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Brothers in Arms 5

Loki's men had really done a number on the antenna array, it had taken at least one, maybe more direct RPG hits, all to the business end. The platform and the mast below it were untouched but anything above that was a mass of twisted, broken metal, charred and soot streaked from the brief fire that had raged up there.

Even working together it had taken Clint and Steve over two hours just to get the wreckage cleared. Of course it might have gone a little faster if they hadn't spent a fair proportion of their time each distracted by the other.

Finally though the mast stood clear and bare. Filthy but happy Clint turned to Steve, "Right, we're done!" he announced.

"We are," Steve agreed with a grin, "so, you lower this lot to the deck, I'll go and get the replacement parts and we can make a start on getting this all put back together."

Clint had conveniently 'forgotten' about the need to install the new parts and he'd been hoping that Steve would 'forget' too, of course he should have known better.

"Killjoy!" he muttered under his breath as Steve disappeared through the hole and down the ladder back to the deck.

"I heard that," Steve's reply floated back up to him, followed by an amused laugh.

"You were meant to!" he hollered down before moving over to the small winch that currently supported the large bundle of debris that they had removed.

This mast normally housed satellite dishes as well as the massive variety of antenna's that they were about to replace. Those had been removed as soon as the repair efforts had begun. Even hanging by a thread, as some of the dishes had been, no-one was particularly worried about Health and Safety concerns. Few people would be wandering around the deck whilst they were at altitude. But if even one of the great dishes were to fall the additional damage it could cause would be extensive. A team working from a helicopter had hooked them and dragged them away, leaving the rest of the wreckage to be cleared by hand later.

It was going to be a hell of a job getting those dishes replaced and they wouldn't have full communications or sensor capability until it was done. But at least with the work they were doing today they would have some sensors back and thankfully they had never lost communications entirely, otherwise they would never have known about the inbound nuke until it was too late.

Musing on that day brought a lot of uncomfortable memories to the fore for Clint and he shook his head as if to clear those thoughts away. It was something that he was finally beginning to realise that he would have to deal with, but not today, instead he concentrated on watching the bundle of debris as he lowered it to the deck. Once it was down it didn't take Steve long to unhook it and replace it with the neat stack of replacement rods. He saw Steve give the thumbs up and throwing the winch into reverse started hauling everything up to where they were working.

Steve watched the heavy load begin to rise, making sure that all was secure and nothing would slip free. As soon as he was happy that there were no problems he started climbing back up, keeping pace with the winch as he went.

Once it reached the top Clint locked off the winch and the two men worked together to manhandle the new parts over the safety rail and onto the small platform they were working from. Looking at the mass of spars, rods and some strangely shaped pieces of metal as well as the large bag of assorted nuts and bolts Clint bit his lower lip thoughtfully. "I hope the instructions for all this are real clear."

"The instructions!" Steve exclaimed looking dolefully down to the spot where the pieces had been stacked awaiting installation.

Clint just looked from the Super Soldier to the deck and back again, "really! you forgot the instructions!" he asked incredulously.

Steve just shrugged, "I'm sorry," he offered.

"OK, look, you start sorting through this lot, I'll go down and get them," and Clint started on the trip back down to the deck.

Just as his head was about to disappear below the level of their platform Steve called his name in a sing-song voice, "Cli-int." Looking up the archer saw him waving several laminated sheets, still curved from being folded lengthways and, presumably stuffed into Steve's back pocket.

Closing his eyes he allowed his head to drop forward, clunking against the rung of the ladder in front of him, "Oh, my, God! Captain America has a sense of humour, who knew?" and climbing back up he stalked over to stand directly in front of the taller man. "You do know that payback's a bitch? Right?"

Steve just quirked an eyebrow, a slight smile lifting the corners of those chiselled lips and Clint couldn't resist, he had to reach up and lay a quick kiss on them before snatching the sheets from Steve's hand and starting to look through them.

The first couple of pages were a catalogue of all the parts they were supposed to have, looking from the neat pictures to the mass of metal at their feet he shook his head, "I hope you have plenty of that rope left."

