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General POV

Klaus and Luna were laying next to each other in his bed. They were both asleep, but their bodies faced each other. Luna's hair was a mess from what they did the night before, but it still framed her face. Klaus slowly started to open his eyes and saw Luna laying next to him. A faint smile appeared on his face, even though he knew Luna still didn't have her emotions. He was just glad to wake up next to her. He brought his hand to her face and gently started to brush some of her hair behind her ear. Luna's eyes started to open, but Klaus didn't move his hand from her face.
"Good morning sweetheart." Klaus said in a whisper. Luna surprised Klaus by bringing her hand to the hand of his that was touching her face. Her fingers slipped through his as she slowly moved their hands between each other. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment before Luna's eyes moved to his tattoos.
"When did you get those?" She asked, slightly curious. Klaus glanced at his tattoos before looking back at Luna.
"Quite a long time ago." Klaus said, trying to keep her next to him as long as he could. Luna slowly took her hand from his and gently touched the tattoos.
"I was going to get one before..." She stopped talking because she could feel her humanity start to bubble within her.
"Before what love?" He carefully asked, wanting to know more about her.
"Before you turned me." Some sadness appeared in Klaus's eyes, but Luna didn't see it because she was still looking at his tattoos. "It was either going to be a wolf on my back or a crescent moon on my ankle." He didn't say anything because he was surprised that Luna was sharing information about her past. She never really talked about her past, which made him glad despite their current situation. "I should take a shower." She said because she could notice talking to Klaus about her past was making her emotions bubble within her. Luna started to get out of the bed, but Klaus stopped her by gently grabbing her wrist.
"There's a gathering later, I'd like to go with you." Luna didn't respond right away because she was weighing the pros and cons. She knew the more time she spent with Klaus, the more he would try to pick at her emotions. There was the possibility of having sex by the end of the night, which she didn't mind doing with him. In her mind, she was trying to figure out if dealing with him trying to get her emotions back was worth having sex with him.
"Even if I would say no, you'd make me go... wouldn't you?" Luna asked even though she knew the answer.
"Pretty much." Klaus said before she stood from the bed completely naked.
"I'll be in my room until you are going to force me out of the house." Luna said before she walked out of his room with him watching her every step until she was out of his view.

Klaus knew it would take time to get Luna's humanity back and he's had a feeling that they were already starting to come back, but she was pushing them down. He wanted her back to the way she was before, but he was starting to get a little impatient even though they both had nothing but time.

Luna's POV

I sat on the chair that was in my room after I had finished my shower. Klaus had told me that he was going to talk to Stefan before our 'date'. He had been gone for thirty minutes and I was getting bored. I marked the spot that I was at in the book I was reading before getting off the chair. I tossed the book onto my bed before walking down the stairs to look for something else to do.

When I got to the first floor of his mansion, I poured myself a glass of champagne and started to explore. I thought it would be beneficial to know where everything was since I would be staying for a while. It was obvious that I wouldn't be leaving until Klaus was satisfied with my humanity and since I was never going to let it come back, I wouldn't be leaving soon. I could always sneak away from him, but I knew he would find me and bring me back and I had no intention on going through that cycle. As I discovered more rooms, I can across one with paintings. I walked into the room and started to look at the paintings out of curiosity. There was a few laying on top of a table that caught my eye. Most of them were of me, similar to the drawing he let me have the first night I was in his room. In the ones on the table I was smiling. I could tell that it was a genuine smile that I used to show before I abandoned my feelings. 'He still thinks I can be saved' I thought as my eyes moved to each picture one by one. Another thing I noticed is that I had long hair in almost all of them. There was on on the top of me with short hair, that I picked up and held in my free hand. I was wearing the outfit when he found me in Italy. The moonlight was shining on me and made my necklace and eyes sparkle. I put it down and took a sip from my glass. 'I gotta get out of here' I thought before turning around only to see Klaus standing behind me.
"I didn't hear you." I said to him.
"I know." He said as he glanced behind me.
"Why do you keep drawing me?" I asked which made him step closer to me.
"Because I can't get you out of my mind."
"Maybe you just need the right distraction." I said before walking past him and back to my room.

