He lands.

He landed in Kentucky and did not like the view all sand and dry the crazy man was not pleased. He told himself "don't think of the view think about where you will find that hedgehog" and on that note there it was in a cage on the ground an abandoned hedgehog scared and helpless. The crazy man was so thrilled he couldn't even pick up the cage and his servants had to do it for him and they were not pleased with the mess it made. The crazy man didn't care what the servants thought he knew they were only robots and had no feelings so it made it a lot easier to not hurt their feelings he is very sensitive about those kinds of things.

Once he was back at his air craft he headed home to the space ship to get the project finished. He landed and was so anxious to get his experiment up and run. So first he took the hedgehog and put it in a capsule and closed the capsule doors. He was ready, ready to do what had taken so long he put his hand on the switch and ….. a purple aura blasted the air there was a screech from the hedgehog and the crazy man just laughed his heart out.

The purple light faded and there was only smoke left and he couldn't tell if it had worked or…. The capsule door opened and the crazy man didn't know why cause there was nobody there and then….. a black hedgehog with red streaks in his hair and white gloves and red eyes came out. The doctor was pleased with his work and said "you are shadow the hedgehog and I am crazyman".