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Time: The next morning.

Morning Talk,... The Attack on Slade,... The Mariana Trench,... The Movie,...

She stretched slowly, flexing each muscle, all the while watching the boy who slept beside to her. That she'd come so close to losing him terrified her. Settling back down, she reached out to caress his cheek, sensing the variety of emotions that came from him. To kill, or not to kill, she wondered. She needed to be able to cast the spell, that could imprison a monster within the pages of a book, but that would take more practice. And there was no time for that. Soon they would attack Slade in his lair.

The gentle touch brought him out of his dreams, and he reached up to clasp her hand. "I been wondering." He said, sleepily.

"About?" She prompted, her violet eyes peering into his green ones.

"I used a planarian flatworm because they could regenerate, even when cut in two." He added, stifling a yawn.

"Useful." She commented, glad he could make use of such a form. Without it he would be dead. A touch of magic reached out, and mutilated another of the animal figures he kept. She looked at it, and sighed. "Sorry." She added.

"Yeah. But what if I had been cut in two while in that shape, and you healed me. Would there be two Beast Boys now?"

"That would be interesting." She admitted. "But one astral body, so I think only one of them would have become you. I could be wrong, though."

"Oh." He wiggled closer to her.

Not complaining, she leaned in for a kiss. After a while, she reluctantly pulled away. "The rest of the team will be up soon." She said. "I'm going to prepare breakfast."

They had no idea what sort of defenses Slade would have prepared. Or even if it was truly his lair. Given the lack of information, they'd decided to strike hard, with massive firepower.

Beast Boy took to the air once again. He would remain outside, and follow the villain if he managed to flee. It was a position he was unhappy with given Raven would be going inside, but it was the one Robin had assigned him. He soared above the place where he'd nearly died, peering down with the keen eyes of a bird of prey.

Cyborg carried a massive battery on his back, that doubled the power he could channel to his sonic cannon. It was their main offensive weapon.

Raven watched as the cybernetic Titan repeatedly blasted the entrance to the lair. The massive steel doors buckled, and gave way. One fell to the ground, while the other hung from a single hinge. Resisting the urge to look up, to see if she could spot BB, she followed the others into the lair.

"Fire at the walls and ceilings." Robin ordered. "Clear them off any booby traps.

As Cyborg followed orders, the violet-haired girl reached out with her senses, trying to locate their target. The place didn't just reek of technology. There was also a hint of magic. She watched, as the room where BB had nearly died, was wrecked. Her own dark magic reached out to wreck havoc of its own, and she didn't try to reel it in.

Walking forward, Cyborg blasted another door, and then wrecked mayhem in the next room, before they entered.

"Welcome Robin." Slade's static filled voice came from the walls. "You found this place much earlier than I'd expected. It seems you're improving."

"Given it up, Slade." Robin yelled

"I don't think so." The calm voice of the villain replied. "You're down one member. Lets see how you handle losing all of them. When you're crushed, I will remold you into the perfect apprentice."

"I will never be your apprentice." Their leader responded, anger in his voice.

"We will see." The voice was confident. "It's just a matter of time."

"Blast the next door." Robin ordered.

Cyborg moved forward, and sent a stream of sound at the obstruction. It gave way. He then sent several more into the room, wrecking havoc on the walls and floors.

Raven silently followed. To kill, or not to kill, she wondered. Inside there was a massive room, filled with a stunning amount of technology.

"So that's where he gets all those robots from." Cyborg said, staring at the display.

"Blast it." Robin ordered.

The cybernetic Titan raised his sonic cannon. Before he could fire, explosive projectiles came from the far wall.

Raven's shield blocked them just in time. The fusillade of explosives created cracks in the barrier, and she moved with the aid of her emoticlones to reinforce it. The outpouring of death kept up for several seconds, and then faded.

"You've become more capable, daughter of Trigon." Slade's voice spoke again.

