We were home, after dropping of our kids from Kings Cross Station. Our son Albus would be going to Hogwarts now, with his big brother James. Our daughter, Lily would be going in two years. Until then, she would be staying at home with Ginny and I. Ron and Hermione would be at their house with their son Hugo, and their daughter Rose would be at Hogwarts with James and Albus. It was 11:42 AM when we got home, Ron and Hermione invited us to come to their house to celebrate at 4:00 PM. We had until then to bake the cake we were bringing there. We would celebrate them making it to Hogwarts, and then we would celebrate that Lily and Hugo were going to make it to Hogwarts. Weird. Everything seems so, normal. I mean, I'm FINE with there being calmness, and not there being a threat hanging over you. But, still, it's kind of weird for everything to be normal when you've had the threat hanging over you all your life and then, suddenly, it's not there anymore.

"Harry?" A feminine voice interrupted my thoughts. "Harry, we don't have enough ingredients for the cake. I need to run out to the store and get some more. Will you watch Lily till then?" Ginny said. I snapped out of what he was thinking.

"Sure." I said. "Love you." I said as I kissed my wife on the lips.

"Love you too," said the red-headed woman. "Be back in a bit." I went to the living room. I was thinking about Lily. It was her birthday in two weeks, and she was turning 9 that year. I hoped that her birthdays were much, much better than his when he was younger.

"Hey Lily!" I said as he got out the checkerboard, "Want to play some checkers?"

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