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Ace rushed into the house, hearing Luffy cry. He hadn't expected it to be serious, since Luffy was a crybaby, and he was right. Still, he didn't like when Luffy was sad or hurt. He did his best to be there at those times to help, though.

Luffy sat at the table, crying. Sabo was beside him, inspecting a bleeding hand. When he saw Ace, he motioned him to come over.

"What happened this time?" Ace asked. He walked over to Sabo and looked over his shoulder to see just a tiny cut.

"Luffy was playing with a cup and it broke," Sabo answered. He sighed and pressed a rag to Luffy's hand. "I cleaned up all the glass, but he's still bleeding."

"Is it bad?" Ace asked. The way Sabo said it woried him.

Sabo, however, laughed at the worry. "No," he answered, holdng back giggles. "If I bandage it, it should be fine."

"Then do it."

"No!" Luffy yelled, thrashing around. "It hurts!"

Sabo gave a look to Luffy before his attention returned to Ace. "That's not exactly an easy task."

Ace sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Luffy was always so difficult! "Go get the bandages," Ace said. "I'll look after him."

A look of terror glued itself to Luffy's face. "Please, Ace, no!" he yelled. He began to flail around again in fear, but Ace grabbed him.

"Calm down," Ace said softly. When Luffy calmed to sniffling, Sabo got up and Ace took his place. "I wont let Sabo hurt you."

Sabo chuckled as he left. Him, hurt Luffy? Still, he understood Ace's protectiveness, so he said nothing and went to go find a first aid kit.

"No medicine?" Luffy asked Ace. Ace picked up Luffy's injured hand and looked at it. Seemed painful.

"Nope," he mumbled. "No medicine."

"I'm not going to die, right, Ace?"

Ace was taken aback for a moment. Die? From a tiny cut like that? How ridiculous could the boy be? He couldn't help but to laugh at Luffy's childishness.

Ace ruffled Luffy's hair and gave him a reasurring smile. "Of course not, you dummy."

Luffy smiled back at him. Ace always knew how to calm him. He felt so safe around his big brother.

When Ace saw Luffy smiling, he held the injured hand gently in his. "Besides," he said, "it's so tiny it would heal with a lick."

On that note, he brought Luffy's hand ip to his face, and licked at Luffy's injury. Luffy's face turned bright red and his sniffles silenced. He avoided Ace's eyes, and looked to the back wall. Ace chuckled. He was so cute.

Ace put Luffy's hand on the table and gave a quick peck to Luffy's lips. Luffy's face seemed to turn even more red, if that was possible. Ace patted his little brother's head.

"As if I'd let you die," he muttered.

Luffy opened his mouth to say something, but Ace back away from him and got up fom the table. He left the room just as Sabo returned.

"Eh? What happened, Luffy? Tell me you didn't get a fever from just a cut like that!"

Luffy was already asleep, his head in Ace's lap. Sabo was eyeing them suspiously. Finally, Ace couldn't take it anymore.

"What?" he asked.

"Luffy's face was really red earlier," Sabo said. As always, his voice sounded all knowing and secretive. "And he gave me no problem when I treated his hand."

Ace shrugged. "You know Luffy. You never know what he's going to do next."

"He also told me that it was already healed because of your magical kiss," Sabo said.

Ace froze. Could that brat not keep his mouth shut at all?

"Well, um..."

"But, you know, who believes in magic kisses? He's so creative," Sabo laughed. He could let Ace go... this once.

"Yeah, yeah," Ace muttered. He layed down and turned slightly to turn off the lamp, bringing Luffy up to him in a more comfortable position. "Shut up and go to sleep, Sabo."