's Terra that still has feelings for Beast Boy..." Raven thinks to herself, Raven stands over the sleeping Beast Boy holding the note "S...should I show him?" Raven debates, Raven soon shakes her head "I'm not really in Beast Boy's good books yet...he might think I'm doing this to get everyone to dislike Terra..." Raven comes to the conclusion, Raven chants a spell and teleports out of Beast Boys room, Raven is outside Beast Boys door and looks up and down the hallway "I don't see Terra anywhere" Raven thinks to herself as she looks at the note.

"Greetings friend, have you done the making up with Beast Boy yet?" Starfire asks, Raven surprised by Starfires presence quickly hides the note behind her back.

"Star is the last person I should show the note to" Raven thinks to herself, Raven nods at Starfire.

"Most wonderful friend, perhaps we should celebrate with the girl talk" Starfire says, Raven simply shrugs, Starfire grabs Ravens wrist and begins to pull Raven.

"Where are we going? Your room is the other way" Raven says, Starfire giggles lightly.

"We must get Terra, we have 3 girls at the tower now" Starfire says, after finding out about that Raven quickly tucks the note in her robe. The two stand outside of Terra's door, Starfire knocks on the door the door opens and the blonde haired Titan is standing there.

"Hey Star, Raven what's up?" Terra greets her team mates, Starfire gives Terra a warm smile as Raven continues to watch on.

"Tonight is the night of girl talk, do you wish to join us?" Starfire asks, Terra raises her eyebrow and peeks at Raven.

"Why is she just looking at me?" Raven wonders, a smirk emerges on Terra's face.

"Sure it sounds fun" Terra says, Starfire fidgets with her fingers.

"May we do the girl talk in your room? Your room has a superb view" Starfire says, Terra nods.

"Sure at least I won't have to travel far" Terra jokes, Starfire smiles at Terra when she enters the room while Raven simply glares at Terra.

"Sounds like a Beast Boy kind of joke" Raven thinks to herself as she sits on the bed next to Starfire who is already sitting on the bed.

"Your room hasn't changed a bit Terra, it still looks wondrous" Starfire compliments, Raven keeps her eyes on Terra who is closing the door and then sits on the bed opposite the two of them.

" do you two usually talk about?" Terra asks as she looks at Raven.

"We usually talk about the new hair care products, magazines and television, but today is very special!" Starfire says with enthusiasm, Terra tilts her head confused.

"Why?" Terra asks.

"It's almost Christmas so we must discuss the presents we're getting everyone" Starfire says, Terra soon smiles and looks at Raven.

"So...seeing that you and Beast Boy aren't talking that much...are you planning to get him a present to get him to forgive you?" Terra asks, Raven clenches her fist looking at Terra, Starfire opens her mouth ready to answer but gets interrupted by Raven.

"I haven't decided yet, we're kinda talking but...its tough..." Raven lies to Terra, Raven looks at Starfire sending a hidden message to her.

"What kinda present are you thinking about getting him?" Terra asks, Raven has a short sigh before answering.

"She's so focused on me and Beast Boy..." Raven thinks to herself, Starfire looks at Raven awaiting an answer.

"I'm not sure yet...but at least I know Beast Boy got me something" Raven says as she holds her wrist up showing the bracelet.

"Oh that looks most beautiful and suits you" Starfire compliments.

"Yeah I helped Beast Boy pick that, he needed help finding a present so what better way to find a girls present than asking a girl" Terra says.

"She's sneakier than I thought...she's bringing up something that hurt me and Beast Boy" Raven thinks to herself, Starfire sensing the tension in the room decides to switch the subject.

"So...I've already gotten everyone presents, have you all got everyone presents?" Starfire asks, Raven simply shrugs.

"I've gotten you two and Beast Boy a present, still deciding what to get Robin and Cyborg" Terra answers, Raven continues to have her eyes set on Terra.

"She's already got me and Beast Boy a present, I wonder what it is..." Raven wonders, Starfire taps Raven's shoulder.

"What about you?" Starfire asks.

"er...I haven't had the time to get anything yet..." Raven admits, Starfire and Terra both gasp.

"There isn't much time left Raven, you must try harder" Starfire lectures, Raven rolls her eyes, Starfire turns her attention back to Terra "Is there anyway possible of giving a hint what you got us?" Starfire gently asks, Terra giggles.

"No hints, you'll see on Christmas" Terra says, Starfire lowers her head out of disappointment.