"Just blast the machines." She told Cyborg, who moved to obey. She reached out with her own dark magic, to aid in their destruction. Soon the array of 3D printing presses became piles of junk. They wouldn't be creating any more robots anytime soon.

"Do you truly think you can win, Robin?" Slade's voice asked.

"I will take you down." The boy answered firmly, his eyes scanning the wreckage.

"Become my apprentice, and I'll allow the others to live. Your resistance has already killed Beast Boy." The calm voice spoke.

She remember the feeling of watching that video. Seeing BB being torn apart. For a second her powers ran wild. Darkness encompassed the room, and a series of explosions ran through it. When they could see again, there were no even longer piles of the wrecked machines left.

"That was rather ... Interesting." Slade commented. "Tell me, daughter of Trigon. Did you have feeling for the shape shifter?"

She ignored the voice. His words were nothing but lies that brought ruin. "What's next?" She asked Robin.

"We check the rooms, one by one. Stay together." He ordered.

"You are over-confident, Robin." Slade said. "Time to change that attitude of yours."

A door to the left opened, and the four of them turned to face it. Cyborg was already lifting the sonic cannon to aim and fire. A bright light flashed throughout the room.

Raven cringed, and stepped back, as the burst of light blinded her. Being half demon, her eyes were very sensitive. Something hit her in the face, and she clawed at it, realizing that whatever it was, it was now wrapped around her mouth. Panic stirred in her. Gagged, she was unable to use any of her demon powers. While normally she could access most of them at will, anything that stopped her from speaking acted as a seal on all of them. Frantically, she tried to grab the edge of it, and peel it from her face. Only there didn't seem to be an edge. Vaguely, she heard repeated blasts of the sonic cannon.

Blinking several times, her vision returned. She continued to try and remove the gag.

"See how easy it is to neutralize one of you." The hated voice came from the walls. "That material is nearly impossible to cut. And the glue will have sealed it to her face. There is no way you can remove it." Confidence filled the villain's tone as he spoke.

Robin knelt beside her, and studied the gag. "I'm going to try and cut it." He said.

She nodded, and waited as he used the edge of one of his birdarangs to try and cut the seal.

"Not even a scratch." The worried leader said. "Blast each doorway, and destroy everything in the other rooms." He ordered Cyborg, looking up.

The cybernetic Titan went to work, while Robin tried to remove the gag from her again. Using the edge of one of his birdarangs, he even tried to peel it away. It left blood running down her cheek, and made no difference.

"Should I kill her, Robin? Or will you submit?" Slade asked. "Surely you don't wish to be responsible for another of your friends' death?" There was a pause. "But if they mean so little to you, do you even consider them to be friends? Maybe they are just tools for you to use." The voice spoke with a certainty that attempted to instill doubt in the hearts of those present.

"Damn you Slade." Their leader yelled, frustrated.

"Perhaps you think you can still win. Let me reassure you, that is not the case."

"Hey man. What's ..." Cyborg spoke, and then slumped to the floor. While his human eye showed he was still alert, it seemed his cybernetic components were no longer working.

Starfire flew to the unmoving Titan, and checked on him. "He's breathing." She said, with relief, a second later.

"It's amazing what a simple virus can do." Slade said, voice calm but serious. "Which one do you wish for me to kill first?"

Raven watched as their leader looked around, obviously struggling to come up with a solution.

"Let them go, and I will become your apprentice." The boy offered.

"No. Starfire screamed, eyes blazing.

"Too late, Robin." Slade spoke. "You've been a thorn in my side for too long." There was a pause. "But, I will make a deal with you. Become my apprentice and only one of them will die. I will even be generous, and let you choose which one."

"No." Robin replied. "Let all of them go."

'Help.' Came a familiar cry. This time the shape shifter didn't hesitate to answer it. He folded his wings close to his body, and plummeted to the ground. Stretching them out at the last instance, he swooped into the lair. He found Raven gagged, Cyborg lying on the ground, and their leader at a loss as to what to do. Starfire was standing, eyes blazing, hands holding starbolts, with nothing to aim them at.

