Chapter Two

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"I try and I try and I try

But everyone wants to put me down

They say I'm going crazy

They say I got a lot of water in my brain

Ah, got no common sense

I got no body left to believe in."


Deep, deep, in an underground cell under snow and ice, the prince of the Sand sat huddled in a corner, hugging himself in defense against the chill seeping through his clothes and into his bones, chilling him from inside out it seemed. Every time he breathed in, all he got was cold air. Breathing out, his breath was seen in the air.

The prison was large, and cold. Metal cages attached to the floor and ceiling with a cot in one corner and a bucket to relieve yourself in on the opposite side. As far as Kankuro could tell, he was the only one in the wretched, rusted cells. In his full strength, the bars were so old and rusted he could just break them. But the man was worn down, exhausted, starved and god did he have to pee. He stood on shaky, wobbly, legs, gripping one of the bars for support as he limped over to the bucket, deciding that no one was around to see him. Roaches, large enough to count every little spike on their legs and see both of their black beady eyes, crawled around his boots and by his cot, and especially in and around the bucket.

They only reminded him of Rosie, oddly enough. Not in a gross way, but the girl had a phobia of cockroaches. When he became ambassador for Suna and traveled to Kohona, instead of staying in the ambassador suite, he stayed with Rosie in her cozy house, nestled in the friendly, moss covered forest by the training grounds. Too many times to count had she woken him from his peaceful and deep slumber to kill a roach in her bathroom, often hysterical and in tears. None of those were as big as the ones in the cell, though, but they terrified him nonetheless.

He stumbled back, falling onto the hard stone floor. Roaches seemed to pour out of the walls and air, covering him; suffocating him. They were in his clothes, his mouth, ears, nose. Everywhere. He heard screaming in the distance. A woman was crying out his name and he scrambled to get up, trying to shake the bugs off. His vision turned foggy as he saw her, in the distance of the cell, backing away from even bigger bugs. It was Rosie, and he had no time to think about how she got here, or why. As he stepped forward to save her, the bars grew white hot, smoldering. He only watched in horror as they consumed her; soon nothing remained but a pile of large, disgusting, vile bugs.

The scene shifted as if in a dream, and instead of a cell, he was in the training grounds of Kohona, where he often watched Rosie spar with her team mates, or sparred her himself, helping her train and get better. Mitsie was lounging on a tree branch that hung over a small patch of grass at the side of the field where he sat in the shade, watching her spar. Her partner was Yamihiko, one of her old team mates. He was plain, in Kankuro's opinion, nothing special. Though near the end of the spar, as the two drew closer, soft grass bending under their shoes. All sound seemed to pause as a deathly silence swept over Kohona, the only sound being his own heartbeat. He watched, almost as horror struck as before, as Rosie and the man kissed, passionately, lovingly. Anger bubbled up to the surface and he gave a startled shout, jumping to his feet. Though he didn't take a step forward out of the shade when the panther pounced onto his bare back, her nails digging into his flesh, blood dripping down his muscled and toned body.

Kankuro woke with a start, breathing heavy and in a sweat. His gaze roamed around the room as he tried to relax, sitting up on one of the cots. He gently swung his legs over the side, resting his bare feet on the wooden floor as he took many deep breaths, reaching for his flask of water. Instead of drinking from it, he brought it up and lifted his head, pouring it over his face, soaking his bare chest, back and his pants, as well as his bed covers and pillow. He set the flask back down, his heart rate steadily lowering.

"It was just a dream." he murmured to himself, sliding off the cot with a slight wince. The ninja shelter he had taken place in was well stocked with food and medical supplies, and he planned to wait out here until the Suna search party arrived. He assumed it would be a Suna search party, though some small part of him hoped and even prayed that Rosie would be the one to find him. To kiss his nightmares away and hug him tightly. Though, where that thought came from, he didn't know. He'd never kissed her in his whole life, though he'd often though about it and wanted to.

He shook the thought of her out of his head, pacing the small room slowly. His puppets sat in a corner, broken, and needing repair. Though he couldn't fix them until he returned home to where his materials and equipment was. He groaned in frustration, rubbing a face over his handsome and free-of-paint face before running his fingers through his knotty, chestnut colored hair. A soft sigh escaped his lips and he moved away from the cot over to the kitchen area, lighting the stove. He filled one of the pots with water, setting it on the burner,

Reaching into the cabinet, he withdrew the box of camomile tea bags and a chipped, white mug. Once the water was boiled and ready he poured it into the mug with a tea bag before he replaced the box, reaching up and stretching his muscles as he did. The ninja shelter did not have sugar, though that didn't bother him, as he liked his coffee and tea unsweetened. He moved over to his small cot, sitting on it, the wood creaking underneath him. He didn't like a lot of sweet things, now that he thought about it. His brother had threatened to kill him many times when they were younger and his sister was a bitch. The sand siblings weren't really raised around love and kindness. But Rose.. Rose was sweet. She was kind and funny, and by god he thought he was in love with her.

Soon his thoughts turned to Sana and Shikamaru, sipping from his mug and wondering faintly if the two were courting yet. He hoped so, which surprised him. Pineapple head wasn't exactly high on his best friend list, but Sana was Rose's best friend, and also a sweet girl. He thought that if anyone deserved a happy ending, it was her. From what Rosie had told him, Sana didn't sleep much. He wondered vaguely how that would effect Shikamaru's sleeping habits, as he slept almost all the time. Shikamaru would probably do anything for that girl, though. Kankuro had seen the way he looked at her. It was the same way Hinata and Naruto look at each other, or Tenten and Neji. He was in love with her, and she had no idea. Rosie never mentioned Sana's love life to him, so he didn't know if she loved him back or not. And he doesn't know Sana very well, or girls for that matter, so he couldn't tell but just looking at her like he could with Shikamaru or Naruto.

He finished his tea rather quickly, tossing away the tea bag and setting the cup into the sink, his feet softly padding across the wooden floorboards as he crawled back into bed, burrowing deeply under the furs and blankets, eager to grasp their warmth. Snow Country was awful, he decided, as he drifted off to sleep again.