"What about you Star? Have you got everyone presents?" Raven asks, Starfire lifts her head.

"Of course, I've given you your present early remember. I've gotten everyone presents but I won't tell" Starfire teases, Terra turns her attention to Raven.

"Cool, what did Star get you?" Terra asks, Raven puts her hand on the back of her neck lifting the necklace around her neck, Raven hands the necklace to Terra.

"Wow...this looks amazing, it matches you. Is this present similar to the present you got me?" Terra asks, Starfire shrugs her shoulders.

"Maybe it is...maybe it isn't" Starfire continues to tease.

"Come on..." Terra says as she hugs her pillow tightly, Starfire simply taps her nose.

"I'm not sure what to think of she acting this whole good girl act? Or is she actually a good person who just likes Beast Boy..." Raven second guesses herself.

The 3 titans talk all throughout the evening, Raven continues to keep suspicious of Terra and not let her guard down. Raven and Starfire leave Terra's room, Terra waves at the two of them, Starfire waves back at Terra but Raven doesn't. The two walk down the hallway "Terra has fit in so well since returning don't you think?" Starfire asks, Raven stops in place outside her room.

"I...I...never mind" Raven says as she opens the room of her door and walks inside.

"Raven..." Starfire mutters as the door closes. Raven leans up against her door and takes the note out of her robe.

"I should show Beast Boy...but...I...I don't know if I should" Raven thinks to herself.

"If I was you...I'd keep it a secret from him" Purple Raven speaks up, Raven walks to her bed and lays down.

"If I show'll be for him to decide me or Terra" Raven replies.

"You and Beast Boy aren't really on the same page at the moment, if you show him he may think it's you trying to make Terra look bad" Purple Raven says, Raven lays her head on the pillow and looks up at the ceiling.

"You're right, if I give Beast Boy the note he'll ask how I got it" Raven agrees with Purple Raven. Raven begins to lose her fight with exhaustion and her eyes shut slowly.

Morning arrives, Raven climbs out of bed and does her normal morning routine, as Raven begins to brush her hair "Christmas is tomorrow and I don't have presents...I'll have to go early this morning to get everything I need" Raven plans her day before she leaves for Jump City she leaves a note on her desk, Raven chants a spell and teleports out of her room to Jump City, suddenly there is a knock on Raven's door.

"Hey Rae, I was wondering if you want to hang out today? You promised we'd go Ice-skating remember" Beast Boy calls out, Beast Boy has an impatient sigh "I guess I'll have to come in then..." Beast Boy says hoping to get a response from Raven, Beast Boy waits a while there is no answer, Beast Boy carelessly opens the door and walks into Raven's room to see she's not there, Beast Boy scratches the top of his head and walks over to her desk to discover a note. Beast Boy picks up the note and reads it.

Dear person who entered my room (who shouldn't be there)

I've gone out to Jump City, if there is an emergency I have my indicator if you need to contact me.

From Raven

Beast Boy has a sigh of disappointment and puts the note back down on her desk "Oh well...I was looking forward to hanging out with Raven today" Beast Boy thinks to himself as he groans, Beast Boy leaves Raven's room.

"Hey Beast Boy, your finally out" A voice from the distance says, Beast Boy turns around to see a blonde haired titan walking his way.

"Hey Terra, what's up?" Beast Boy greets, Terra stops facing him.

"So do you want to do it then?" Terra asks, Beast Boy raises his eyebrow confused.

"Do what?" Beast Boy asks, Terra clenches her fist.

"He mustn't have seen the note this morning, he'll see it soon" Terra thinks to herself "So do you want to hang out today? You know play video games?" Terra asks, Beast Boy shrugs.

"Sure, I have nothing much to do today" Beast Boy answers, Terra hugs Beast Boys arm and begins to drag him to the main room.

"Great, I'm so going to beat you" Terra says strong words, Beast Boy gives Terra a grin.

"In your dreams" Beast Boy says.

Meanwhile at Jump City Raven walks around a busy shopping centre "There are so many people...why don't people just buy there presents early...who am I to judge?" Raven thinks to herself as she avoids bumping into people "I'll get Star's present first, maybe some jewellery with green on it or's hard to think with so many people around" Raven walks inside a jewellery shop which is packed full of people.

Rave persists and looks around the shop anyway "I don't want to get her a necklace...considering she got me one, a ring might be the best option" Raven thinks to herself as she looks at the rings, after a few minutes of deciding Raven finally picks a ring fit for Starfire. Raven walks out the shop with the ring in a decorative bag "One down, 4 to go" Raven thinks to herself.