"You're alive?" The walls questioned, a hint of surprise getting through.

"Last time I checked." Beast Boy replied, looking at Raven, frowning. Her skin was cut where someone had tried to remove the gag. Too bad she couldn't change forms. An idea came to him. He leaned closer, and whispered. "Let Rage out."

Let Rage out? Why? She wondered. And could she do that while gagged? She felt the emoticlone rising within her, and she submitted without a fight. Within Nevermore, her mouth remained gagged, but Rage's was free. She was aware of the emoticlone reaching up, and touching her lips, making sure the seal was gone. Beside her Knowledge lifted her hands, and the gag disappeared, ripped away by dark magic.

"As I thought." Beast Boy said. "Your different aspects all wear different color clothes, and even have different sizes. Some like Knowledge carry different objects, such as glasses and a book. When you took control, the seal went with Raven to Nevermore."

"Thanks BB." Rage smiled, her voice demonic. She touch her lips again. "Now we know how to get rid of such seals." She grinned, and her eyes glowed with fury. "Being sealed pisses us off." She spoke softly, yet her demonic tone spoke of vengeance.

"Why isn't the aspect of Trigon running wild?" Slade demanded.

"I am not an aspect of Trigon." Rage roared in answer, shaking the walls with her fury.

"Now Rage. We know that. Does it matter what some psychopath thinks?" Beast Boy asked, smiling at her, and she calmed down. "Can you trace him?" He asked.

She nodded. "We're close enough now." She pointed down. "He's below us." A section of the floor was ripped up, and crumbled to rubble, as dark energy coated it.

Below them stood Slade. Or so they believed. Beast Boy swiftly switched to an eagle, and back. It was him. Grabbing two of Robin's explosive discs, he dropped down through the hole, turning into an amoeba as he did so. Pain coursed through him, and he switched back.

"Did you think I wouldn't prepare for that? Just in case." The figure spoke. "My armor has been modified to emit ultraviolet radiation. Approach within five feet as an amoeba, and you die."

"Actually I did expect it." The shape shifter said, rubbing his head. "I was just hoping."

"Hope is for fools." Slade replied.

"You're outnumbered four to one." Beast Boy noted. "Seems like hoping is what you should be doing."

Robin moved on the offensive, tossing two birdarangs at the villain. Beast Boy moved as well, switching to a humming bird, and flying within seven feet of his foe. He switch to a spitting cobra, and spat venom. Rage lifted a chunk of rubble, and sent it flying. Starfire cast starbolts, her eyes blazing with furor.

Slade knocked the two birdarangs to one side, and turned his head to avoid the venom. He ducked, and the rubble passed just above his head. The starbolts had no affect on his armor. "I don't need hope." He replied, moving with inhuman speed. His hand thrust out at Robin, striking with a blow that broke a rib. Turning he prepared to attack Beast Boy, but the shape shifter had already moved out of range. Another chunk of rubble came at him, and he smashed it to pieces with his fist.

The four backed off, and stood watching their foe.

"Again. At the same time." Robin instructed, wincing in pain.

Their leader tossed an explosive disc, while Beast Boy charged as an elephant. Rage attempted to bind the villain with her dark magic. Starfire sent more starbolts, along with two beams that came from her eyes.

A fist smashed him in the head, and his charge was stopped. He sank backwards, and fled to the far side of the room, his head streaming blood. Vaguely, he was aware of Slade countering all their attacks again.

"BB?" Rage cried, moving to his side. She reached out, and the wound healed. Slower, and with more effort than Raven would have required, but still it healed. She sighed in relief, the demonic sound echoing weirdly in the room.

"The defenses of my battle armor are impenetrable." Slade said. "Robin, watch as I deal with your friends. Know what true power is." He moved and struck at Starfire, sending her smashing into the wall. She fell to the floor, unmoving. He turned towards Beast Boy and Rage.

