The shadow story (how it started)


How it started.

It all started when a crazy man was thinking of ideas of how to build an amazing weapon that would be his body guard and his best fighter. The crazy man started with a question what will I use to make this amazing weapon "I need to give it a name just saying the amazing weapon is a mouth full". "Before a do anything I need a name it what will it be Smokey, beast, the shadow ah wait that's it instead of the shadow just plain old shadow". He was happy that he gave it a name but still there was still many kinks he needed to work out like what will he use for his body guard "a human no to weak, um damn I don't know" that's when crazy man turned around and saw a poster of a hedgehog "that's it that's what I'll use a hedgehog they may be slow but I can use a little challenge".