Sakura tugged on the leash to get her slave's attention, "see something you like Pig?" Sakura asked as Naruto walked past them naked to get his cloths out of the closet. "What...oh sorry Mistress please forgive me?" Sakura looked into her eyes "do you want Naruto Pig?", Naruto heard this as he was pulling cloths out of the closet, she saw him stiffen, in more ways than one. " Not as much as I want you Mistress... It was just distracting is all, please forgive me" Ino begged as she affectionately kissed Sakura's feet, "alright you are forgiven, it's alright to get distracted sometimes" Sakura said as she leaned back against the headboard.

After breakfast Naruto and Ino were laying on the bed at Sakura's feet, each servicing one. Naruto was wearing his usual orange and black outfit and Ino was wearing her lacy purple bra and panties. "So what do my little pets want to do today huh?" Sakura asked looking at Naruto first "anything you want Mistress as long as I get to be with you" Sakura sighed at the unhelpful dullness of his response "what about you Pig, what would you like to do?" Ino slowly pulled Sakura's big toe out of her mouth with a wet pop. "well Mistress it's been a week since I became your property, and I've been at your feet or in my cage since then, so I was just hoping...maybe we could uh... go for a walk in the woods or something?...maybe... if you don't mind." Sakura though it over a moment as she traced her big toe around Ino's lips teasing her. " That actually sounds like an amazing idea, I know of this quite spot with a cool clean pond that is great for swimming, we could pack a picnic basket and make a day of it" Sakura sat up on the bed and stretched "Naruto go pack a nice picnic basket for us okay? And when your done find some shorts to swim in...or don't... your choice." Naruto nodded happily and ran off to the kitchen.

"So pig did you remember to pack your bikini when I sent you home to get your things?" Sakura asked looking down at Ino who was on all fours. "Yes Mistress" Sakura nodded "good girl go put it on for me." Ino crawled into her cage, she had enough room to move, she could crouch and still hold her head straight, but she couldn't stand. Ino didn't hesitate to strip naked as her mistress watched, she removed her bra and panties and replaced it with a purple bikini top and purple bikini bottoms that tied at the sides.

As Ino crawled out of the cage Sakura motioned for her to turn around, Ino followed the command without hesitation. When Ino was facing away from her Sakura suddenly pushed her forward to that she leaned over on the cage, while she was leaning over Sakura delivered a powerful slap to Ino's ass, Ino moaned in pleasure, Sakura grabbed it and groped it for a second then released it, studying the bright red hand print she left on Ino's ass. " You look beautiful pig" Sakura said still studying Ino in the Bikini, "really? Thank you so much Mistress" Ino said blushing.

"Oh Pig I nearly forgot, I meant to reward you for following everyone of my commands flawlessly for a week." Sakura went into the cabinet by the window and pulled out a black leather box, she put it on the bed and opened it, inside was another collar like Ino's. Sakura pulled Ino over to the bed and made her kneel, she unlocked the collar that said Ino-Pig and took it off. Sakura held the new collar in front of Ino, it said SLAVE in bright engraved silver studded letters, Ino could tell the letters were made of real silver. The leather was also much finer and softer, it had etched swirling designs around the outside. "This" Sakura said holding it closer to Ino's face "Is not just a collar, this is a promotion, you wearing this says that I take pride in you as my slave, that you are valuable to me, special to me, this collar was very expensive, I expect you to take care of it." As Sakura finished talking she started buckling the collar around Ino's neck, Ino shuddered as the soft leather contoured to her neck, a small moan escaped her as it was locked into place, then she thought about how Sakura said she was not only Valuable to her but also special. "Well what do you think?" Sakura said kneeling down in front of Ino so that their knees touched, she leaned forward and inspected the collar a bit. "Mistress..." Ino said grabbing Sakura's shoulders and holding her at arm's length. Sakura saw that their were tears running down Ino's face "Mistress... you have no idea how much this means to me...tha...thank you." Ino said as she started to cry, Sakura hugged her close "I'm glad you like it" Sakura held her closely for a few minutes, then pinched her butt hard causing Ino to jump and squeak "Now come on slave enough crying today is a happy day" Sakura said standing up, Sakura picked up Ino's old collar and put it in the black leather box "here slave, keep this as a reminder of how far you've come, Also I forgot about these." Sakura went back to ht e cabinet and pulled out another black leather box, this one was shaped like a cube "this box has leather cuffs for your wrists and ankles made the same as your collar, keep them in your cage and put them on whenever we're at home, you may take them off when we leave or when you shower so I won't lock them" Sakura got down low so she could look Ino in the eye "but I expect you to wear them any other time we are home okay?" Ino nodded happily and took her presents to her cage.

Sakura came out of the bathroom wearing a pink Bikini and pink Sarong tied at her waist "if you promise to stay by my side Slave I won't lead you through the village on a leash, but you have to keep the collar on understand?" Ino nodded happily still wearing her purple bikini. Naruto came out of the kitchen wearing orange and black shorts with a towel draped over his shoulders but no shirt, he had a large picnic basket in his right hand and another bag in his left hand with a bunch of extra towels and stuff in it. "I've packed everything on your list Mistress are you ready to go" Sakura nodded "yes I believe so, let's head out".

Sakura walked through the village with Ino on her right and Naruto on her left, Naruto had his hands folded behind his head casually, but Ino was blushing furiously as she stuck close to Sakura's side, every time someone looked at Ino's collar her blush intensified. "oh man I hope none of your friends see me like this, or anyone I know really, oh god WHAT IF MY PARENTS SEE ME...oh I would just die" Ino looked nervously at Sakura "wait...this collar was a sign of Mistresses pride in me, I shouldn't be ashamed of that, I should wear it with pride." Ino's blush lessened but didn't vanish completely, she held her head up a little but still looked away when people stared at her, it was something.

