Enemies No More

Aylene immediately stepped in front of Littlefoot and grabbed an arrow out of her quiver. Littlefoot stood behind her, keeping a nervous eye on the two approaching Struthiominuses. Both the human and the longneck braced themselves for an oncoming attack. Since they were on the edge of a cliff, one false move could result in them plummeting to the ground below.

The only thing they could do now was stand their ground.

"You clowns just don't give up, do you?!" Aylene snapped as she drew back the arrow and aimed it at Ozzy and Strut. "For the last time, LEAVE US ALONE!"

"Why?" Ozzy glared at the human girl.

"Because I'm sick of you trying to hurt my friends!" Aylene said through her teeth.

"No," the Struthiominus narrowed his eyes, "Why did help that little sharp-tooth and his family? You're just a child, not to mention you're noticeable small, so why did you do it?"

Aylene's eyes widened slightly and she lowered her bow slightly, loosening her pull on the arrow. The question was totally unexpected.

"Because he's my friend." she answered. "And so are Littlefoot and the others you two have threatened."

"Why?!" Ozzy shouted. "Why do you risk life and limb to save a bunch of kids?!"

Aylene scowled harder and tightened her grip on the bow.

"Their my friends!" she growled. "How many times do I have to say it?!"

"So you're saying you would risk your life for someone?!" Strut asked, bewildered.

"Yes, I would!" Aylene nodded.

Littlefoot looked at his friend with a surprised face. Although he had witnessed her save him and the others on multiple occasions, she had yet to come out and say that she would risk her own life to save them until now.

Aylene then glared as the two egg stealers.

"And what do you risk YOUR lives for?" she retorted. "A bunch of eggs for supper? And just because you couldn't get them you decide to kill us for it? That's LAME!"

The Struthiominuses stepped back in surprise at the comment. Ozzy, feeling highly offended, scowled at the human girl and stomped forward.

"Why you little…"

"You can get eggs anywhere!" Aylene forcefully interrupted. "But my friends are irreplaceable to me! They were by my side when I needed comfort and I was there to protect them in times of danger! We look out for each other and stand by each other no matter what! And no one hurts my friends without facing me first!"

Ozzy's face slowly changed from anger to a rather ambiguous expression.

"Which is why if you ever threaten them again," the girl stated, "I WILL NOT hold back!"

She then drew back her arrow and pointed it directly at the two Struthiominuses.

"Your move!" she scowled.

For a moment, the two groups stood their ground, glaring at each other. Aylene felt her arm and hand beginning to cramp up with strained muscles. Either Ozzy and Strut make a move soon or she'll have to lower her bow for a moment. But it she let her guard down, she and Littlefoot would be open for attack.

However, something unexpected happened.

Ozzy's face softened. Both Aylene and Littlefoot became surprised as he slightly shook his head and chuckled.

"Well, looks like we can't compete with you, little human." he shrugged.

"Ozzy?" Strut asked, just as confused as the two children.

"What do you mean?" Aylene raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"I mean I can see why you're so strong for someone your size." the Struthiominus explained. "You're either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish, but you certainly have guts. I can now see how you were able to defeat Sharptooth."

"It wasn't just me." Aylene corrected, despite being slightly flattered by the comment. "My friends were there with me. We did it together."

"Not to mention," Strut said, "you did save us from those sharp-teeth."

"I was saving Chomper." Aylene glared. "I didn't do it to save you or your brother."

"Regardless," Ozzy said, "and as much as we hate to admit it, we do owe you a debt of gratitude."

Aylene and Littlefoot glanced at each other in confusion for a moment. The girl lowered her bow and relaxed her arms a little, for by now her muscles had gotten pretty tired.

"Are you trying to trick us?" she asked, suspicious.

"No, not this time." Ozzy replied, slightly brusque.

"Then leave us alone for good and that will be enough." Aylene demanded.

"Very well." Ozzy turned away. "Come on, Strut. Best for us to be moving on."

"But Ozzy," Strut said, "don't you think we should also warn them?"

"Warn us about what?" Littlefoot asked.

Ozzy looked back at the two children for a moment before saying:

"Well, since you are the ones who defeated Sharptooth, it is fair to give you and your friends a warning."

"Yeah, apparently your victory has spread through out the Mysterious Beyond." Strut explained. "Not just to the flat-teeth, but also to other sharp-teeth as well."

"Really?" Aylene bit her lip.

"Yep," Ozzy said, "And let's just say if they catch you two or any of your friends, YOUR defeat will be seen as a sign of honor among the sharp-teeth."

"W-What?" Littlefoot asked, disturbed. "Why?"

"Well, Sharptooth was known as the "Walking Terror"." Strut shrugged. "And by defeating HIS defeaters, whoever does will be considered the next one."

"That's NEVER going to happen." Aylene confidently stated. "Not if I have anything to say about it."

"We're just warning you." Ozzy said rather blasé. "And if we were you, we'd get back to the Great Valley as soon as possible. Well, farewell, little trouble-makers."

With that, the two Struthiominuses raced down the path and disappeared among the rocks.

For a moment, Littlefoot and Aylene just stood there, somewhat dumbfounded by the event that had just taken place.

"Well, that was unexpected." the longneck sighed.

"You're telling me." Aylene said. "I was sure that we would have to fight them again. I'm still not sure what changed their mind in the first place."

"Maybe it was that little speech you gave." Littlefoot suggested. "It was pretty powerful."

The girl looked down at the ground for a moment and smiled a little, remembering the words she spoke.

"Uh, Aylene." the Apatosaurus hesitantly said. "Did you really mean all that? I mean risking your life for us?"

Aylene looked up at her friend and her smiled grew. She gently reached out her head and petted his head.

"Every word."

Littlefoot smiled and then placed his head over her shoulder for a hug. Aylene returned the gesture with a warm embrace around his long neck. After a moment, the two friends pulled away.

"C'mon," Aylene said, "let's get back."

With that, the two friends set off down the path toward the Great Valley.

Toward home.

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