My eyes shone with adoration as I stared at him. He was standing by my mother; with not a clue what to do. I was half tempted to call out for him and tell him to follow me- but he's not a puppy. If he cares for me like he says he does, he will adjust.

He's always been a little strange. But its okay, I am too. My mother, just picked us up from the football game after my truck broke down. Edward's car is in my driveway. But anyways, the football game was hectic. And surprisingly, we won, twenty-one to seven. A first for Forks, I must say. I smirked to myself.

"Uhm, here, Renee- let me, uhm, carry that?" His sentence came out more as a question than a statement. Renee sparkled with mirth.

"Oh, Edward, such a gentleman!" Renee winked at me, and for a split second, I imagined myself smacking her upside the head.

I decided against it.

Edward blushed and carried the box of groceries she bought earlier inside the house. Meanwhile, I sat on the porch. The night glistened and for a moment everything was perfect.

Reality check.

"Bellaaaaaa! Come here!" My mother sung.

I sighed, "I'm coming, mom." My eyes were rolled.

I got up off of the steps, only to stumble into a rock. I looked up, confused; and found it to be Edward's chest. I squeaked and my face turned stop-sign-red. Edward chuckled as he ran his hand through my hair. I sighed in contentment, my face still ablaze though. Dammit. I sidestepped him and told him I'd be back in a second.

I arrived in the kitchen where Renee was putting away groceries. "You need something?"

"Yes I do," Her eyes sparkled. "I'm going to bed, you and Edward can stay on the porch outside until eleven." My mother grinned and then winked at me.

"Mom, are you on anything? Pills? Drugs? Meth? Heri-."She cut me off.

"Bella! NO! I'm past that, I'm not a teenager anymore." She laughed. "I simply want to give you time alone, I was your age at a point in my live, obviously. You only get to be seventeen once, girl." My mother giggled like a child and her laugh lines were prominent.

Before I could respond, the groceries were in the cabinet and mother was on her way to bed.

My eyes were wide and I made my way to the back porch. I sat down on the steps beside my boyfriend, basking in his presence.

"Bella, h-how was today for you, babygirl?" Edward asked. I turned my head to see him staring at me. I smiled.

"Today was great, I can't believe we won. And did you see the cheerleaders? Booty was everywhere!" I laughed, and he did the same.

"Mike was practically drooling over you all night. I thought I was going to have to pee on you to mark my territory!"

"Edward!" I laughed. "I'm not territory, gosh." I couldn't stop the giggles.

When I looked back up, Edward's face was right next to mine. All I would have to do was close the couple inches. He was leaving it up to me.

I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him closer to me, his warm breath heating my face. I stared up at him from clouded eyes as he bit his lip.

"Edward…" My lips barely formed his name.

Edward wove his finger through mine. I closed my eyes and leaned forward. My lips met his and I felt a rush off intense lust…. Right before he coughed into my mouth.

I leaned back shocked as Edward erupted into a coughing fit.

"Edward? Are you okay?" My eyes were wide.

"I'm f-fine!" Edward's eyes grew bigger than mine when blood came pouring out of his nose. "I have to go, Bella. See you in school on Monday!"

Before I had time to react, Edward was off of the porch steps and in his Volvo, speeding away from me, and from the words dying on my lips.

Today was going to be when I said 'I love you' for the first time.