Naruto Uzumaki took the piece of paper that Sakura handed him, it was an S rank mission, S RANK! "AWSOME ANOTHER S RANK MISSION!" Naruto practically screamed in her face "Naruto you should at least read what the mission is before you get excited" Sakura scolded " I don't care I finally got another S rank mission! That must mean that Grandma Tsunade acknowledges my skill as a ninja" Naruto said sounding cocky. "I NEED TO PACK!, LATER SAKURA" Naruto yelled again running off toward the closet. Sakura stood leaning against the door frame watching as he threw cloths into his pack. "Naruto... Sakura said slowly, I really think you should read the mission before you pack... you don't even know where your going yet.

Naruto stopped packing and sat down on the bed "alright Sakura I'll read the mission report JEEZ." Naruto quickly scanned the page the tossed it down on the bed and continued packing. After several minutes Naruto ran back to the bed and quickly picked up the paper, he sat down and scanned it more slowly. He looked up at Sakura and then read the mission one more time, "uh Sakura..." Naruto said turning a little bit red "why yes Naruto? What is it?" Naruto peeked up at her from behind the page one more time " I don't think I can accept this mission" Naruto said sounding a little nervous. Sakura gasped loudly feigning surprise "but Naruto if you let Lady Hokage down she might never give you another important mission again, you wouldn't want to fail your village would you?" Naruto was putty in her hand, she could bend his will any way she wanted, and he didn't even know she was doing it. " I wont fail my village... I'll do it..but uh Sakura... I sorta need your help..." Naruto said now blushing furiously.

Naruto handed Sakura the mission request, Sakura pretended to read it, she already knew what it said "It says I have to be your foot servant any time you show me that mission report" Naruto said unable to look her in the eye. "Anytime I show him this report huh..." Sakura thought to herself "gonna have to get this thing laminated in the morning" Sakura smiled to herself.

She put the paper in her pocket as she walked past Naruto into the bedroom, he was still stunned so he didn't notice. Having taken her ninja boots off at the door Sakura strolled Casually into the bedroom, she plopped down on the bed and sat up against the headboard. It only took Naruto a few minutes to recover from his state of shock and stroll into the bedroom. He saw Sakura laying on the bed, her boots were off showing of her crossed legs, his eyes wondered to her feet. "maybe this wont be so bad" Naruto thought to himself.

"So uh what do I do" Naruto said shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. "start slow" Sakura said "massage my feet" Sakura said wiggling her toes, Naruto came over and sat on the bed in front of her feet, he picked up her left foot and slowly started rubbing the arch with his thumbs. "mmm yea that's nice, push harder" Sakura said moaning louder as Naruto did as he was told, he massaged around the pad of her foot just under the toes, Sakura moaned loudly. Hearing Sakura moan like that stirred something inside Naruto, but it also stirred something in his pants, he would do anything to make her moan like that again.

Sakura watched as Naruto massaged her feet, it felt good, she had no need to rush. She let him massage her feet for a few hours, he alternated every half hour. Finally Sakura stopped him, "lay down on your back and look at the ceiling" Naruto quickly did as he was told, when he was in position Sakura grabbed his legs and pulled him toward her, she pulled him as close as she could until his crotch was nearly touching her butt. Sakura laid her legs across his body with her feet on either side of his head, Slowly she lifted one up and let it hover above his face "I want you to start by licking in between my toes" Sakura said, she could feel him shaking under her, she could also feel his growing arousal through his pants "do you understand?" she said making sure he was paying attention. Naruto lifted his hands to garb her foot her she used her feet to push the both back down to his sides "keep your hands at your side until I tell you otherwise. Naruto nodded and Sakura put her foot down on his face, Naruto eagerly started licking in between her toes.

Naruto thought he would gag when he tasted the accumulated sweaty funk that was between Sakura's toes from walking around in the heat all day, but he didn't in fact, he thought it tasted good. Was that weird?... Maybe a little but everyone he had ever met called him weird so it didn't really bother him. He lapped happily at Sakura's toes starting to enjoy himself, not only was Sakura in his bed but he was making her moan, not really in the context he had always dreamed of but this was still good. Sakura suddenly moaned loudly as Naruto hit a particularly good spot, Naruto really enjoyed her moans, especially that one, it cause the bulge in his pants to grow suddenly, he could feel it pressing against Sakura's butt, he really hoped she didn't notice but he doubted it.

"so I guess he's enjoying himself" Sakura said feeling the bulge pressing against her "I guess that's alright... He's doing a good job so I won't say anything about it."

Sakura pulled her toes away, much to Naruto's dismay, his mouth wasn't empty long though as she quickly filled it with her right heel. Naruto sucked and drew his teeth across the heel, it wasn't as tasty as the toes, but if it made Sakura happy he would do it, he would to anything to make Sakura happy. She let him enjoy both the heels for awhile, he seemed eager to please which made Sakura happy, she pulled her foot away again "kiss the arches" she said holding her foot above his face, she didn't lower it for him forcing him to lean forward to be able to reach his goal. Naruto strained for each kiss but he wouldn't give up, each time Sakura lowered the foot into range he leapt at it, plating a kiss on the arch.

Several minutes and a few dozen kisses later Sakura placed the foot back on his face "good boy, I think you've earned a little reward, lick between my toes again." Naruto started happily lapping at the toes again, as he did, he felt Sakura shift slightly, she brushed against his throbbing bulge making him gasp slightly. She heard his gasp and knew what she did but didn't stop, she started to grind her hips against his bulge making him moan. Suddenly she stopped "if you stop I stop" Sakura said looking down at him, he noticed that the pleasure had distracted him so much that he stopping licking between her toes, he started lapping desperately, as soon as he did Sakura started to grind again. Before long Naruto noticed that the faster he licked the faster Sakura ground, so he licked faster and faster, trying to get her to go fast enough to push him over the edge, he started funneling chakra into his tongue to make it go faster. "that's cheating" Sakura said panting, but she managed to match his pace anyway.

Just when Sakura thought she couldn't grind any faster she felt Naruto shudder violently, he moaned so loud it was practically a scream, she looked down at him, and he looked at her "did you like your reward?" she asked with a sly smile "it was the most amazing thing ever!" Naruto said still panting "but uh Sakura... you think I could go to the bathroom and clean up?" Sakura giggled and moved so that he would get up "hurry back we're not done yet."

Naruto returned from the bathroom several minutes later wearing his pajamas "these were the only thing I had clean" Sakura smiled at him "that' all right, come lay at the end of the bed" she said pointing at the foot board. Naruto moved into position and Sakura put her feet near his face "suck on my toes till I fall asleep please?" she asked Naruto nicely even though she could have just as easily demanded it, Naruto happily obliged.

Sakura woke up at some point in the middle of the night and looked down, she saw Naruto curled around her feet like a little dog, she smiled softly. Today had been a lot of fun, but she wanted more, needed more, she had a plan forming in her head but she needed time. Maybe Naruto could enjoy the fruits of her plan as well.