Willow walked into her dorm room throwing her backpack on the floor next to her desk. Buffy wasn't there, shocker, she was going to spend the majority of the night out patrolling and wouldn't be back until close to sunrise. Xander was out of the picture tonight as well just like every other night, he was with Anya. Have to admit Xander loved the demon girls and they loved him Ms, French, the mummy girl, Faith, Cordelia. Willow was looking at a long lonely night of stuffing herself full of ice cream and crying over sad sappy movies. She knew it was a heartbroken girl cliché but couldn't help herself. She glanced at her planner and remembered that she had her Wicca meeting in an hour but didn't know if she could drag herself to it. She looked on her bookshelf and selected a spell book. She knew putting her spell books in such an out in the open space was stupidly risky but she also knew people didn't often see what was right in front of their faces. She sifted through the spells searching for one that would help fill the void in her since Oz left but found nothing. She slammed the book closed and threw it at the door holding back a scream. She buried her face in her hands and tried to make her body as small as possible before jumping up to leave the room with the need to get out and clear her head. Willow began to wonder aimlessly across campus and before she knew it she was in the woods. She took a moment to assess the situation she was alone, in the woods, at night in a town built on a hellmouth. Since she wasn't exactly suicidal she decided to make her way back when she was grabbed from behind and thrown on the ground. "Well, well, well" she heard a guy say. She looked up to see three vampires surrounding her. The guy who had spoken was medium height with brown hair and a blue suit she was pretty sure her father had worn in the 70's. The one girl was of the same height with long blonde Farrah Fawcett hair and a yellow mermaid dress, she must've been his prom date. The third was a girl also but seemed to actually be from this decade. She was tall with black hair pulled back in a pony-tail, jeans and a plain red t-shirt. "Well what do we have here?" he asked. "Little red riding hood all alone in the woods on the way to grandmother's house?" "So, who are you?" Willow asked nervously hoping to distract him so she could get away. "The big bad wolf" he answered gleefully with a big smile. "So, what are you a vampire, werewolf or just confused?" she heard a familiar voice ask from behind her. "Who are you?" 80's prom Barbie asked. Willow mouthed the next words with her "I'm the slayer." A second later Buffy was taking on the vampires. Willow started to get up to get up to help her but was soon pinned down by the John Travolta wannabe. Willow struggled against him but he was too strong, he went in for the bite but was staked before he could make it. "I should have waited until the sun came up so I could say burn baby burn" Buffy said laughing at her own joke. Seeing Willow wasn't laughing she hurriedly kneeled down beside her. "Are you okay" she worriedly asked. "Oh I'm just dandy" Willow said sarcastically "I'm fine" she then said in a more reasoned tone. "Are you sure?" Willow nodded "do you want me to walk you back to the dorm?" "No I think I can find my own way back without somebody to hold my hand." "I just meant-" "I know what you meant " Willow said sadly turning and walking back to the dorm.