Steve patted his tool belt, "no problem, it's the latest in Stark Tech, practically unbreakable high tensile cable, thinner and stronger than anything on the market but you can cut straight through it with the right tool."

"Cool," then a thought struck him, "hey, why didn't I get any of that?"

"Didn't you collect your new belt from Tony? You should have all the latest tools, I'm sure you were copied in on the same memo I got about it."

"Well, I may not have been keeping up with my mail these last few days," Clint just shrugged it off, he was beginning to realise just how much he had let slide this last week, he needed to start getting back on top of things. "Right let's get started, I'll go through this and work out what we have, you secure the sorted parts to the platform rail so we've got some room to work.

Working together they soon had everything sorted out and were able to start bolting the new cross-spars in place to build the foundation of the new array. Once that was stable they were able to begin attaching the actual antennae into place. Starting at the outermost edges of the top spar they worked as a team, Steve held the new piece in place and Clint attached it with the appropriate fixing from the large bag supplied. Soon they fell into the rhythm of the work, losing track of time as they worked comfortably together.

By the time they had finished night had fallen and in the dim glow of the lights from the bridge windows behind them they surveyed the completed array with some satisfaction. Turning to Steve Clint eyed the bigger man with his hands on his hips, "OK, happy now? Can we go and find somewhere a little more private?" he asked with a seductive smile on his lips.

"Of course," Steve replied, "just as soon as we've found Kenny and let him know that we're done."

Pulling out his radio Clint thumbed the mike, "Hi comms, can you pass word to Kenny on the work crews that his antenna array is installed, he just needs to get one of his guys up here tomorrow morning to get it wired up and it's ready to go."

"Roger that!" came the slightly tinny reply and Clint put the radio away with an exaggerated gesture, "anything else?"

Clint was starting to feel uncertain about this. Everything had looked so easy earlier when Steve had kissed him, but since then it seemed that Steve had been making excuse after excuse not to be alone with him. Unable to say what he needed to whilst looking at Steve he instead looked up at the array again, "Look, if you're having second thoughts about this then I understand. I'm not going to push you into anything you're not ready for."

Gathering all his courage he turned to face the other man only Steve wasn't there, he spun around as if Steve could be hiding somewhere on a bare platform no larger than five foot square. Then he looked down through the access hole and saw Steve already half way to the deck. His heart fell, was Steve leaving? Then Steve stopped and looked up. "Well, come on then, my quarters I'll race you!" and he was moving downwards again, even faster than before.

Clint stood in shock for a moment, then his heart leapt in his chest, it was alright, Steve hadn't heard a word he'd said, but that was OK. He wasn't having second thoughts, he was just an honourable man doing his duty and only now that that duty was done would he give time to his own personal needs and desires. Steve had almost reached the deck now and Clint suddenly jerked out of his frozen state, practically leaping through the access hole and flying down the ladder.

By the time Clint reached the deck, even jumping down the last eight feet, Steve was already through the door and out of sight. Still the archer wasn't worried, he was more familiar with the layout of the helicarrier, he had spent more time on board before the incident with Loki, and since then he had spent a lot of time in maintenance shafts and the like so that he knew many shortcuts around the shop.

Dashing across the deck he yanked the door open and careened through the opening, only to be brought up short as he practically ran into the tall, black-clad figure of Nick Fury. "Hawkeye," the curt greeting all he had come to expect from the leader of SHIELD.

"Sir," he replied, slightly breathless from the run across the deck.

"I've just come from a shift on the bridge." Fury's inference was clear.

"Ah, then you saw..." Clint broke off, waving vaguely over his shoulder in the general direction of the recently repaired antenna array.

Fury nodded, "Yes, I don't care what you gentlemen get up to in private, but I trust we won't be treated to any more such," he paused to ensure his point was getting across, "public displays."

Clint ducked his head, "No sir," he shifted his weight slightly from one foot to the other, eager to be off.

Few would have noticed the movement, but it had often been observed that Fury saw more with his one eye than most people saw with two. "Did you have somewhere to be Agent?" he asked wryly.