When I saw him I could feel some happiness bubble in me. I knew if I embraced that then everything would come back. That was something I wasn't going to let happen. Me turning off my emotions was probably one of the best things I did. It was liberating because I could do whatever the hell I wanted and I could once I got away from Klaus. All I needed was the opportunity.

General POV

After Luna returned to her room, Klaus couldn't help but look at the drawings he had of Luna. The older version of Luna, the one he grew to care for. He needed her to have her emotions back, she just wasn't the same without them. Klaus spent the rest of the morning on the first floor, but kept his ears on Luna. He was making sure that she wasn't going to run off on him.

As time passed Klaus realized that it was getting closer to the time he wanted to take Luna out. He went up to her room to see her reading the book she was reading earlier.
"What now?" Luna asked without lifting her head.
"Just checking up on you love." Klaus said from her doorway.
"Does it have anything to do with what you wanted to do?" She lifted her head from the book to see a small smirk on Klaus's face. "After this chapter." Luna said because she knew Klaus would eventually make her go anyway.
"Make sure you wear a dress." Klaus said with a small smirk before reluctantly walking away. He walked towards his room so he could change into something more suitable for their 'date'.

After Luna finished the chapter in the book, she marked her spot before looking in her closet. She knew she didn't have to wear a dress, but she bought new ones that she knew Klaus would just love to see her in. Luna assumed that there was going to be other people where Klaus was going to take her so she decided not to wear anything too revealing. It didn't matter much to her what she wore, but she didn't want to put up with a lot of people staring at her.

Klaus drove Luna to the Lockwood mansion, where the Miss Mystic Falls competition was taking place. Although he would have liked a more private area, Klaus thought it was a good place for him and Luna. Luna couldn't try anything since there would be lots of people around... unless she decided to surprise him my going on a killing spree. Klaus had his arm around Luna's waist as they walked to the back of the Lockwood mansion. Luna had a red strapless dress on that ended an inch below her knees. Klaus didn't say anything to her, but he thought it suited her. Luna didn't say anything, but she could tell he was looking at her through the corner of his eyes.
"They didn't waste any time." Luna said when she saw Tyler and Haley on the other side of the group of people. "It makes sense." Luna said as she remembered hooking up with Kol while in Italy. She found herself flashing back to then and couldn't help but wonder if Kol was looking for her or not. She was brought out of her thoughts when she felt Klaus's hand go to the bottom of her back. "Let's get today over with." Luna said because she didn't want to put up Klaus trying to get her emotions back any longer than she had to.

Luna was able to get away from Klaus as he got some champagne and glasses for the both of them. She walked towards a bench that was near the pond in the yard. After sitting down Luna looked at the water as she felt the sun on her skin. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her mind flashed to all the times she went to the beach with her family and even the times with her friends. Klaus sat next to her with a champagne bottle and two glasses. Luna didn't move because the memories reached her humanity and she didn't want Klaus to see it in her eyes. She pushed her humanity down before slowly opening her eyes.
"Here you go sweetheart." Klaus said as he handed Luna one of the glasses after pouring champagne in it. "What were you thinking about?"
"My past." Luna said. She thought about lying to him, but she had decided to tell him the truth. "My family." She took a sip from the glass. Klaus thought he noticed a flicker of humanity in her eyes, but he didn't say anything. "My family and I would go to the beach every week in the summer until I hit my teens. After that I went with my friends up until I activated the werewolf curse. I never really went after I was turned." Klaus reluctantly looked from Luna to the pond in front of them. He knew it was because of him turning her that all the things happened to her, but he wanted to make up for it. "I always thought..." Luna started to say, but stopped because she could feel her humanity again "... it doesn't matter anymore." She took another sip of her glass. Klaus wanted to ask her what she was going to say, but he didn't know how she would react. He wanted to know more about her past and even though she was talking about it, a part of him didn't want to ask unless she had her humanity. As Klaus looked at her, Luna wanted to change the subject from her to anything else. "Would you ever take the cure?" She asked, which took Klaus by surprise.
"Why would I want to cure myself of being the most powerful creature on the planet?"
"Smart..." Luna said before taking another sip from her glass. "Was there at least one moment in your whole life that you wanted to be human?" Klaus didn't answer her but he couldn't help but think about it.
"How about you?" He asked after a moment as he poured some champagne in Luna's glass.
"You're asking an emotionless hybrid if they'll take a cure for immortality?" Luna asked as she looked at him and Klaus tried to avoid the question by asking another one.
"Have you ever thought about being human?" Luna turned her head from Klaus and looked into her champagne glass. The question alone touched her humanity and she didn't want it back. Klaus noticed her silence and he tried to study her expression.
"I have." She eventually said, but still didn't look towards Klaus. "After you turned me I thought that if I wasn't immortal, then maybe my mom would have stayed." Luna closed her eyes because she didn't want Klaus to see the emotion that was bubbling up because of his question and her answer. She didn't want to think about the past because she knew what would happen if she did. "It doesn't matter anymore anyway." She said after taking a deep breath and opening her eyes. Klaus looked away from her and couldn't help but wish that she had her humanity back.
"Some things could matter again."
"That just seems unrealistic." Luna said, which disappointed Klaus. He wanted Luna's humanity back and if it didn't come back soon, he might go to drastic measures. Klaus decided to abandon his goal of getting Luna's humanity back, just until they got back to his mansion. He didn't want Luna running off on him or causing a scene in front of all the people.

