TLS -30th August, 2013

"You're sure you have to leave tomorrow?" she asks. I smile sadly at the way she pushes her bottom lip out like a little girl.

"You know I do," I tell her, slipping a finger beneath the tendril of hair that reaches down to the swell of her breast and gently lifting it over her shoulder so it trails down her back instead.

"I can't believe it's been two weeks already," she laments.

"I can't believe it's only been two weeks," I tell her, bending to kiss her gently. She leans into me, pressing her lips more firmly against mine until I open up and let her in, moaning as I remember the things she did to me with that mouth this morning.

"It's going to be miserable here without you," she whispers as she breaks away, her fingernails scratching gently against my scalp as she sits nose to nose with me.

"You're only here for a few more days," I say, eyeing the muscled shirtless guy walking past us and wondering if she'll be looking for comfort in a new pair of arms as soon as my plane leaves.

"I'd leave with you if I could," she tells me with the most impressive case of puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen. I can't help the laugh that bursts from me. She looks hurt and I rein in my mirth, although I can't hide my smile.

"You'd regret skipping out on extra days in this sun when you touched down in the rain," I tell her, wrapping an arm around her and holding her close as I work out if I can afford an extra ticket home.

"I doubt it," she says.

I pause before I speak the most impulsive four words that ever left my lips.

"I have a proposition…"