"Yes Sir." There really was no point in trying to lie, although Clint did attemp to control his fidgeting albeit with limited success.

"And I assume that has something to do with Cap coming through here at full tilt a minute ago?"

"It does sir" Clint's eyes flicked down the corridor after the long departed Steve.

"Well, don't you think you'd better get after him then." The end of Fury's sentence was addressed to empty space, Clint was already off and running, "yes sir!" floating back over his shoulder as he went, not giving his commanding officer time to change his mind.

Clint pounded round the corner, skidding to a halt in front of one of the access panels to the system of maintenance shafts that existed throughout the ship. Triggering the release he pulled the panel clear and scrambled through. He'd lost time in talking to Fury but he might still beat Steve to the other man's quarters. The shaft was small, at best Clint could only move in an awkward scuttle, bent over at the waist in the cramped space, at worst he had to slither along on his belly. Clint had never been claustrophobic so the close quarters didn't bother him and he quickly reached a vertical shaft that would take him down three levels cutting a good five minutes off the journey time. Reaching the access point closest to the rooms assigned to the Avengers he quickly exited the shaft system hurrying down one more level and around a corner to find himself alone in the corridor which housed his and Steve's rooms as well as the quarters of all the other Avengers team members.

He sauntered up to Steve's door, finally hearing the sound of pounding feet as he leaned back, nonchalantly to rest his shoulders against the wall. Taking a few deep breaths and closing his eyes he assumed a pose of extreme boredom. Although no-one would know it from his externally relaxed appearance, he was concentrating all his skills on tracking Steve's approach using his hearing. He heard the moment that Steve rounded the corner and saw him waiting by the way the running footsteps suddenly dropped to a brisk walk. He could barely control his smile as he listened to the approaching footfalls until they stopped directly in front of him.

"Sorry to have kept you," Steve offered with a smile, "you could have waited inside if you wanted."

"I didn't like to presume." Clint replied, finally opening his eyes and straightening from his slouched position.

Steve just shook his head, he'd have to do something about Clint's insecurities later, but for now he had other thoughts on his mind and opening the door he waved the other man in first, "Shower's that way" and he pointed to a door on his right.

Clint stepped through the indicated door into a shower room identical to the one in his own quarters, a standard sized shower cubicle, the toilet tucked away behind the door and a corner sink scarcely large enough to warrant the name.

Squeezing to one side and basically sitting on the sink he was able to make sufficient space for Steve to enter the room, close the door and turn on the shower. Clint couldn't believe how fast this was all moving, this time yesterday he had been hiding out down in the belly of the helicarrier crying for all that he had lost with Loki's arrival through the tesseract portal. Now here he was in a room rapidly filling with steam, apparently about to share a shower with Steve Rogers and who knew what would follow.

He was still worried that Steve was pushing himself too far, too fast. He had some vague, jumbled up ideas about Steve's early years and the stricter morality of nineteen forties America. Reaching out he caught the other man's wrists, stilling his arms as he was about to pull his grimy t-shirt up and over his head. "Steve, slow down, you don't have to..." he broke off, unsure what he really wanted to say.

Steve frowned, looking unsure himself now, "you don't want to?" he nodded to the shower.

"Oh I want to, but I know that things were different in your day, I don't want you to push yourself too hard. If you need to wait, to take things slowly then we can do that, whatever you need." and he smiled gently, reassuringly he hoped.

Steve just stared at him for a moment before lifting his hands to cup Clint's face, wrists resting on the smaller man's shoulders. Holding him in this manner he looked directly into Clint's eyes, forcing Clint to look straight into his, "Listen Clint, I appreciate what you're saying, I really do. And things were different seventy years ago. Seventy years ago, if I wasn't an asthmatic weakling, if I was interested in a girl we'd have spent evenings sat on the porch swing under her parents watchful eyes, eventually I'd have asked permission to take her to a dance, maybe we'd have married who knows. But I was asthmatic, and puny, and no-one was interested in someone so small and sickly, so none of that ever happened for me. Then I finally met a girl interested in me, Peggy, and before we could take it any further I had to crash that plane into the polar ice-cap and was frozen for seventy years. I've waited long enough Clint, I've taken things slow and that's gotten me precisely nowhere. Now I've found you and I really want to get laid. OK?"

