This is the prologue of my story. It is a different take on Little Red Riding Hood and it will probably be nothing like the versions you have heard I hope. I do not own Little Red Riding Hood but I do own my ideas and this particular version of it.

Nights had always been like this. She would come home late, her clothing would be torn all over and always red liquid would be smeared around her lips. At first he had thought it was the red lipstick she always wore, just she accidentally smeared it, but now he knew differently. Now he knew exactly what she was.

"Honey I am home," She drawled as she walked into the house. It was freezing since winter had finally come upon them. The stone house, almost like a small castle, always made the place drop fifty degrees in the winter. Sometimes he felt like they would be better off living outside .Their baby girl had been put to sleep upstairs and the house was calm and quiet without her constant crying and screams, "Sorry I got caught up again on the way back from mom's house. You know how it is with the thieves that sometimes travel those roads." She always travelled every day to bring food for her mother, usually consisting of cheeses, bread, and the wine her mother always loved.

He put on a strained smile so she did not grow suspicious of him, "Of course I do. Your lipstick is smeared again, darling, and your clothing is torn. Did it snag on another tree branch?" He asked his words laced with honey as he stared at his beautiful wife. Her skin was as white as the snow, and her beautiful golden locks were tousled as if she had gotten in a brawl. The red cloak she always wore matched the red on her lips perfectly making her skin seem very pale and cold. This was the usual. At first he had wondered if she had picked up a lover on the streets. There were plenty of men who would die to have a beautiful wife like her. He had thought that perhaps she had felt deprived in their love life now that Rosalina had joined the family. Then he had started to believe her stories about getting caught up. He hated feeling like she was lying to him. But, now things were different, he knew everything about what she truly was. He had done his research through books and he believed she would be a danger to their beautiful daughter. He could not let her hurt her. He would do everything within his power to make sure his baby girl would be safe even if it involved putting his wife to sleep permanently, "You must be hungry I will go and get you some bread and water."

"Thank you dearest," She smiled angelically, pulling out a seat and collapsing in it. She looked exhausted, "You know the regular drill by now. You would think after all these years I would not be so clumsy. I take it you put Rose to bed."

"Yes, you were right about her liking that lullaby. She fell right to sleep when I sang it to her," The dark haired man cut off a piece of bread, and fetched a pitcher of water, pouring it into a glass. He set the plate down in front of her and the glass before taking a seat across from her. He watched and waited. He knew what her weakness was, what all of her kind's weakness was. Silver. As soon as she took even the tiniest of bites the effects would start to take place. It would get into her blood and slowly, but surely she would die.

"Thank you," She responded politely to the food. She immediately grabbed the bread and started to wolf it down. She was starving; her night travels always left her hungry for some more… appropriate means of food. She took a swig of water and opened her mouth to continue before she paused to look at him. "Why are you staring at me like that? Aren't you hungry?"

He shook his head, his blue eyes resting on her, "I am not hungry," He said slowly. Why was it not working? He had placed the silver in the bread, surely she should be choking, or gagging, or not breathing anymore. He examined her and suddenly her eyes nearly popped out of her head. A hand went to her throat and she gagged, her shoulders slacking. She collapsed off the chair and started writhing on the ground. Her mouth opened and she gasped for her pretty blonde locks framing her face.

"I am sorry, it was for your own good," He began, walking over to her and resting on his knees beside her form, "I could not let you hurt Rosy. You could not help it… you might accidentally harm her. I must protect her, as her father."

She choked her words out, "I am her mother," She snarled viciously, her eyes beginning to change color and fur sprouting on her arms. But suddenly it stopped as she was too weak to change. She began to slink away from him on all fours, "You did your research I see. But I am afraid silver won't kill me. I promise you this Joseph I will come back and get our daughter. She is my daughter to you know. I will come back for her you just wait."

"No, by now the silver is in your blood. You will never have our daughter. Any seco-."

She howled in laughter, reaching up to grab the handle of the door, "Of course it is. I should be already dead. But it only weakens me Joseph. You see I consumed the flesh of a witch." She turned around giving him one last wolfish grin before disappearing behind the door. The door flapped in the wind, smacking against the fram repeatedly. Snowflakes swirled inside the already cold room and Jonas pulled his jacket tighter to his body. He watched a golden furred wolf run through the snow, leaving tracks behind her as she disappeared into the woods. Somewhere outside the howl of a wolf was brought to Jonas's ears.

Upstairs a baby started to cry.