Ino was tired she had been working late all week, she could barley stand. "just a few more minutes" she thought to herself as she watched the clock, she had the next three days off if she could just make it a few more minutes without dying. "GOAL" Ino shouted throwing her apron off and running to the door. Once she got outside she started walking not wanting to get all sweaty, She stopped for a moment to admire the stars as she often did. Just as she was about to start walking again she felt something soft and wet clamp down over her nose and mouth, she struggled violently but whoever had grabbed her was really strong, there was no way to break the hold, Ino started to quickly loose energy, the stars started to fade, then all she saw was blackness.

"Mistress what are you doing!" Naruto said as Sakura came through the door with Ino slung over her shoulder. Naruto had started called her Mistress after their first week together, she didn't stop him because it kinda made her feel good but she didn't enforce it either. It had been nine days since their first day together. " Is that any way to greet someone?" she said throwing Ino down on the bed and sitting down next to her. "I'm sorry Mistress " Naruto said falling to the floor in front of her and kissing her boots, she smiled at him. Sakura lifted his chin up with her finger "i was just kidding" she dropped his chin and laid back, resting her head on Ino's legs "you wouldn't believe how tiring it is lugging her all the way across the village. Could you take my boots off for me?" Sakura said holding her feet up to him. Naruto quickly removed her boots and set them off to the side, he planted a single kiss on the top of each foot then looked up at her smiling.

Sakura smiled back at him, "alright Mistress has work to do, could you go do the dishes?" She had asked nicely but Naruto treated her every word like a command hoping to please her enough to be rewarded, he rushed off to the kitchen with a smile on his face. "Alright Ino-pig time to get you ready for your debut performance, Sakura quickly removed all of Ino's cloths except her lacy purple bra and panties, reaching into her belt pouch she threw numerous coils of rope onto the bed, she also took the pillowcase off of Naruto's pillow and tied a knot in the middle.

Awhile later Sakura stood back and admired her work, Ino was in a strict hogtie, Sakura had been sure to make it comfortable, but it was still strict. Shizune had been teaching her rope techniques, Tsunade didn't mind, as long as Sakura still serviced her every day. " Naruto could you come in here" Sakura said still looking at Ino. Naruto walked into the room a few seconds later, When he saw Ino he blushed furiously "what is it Mistress " he said still staring at Ino " I need to go to work, the I need to pick up some things, I'll be back by tonight, but I want you to watch Ino. If you need to later you can un-gag her to give her food and water, but no matter what she says don't untie her alright?, if you can manage this I promise to give you a very special reward when I get home." At the mention of a reward Naruto's eyes lit up "you can count on me Mistress" He said pounding his fist against his chest.

Sakura kneeled in the Hokage's office, as much as she enjoyed having her feet worshiped she still had a deep love for worshiping feet herself, she had gotten much better at it as well, she could now adequately pleasure her Mistress in under an hour, where it used to take over two. Tsunade looked at the ceiling and closed her eyes as she moaned loudly, fifty three minutes, Sakura made a mental note. " May I be excused now Mistress", Tsunade rolled her head to the side so she could look at her "oh yes, you performed you duties excellently, you may go,"

Sakura rushed to get what she needed, her session with Tsunade had got her all hot and bothered, she would have stayed longer but she wanted to get home and play with her new toy. Sakura checked her list again, crossing the last item off the list she gathered her things and headed back to Naruto's place.

She pushed open the door and staggered into the bedroom, eager to set down her heavy load. She let all the bags fall off her arm then carried the heaviest item with her to the wall. It was a large iron cage, she pushed it up against the wall by the door to the balcony. Sakura leaned against the cage she noticed that Naruto was standing in the doorway to the kitchen staring at her, she also noticed that Ino was still hogtied on the bed, her eyes were so wide Sakura thought they might pop out of her head. She went back to the bags, she pulled out two round bowls, she set the bags back down and went to the kitchen, pushing Naruto out of the way as she did. When Sakura came back one of the bowls had water in it, the other had some protein bars in it, she bent down and put the two bowls inside the large cage, it was big enough that a normal sized person would be able to move around a little if they were crouched. She pulled a human sized fur lined dog bed out of the largest bag and put it near the back of the cage, she also put a pillow and some blankets in the bed.