He felt Rage pull him through the wall.

"If I run wild, I can stop him." She said. "But it would also kill him." She sounded sad at this.

"You can teleport." Beast Boy said, thinking. "But can you teleport objects?"

She frowned, thinking. "Knowledge is better at that than I am. Why?"

He told her, and a smile crossed her lips. "Most interesting." She said. Her four eyes faded, and her red cloak became the yellow one of Knowledge.

"Can it be done?" He asked her.

"We can't." She said. But we can supply the power you need. Become a gnat, or something small." She instructed.

He did so, and she pulled him back through the wall, into the room with Slade again. She enclosed her hands around him in a circle, focusing their power.

"Where is Rage?" Slade asked. "Surely she didn't give up control of her body without a fight."

"What need is there to fight, when we are one?" Knowledge asked. She sent her energy into BB, and guided him. He vanished from between her hands. "Nothing is impenetrable." She spoke calmly, a smile playing on her lips.

The villain didn't have time to speak. He fell to the floor, shrieking in agony, hands on his chest. Blood blossomed out through his mask, and splattered on the ceiling. He thrashed for a few seconds, and then stopped. He chest continued to move, as if something was crawling around inside it.

Beast Boy felt her energy flow into him, and he projected his astral form into Slade's body. Then he pulled his corporeal form after it. As a gnat, he emerged inside one of his hated foe's lungs. He shifted into the form of a small sand cat, and slashed with his claws, shredding the lung that encased him. He ripped the insides of his foe to shreds, and then changed into a snake that easily wiggled its way out through Slade's mouth.

He reverted to his human form. "Can you cast the spell to place him in a book?" He asked Knowledge, who was staring.

"Is he even still alive?" She asked.

"He is. Though without an hospital, or some mystical healing, it won't be for long. He's lost a lung, and there's some other damage."

"Hrm." She mused. "Should we let him die?"

"No." He was adamant.

She nodded. "I've been thinking. The spell should work if Rage casts it. Curses are more in her nature, than it is for the rest of us." The yellow of her cloak was replaced with red, and Rage's four eyes peered out from it again.

"It worked." She said, a smile in her demonic voice. Holding a book in her right hand, she place her left on it. "Aldruon Enlenthranel Vosolen Lirus-nor!" She chanted, her voice confident. A white light erupted around the book, and reached out to connect to Slade's unmoving form. She lifted her hand a few inches above the book, and the pages started to flip over, with strange writing appearing as they did so. The light vanished, as did Slade, leaving behind a middle sized tome that looked nothing like the book she'd started with.

"Not finished yet." She spoke, a hint of fury in her already demonic tone. She placed the tome on the floor and started to chant again, holding her left hand over it. "Cal Kal Caz Kaz Cqz Kqz zqK zqC zaK zaC laK lac!" She intoned. A dark energy encased the tome, and when it disappeared the book was made of stone.

She looked up at him. "I stopped time for the book." She explained. "Knowledge was right. Curses do come more easily for me. That spell is something that's just outside of Raven's power, even with us aiding her. But not for me when they're helping me." She looked back down at the tome. "Now he can't do anything, not even rewrite the words like Malchior did. Time has stopped for him, so he can't even try to get free. Should anyone come across the book, they'll have two spells to break, not one. And if he's freed without someone close by to heal him, he'll die."

"How hard would the book be to break?" Beast Boy asked.

"Time has stopped for it. It can't be broken." She replied.

"Good. I know just the place for it."

Rage allowed Raven control of her body again, and together they aided their fallen friends. Starfire was just stunned, and came too several minutes later. Cyborg had already analyzed the virus that had attacked him, and countered it. He was just getting up when they checked on him. Robin was knocked out, with a single fractured rib, which Raven healed. Slade had wanted him for an apprentice, and had been careful to not harm him too much.

