Ino shuddered against her bonds, her forearms were tied together behind her back and attached to a chest harness, her legs were frog tied then attached to the headboard. Sakura folded her arms on Ino's stomach then rested her head on her arms. "Ready for round two?" Sakura asked smiling at her, "Yes please Mistress" Ino said grinding her hips, Sakura kissed Ino's stomach, then chuckled as her head disappeared between Ino's legs.

She had been more than happy to reward her slave, she had followed her Mistress's commands to the letter, she had done so well that Naruto actually had to stay in the hospital today for observation, Sakura actually found that part hilarious. She had rewarded Ino for most of the morning, around noon they took a shower together before cuddling in bed. "What should we do today slave" Sakura asked as she ran her fingers through Ino's hair, Ino's though about it for awhile as she stroked Sakura's bare stomach. "Maybe we could go to the hot springs?" Ino suggested, Sakura grinned as she thought about it "haven't you had enough of being naked in the water with me today?" Sakura said chuckling. "Never" Ino said staring into her eyes.

They arrived at the hot spring just after noon, the village was still uncomfortably hot but it seems like the worst of it had passed. Sakura slid into the water first, Ino was still undressing inside, when she came out Sakura took a moment to admire her naked form through the mist, she was completely nude except for the collar locked around her neck. "Spin for me" Sakura said just before Ino reached the water, Ino lifted her hands above her head and spun in a circle while gyrating her hips. "Come here beautiful" Sakura said motioning Ino to her. When Ino got close Sakura grabbed her and pulled her close, so that Ino's back was pressed against her chest, she planted soft kisses down Ino's neck causing her to moan softly.

Sakura and Ino enjoyed the hot springs alone for nearly an hour, as hot as it was no one wanted to use them. Sakura noticed a pair of forms starting to materialize out of the mist, she released Ino and sat next to her, not wanting any unnecessary rumors to spread. First she noticed Temari, Temari was from the desert so it made sense that the heat didn't bother her. Behind Temari was Tenten, she noticed that Tenten had a collar around her neck, but she also had a leash attacked to the collar, which Temari had a firm grip on, she tugged it sharply if Tenten lagged to far behind. It was obvious that Temari was a much stricter Mistress that Sakura was.

"Massage me slut" Temari demanded when they reached the water, not yet having noticed Sakura and Ino. Sakura more closely inspected Tenten's collar, it was much more crude than the nice one she had given Ino, and the letters were dull studs that spelled out SLUT it was obviously a title given to humiliate and degrade Tenten at every possible opportunity. Tenten was rubbing Temari's shoulders, when Temari finally noticed Sakura and Ino "oh hey Sakura" Temari said, she quickly noticed Ino's collar and didn't greet her "I see you managed to get yourself a fine slave, but where's her leash?" Temari asked with confusion in her voice. "Well..." Sakura started "if you can make you slave want to follow you I don't really think they need to be kept on a leash all the time, I think that most slaves respond better to rewards and pleasure, then they do punishment and pain."

Temari tilted her head to the side, as if Sakura had just started speaking a foreign language. "What are you talking about, these submissive sluts want to be punished, its what they live for." Temari said, her voice talking on a dominant tone, Ino floated around behind Sakura trying to hide herself from Temari's powerful gaze. Sakura put a reassuring had on Ino's thigh, "you know what I'm kind of intrigued by what you said" Temari said "maybe we could get together sometime, and see which one of our methods really give more control over a slave, are you free later today?" Sakura wanted to show Temari that pain and punishment weren't the only way, she felt bad for Tenten, she could tell that Tenten was constantly worried about doing something wrong and earning her mistresses wrath, while she may have enjoyed a bit of strictness, Temari was obviously taking it to far. "I'm busy today but if you wanna stop by tomorrow that would be okay." Temari nodded "I'll stop by in the morning."