When they reached the border of the woods Sakura stopped them, she reached into the bag and pulled out a black leather leash. As she clipped it on she saw Ino smile, Sakura gave her a reassuring pat on the head, it made Ino bounce with joy. They walked through the woods for about an hour, Ino stayed close enough to Sakura to leave slack on the leash. They came to a spot on the path where two large trees were growing within a few feet of each other, "Through here" Sakura said leading Ino through the trees with Naruto taking up the rear.

A short distance through the brush, they were following a narrow game trail, they came to a clearing. It was a large roughly circular clearing with a clean shallow circular pond in the middle, soft green grass grew all around the pond. It was the perfect spot for a picnic. Sakura watched as Naruto laid down a large blanket and Ino started unpacking basket. Sakura had a plan for today, and the picnic wasn't it. They sat at ate quietly, she could tell both of them knew something was coming, they had no idea how right they were.

After they had cleaned up and packed the leftovers back in the basket, Sakura decided it was time to launch her plan. "Naruto could you make a shadow clone for me?" Sakura asked feigning an innocent tone. Naruto quickly made the hand sign and summoned a shadow clone. Sakura went to the bag of extra stuff and pulled out a smaller bag from inside, she handed it to Ino and whispered her role of the plan into her ear, "if you do a good job I'll have a very special reward for you when we get home" Sakura said to ensure Ino would do her absolute best. Ino blushed and grabbed the cloned Naruto by the arm, skipping off into the woods with glee. Sakura went back to the supply bag, grabbing another small bag that was nearly identical to Ino's. She pushed Naruto up against the tree and bound his arms behind his back around the tree. "M...Mi...Mistress? What are you doing?" Sakura smiled seductively at him "do you trust me Naruto?" she said running a finger down his bare chest "of...OFCOURSE Mistress" Sakura smiled at him again "well if you trust me, I promise you will enjoy this immensely" she said pulling his shorts off for emphasis.

Sakura bound Naruto's ankles to the tree, then she wrapped some rope around his chest, when she had finished with that she pulled out two long rolls of thick cloth. She quickly wound the first roll around his eyes and forehead, blinding him and pinning his head to the tree, the second one she wound around his mouth, she she was finished he could barley make a sound. She could tell that he was slightly unnerved by behind silenced and blinded, be according to the mass between his legs that more resembled a human forearm then a penis, he was also aroused, at that moment she was slightly jealous of the task she had given Ino.

"You know Naruto, I had a talk to Kakashi sensei, he told me all about how shadow clones work, how that when they are dismissed or destroyed you feel experience and learn everything they did" Sakura stopped pacing in front of him to let it sink in "do you know what Ino is doing in the woods with your clone right now?" She said coming close to him and practically whispering in his ear. As if on queue there was a loud moan of pleasure from off in the distance. Sakura had told Ino to tie the clone to a tree nearby, she had given her a ring gag so the clones moans of pleasure could be heard clearly. The way she had gagged Naruto meant he couldn't tell the clone to vanish, he couldn't use his hands to sign him away either in an attempt to experience the pleasure Ino was giving the clone before she wanted him to.

Naruto was now standing at full attention, he was struggling against his bonds, "can you even imagine the freaky sexy obscene stuff I told Ino to do to that clone?" Sakura said teasing him. Naruto was thrashing against his bonds, Sakura was distracted for a moment by the way his throbbing member moved as he thrashed. " I know what ever your thinking she's doing, and so much more, you have no idea how freaky that little slut is, she can do it ALL." Naruto was whimpering into his gag, she could tell by this point he was painfully aroused. Sakura walked up to him and ran a hand down his chest, stopping just short of where Naruto wanted her to "you wanna come don't you Naruto?" He nodded violently.

The moans and grunts increased in volume, the clone was practically screaming in pleasure, it had been nearly an hour, judging by that Ino should have finished nearly everything she told her to do to the cloned Naruto. Sakura cut off Naruto's blindfold, she could see the pleading look in his eyes and felt bad for a second, but what was coming to him was more than worth waiting for. Ino came back a few minutes later, she had cleaned herself up a little bit, but Naruto could tell that some awesome stuff had happened to his clone. "did you set that last thing up like I asked you to?" Sakura asked, Ino nodded and handed her a taunt thread. "good girl, now I want you to go kneel in front of Naruto okay?" Ino quickly did as she was told. Sakura looked right into Naruto eyes, and he looked into hers, there was a moment of utter silence. When Sakura pulled the thread there was a small explosion as the paper bomb on the other end exploded and dismissed the clone.

Sakura watched as Naruto started to twitch and shake as the memories front the clone came flooding in, within seconds he came, blowing his load all over Ino, to her credit she caught a great deal of it in her mouth, but Naruto came again and again, experience a full hour of constant intense pleasure in the span of a few seconds. Sakura watched closely as the pleasure passed, Naruto slumped down, held up only by the ropes on his wrists. Sakura cut him down and pulled him onto the soft grass, she slapped his face a little to get his attention "how was it?" she asked smiling at him. Naruto opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but there were no words, he simply grabbed Sakura and hugged her tightly. Sakura laughed as she forced her way out of the hug "alright you big oaf lets get you to cleaned up so we can go home" Sakura Ino and Naruto took a short swim in the pond to clean themselves off, then headed back to Naruto's house, Sakura hadn't forgotten about the reward she promised Ino, and she intended to follow through, her slave had performed amazingly.