And here's Part 2. This is pretty much all an EPOV lemon!

Outtake: The Surprise Party Aftermath Part 2


On Sunday evening, after waving off Charlie and Sue, Bella and I piled back into her utterly messy house, and collapsed on the sofa. Tomorrow I'd help her clear up the detritus from the weekend's entertaining, but right now, we needed to relax.

"Fuck, I'm so tired!" she exclaimed. "Amazing weekend, thank you, SB!" She snuggled up to my side, and I kissed the top of her forehead. We both kicked off our shoes and relaxed.

"Your friends and family are fantastic, BB. It was an honour to be able to help you enjoy your time with them."

Her phone vibrated in her jeans pocket, and I felt it because my hand sat unashamedly on her ass cheek.

"Do you need to get that?"

"Nope, it's most likely to be Rosalie, Alice or Kate. They've been groveling by text all weekend."

"And so they should be," I murmured. "Rosie and Katie are like my sisters, but they really should have known better. Do you know what you're going to say to them at work tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I've calmed down enough to read them the riot act, and provided they're not bitches about it, I'll draw a line under it."

"They won't be. I think they're feeling suitably chastised. Alice had been fretting all weekend that she's lost your friendship, according to Jasper."

"I've asked them to come for breakfast in my office. I don't want to make them suffer. They meant well after all, but they need to learn to respect boundaries"

"You're very gracious, baby."

She shrugged, not realizing how rare a trait it was. Reason one zillion and one why I loved her so fucking much. I wrapped my other arm around her and kissed her from her mouth down to the column of her lovely throat.

"We're finally in my living room alone," she murmured. "I think it might be time, for that thing we started on Friday evening, beast man."

The growl of desire for her leapt out of my throat involuntarily. Her big, chocolate-brown eyes met mine, and suddenly she bit her lip.

"My naughty love, you've wanted to defile this poor sofa for two whole days, haven't you? To rub your pretty, wet pussy against it, get some friction on your needy clit and spill your juices on it?"

"Yes, and more ..."

"You want to feel its arm under you and me behind you, stuffing my aching, hard cock inside you as hard and as fast as I can?"

"Uh-huh. Please, SB. I know we made love last night, and it was beautiful, but right now, I need to be fucked hard. I need you to fuck me hard."

I stood up suddenly and hauled her to her feet before maneuvering her over the arm of the large sofa.

"I'm going to make you feel this until next week, BB," I promised. "Now, how ready are you for me?"

"See for yourself," she said, writhing and wriggling to get her jeans undone.

"Let me do that." I got down on my knees behind her, and it didn't take me long to uncover her spectacular, creamy bottom. I stroked it lovingly before dipping the edge of my hand between her legs and into her slit. A satisfying squelch of moisture coated it and Bella moaned.

"More, SB, please!"

"Patience, love!" I lightly slapped her on the bum-cheek, and she gasped. "Oh, did you like that, BB? Should I do it again?"


I tapped her other side with the same strength and felt her arousal increase, as my hand got even wetter.

"My BB's a kinky one! We're definitely going to have to explore that one further, but right now ..." I pulled out my cock and spread her thighs.

"Fill me ... fuck me ..."

I didn't keep her waiting and tilted her hips up before driving into her. Her hot canal sucked me in, sending darts of eye-watering pleasure all through my body. We were bloody perfect together; being inside her was like touching heaven.

I needed more friction and started to move faster. I loved wild, hard sex as much as the next guy, but I didn't want to hurt her, and she was still learning her preferences and boundaries. I knew that she trusted me enough now to tell me if she wanted more, or if it was too much for her, although so far, we'd done so many things that were new to her, and she'd loved them all.

I wondered idly, looking at the little, puckered rosebud between her ass cheeks, whether she would let me continue to build her up to fucking her there, but it wasn't important if she decided against it. I was just so fucking happy to have her at all. She was the woman I was going to marry. I knew it the moment I saw her.

Bella's growl-slash-wail, tinged with desperation, interrupted my thoughts.

"What is it, BB? My gorgeous, dirty girl?"

"H-h-harder!" she panted. "Hold my hair, bite me, grab me ... Fuck!"

I let go of her hips, leaning over, before gathering her silky, chocolate locks into my hand, from the base of her neck.

"You're about to feel my cock touch your throat, I'm going to fuck you that deep," I hissed before sinking my teeth into her shoulder.

"Yes!" she squealed, pushing herself back against me.

I started to pound into her. I tugged at her hair, so she tilted her head back, and bit her again, this time on the back of her neck. I then slid my free arm around her waist and slipped my hand inside her bra before grabbing her supple tit and pulling her nipple.

"Want me to mark you, baby?


"Leave my hand-marks and bite-marks all over you?"


"Really make you mine?"

"Do it!"

I actually couldn't hold her any tighter or fuck her any faster, but I used my weight to push her hips down a little, so she got more friction on her clit, and nibbled and squeezed her delicious body as I continued moving inside her.

