This is the second chapter of The Legend Of Tarzan

Pairings: Tarzan/Jane, Tantor/Baruti, Terk/Gubo (slash)

Rated: K

It was around evening time already, Jane had found the antidote to return his father to normal again

"Daddy..are you alright? She said after pouring it on him

' better lay down" The professor holding his head feeling dizzy so her daughter guided him to a chair and he sat down

Tantor was sitting on the ground, playing with small pile of sand without his best friend or his new friend to comfort him

"Baruti..where are you? He said before sighing feeling so depressed until a trunk sounded forcing the elephant to stand right up and smile

"Sorry..I'm late, my wife and son were fighting about how your like a father to him" He said stopped with eye-contact panting

"Don't worry about it" Tantor said smiling with his eyes half closed..wait, could he be falling for him but that's impossible cause the only girl he ever dated was Darnia but she made him break his friendship with Terk so that was a waste but this might be a brand new beginning, no..he can't like him like that besides he had a lovly wife and kid

" wanna walk around..maybe give you a tour of the jungle" He said thinking of something to say quickly

Baruti thought that since his son had such a good time, he could give it a go so he nodded making Tantor's heart skip beats, good thing he didn't ask him on a date

Anyway, the two started their walk through the jungle

"Say something but don't let him know your into him" Tamtor said in his mind while looking at him

"So..what do you like? He said then he thought that that sentence was involving a date but it was already too late to take it back

Sp they started theit walk though the jungle

Gubo and Terk were swinging on some vines but Terk was very scared of losing the one gorilla he truly loves, why if he rejects him but that's impossible cause he accepted him being messy so he went for it and he twisted his vine whitch collided with his (wrapped around like in the movie)

"Gubo, promise me you won't leave me" Terk said looking deep into his eyes and he gave his word

This was it, the moment on truth but he just had to get this over with


After hearing this, Gubo's eyes went into shock then it was clearly written all over his face and the transgender closed his eyes with a tear falling down his cheek but what he didn't was that he was hugged by Gubo then parted away

"I-I don't understand" He said assuming that he was on the path of rejection

"I always knew you were a male" He said much to Tark's happiness which he smied and the two shared a hug before Gubo was swinging off saying "Try and catch me"

Terk remembered when Tarzan and Jane did the exact same thing all the time and chased his boyfriend

Tantor was having a way better time with Baruti then Darnia plus he was good company

"I had a marvelous with you" He siad then the other smiled

"Well, I better get back before my wife has a fit" He said heading off making Tantor sigh in disappointment cause he didn't want the other to leave

Suddenly, he was kissed on the cheek by him causing him to fall down and looked at him in a dreamy way as he walked away

Tarzan and his wife were swinging on vines of usual until they saw their elephant friend who was happy as can be

" was your time with Baruri? Jane said when the two swung down

All he did was stand up and grabbed the two with his trunk

"I never felt so happy" He said excited

"Well, it went rather well then? Jane said as best she could and Tantor put them down

"Like you wouldn't believe" The elephant said causing Jane and her husband to look at each other in confusion

"I'll just cut right to the chase...I have falling for him" He said making Jane fain't amd Tarzan caught her in his arms then she thanked her husband before standing straight up again

"You can't be serious? He said

"Well...I'm happy for you in all but what about the Darnia? She suggested

"She wasn't my type" He said

"Hate to burst your bubble Tantor but Baruti has a family and your.." He said but was cut off

"What Tarzan means is that we support your decision" She said putting a hand on his trunk

"Thank if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick out some flowers for him on our next outing" He happily said before going off

Karla was tending to her nest when she saw Tantor stumble about

"Aunt Karla..I need your help" He said as if he was in a hurry

"Sure" She said smiling, always willing to help others

"I need some flowers for someone" He said" you know where to find some?

"Why don't you check by the river" She suggested

"Thanks..your the beat" He said going to the distention as she went back to what she was doing

Gubo and his boyfriend were swinging back to the family to continue on

Zack & Mike were wrestling and Mike got him behind the leg causing the brother to tap out making Mike the winner

Everyone cheered for him then the two lovers came down then the attention had gone to them

"how was your talk? Mike told Gubo

"It was great and your not gonna believe this but, Terk is a boy" He said

"Duh..we knew that already" Zack said after rolling his eyes regarding his brother

"You guys Terk asked in question

"Your voice" Mike said stepping up blocking his brothers way which made him mad so he tackled him to the ground

"Guys..come on" He said when Zack was once again playing "Stop Hitting Yourself" then Terk got in-between them making it three-way fight

Sorry if I waited to do this but I had some requests that needed to be done, anyway Gubo was very surprised that Terk said that he was a transgender and Tantor is in love with Baruti but he have a family, he feels that same way but they are keeping it a secret so will the relationship survive or will they end up giving up?

I have no clue how to spell Tantor's formor girlfriends name..have info then review it and I'll edit