Chapter 1

Looking out over the frozen landscape, Tim McGee watched the world go by his apartment window. Just days before he met with his parents and they said that he was no longer part of their family. Told many years ago that they didn't love him. Estranged from his sister and grandmother, isolated from his team Tim picks up a bottle of sleeping pills and begins to count out a handful. He swallows them down with a bottle of alcohol. He begins to drift away, hoping to end the pain he feels every day.

Gibbs, whose team was on call, cool word about a case and called all the team. He couldn't get a hold of Tim and went to his apartment. Gibbs knocked and knocked but got no answer. He then preceded to pick the lock and enter the apartment and in the bedroom found Tim.

He was passed out on the bed. McGee's pulse was weak and he didn't respond to Gibbs order to wake up. Growing alarmed, Gibbs Called 911 and requested an ambulance to respond to McGee's apartment. Looking around he spotted the pills and knew in that instance that Tim tried to kill himself.

Later at the hospital, Gibbs called the team to let them know what happened. Donald "Ducky" Mallard said that he would meet Gibbs at the hospital and talk with Tim's doctor. Tony said that he and Ziva would work the crime scene and meet him at the hospital. He also said that he would inform Abbey about what happened.

Just then Ducky arrived and immediately went in search of the doctor. After talking with the man for a few minutes he then joined Gibbs in the waiting room. "Jethro how did this happen" says Ducky. "I have no clue, when he didn't answer, I got into his apartment and found him like that" replied Gibbs. Not one to admit that he was scared, Gibbs found that he may never get a chance to tell Tim how he feels about him.

Now only time will tell. Just then the doctor came out to talk to the two men.