Clint maintained eye contact, searching those ice blue depths for something only he could understand. He said nothing for so long that the waiting Steve Rogers began to be concerned that he'd pushed too hard and he asked again, "OK?"

Finally Clint answered with a decisive nod, "OK!" and before he could say more Steve was pulling him in for a fierce, but brief kiss that took the younger man's breath away. As soon as he released Clint Steve reached for the hem of his shirt once more, quickly pulling it over his head and discarding it behind him, narrowly missing dropping it into the toilet. Toeing out of his shoes Steve undid his belt and skinned out of his jeans.

Clint watched in awe as the sculpted physique that Steve had been gifted with by the super soldier serum was revealed. And as Steve finally straightened to stand naked before him his mouth went suddenly dry at the sight of him.

His admiring look was cut short as Steve turned to step under the flow of water and Clint became aware that he was vastly overdressed. Stripping as quickly as possible in the confined space he allowed his clothes to lay where they fell and squeezed into the shower cubicle, sidling round the bigger man to stand directly under the flow of water with Steve's reassuring bulk pressed up against his back from calves to crown. A wet, glistening arm reached over his shoulder to the caddy hanging from the fitting in front of him and grabbed the shampoo before withdrawing. A delicious shudder of anticipation rippled through his body and he asked, "and what are you planning to do with that?"

His only reply was a warm, slightly breathless chuckle before he heard the lid flip open. Moments later the arm reappeared, replacing the bottle in its original position, Then two hands descended upon his head and Steve began to vigorously massage the creamy liquid into his hair, swiftly building a luxurious foam that slithered down his face making Clint laugh, Steve really was just going to shower with him.

Picking up the soap he turned to face Steve and started to wash the broad expanse of chest in front of him exploring as he went, running feather light fingers down Steve's flanks and watching delightedly as the other man shimmied slightly in response to the ticklish touch. When Steve had finished with his hair, and he was happy that Steve's chest was clean he nudged the other man to turn and started in on his back, washing it just as thoroughly as the front before dropping to his knees to do the legs. Once satisfied that he'd explored every inch he prompted Steve to turn again so that he could do the front of his legs.

Clint awkwardly climbed to his feet coming up between the other man's arms, pressed against his chest and it was the most natural thing in the world to kiss him, gently, open mouthed allowing their tongues to tangle gently together.

Ending the kiss and seeing that Steve was looking a little glassy eyed Clint reached for the shampoo and started washing Steve's hair, giving the other man time to pull himself together. The quiet man moved docilely as directed, allowing Clint to pull him under the shower head to rinse him off and then to lean him against the side wall so that Clint had space to finish washing himself before shutting off the water and reaching for a towel.

Starting to towel Steve's hair dry Clint saw that the other man was beginning to look a little more with it and was trying to speak so he stilled the towel leaving it draped over Steve's head and leaned in to hear what he was saying.

"I need you" Steve murmured, dipping his head as if ashamed to voice the words.

Carefully Clint tilted his chin back up, "you have me" he gently replied.

A smile stole over Steve's face, "truly?" he asked.

"Yes" was the confident reply.

"In that case," and bending swiftly Steve swung the smaller man up over his shoulder into a rough fireman's carry and stepped out of the shower.

"Hey, put me down, we're both still wet, we'll get the bed soaked." There was also the fact that in the confined space Clint was in constant danger of banging his head or his feet against a wall, but he wasn't planning on mentioning that.

"There are clean sheets in the cupboard," and he reached for the door handle hoisting Clint up to rest a little more comfortably over his shoulder.

"OK, OK, but back into the shower for a second, I need to grab something." As Steve followed the instruction Clint twisted and grabbed the shampoo off the shower caddy, "just in case." he offered in response to Steve's confused look and this time when Steve turned to the door Clint didn't object, instead enjoying the view of Steve's ass as he was carried through.