Meanwhile at the tower, "Your cheating..." Terra mutters as her concentration is on the screen with the controller in her hand.

"Just because your bad at the game doesn't mean I'm cheating" Beast Boy says as he grips the controller tightly, suddenly Terra nudges Beast Boy in the side distracting him allowing Terra to take the lead in the racing game.

"Look whose second now" Terra says, Beast Boy simply shakes his head.

"Such a cheat, don't worry I'll catch up" Beast Boy says fighting words, Starfire has been stud behind the two of them the entire time watching.

"I see Raven's worry..." Starfire thinks to herself "May I play the game?" Starfire asks, Terra looks back at Starfire.

"But me and BB are marathoning the game today, why not hangout with Cyborg?" Terra asks, Beast Boys ears twitch.

"Did she just call me BB? When does she ever call me BB?" Beast Boy wonders.

"Cyborg has gone out somewhere today..." Starfire delivers the news, Terra bring her attention back on the game.

"What about Robin?" Terra says, Starfire shrugs and leaves the room "Sorry Star, it's just me and BB need to talk things out" Terra thinks to herself, Terra throws her fist in the air after winning the game "Told you I'd beat you" Terra says, Beast Boy lowers his head and puts the controller on the table.

"You've made a strong enemy're lucky I was going easy on you" Beast Boy says.

"Up for round 2?" Terra asks, Beast Boy gives a confident nod.

Meanwhile at Jump City "At least I'm making progress, I've got Robin and Cyborg's presents all I need to get now is Beast Boy and Terra a present" Raven thinks to herself as she pushes pass a busy crowd, suddenly a shady looking man with a bad posture is waving something in the air which catches Raven's eye.

"Mistletoe, get your mistletoe!" The Man yells, as Raven walks pass him. Raven makes a small mistake and makes eye contact with the man "Hello little lady are you interested in buying some mistletoe?" The Man asks, Raven simply shakes her head, but the Man persists and stands in front of her "Come on lady, I'm sure you have a boyfriend out there that would love this present" The Man attempts to sell.

"Mistletoe? Beast Boy did say something about I can't get it, it's too cliché" Raven thinks to herself, as Raven opens her mouth ready to say something.

"Well if it isn't Raven, oh your buying Mistletoe? Good idea" Cyborg is standing behind Raven.

"W...what?" Raven says surprised as she turns around.

"I'll buy some" Cyborg says as he hands over the money to The Man who hands him 2 Mistletoes, Raven and Cyborg walk away from The Man and walks to a near by bench to rest for a while.

"So...why are you here?" Cyborg asks, Raven holds her bags of presents tightly.

"I've been buying presents that I forgot to buy, what about you?" Raven asks, Cyborg holds up his bags.

"I've been doing some last minute shopping, I forgot all about it haha" Cyborg admits, Raven keeps her eye on the mistletoe that Cyborg bought.

"Why did you buy 2 mistletoes?" Raven asks, Cyborg gets a cheeky grin on his face.

"So it'll make buying presents easier, you and Beast Boy can share this mistletoe while Robin and Starfire can share the other one" Cyborg admits, Raven gives Cyborg a small smile.

"That's clever, wish I would have thought of it" Raven says, Cyborg bursts into laughter. Raven looks down at her presents and has a short sigh to herself.

"What's up?" Cyborg asks, Raven holds up her bags with the presents inside.

"I can't think what to get Beast Boy and Terra for a present..." Raven admits, Cyborg stretches his robotic arm.

"You can give Beast Boy a him that'll count as both a Christmas present and a Birthday present at the same time" Cyborg jokes, Raven gives Cyborg a glare, "It's only a suggestion" Cyborg backs off.

"If you was Beast Boys girlfriend what would you get him?" Raven asks, Cyborg begins to chuckle.

"That's not the kind of question you ask guys to answer" Cyborg answers, Raven has a sigh of disappointment.

"Should I tell Cyborg about the note...if I did the whole of Jump City would know...I need to think of something else..." Raven thinks to herself as she stands up.

"I guess I'll continue to look for a present" Raven says, Cyborg stands out of his seat and grabs Raven's shoulder.

"It's the last day anyone can buy presents, you'd be lucky to find anything" Cyborg says, Raven simply shrugs and walks off.

