Writer's Note

I wanted to just let everyone know this is a fanfiction series focused on the Animaniacs and Tiny Toons and has some other cartoon characters in it such as the Looney Tunes.

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Tiny "Animaniacs" Toons New Adventures

Episode 1

A Toon escapes!

In and old cabin located in faraway mountains somewhere in the USA a young adult was thinking about his past and writing in his journal.

"It's been over twenty years now since those Animaniacs were shown on TV, I never believed it at first but according to everyone I talked to after watching the show for the first time I was told by some they were just cartoons while others (like my grandpa) told me that they were as real as you and me, all other toons were said to be real according to my old grandpa but my dad insisted otherwise. I'm not sure if it was a dream or not but about ten years ago I could have sworn that I saw Yakko, Wakko and Dot along with other toons...but I think that was just my childish fantasy. What am I saying of course it was my fantasy I mean there's just no logical way that...besides my dad always said that..." the young adult got a head ache and stopped writing in his journal for a moment.

"These headaches of mine are getting worse by the day...I must stay in control" he said as he shook his head "maybe a good night's rest, hopefully a silent one will do me good" he said as he went to bed little did the twenty year old know that he was in for an adventure unlike any other.

You see he isn't any regular person, he is half toon because of his mother! But how could this be a half toon, half real person, it wasn't possible...or was it? The person who went by the username online as well as ghost writer name MysteriousOlly was a young writer who worked hard and made it a point so people didn't know his true name.

Of course he didn't know he was half toon thanks to his father, but the half toon would soon learn that toons are real and what it truly means to be a toon. Little did he know he actually did meet Yakko, Wakko and Dot and that by meeting them and watching their show something unusual would happen to him that never happened to any toon or half toon before him.

I bet you are wondering who is telling you all this wacky tale that's barely begun? Well its none other than me a toon who is insane by toon standers. This whole adventure will be narrated by me and others and a tale told from a third person point of view even when I'm the one in the tales, believe it or not a very animany and totally insaney story is coming and its coming fast.

A toon said as he watched the young adult sleep.

"Now's my chance to get free from this control obsessed guy, I'll never go back to him I'll break free from his mind and I'll cause all kinds of chaos and bring down so much laughter and make people go coco. I'll never be stopped not even by the Warners who have been lost for soooooooo loooooooooooooong!" the crazy toon said in a song like way of explaining his actions as he appeared in a dream bubble above the half toon person, the toon was busy breaking out of the dream as the young writer was sleeping "And alas it would be no fun to go into this adventure alone, I'll gladly without anyone to stop me, take against his will Felix Olly my polar opposite creator. For you see I am all of his chaos and everything bad he held back over his life and will have in his long life that would have made him lose control of himself as a human being and would have made him into a TOOOON!" the toon continued to sing. "And with a twist, and with a yank and a squeeze and a hit here and THERE! What do you know I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEE! And I am going to make chaooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssss sssssss!" the toon sang as he broke out of the dream bubble and woke up Felix Olly, before Felix could even say anything the toon grabbed him by his hand and jumped into a TV.

As Felix watched he was slowly turning from a human being into a Toon no taller than the Warner Brother known as Yakko. Felix had his clothes disappear as he fell and was slowly but surely turned into a Toon, by the time he hit a sidewalk in a comical way. "That was some crazy dream...I think I went sleepwalking?" Felix said to himself as he rubbed his head "I feel weird...and for some reason I feel happy" he said as he looked at his hands and then his arms and legs and noticed he not only had no clothes, he had furry hands and legs in fact his entire body was covered in red fur with white on his chest, he was a cartoon fox and screamed when he saw what he turned into.

"Why did a half toon all of a sudden turn into a toon you might be wondering? Well its simple when a half toon comes in contact with another toon after they turn 13 they become a toon themselves, the toon they become is based upon their personality and what they like the most among animals if they happen to be an animal lover like most cartoon fans am I right!? Of course I'm right and now that Felix Olly has become a toon we shall see what'll happen to him as he travels a cartoon version of California in a land known only as the Chaos Zone will this young new toon survive? Of course he will he's a toon after all" the crazy toon that started the whole adventure said to everyone watching him on TV or reading the story.

Toon in next time to see what happens to this young toon as he learns about what it means to be a toon!