Cato's POV

It's been three years since I last saw her. Three years since I've seen those beautiful grey eyes. Three years since she left. Three years that I have been in pain.

I sit at the table looking at my laptop screen that holds our high school pictures. A loud knock interrupts and I groan loudly getting up to open it. I'm met with Clove's smiling face.

"What Clove?" I ask making her scowl. Scowl. Much like Katniss who scowled all day.

"Stop being such a loser and get dressed." She demands. I almost want to tell her off then I remember that she was her best friend. Sister almost. I sigh running my hand through my spikey blonde hair before nodding which makes Clove grin like a cat.

I just finish tying my shoe laces when there's a knock on the door. Before I can open it the door flies open and Clove pulls me from the room shutting the door.

"Uh where are the others?" I ask looking around

"They'll meet us there." Why exactly?

We pull up at a hotel. Why are we at a hotel? Where are we exactly? Then it hit's me the sign says Huntington Beach California. The place where those grey eyes left to so long ago. I almost want to get back in the car and not get out until they drag me.

Clove barges through the door and finally let's go of my arm. The girl in front of me is a beauty. Always has been always will be. Her auburn hair is in a messy bun she stands there wearing an oversized purple hoodie, Black skinny jeans and vans. My purple hoodie from so long ago. She looks the same. I can't help but notice how there's another bed and a boy lays in it arms folded behind his head talking to Gale and Peeta.

He looks at me auburn hair, bronze skin and sea green eyes. I also notice Katniss' wears a black hematite ring. Not on her ring finger though. That almost makes me sigh out loud in relief. He doesn't say anything he just looks at me before his eyes flick to Katniss and he stares until she looks at him and nods. His eyes flick one more time towards me before he turns back to Peeta and Gale.

"Hi" I say it comes out quiet and I almost can't recognize my own voice.

"Hi? Really? Come on Cato?" She says teasingly and smiles brightly. Exactly what I was thinking. For the first time in three years I genuinely smile. Widely. A smile that only she can cause. She sits down on her bed next to Clove and pats the spot next to her. I sit down and for the first time in three years I feel at comfort.