"She's stubborn" Cyborg thinks to himself.

Meanwhile at the tower, Beast Boy and Terra continue to play the game "I wonder what's taking Rae so long?" Beast Boy thinks to himself as he puts down the controller.

"What's up BB? Don't you want to play any more?" Terra asks, Beast Boy looks to his side at Terra.

"We can't sit here all day playing games, there must be something else to do" Beast Boy says, Beast Boy raises his eyebrows "I'm starting to sound like Rae..." Beast Boy begins to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Terra asks, Beast Boy shakes his head as she waves his hand.

"Don't worry it's nothing" Beast Boy says "I usually say I'm rubbing off on Rae but it looks like it's the other way round" Beast Boy jokes, Beast Boy stands out of his seat.

"What do you want to do now?" Terra asks, Beast Boy looks down at Terra.

"Might as well grab something to eat" Beast Boy says, Terra nods and follows Beast Boy into the kitchen.

Meanwhile at Jump City, Raven has a small grin on her face as she sits down to rest "Finally...I've got everyone's presents, time to head home now" Raven thinks to herself as she chants a spell, but before she says the final word of her spell, she looks out the window of the shopping centre to see many people skating around in a public ice-rink. "I did promise Beast Boy...and I do owe him something" Raven thinks to herself as she pulls out her communicator.

"Hello? Raven?" Beast Boy answers his communicator.

"Beast Boy, remember when I said something about going ice-skating? Do you want to do it now?" Raven asks, Raven hears laughter in the background.

"Sure that sounds like fun, I'll bring Terra as well" Beast Boy says as he hangs up his communicator.

"So he's bringing Terra...I guess I'll see what she's actually like around Beast Boy" Raven thinks to herself as her grip tightens Raven looks down at her bags "I'll need to take these home first before Beast Boy gets here" Raven thinks to herself as she chants her spell. Raven teleports back to her room and drops off her bags. Raven chants her spell again and teleports back to Jump City shopping centre "Maybe I shouldn't have asked..." Raven thinks to herself as she looks down at the ice.

While at the tower "I've never done ice-skating before, it should be super fun" Terra says, as Beast Boy and Terra eat their lunch.

"It's tough at first but you get the hang of it" Beast Boy says, Terra tilts her head.

"You've ice-skated before?" Terra asks, Beast Boy nods.

"Yeah, a long time ago" Beast Boy answers, suddenly a green eyed titan flies through the door facing the two of them.

"I hear the word skating and ice together, is this some kind of fun event when the ice skates?" Starfire asks.

"Pretty much we skate on ice" Beast Boy answers, Starfire claps her hands together.

"Sounds incredibly fun, may I go?" Starfire asks, Terra looks at Beast Boy who nods at Starfire "Most fun, I can't wait!" Starfire says with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile at Jump City, Raven sits beside the ice-rink with her ice skates in her hand, Raven's legs begin to shake "Am I shaking because of the cold? Or the fact I'm going to look like a fool because I can't skate..." Raven thinks to herself as she watches people skate.

"Friend Raven!" Raven hears someone calling her name, Raven soon finds her self wrapped in a hug from Starfire "Most joyful you're joining us on the skating of the ice" Starfire says, Raven breaks off the hug looking at Starfire, to see Beast Boy and Terra walking behind Starfire holding ice-skates.

"Hey Rae, good idea about ice skating" Beast Boy says, Terra looks down at the snow.

"Damn...I thought them two were..." Terra thinks to herself, Raven stands up out of her seat, Beast Boy notices her arms and legs are shaking uncontrollably.

"Rae? Are you scared or something?" Beast Boy asks, Raven looks away from Beast Boy and looks back on the ice-rink.

"I'm just cold that's all..." Raven says, Beast Boy gives Raven a small smirk, everyone gets there ice-skates on and the first person on the ice is Beast Boy who is continuing to hold on to the side.

"So...whose next?" Beast Boy asks, Raven looks at Terra, Terra looks at Starfire who has a large smile on her face as she raises her hand, Starfire steps one foot on the ice to feel how unpredictable the ice can be. Starfire takes her final step on the ice, Starfires feet start to become unpredictable as the uncontrollably starts to glide around the ice.

" do I stop?" Starfire asks, Beast Boy scratches the back of his head.

"Just don't move your legs just stand still and you'll stop eventually" Beast Boy instructs, Starfire nods and she begins to slow down.

" can go on next" Terra says, Raven stubbornly shakes her head.