The rest of the time, Luna and Klaus just talked. The topic of humanity didn't come up again out loud. Klaus kept thinking about Luna's humanity and how different she was without it. There was already times when he could see glimmers of her old self, but he didn't get his hopes up. At the end of the night, Klaus and Luna returned to the mansion. They were outside the front door when Klaus stopped and turned towards Luna.
"I never answered your question, if I ever thought about being human." Klaus said, which made Luna turn towards him because she was slightly interested on his answer. "Once, I was on a trek in the Andies, and a hummingbird flew up to me. It just hovered there, staring at me, its tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun. And I thought, what a thing, you know, to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive. To be constantly on the verge of death and how satisfying every day must be that it survived. And that was the only time I thought about being human." To his surprise, Luna slowly brought her hand up to his face and cupped it. He looked into her eyes and she leaned in and kissed him. Klaus brought his hand to her free hand and held it. Luna's ears heard someone near them, but she kept kissing Klaus. He slowly backed his head away from hers and just looked in her eyes.
"I just want some time alone." Luna said, but not tell him that when they were kissing she hear someone else. Klaus just gave her a small nod before reluctantly walking inside by himself. When Luna was satisfied, she turned to where she hear the noise. "I know it's you." She said before Kol stepped into her view.
"Miss me darling?" Kol asked with a smirk and Luna just shrugged.
"What are you doing here?" Luna asked. "Why didn't you stay in Italy?"
"Meet me in New Orleans and then maybe I'll tell you." Kol smirked before running away. Luna stood there for a moment, not knowing if she should follow Kol or stay with Klaus. She looked at was she was wearing and knew that if she was gonna go to New Orleans, it wasn't going to be in the dress she was wearing.

Luna went inside and straight to her room. She closed the door because she hoped that Klaus wouldn't go into her room. She thought about going to New Orleans, which would mean getting away from Klaus. He couldn't try and get her emotions back if she wasn't near him. Her mind flashed to Italy and she knew that Kol never tried to get her emotions to show. Kol didn't try to change her which she prefered over Klaus constantly trying to get her emotions back. She could also tell that the more she was around Klaus, the more she felt her humanity bubble inside her. It wasn't something she wanted, which was just enough to make up her mind. She went to her closet and pulled out some clothes. She would have put them on and left, but she knew Klaus was still awake and he would stop her.

Luna waited until she knew Klaus was asleep before changing into the clothes that she picked out. She put them on, but before she left she decided to peek into Klaus's room. He was sleeping but positioned like he expected Luna to join him, even though she wasn't going to. Luna only looked at him for a few minutes before speeding away.

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