Katniss' POV

I woke up with a booming headache snuggled up with Finnick. His eyes popped open looking around until they settled on me.

"Whoa babe. If you wanted me you didn't have to get me drunk. I'm all yours." He says teasingly while smiling brightly. I groan smacking him.

"How do you not have a booming headache and most importantly how are you all cheery?" I say sitting up. "I feel like crap." I say

"You look like crap." He points out.

"Charming." I say groaning again.

"Katniss!" I hear Clove yell from the living room.

"Shut up Clove." I hear Cato hiss out. I would like to thank not only God but Jesus for Cato Stone. He is an angel. With Finnick's help I get out of the bed. I find the rubber band to my hair and tie it up in a messy bun before stepping out.

"Nice clothing." Finnick whispers. I look down and notice I'm wearing Finn's shirt and he's shirtless. I shrug plopping myself on the couch. Clove grins widely. Before standing up.

"I have an announcement." She says in a booming voice. I groan pushing my face in the couch pillow. "You and Finnick will move into the extra room we have." She says smiling widely. I look up before looking at Finn. I try my best to read his features but his face is clear. He shrugs before turning his attention on me.

"It's up to Katniss." He says.

"I don't know." I say unsure.

"Aww c'mon Kitty you can't live in a hotel forever." Marvel whines. I roll my eyes before thinking it over. He's right. There's no space in that hotel and it costs so much.

"Fine." I say giving in. Marvel squeals, Clove and Gale high five, Finnick shakes his head before putting it in my lap. Cato stares at me icy blue eyes search mine. After a while he gives up as if he hasn't found anything.

This should be fun.