"After you" Raven says, Terra shakes her head.

"Come on" Beast Boy says out of impatience.

"Coming BB" Terra says as she steps on the ice, Terra steps on the ice full of confidence, suddenly she begins to lose control of her feet, she slips on the ice "O...ouch.." Terra says, Beast Boy grabs her arm helping her back to her feet.

"Don't worry everyone slips there first time" Beast Boy says, Terra nods as she clings to Beast Boys arm.

"She's doing this on purpose..." Raven thinks to herself, Beast Boy looks back at Raven who is still not on the ice.

"I need to go back and help Rae ok?" Beast Boy says, Terra shakes her head as her grip tightens on Beast Boys arm.

"But if I let go, I'll fall" Terra says, Beast Boy has a short sigh and gets Terra's grip off of him.

"I'll be right back, just keep your feet together" Beast Boy says as he swiftly skates over towards Raven, Terra gives a small frown. "Looks like your the last one Rae, come on" Beast Boy says, Raven puts one foot on the ice and it begins to shake uncontrollably, Raven takes her foot back off the ice.

"I can't do this" Raven says, Beast Boy tilts his head.

"Rae, come on...if you fall don't worry everyone falls" Beast Boy says, Raven doesn't answer "You can hold onto the side to help" Beast Boy says, Raven again doesn't answer "Look at Starfire and Terra, they're falling and slipping but they keep getting up" Beast Boy says, Raven has a short sigh to herself and finally puts both feet on the ice, Raven shuts her eyes tightly as she clings onto the side as her feet uncontrollably move around "Good one Rae, what if we try to get away from the edges?" Beast Boy asks, Raven silently shakes her head.

"I think I'm ok here..." Raven says, Beast Boy raises his eyebrow as he skates over beside Raven "Don't Beast Boy..." Raven says, Beast Boy gives Raven another grin "Don't do what I think your going to do..." Raven warns, Beast Boy grabs Raven's wrist.

"I've got you Rae, you'll be fine" Beast Boy says, Raven takes a deep breath and lets go of the side. Raven closes her eyes tightly as Beast Boy continues to have a grip on Ravens wrist "Just watch my feet..." Beast Boy says as she puts one foot in front of the over and pushes with his back foot moving him and Raven slowly forward, The two continue to skate forward. Terra watches on as she clings at the side of the rink.

"...this is annoying..." Terra thinks to herself, Starfire skates over towards Terra.

"I believe I'm getting the hang of it" Starfire says, Terra continues to watch the two of them.

"Rae, I'm going to let you go now ok?" Beast Boy says, Raven shakes her head.

"Don't..." Raven mutters, Beast Boy begins to loosen his grip on Raven's wrist.

"3...2.." Beast Boy counts down, Raven with her free arm grabs Beast Boy's wrist. "1...woah..." Beast Boy finishes his countdown but suddenly loses his balance and falls to the ice along with Raven. Terra and Starfire continue to watch the two of them. Beast Boy sits up on the ice and looks at Raven who is also sitting up "Are you ok Rae?" Beast Boy asks, Raven glares at Beast Boy but suddenly breaks into a smile.

"You fell before me..." Raven says, Beast Boy grins at Raven.

"Wait until next time I'm sure you'll fall first" Beast Boy says, Raven shakes her head slowly.

"We'll see" Raven says, Beast Boy stands to his feet on the ice, Beast Boy grabs Raven's hand and helps her to her feet.

"You're wrong Rae" Beast Boy says, Raven pulls her hood back up.

"Wrong about what?" Raven asks, Beast Boy gives Raven a small smirk.

"You said you can't do what normal girlfriends do like go out...what are we doing now? I knew you was wrong" Beast Boy says, Raven is surprised by Beast Boy and suddenly loses his balance and falls forward, Raven lands on Beast Boy, Beast Boy holds her up. "Steady Rae, I don't want you to hurt yourself" Beast Boy says, Raven regains her balance.

"There casual flirting is so...weird..." Terra thinks to herself as she continues to glare at the two of them.

"What day is it Rae?" Beast Boy asks.

"December 24th" Raven quickly answers.

"Tomorrow is Christmas...remember what I said about mistletoes?" Beast Boy asks, Raven looks down at the ice embarrassed, as Beast Boy laughs, Terra clenches her fist as she watches the two of them.

"Tomorrow...I'm going to give Beast Boy and Raven a gift they'll never forget..."

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