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Chapter 1: Potions

What I love most in life is pissing Snape off. I've been doing it since I found out he was my dad. he seems clueless that I am his daughter. Maybe it's because we look nothing alike. Or that I annoy that prick to hell. Whatever. I can't believe that he doesn't know. I'd confront him, but not today.

Potions, Friday, 9:00 am

Today I think I'll catch him off guard. you know, get him where he least expects it. Usually he does the provoking, but I always seem to do the provoking. It's not hard with Snape. Talk about his personal life, and he gets all soft. I haven't lost a point from Gryffindor yet. I can't believe my luck. I think this dude is softer than I thought. Well, here's my chance, after he bullies Neville for the 90th time today:

"excuse me professor, why do you hate me?"

"Get back to work , Davenport"

"it's because I'm a Gryffindor, isn't it?"

"I said get back to work!"

"You know in America I Could Sue you for discrimination.......Is it because I'm fat? Is it Because I remind you of someone?

There! I just did it. That got him.

"Ms. Davenport. Get back to work now before I take any points from Gryffindor"



"Awwwww! Only the one? I really caused you some anguish there didn't I?

"Well if you insist, I can keep you in detention for the rest of the month"

"hell, lets make it an even two months while I'm at it! I never have anything to do on the weekends anyways."

"Fine with me"

"Okay. See you on Saturday"

While I never lose any points, I do get detention. I don't know how that has worked for me. I really don't know how anything works. Detention gets to be fun. I have enough detentions to last me for a while. Just from him too. He's run out of things for me to do for him. I've cleaned everything I possibly could in that old and Dank dungeon.