"Love you, my gorgeous, horny, hardcore little slut," I murmured into her ear. "All that I have, baby, it's yours."

"Oh, oh, Eh-waah ..." as her words dissolved, her walls clamped down around me so tightly, it felt like a delectable vice around my cock. "C-c-coming!"

"Look at me, love," I told her as I loosened my grip on her hair, desperate to see her face while I came, because fuck, I was on the edge.

She turned her head; the wispy bits of hair that normally framed her face were plastered to her head with sweat, her cheeks were red and her eyes were wild. In short, she looked well and truly fucked, and judging by the somewhat deranged, maniacally happy grin on her face, she bloody loved it.

"Fill me with your cum, SB," she whispered. "It's mine and I want it."

"Bella ... fuck!"

I pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue inside her hot mouth; her bottom lip surrounded mine and as just as I spilled inside her, she bit down, sending a shiver of pain through me, which only served to intensify the pleasure, the delight, the ecstasy.

I fell back onto the floor, pulling her off the sofa and on top of me.

"Speechless, baby," I panted, holding her close. "How are you? Not in any pain, are you?"

"I'm sore," she admitted. "But I wanted to be. Does that make me perverted?"

I felt my exhaustion as I propped myself up on my elbows, which wasn't that easy with her on top of me, not that she was heavy. I tilted her chin toward me.

"Bella, it's your body and your orgasms, love," I told her. "It's nobody's business but yours, and mine as your lover, what we do when it comes to sexual pleasure. I don't think you're perverted. I think you're a revelation," I asserted. "Other people's definitions are unimportant."

"And yet, you worried for years about the same thing."

I had to laugh. She truly didn't miss a trick.

"Yeah, I did. I'm a card-carrying, dirty-talking perv of the highest order, but I don't worry anymore because the only person whose opinion counts is yours."

"And vice-versa, my sexy beast man. I'm not a masochist, but I wanted to feel as though I'd been thoroughly, completely, totally and utterly claimed by you."

"And do you?"

"I do. Fucked stupid and sore, and I'm so dizzy with the happy that I can barely see straight."

"Ben and Jerry's, and a bath?" I suggested, desperate to take care of her.


I sat us up and scooted out from under her.

"Stay here a moment, love."

She didn't argue, instead resting her head against the arm of the sofa, which had a damp patch on it. I decided to see if I could find some antibacterial cleaner too. I didn't like the thought of our sex germs festering there while we were upstairs.

"Cleaning stuff is on the bottom shelf in the pantry, SB!" Bella called from the living room.

"Thanks baby!"

I loved the girl so freaking much. Been mine just one week, and she knew me so well.

I grabbed a disposable cloth and the cleaning spray, and a tub of Phish Food and a spoon, before heading back to her. She took the ice cream and spoons from me while I quickly scrubbed the sofa.

"By the morning, it should be dry," I said inanely as she watched me. "You okay?"

"Mm-hm. Looking forward to this." She held up the ice cream.

I chucked the cleaning cloth in the dustbin and set the spray down on the coffee table before picking her up in my arms. I probably didn't need to pick her up as much as I did, but she had a tiring weekend, and after the way we just fucked, she needed the TLC.

"Me too, my beautiful Bella."

She rested her head against my chest as I carried her up the stairs. She yawned, closing her mouth with a little squeak.

"I'm going to sleep so well tonight," she murmured. "Super-sexing, ice-cream and bath ... I'll be out like a light."

"Me too."

I gently let her down when we got to her bedroom.

"Thanks, SB." She placed the ice cream and spoon on the bed, and her little hands immediately whipped off my shirt.

"In a rush?"

"You promised to be my plate, my sexy beast man. So get naked. I want to eat ice cream off every single part of you."

"Am I going to get any ice-cream?"

"If you're a very good beast, you'll get ice-cream and a whole lot more."


I pulled down my jeans and boxers in one go, and kicked them to the side along with my socks. She pointed at the bed and I went to lie down. She stood at the foot of the bed and stripped for me, before crawling over me and straddling my chest. She leaned back and picked up the ice cream, and pulled off the lid.

"Open your mouth," she instructed. I did so and was rewarded with a mouthful of cold, dark, chocolate deliciousness. Bella gave me too much, and some dribbled down my chin. Before it could reach my neck, or the soft, light blue bedding, she had licked it up.

"Yum," I murmured.


She scooped up another spoonful and scooted back a little, so her hot pussy radiated heat right over my belly button. If she moved back any further my cock, which was hard again, would hit her in the ass. Distracted by that thought, I missed her depositing the spoonful of ice cream on my chest.

"Holy fuck!" I cried as the coldness rippled through me.

Bella's mouth swiftly followed, and she made the sexiest noises as she consumed the cold delight.

"So scrummy," she murmured, when my skin was clean again. "Want some?" She asked, picking up the tub and dipping her finger in.