Sakura and Ino left the hot springs soon after that conversation, Sakura was a bit worked up and Ino had been unnerved by Temari's glare. Sakura pulled Ino down on the bed and hugged her close "don't worry Ino, we'll show her" Sakura said stroking Ino's hair "can I trust you to follow all my commands and do your best so we can beat her right?" Ino didn't know it but Sakura and Temari had made a bet, which ever team lost had to be the other teams slave for a month. "Mistress I will do whatever it takes to make you proud" Ino said smiling at her, Sakura really hoped it would be enough. "Alright Slave I need to go to work, I'll be back in a few hours" Sakura said locking Ino into her cage and giving her a reassuring smile.

Sakura had Ino sleep in the bed with her the night before Temari and Tenten, they were both a bit nervous and sought comfort in each others arms, they would beat Temari, Sakura was sure of it.

Temari and Tenten came over early the next morning, Temari had a big black duffel bag slung over one shoulder, and a tight grip on Tenten's leash. Temari saw Ino's cage and laughed "That's your slaves cage?! its HUGE, its more like a house than a cage." Sakura held back a scowl "did you come here to make fun of my furniture, or to test our slaves" Temari forced herself to stop giggling "I think we can make time for both" Temari said pulling Tenten Further into the room.

Temari studied the room for a minute "Yes I think this could work, do you mind if I move some things?" Temari asked still studying the room "no go ahead just try not to make a mess" Temari looked through some things in her bag and nodded "I was up late last night thinking about out contest, I think I have a way we can settle this in one go" Temari pulled two long thick ropes out of her bag, the ropes had big knots in them every six inches or so. "Slut clear the bed off and flip it up against that wall, then move that cabinet over that way" Tenten rushed to fulfill her Mistress's orders, when the furniture was out of the way Temari took out a drill and put two rings in the wall a few feet apart, she took one one the long knotted ropes and tied it through the loop, she ran it outside to the balcony, then tied it to the railing,leaving is a bit slack, maybe a twenty foot stretch. She repeated the process with the other rope, then grabbed Ino's purple gag out of her cage, she grabbed Tenten's red ball gag out of her bag, and took them both out to the balcony and set them at the ends of the rope, Ino on the left Tenten on the right.

"Okay so here is how the contest will go , the rope will be tightened between the legs of the slaves and they will walk to the end of it, grab the gag in their mouths, then walk backwards and return to the end, sound fair?" Sakura took a moment to think about it then nodded "alright tie your slave in a chest harness with her arms behind her back then have her stand over the rope. Sakura removed Ino's cloths down to her purple lacy bra and panties, she quickly applied the required tie then had her stand over the rope. When Sakura looked over she saw Tenten, she was wearing a skimpy red thong and no bra, but more than that her body had very little fat and was covered in finely toned muscle, Sakura started to get a bit worried.

When both of the slaves were standing in place Temari went back to the wall, she pulled Tenten's rope tight first, the rope was so high and tight that Tenten had to stand on her toes as the rope dug into her crotch. When the rope was taunt, Temari took another rope and tied Tenten's thighs together, hobbling her. Sakura hadn't expected that, it was going to be much more challenging than she thought. Temari did the same to Ino, but Ino moaned a little when the rope was drawn tight, "heh see what you get for being easy on your slave?" Temari said mockingly, Sakura looked at Tenten, she was just standing there, determined, her toned muscles flexing in anticipation, Sakura knew that Ino had no chance. "Just do your best okay? I won't be upset if you loose" Sakura whispered to Ino after drawing her in until their foreheads touched "don't worry Mistress I'll give it my all" Ino said smiling in confidence.

"All right" Temari said "Is everyone clear on the rules", Everyone in the room nodded. "Alright, ready...set...GO!" as Temari shouted Tenten took off, she was fast and practiced, Ino did her best though staying right behind Tenten. When Tenten reached the gag on the railing it took her a minute to pick up the big ball in her teeth, Ino had reached the railing by the time Tenten had the ball in her teeth. Ino managed to get the ball in her mouth much faster, but it wasn't going to be enough. Ino heard her Mistress behind her sigh in resignation "NO! I can't let Mistress down!" Ino thought to herself, her pushed herself backwards as hard as she could and started running backwards along the tight rope ignoring the painful pleasure the knots provided and she sped past them, before she realized what she had done she felt herself hit the wall at the end of the rope, she was delirious from the pain or being rubbed raw by the rope but also from the pleasure, but that was quickly being replaced by more pain.

