Land Before Time: The Great Valley Adventure Retold


Here's the sequel to the Land Before Time Retold series. Now that Aylene has earned her place among the Gang, time to explore the second adventure. Join Littlefoot, Aylene, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike as they begin their next adventure, this time in their own home!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Land Before Time series, I am merely exploring an alternate story.

A large greenish black sharp-tooth walked through the murky swamp of the Mysterious Beyond, carrying his catch of the day in his mouth. It had been a tedious hunt since there was very little prey in the area, but he finally managed to catch something. After eating his portion, he carried as much of it as he could back to the nesting ground.

He didn't get very far when he nostrils caught the scent of another sharp-tooth. He growled as he recognized the scent. He dropped his catch and stood over it, facing to the east as the scent drew closer.

"Come out!" he demanded in a deep threatening voice. "I know you're there!"

The intruder emerged from the rocks. This sharp-tooth had tannish hide, one yellow eye, and one red eye with a scar running all the way down to his talons, making one of them red as well.

"Strongfang," he answered in a mocking tone. "What a surprise."

"What do you want, Red Claw?" Strongfang growled, "And where are your little minions?"

"Screech and Thud?" the carnivore smugly answered, "Oh, off doing their own hunting. I just came to express my sympathy."

"What for?" Strongfang's eyes narrowed.

"Haven't you heard," the tannish carnivore sneered, "Sharptooth has been defeated."

Strongfang stepped back. "That's impossible! No one has been able to defeat him! You're just trying to deceive me!"

"You think I would lie about something like this?" Red Claw replied, "Nearly everyone in the Mysterious Beyond knows about it. Apparently, six little children took him down. A longneck, a threehorn, a spiketail, a swimmer, and flyer," Red Claw then slyly grinned, "and a human that looked an awful lot like Elaine."

Strongfang jolted up when he heard that name. "That can't be!" He shot back. "She hasn't been in this world for a hundred years!"

"That's what the story is," Red Claw haughtily replied, "My condolences for the loss of a family member."

Strongfang lunged forward and viciously snapped at Red Claw, who jumped away from the attack.

"Don't you DARE speak of my brother to me like that!" He roared.

"Oh, did I strike a nerve," Red Claw sneered again. "Oh that's right: Sharptooth may have been your brother, but you guys never got along. He was the ruthless one while you were the weak one."

"Don't make me kill you, Red Claw!" Strongfang fiercely growled.

"I didn't come here looking for a fight," Red Claw turned away, "I just came to tell you the news. But there is an advantage for me with Sharptooth being gone,"

"What would that be?" The other carnivore glared, becoming very annoyed by this arrogant fool.

"Now I will become the next "Walking Terror"!" Red Claw maliciously grinned.

"Ha!" Strongfang scoffed. "In your dreams! You'll never become the "Walking Terror", especially if you have to rely on two little fast-bitters to gather food for you as well. You're just a coward who only wants to be a threat, but you'll never be one! Now if you'll excuse me."

The male sharp-tooth picked up his catch and set out on his journey again. Red Claw scowled angrily at the brother of Sharptooth. How DARE he call him a coward! When Strongfang was out of hearing distance, he viciously snarled,

"I'll make you pay for that, Strongfang! "Just you wait! By nightfall, you won't have a precious hatching to wait for anymore!"

Strongfang walked to the cave on the outcrop over a small, murky swamp where his mate was resting. Right now, she was sleeping beside a nest with only one egg. Strongfang looked at the nest and felt slightly melancholy as he stared at the other broken shells beside it.

He and his mate made the foolish decision of going off to hunt together. When they came back, two egg eaters had nearly eaten their whole nest. They managed to chase them off, but the damage was already done. On that day, Strongfang vowed that he would protect his family no matter what the cost would be. While his mate would guard their only egg, he would go and hunt, bring back what food he could find.

The male sharp-tooth placed the meal down and gently nudged his wife.

"Rena," he softly said, "wake up."

Rena slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her mate.

"I brought you something to eat," Strongfang pushed the fresh meat toward her with his snout.

"Thank you," She sighed as she carefully got to her feet.

"How are you feeling?" The male asked.

"Calm down, Strongfang, I'm alright," She mildly replied as she began to eat the meat off the carcass.

Strongfang softly smiled at Rena. He was indeed glad that she chose him during courtship. Right now, she was the only family he had. As he thought of this, the news of Sharptooth stormed into the forefront of his mind. He looked away bitterly as he recalled what Red Claw had just told him.

"Strongfang," Rena noticed his change in mood and became concerned, "Is everything okay?"

Strongfang looked at his mate, "I heard news of Sharptooth today,"

"Is he here?!" The female fearfully jolted up.

"No," Strongfang responded, "He's dead."

Rena didn't respond, she just stared at her mate who was obviously troubled.

"Apparently," Strongfang continued, "He was defeated by five leaf eating children and a human that looked like Elaine."

"That…that can't be possible!" Rena whispered.

"That's what I said," her mate replied resentfully, "But Red Claw said that was the case."

"You honestly don't believe Red Claw, do you?" Rena rebuked. "You know what he's like."

"Even he wouldn't lie about this," Strongfang replied. "Sharptooth was the most feared of us bitters among the flatteeth AND our own kind. He abused his strength and even slayed his own kind. You really think Red Claw would lie about this?"

Rena looked down for a moment, and then shook her head. "You're right. But I thought you and Sharptooth…"

Strongfang shot an angry look at Rena, "I know Sharptooth was my brother!" He snarled. "But I'm not proud of it and you know that!"

"That's not what I was going to say!" Rena snapped. "I was going to say that I thought you and Sharptooth hated each other! And judging by your response, I can see you still do!"

Strongfang let out a deep sigh and turned away. "I'm sorry," he responded, "It's just that ever since those egg eaters…"

The sharp-tooth clenched, unable to bring himself to finish the story.

"I don't want to lose my only family," Was all he could say, feeling like a complete coward for admitting his weak spot.

Rena slowly walked up to him and gently nuzzled her face against his. He returned the gesture.

"I understand," she whispered gently, "but our egg's hatching day is almost here. I just know it. Once it hatches, then we'll leave this place and find a much safer home."

Strongfang nodded. The sooner they left this place, the better.

As his mate continued to eat her fill, he walked outside of the cave. He looked to his left and stared at the Great Wall. Beyond it was the haven for plant eaters: The Great Valley. Although he wasn't that interested in going into the place to begin with, he still wondered if there was anyway to get into it that no carnivore had discovered yet.

And especially upon hearing the news of what happened, he began to wonder if plant eaters were really intelligent, instead of being the mindless creatures that sharp-teeth had always regarded them to be. He then thought of those children Red Claw had described. He started to think that those children who defeated Sharptooth were some where beyond that wall.