"Yuh-huh," I agreed, opening my mouth.

She placed her chocolate-coated finger in my mouth, and when I'd sucked it clean, she dipped her finger back into the ice cream. I opened my mouth again, but she shook her head. Instead, she coated her stiff, succulent nipple with the sweet chocolate concoction, and repeated the action as I tried not to drool.

"Please, baby ..." I rose up, but she shook her head.

"Patience ..."

I think I whimpered like some baby animal.

She coated her other nipple too, unable to wipe the naughty grin off her face.

"Such a naughty, dirty little tease, getting me all excited ..."

"I'm only a tease if I promise, but don't deliver." She leaned over me, dangling her tits in my face. "These are yours, SB. Suck them. Suck them clean."

I grabbed them, pushed them together and brought both her nips to my mouth before doing as she asked, and once they were clean, I didn't let go, instead nibbling and biting them because I knew how much she liked it. On our first night together, it was almost the first thing she asked me to do to her.

"Yummy, yummy ..." I mumbled with her beautiful titties still smashed against my face.

When I finally let her go, she set the ice cream down on the bedside table and attacked my mouth. We kissed fervently, passionately, and then languidly as the intenseness of our need faded.

Once she had released me, she picked up the ice cream again.

"It's practically a milkshake now, but still looks scrumptious," she commented, sliding further down, so she did get my hard cock slapping against her bum. "Oh, and someone else thinks so too."

"Baby, I have naked Bella slipping and sliding all over me, and ice-cream. It was inevitable."


I opened my gob expectantly, and she drizzled some of the melted cream onto my tongue, but then kept on drizzling it down me in a continuous line. It was still quite cold and I jumped again, sending creamy brown rivulets all over the sheets, and me.

"Shit, sorry baby!"

"Edward, it was inevitable. I have a spare duvet in the wardrobe," she told me. "You have more important things to worry about."

"Such as?"

She slid down even furtherand was now straddling my knees.

"Such as ... what I'm about to do to your little beast."

My breath hitched in my throat.

"What evil plans do you have, BB?"

She glanced at my member and then back at my face, and pretty much all the blood in my body that wasn't already travelling towards my dick, packed up and headed south. My cock and balls ached with anticipation as she reached for them. When she drizzled the Phish Food all over my groin, and licked her lips, I began getting dizzy with lust and need.

Suddenly she was over me again, slurping, licking, tasting, touching, nibbling ... her hot tongue made quick work of the sticky, drying dessert, and it fell fucking phenomenal.

"My tasty Edward," she murmured, as her mouth reached my balls.

"Bella ..."

"I'm not stopping, SB. Not until every drop is accounted for."

"I may end up coming in your face, my love. I'm so fucking turned on ..."

"So be it."

With that, she enveloped one of my balls into her mouth and sucked hard.

"Holy fuck!"

Bella's silky hair framed my groin as she continued licking and sucking me, and I entwined my fingers in it as I enjoyed her mouth on me. I committed the image to memory. It was just three weeks until I left for Spain and I would need a very full spank-bank to even begin to cope with not seeing her every day. I tried to push the thought of being without her far, far away; it hurt too bloody much.

Bella, apparently satisfied that my balls were clean enough, moved her talented tongue to the head of my cock, and licked my aching, leaking, tip.

"Delish, SB. Sweet Phish Food, and salty Edward juice. It's a great combo!"

"I meant what I said about coming soon, BB ..."

"Gwood," she moaned with my cock halfway down her throat. She held me at my base and moved me in and out, sucking in her cheeks.

I still didn't know what I'd done in my life, to deserve Bella. This had been the best week of my life, and even though the sex was a big part of it, I'd have felt as blessed, even if our relationship was still at the chat and date stage.

Suddenly, Bella was tugging at my balls alternately and working my dick even faster, humming around it. The edge I'd been dodging for a few minutes loomed, and I was about to explode in her mouth. I tapped her head to warn her, and she let go of me just as I erupted, shooting cum onto her chin, her neck and even one of her ears.

"I sprayed you, baby ...

"Uh-huh." She wiped my cream off her ear and giggled before sucking her dirty finger into her mouth.

"And you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Yes," she breathed, before fingering her neck.

"A pearl necklace for my dirty little ... cum-whore."

"... cum whore." We said the filthy name at the same time and she erupted into a huge grin before crawling on top of me and covering me in kisses. "So ... sexy ... when you come, Edward, it's the hottest thing ever!"

"I love you, Bella ... so much. It's agony to be away from you." My heart swelled and ached with emotion. The pain I foresaw at leaving her behind spilled out of me. "Maybe I don't have to go to ..."

"You know you have to, Edward. We will survive this," she iterated, even though her bottom lip was trembling. "There are no words to describe how much I love you, my beast man, which is why I know that we will get through it, even though it will feel like we're going to dissolve in the process."


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