Three hours later, the five of them sat in the T-ship, drifting over the Mariana Trench. It was the deepest part of the ocean in the world, being nearly seven miles deep. The weight of the book would bury it in the silt at the bottom, and time would only cover it deeper. No one would find it there, and no one would try to free their hated foe.

Robin was against it, but he'd been outnumber three to one, with Cyborg abstaining. Starfire, for all her gentle ways, was still born of a warrior race. And she wanted to never see the TarGalz, as she called Slade, again. Raven and Beast Boy pointed out that the villain was still alive, sort of. He was just in a prison he would never be free from.

In the end the three had worn their leader down. He too was afraid of what Slade might do, should he ever get free again.

They rode one of Raven's discs of black magic to the movie theatre.

Should I buy a moped, Beast Boy wondered. He now had enough money. Or perhaps she prefers to travel this way, he thought, looking at her. It's a pretty nice way to get about. No worries about traffic, it's above most of the noise, and the view with all the lights is pretty cool. He swallowed nervously.

"Something wrong?" The violet-haired girl asked, smiling at him.

"No." He shrugged. "Just a bit nervous." It wasn't as though he could hide it from her. Their hands were touching.

"It's just a movie." She replied, lying. It was much more than that. It was their first date. Her heart was beating way too rapidly. She was nervous too.

They landed in a dark parking lot, and entered the theatre.

Bright lights, and noise, assailed her. It'll be okay once we get into the movie, she thought. It'll be dark, and there'll be the show to watch. Being Friday the thirteen, the whole list of movies was dedicated to horror. It was up to her to pick out what she wanted to see. She studied the titles. So many shows meant to chill the blood, and send shivers down ones spine. She smiled. It'll be fun, she mused. "There." She said, pointing at a title that seemed interesting.

"I'll get the tickets. You get the snacks." He passed her a twenty.

"Hrm. I can pay for the snacks." She said, refusing the money.

"First date, so let me." He looked at her, hope in his eyes.

Something he really wants to do, she realized, taking the offered money. She dared a peck on his cheek, before she turned and headed to the snack counter. She didn't need to ask what he wanted. There'd been enough movie and pizza nights, that included other snacks, that she knew it as well as she did her own likes.

The movie started out good, holding hands with him was even better. It was strange to feel what he was feeling, as he watched the show, and held her hand in return. Soon her heart was pounding, and she decided she could forego a few minutes of the movie to appease her more baser needs. Soon they were kissing. The excitement of it being their first date, along with the nervousness, added to the feelings coursing through her. Bits of energy started to break free.

A dozen drinks suddenly decided to explode, coating the whole room. Huge tubs of popcorn spewed their contents into the air. The movie screen turned black, and started to form small rips. Above, the lights started to spark briefly, and then shatter.

Already on edge from the horror movie, the whole theatre erupted in panic. "Ghosts." Someone screamed. "Zombies." Shrieked another voice. "Aliens." Came another terror filled yell.

The two of them watched the mayhem, terrified someone would get hurt in the panic. She had to reach out twice to make sure no one did. Soon the place was empty. Together, they got up and left.

Above, sitting on a black disc, they watched as not just that one movie room, but the whole building was evacuated.

"It seems." Beast Boy mused. "There's a reason Titans have pizza and movie night, rather than going out to a theatre."

"I let it get out of control." She replied, staring down, heart breaking.

"I don't think anyone is going to mind." He said, watching the crowd below. "Being Friday the thirteenth they went to the movies to get scared. Now they can brag to their friends how they were at the theatre when a ghost showed up." He grinned at her. "I'm sure they're going to remember this night forever."

"Maybe." She replied, still staring down.

"Oh well, let's find a creepy cafe, and have something to drink." He suggested. "We can always rent the movie tomorrow."

She nodded, cheering up. She had the perfect place in mind. It was nice and dark, and they could kiss in there without anyone seeing them. The disc of dark magic obeyed her command, and soared through the sky.

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