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"Scarlett! I can't find an empty compartment anywhere. I told you we should have left earlier," Sam, my sister said obviously frustrated from lugging
her suitcase around. The train was incredibly crowded inside, kids running around and laughing. I blame the British.

"You're the one who forgot her freaking wand on the way to wizard school and we had to go back when we were halfway here," I said. Sam's always trying to place blame in a needs a chill pill pronto. Ever since she heard that we had to leave from the Florida School of Magic and move to England to attend Hogwarts, she's been more annoying than ever. Our muggle parents got a job in Europe and decided we needed to be closer to them even though we wouldn't be seeing them for most of the year. Parental logic.

"Hey. Look. There's an empty compartment over there!" said Sam, running, rattling her suitcase from side to side. She makes it to the compartment and she slides open the door when three evident freshmen walk in. Sam just stands there, gawking.

"OH MY GOD. WHAT?! DID YOU SEE THAT?" I yell to Sam but she was already walking away. "Sam what are you doing?"
"Trying to find another compartment," she says.

"What! that was ours and those rugrats just walked in," I exclaim.

"It's fine, whatever we'll find another," Sam says."You know if we were back in Florida, our friends would have saved us a seat. We wouldn't even be in a train we'd be in the magic school bus. Train's nicer though if we could find a spot."

"Okay shush, if we were in Florida, everything would be easier I know but WE'RE NOT. We're in Britain and WE DID FIND A SPOT BUT THOSE CHILDREN TOOK IT. AND WE'RE GETTING IT BACK!" I stated, marching back and pounding on the door of the compartment. "Listen you annoying little pipsqueaks. I saw this compartment first-"

"Actually I saw it first," says Sam. I roll my eyes. She shrugs.

"I was in the middle of a speech so excuse you,"I said, brushing her off. "My sister got here first so GET OUT YOU LITTLE PUNKS" The doors slide open to not reveal three pipsqueaks but four very confused faces and one hot, amused face.
"Sorry, wrong pipsqueaks."

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