Sakura jumped at Ino quickly untying all of the ropes and dragging her away from the rope walk. Sakura lovingly stroked Ino's hair as she tried to comfort her, she saw that Ino's legs were trembling violently and there was a small trickle of blood running down her leg from where the rope had dug in. "oh you foolish foolish girl why did you do something like that, are you alright?" Ino looked up at her with a sort of distant glazed look in her eyes, "did I make you proud Mistress?" Ino asked unconcerned about herself, Sakura hugged Ino's head against her chest "yes you made me so so proud that I could burst, please let me heal you." Sakura quickly went to work healing Ino, unconcerned about anything else.

When Ino had been completely healed Sakura turned to Temari, her eyes were averted "I have never seen anything like that, I train my slave day and night to win contests like this, but yours won just because she loved you, I guess we're yours, Mistress.." Temari said with a shamed look on her face "Yes" Sakura said "you are mine, they only question is should I treat you like you treated your slave, or should I treat you like Ino" Sakura could tell that Temari was scared "I guess that is up to you Mistress." "Yes your right it is up to me, but I don't like being mean, so ill make you a deal. If you promise to be nicer to your slave in the future, and stop calling her Slut, I will treat you like I treat Ino and you may even have fun for the next month." Temari looked up with a hopeful spark in her eye "yes Mistress I promise I will treat my slave like you treat yours, I've seen the error of my way."

Sakura nodded happily "Tenten could you please put the room back together for me?" Tenten nodded, as she did that Sakura started binding Temari. When she was finished Temari was tied to the rope walk like the other slaves had been, but her thighs weren't tied and she had a black harness ball gag strapped into her mouth. "alright Slave, I want you to walk to the end of this rope and back five times, if you fail I will be displeased and you will be punished, after that maybe we can do something fun." Temari nodded with a defeated look in her eyes and started walking quickly to the end. Sakura grabbed her shoulder, " Much much slower...I want you to feel every bump." Temari let out a whimpering moan and started walking slowly to the end of the rope, it would take her an hours at this rate.

Naruto came home a bit later, Temari was still walking the rope but Tenten had finished cleaning up the room and was now standing waiting for orders "oh hey Naruto" Sakura said giving him a hug "Hi Mistress, What's all this" Sakura took a look around, "oh well Temari lost a bet to us, so her and her slave Tenten belong to us for a month, isn't that great" Naruto nodded as he took off his hot long sleeved shit leaving him in only a black T-shirt and his pants. "Hey Naruto before you get to comfortable, could go into town and run an errand for me? I need something picked up at this address, you may need to use clones to carry it, but you'll get a reward when you get back." Naruto grabbed the paper from Sakura's hand and ninja jumped off the balcony so he could get there faster. Sakura smiled at his enthusiasm.

Naruto returned a short time later, him and three clones carried a large cage through the door, it was nearly identical to Ino's except instead of a round dog style beg there was a futon style mattress that covered the whole floor, and instead of food and water bowls it came with a large hamster style water bottle and a small box that dispensed protein bars in case the occupant got hungry at night. "Where do you want this Mistress its heavy" Sakura pointed to the wall by balcony door "over by the other one, keep them a few feet apart though." Naruto gently set the large steel cage down on the floor. "what do you think of your new house pet's?" Sakura asked as Tenten inspected it "this is very generous of you Mistress, my old cage could have fit inside of this one four times easily" Tenten said in awe, "also it didn't have a mattress" she said reverently stroking the soft padding.

Temari had just finished her third pass on the rope, Sakura could see that the whole length was wet with her fluids, having long ago soaked through her panties. Sakura smiled to herself as she heard Temari moaning as she passed over another knot in the rope. Sakura sat down on the bed so she could watch Temari "Mistress you said something about a reward?" Naruto said with a hopeful note in his voice "I did indeed, but come relax with me while we wait for Temari to finish" Sakura wiggled her toes and motioned to Ino and Tenten, they both knew what to do, taking their respective spots at her feet and happily sucking her toes.