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General POV

When Luna saw Klaus die, it broke her heart. Her whole body became numb because the man she loved, died in front of her. She tried to stop it, but Alaric would have killed her to. Damon had to yell at her to get her out of the way because her body fell to the ground on shock when Klaus's body went up in flames.

Luna had gotten about a mile from the warehouse before her body collapsed again. She began to cry, almost hysterically even though she tried not to. The loss of Klaus caused her more pain than the loss of her father. She loved Klaus, despite how long she fought against the feelings. Klaus had snuck into her heart, but now he was gone. She was so consumed by her own tears, that she didn't notice Kol.

Kol had heard her crying and finally found her. He knew she was crying from the loss of his brother. Kol had bent down next to her. Luna barely noticed him, but clutched onto him. It wasn't something Kol was used to, but he tried his best to comfort her.

There was one way Luna could avoid the pain from losing Klaus. Luna knew it, but tried to avoid it because she promised her father she would never do it. If Luna turned off her humanity, then she wouldn't feel anything. If there was one thing Luna hated, it was crying. She knew with the loss of Klaus, she'd be crying forever. Kol gently shushed her, even though he was really out of his comfort zone. He could tell Luna was murmuring something about not being able to handle it. He knew was was coming because he's seen it happen to others. Luna tried to take deep breaths so she could calm herself and stop crying. Luna slowly opened her eyes and looked at Kol. He could tell that there was no emotion left in her eyes. He brought his hand to her face and wiped away a tear that was left over.
"What now?" Kol asked.
"Italy." Luna said as they both stood up from the ground.
"I know a way." Kol said as he held out his hand. Luna took it before the two of them sped off to Italy.


Kol and Luna took the fastest plane they could to Italy. On the way, they both fed from a stewardess, but left her alive so they wouldn't around suspicion. When they landed, Kol quickly compelled them the most expensive hotel room in the nearest hotel.

Luna opened her eyes to see Kol sleeping next to her. She flipped her side of the blanket on him and stood from the bed. Kol didn't wake as Luna moved into the bathroom and started a shower. She stepped in the shower and let herself soak. Is she had her humanity, she would complain to herself that the water was cold. As the water started to warm up, Kol started to wake up. He could tell that Luna wasn't in the bed with him but with his senses, he knew were she was. A small mischievous smile appeared on his face before he sped out of the bed and joined her in the shower. His lips immediately crashed onto hers and his hands went onto her now wet hair. Luna held Kol's head so their lips wouldn't come apart. They only came apart a few times for air and to wash each other.

After their shower, they both left the hotel. they two of them were still wearing their clothes from when they were last in Mystic Falls. They both needed clothes and Kol was willing to pay or compel whoever he needed.

Kol almost didn't notice Luna go into a salon. He translated for Luna since she didn't know much Italian. When her hair was done, it was shoulder length instead of her normal elbow length hair. There was also some red highlights that Kol told the hairstylist to put in. He knew Luna wouldn't care. You couldn't really tell, but it looked good in Luna's orange hair.

Kol made sure he held Luna's hand as the walked down the streets to find a story suitable to his liking. He wanted Luna to wear expensive clothes. It took a while, but he found one of the most expensive places in Italy to shop for clothes. It had everything from jewellery to shoes and even some plain looking clothing. Kol compelled the cashier that was working to let Luna try on as much clothes as she wanted and to give them everything Luna wanted for free.

As Luna looked at the clothes, Kol sat down on a lounge chair that was in front of the dressing rooms. He knew he would be able to watch Luna try on the clothes even though he wanted her emotions on when he did. Kol was going to take what he could get. He kept his eyes on Luna as she took almost a rack of dresses into the dressing room. After a few minutes, Luna stepped out in a skin tight strapless red dress with silver heels.
"You look mouthwatering." Kol said, but stopped himself from licking his lips.
"That's what I was going for." Luna said as she looked at herself in the mirror. She went back into the dressing room and noticed her cell phone was ringing. Luna picked up her phone and looked at the number. It wasn't one she recognized, so she pressed ignore before putting back down so she could try on some more clothing.

After Luna did all her shopping, they went back to the hotel room to put the clothes away. As Luna looked through the clothes, Kol ordered some room service. Kol sat on the couch with a glass of champagne as Luna walked out of the bedroom with the strapless dress on that she tried earlier.
"Are you planning on wearing that all day?" Kol asked when Luna came into his view.
"Why, got a problem with it?" She asked as she took Kol's glass of champagne from him.
"Not at all darling." Kol said as he looked over Luna's body. He didn't know her for long, but he could already tell the difference about her since she turned of her emotions. Kol stood up from the couch and stood within inches of Luna. He slowly brought his hand up to her cheek and brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "What do you say the two of us go out to a club?"
"After this." Luna said with some seductiveness in her voice before kissing Kol. His hand went behind her head and his fingers through her new shorter hair. He enjoyed her longer hair better, but he didn't mind the shorter hair. They both sped towards the bed and Kol was careful not to tear Luna's dress.