Sakura smiled when she thought the cage was ready, she picked up the remaining bags and set them on the table near the bed. The first thing she pulled out was a collar " I trust she wasn't to much trouble" Sakura said looking over her shoulder at Naruto " not at all mistress, I fed her dinner and gave her a glass of water, then I put her gag back on just like you said" Sakura smiled at him which she could tell made him happy " I guess you've earned your reward then, just give me a minute to finish with Ino and ill blow your mind."

Sakura held the collar up in front of Ino, It had silver studded letter that said Ino-Pig across the front, there was also a little metal loop for a leash. Sakura took out Ino's gag to give her a chance to protest, Ino knew she was supposed to say something, but all she could manage was a subdued look, Sakura knew that Ino was submissive, she was just to scared of what people would think of her to admit it to herself. Sakura strapped the collar around Ino's neck then used a little padlock to secure it in place, as the lock snapped shut Sakura noticed Ino shiver in anticipation. Going back to the bag Sakura pulled out a purple ball gag with black straps, she held it up to Ino's mouth, Ino opened it without hesitation. After Sakura had locked the ball gag in she lowered herself down to look Ino in the eye "you were a very good girl not resisting when I gave you your gifts, I'll be sure to reward you for it later" she patted Ino on the head then motioned for Naruto to come closer.

"Go strip down to your underwear and come back" Sakura said in a commanding voice, after he left the room to go to the bathroom she pulled Ino down to the foot of the bed, so she was facing the headboard. When Naruto walked back into the room Sakura was sitting against the headboard wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and panties, she motioned Naruto closer. When Naruto was within her reach she grabbed him and pulled him down so he was between her legs, she was watching Ino who was watching them closely. Sakura pulled Naruto close to her so his back was against her chest, she nibbled lightly on his ear causing him to moan. She slowly started rubbing his thighs with her feet, working her way up, he started breathing faster the higher her feet rubbed. Just before she reached the desired location she stopped, she pulled off his underwear and watched as Ino stared between his legs, she watched as her face turned red and heard the soft moan of desire escape past her gag.

She started stroking slowly, she was also kissing and biting Naruto's neck and ear, the whole time never breaking eye contact with Ino, paying close attention she heard the desperate moans that were escaping Ino's gag, she watched as Ino started to struggle becoming desperate for release, she let Ino struggle as she continued to slowly stroke Naruto. After about ten minutes Ino looked into Sakura's eyes, giving her the most desperate pleading look, Sakura smiled back at her "wait right there" she whispered into Naruto's ear. Going to her bag she picked up two things, she went over to Ino and rolled her onto her side, she did something between her legs that Naruto couldn't see. Sakura rolled Ino back onto her stomach and once again took her place behind him, he noticed she had some sort of remote in her hand. She slowly started stroking again, he noticed that Ino was struggling impatiently against her ropes and giving Sakura a pleading look, he saw Sakura turn the dial on the remote to 1.

Naruto heard a faint humming sound but paid it no mind, he was delirious with pleasure as he watched the feet hugging his manly bits slowly increase their painfully slowly stroking. Sakura turned the dial to 2 and Naruto heard the humming increase in volume, at the same time Sakura notably increased the speed of her stroking. It continued for some time, another turn on the dial meant faster and faster strokes, Naruto could feel himself getting close, and as he looked at Ino she seemed to be enjoying herself to. Suddenly Sakura turned the dial up to max and flipped a little switch at the bottom, as she did this she also repositioned her feet and used a special technique, Naruto heard Ino scream into her gag, at the same time Sakura made him release, his love juice arced through the air perfectly and hit Ino square between the eyes, it all happened so perfectly he knew that Sakura had planned it.

After Naruto had excused himself to go clean up Sakura turned the dial back down to three "would you like me to leave this on?" Sakura asked kneeling on the floor next to Ino, Ino nodded furiously "you promise to be a good girl and not try to escape?" Ino nodded happily, Sakura could tell she didn't want to leave, "good because even if you did want to leave that collar has a unique chakra seal on it, if you tried to leave the apartment without my permission you would be paralyzed the before you made it a whole step out the door ", Ino looked scared for a second but it passed quickly "your a good girl aren't you" Sakura said patting her on the head, Ino nodded happily. Sakura tucked the remote in Ino's ropes where she couldn't reach it then laid on the bed watching her squirm in pleasure.