Passing through a second door brought them into Steve's bedroom, it was just as tiny as Tony's had been, and since Steve had settled for the SHIELD supplied furnishings the bed was even smaller than Tony's. Still there was enough room for the two of them and Steve carefully laid Clint down on the bed, switching on a small side light before moving to lie beside him. Their wet skin slid together deliciously as Clint pulled him in for another kiss and this time neither man broke it off short.

Finally though Clint had to come up for air, it seemed Steve's enhanced lung capacity was good for more than just performing manual labour at altitude without breathing apparatus. Rolling them slightly so that Steve lay flat on his back whilst Clint could look down at him from his superior position, propped up on one elbow Clint began tracing patterns over the, still damp, skin of Steve's chest.

"So, how do you want this to go?" Clint asked, he knew what he wanted, he'd known since the moment he saw Steve's magnificent body revealed in the shower room, but he was still wary of pushing too far in spite of the other man's protestations.

"What do you mean?" Steve asked, reaching up a languid hand to run his fingers through Clint's short, spiky hair.

"Well, do you want to top, bottom, do you want a blow-job, a hand-job..." Clint trailed off waiting.

Steve was beginning to get an inkling of what the shampoo was for, he'd done some reading since he'd woken up in this time. Just drifting around the internet, clicking links that looked interesting. It was amazingly easy to end up in totally unexpected places, unexpected but not necessarily unpleasant. So he had a vague idea of the mechanics and he was a little concerned about how that worked, but he definitely knew that he wanted to try everything. He also thought he knew what Clint wanted but his concern about accidentally hurting the smaller man outweighed his need to please him and so he made his decision, "I want to feel you inside me."

Clint swallowed against the sudden lump in his throat. He really wanted to feel the super soldier inside him, but what Steve had requested ran that a close second and the flash of disappointment was gone before it even had a chance to register.

"Right then, do you have any slick?" he asked and at Steve's puzzled frown he clarified, "personal lubricant?"

Steve bit his lip uncertainly, "I'm not sure, have a look in the drawer there" and he nodded to the small cabinet beside the bed.

Swinging his legs around Clint sat up to rummage through the top drawer where he quickly located an unopened container of strawberry flavour lube. "How can you not know whether you have lube or not?" he asked light-heartedly as he turned back around and snuggled down beside his super soldier.

"It was Tony," Steve muttered, almost too quiet to be heard.

"Tony?" Clint questioned, not sure that that was really what Steve had said but at Steve's nod he asked, "what is Tony doing buying you lube?" and he started to push himself upright once again. However the strong arm wrapped around his waist had other ideas and he found himself held firm.

"It's not what you're thinking," Steve assured him, "I needed to go clothes shopping and Tony invited himself along, he wanted to take me to some designer store, I think he was ticked off when I refused and took him to Walmart. I don't think he'd ever been inside one of their stores before, he insisted on throwing all sorts of stuff into the trolley. I didn't realise some of it was there until I got back up here to unpack so..."

Clint was trying hard not to laugh, but really he could just picture a petulant Tony being dragged around Walmart, throwing assorted bits and pieces in the trolley just like a tantruming two year old!

"Ah well, remind me to thank him later," and popping the lid off the container he squeezed some of the glistening fluid onto his fingers, "you ready for this?" he asked.

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As Clint's, suddenly strengthless arms gave out beneath him he finally realised the ultimate benefit of taking a super soldier as a lover. Instead of receiving a displeased grunt as he was pushed aside strong arms came up around him where he had collapsed onto Steve's chest and he was held firmly in place. After resting for a few moments he made a half hearted attempt to push himself up, "need to clean us up" he mumbled in explanation.

But Steve was having none of it and his arms simply tightened as he briefly raised his head to press a quick kiss to Clint's hair before dropping back onto the pillow.

"C'mon Steve, we'll stick together, and the bed's all wet, you'll catch your death of cold," Clint tried once more but Steve had no intention of letting him go.

"Wanna be stuck to you, and 'm a super soldier," he murmured, slurring his words with exhaustion, "we don't catch colds!"

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