Luna and Kol eventually went to a club, where Kol had compelled their way in. They both sat at the bar as they drank from their drinks. The music was playing in Italian, but Kol knew what they were saying. Kol was slightly smiling at the words while keeping an eye on Luna. He knew how vampires could act without their humanity. They were mostly unpredictable because they didn't care about anything and they didn't fear anyone. He didn't know how unpredictable Luna was going to get because even without humanity, everyone was different.

Luna was looking around for someone to dance with and possibly feed from. She was ignoring the glances that Kol was giving her. Eventually an Italian man with brown hair sat next to Luna.
"Ti andrebee di ballare? (Would you care to dance?)" The man asked Luna. Luna added what Italian she knew to what she was already picking up in the few hours of being in the club. She nodded her head because she knew what he had asked. Luna gave the man a nod before putting her glass on the bar and joining the man on the dance floor.

After an Italian girl started to flirt with Kol, he noticed that Luna wasn't sitting next to him anymore. He looked out at the dance floor and saw that she was dancing with a man. There was a part of him that was jealous, but he knew it was useless to be jealous because Luna didn't have her humanity. Kol couldn't take his eyes off of Luna as she danced the music. He found himself smirking as he finished his glass. He put his glass on the bar before slipping off his stood to join Luna. Out the corner of her eye, Luna could see Kol walking towards her. Luna ignored his presence as she continued to dance.
"Ti andrebee di ballare? (Would you care to dance?)" Kol asked Luna, repeating what the man had asked Luna earlier.
"Lei balla con me. (She's dancing with me.)" The man that was dancing with Luna said, but Kol kept his cool.
"Non piu. (Not anymore)" Kol said as Luna watched what was going on in front of her. "Vai via. (Go away)." Kol compelled the man that Luna was dancing with, which made him walk away. Kol turned to Luna and held out his hand, which she took. "I've got you all to myself." Kol put his hands on Luna's waist.
"Is it just me, or were you jealous?" Luna asked straight out because of how he acted when she was dancing with the other person.
"You know I don't like others touching what's mine." He said as they danced.
"Who said I was yours?" Luna asked before Kol spun her. He brought her back and his arm was wrapped around her, their faces inches apart.
"I did." He spun her back out before she got back into his arms. Luna had one hand holding Kol's while the other was on his shoulder. "If I decide something or someone is mine, no one will ever get near it."
"So you were jealous." Luna said as she looked behind Kol, trying to pick out someone to feed on. Kol didn't say anything as they continued to dance.

Kol eventually left Luna alone so he could go to the bathroom. He didn't want to leave her alone, but what harm would a few minutes do? Luna stood near the bar, looking at the people that were dancing. Throughout the night, many people had come and gone. There was a few people that had stayed the whole time. The person that Luna had been dancing with earlier was one of them. The second Luna spotted him, she started to walk towards him. She tapped his shoulder, which made him turn towards him.
"Perche non prendiamo un po 'di tranquillita? (Why don't we get a little quiet?)" Luna tried to ask the man, not knowing if she said it correctly. He seemed to get what she was saying because he took her hand as she led him towards the back door.

Luna and the man were in the alley. Her back was against the building as he kissed her neck. She wanted his blood, but that didn't mean she couldn't get a little something out of it as well. A few seconds passed before they switched positions. Luna licked his neck, right on top of a vein. She could almost hear his blood flow through his veins. Luna lifted her head and let all of her supernatural features show. Her eyes turned into an amber color, veins appeared around her eyes and her fangs dropped down. The man had his eyes closed so he didn't see Luna's face change, but he could feel her fangs penetrate his skin. He started to scream, but the music from the club was so loud, it was drowning him out. Luna held him close to her body as he began to struggle. The more he struggled, the tighter she held him.

His heartbeat started to slow and Luna was about to drain him, but she was stopped by Kol. Kol had pushed her off of the man, who fell to the ground.
"I was hungry Kol." Luna said with no emotion when he saw it was him that stopped her from killing the human. Kol didn't say anything as he fed his blood to the human before compelling him to leave and forget the night ever happened. "I'll just have to find someone else to eat." Luna started to walk away, but Kol stopped in front of her.
"No." He said. "The two of us are going back to the hotel."
"Why?" Luna asked him.
"Because I want to get you out of that dress again and it's easier to feed where no one can see you." He said, even though he didn't care where he fed. Neither one of them knew if there were any vampire hunters in Italy and Kol thought it was safer if they fed where they had some privacy. Kol held out his hand towards Luna, wanting her to take it. She looked at it for a minute before holding his hand. Luna didn't want him to stop her from doing anything, so she thought it would be better if she was on his good side... not that she cared one way or the other.

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