Outpost 5

The story continued with the screen blank. A man called out on a radio to the military ship. "Military ship Schlesinger 1929. This is the Antarctic Base team. We've found something deep beneath the ice. I repeat we've found something! We've found something." The Fade In happened over Antarctica.

Wakko and Dot were making a snowman shaped like Plotz.

Joe the Announcer used a bit of an eerie tone of voice as he said. "Somewhere deep in the Antarctic. Nine Toon men and some regular Toons. Discovered a terrible secret. Buried deep in the ice for a very long time. Nobody knew that the terrors and sins of the past, were hidden here, by an old force of evil." Joe the Announcer then spoke regularly while Wakko and Dot looked up. "And now we resume our story."

Later on, Wakko and Dot found the generic men looking around at stuff. One of the men was monitoring the radio alongside two guards. Three other men were looking at the science lab, and discovered that it had been recently used. The other three men were looking through archives. "Wakko. Why did you have to break that one window?" Dot asked her brother as they entered.

Wakko thought for a moment while changing the socks he used to keep his ears warm. "I'll just cover it with a tarp." Wakko did just that, while playing with some of the snow.

One of the men found an old recording. The recording was turned on. "Whoever is receiving this message. Know that this is the final days of The Operation. I fear that I may be the only Human getting out of this. We locked something deep underground. Not just the Deformation of Ink based Productions virus. Or D.I.P virus. Whimsey had his people here long ago. He worked with Drew's company... Just leave! Get out! For your own safety just leave this horrible place." It wasn't marked who made the recording.

Wakko was curious about what was going on. "Deformation of Ink based Productions. That sounds like what the Dip could really stand for." Wakko secretly suspected that the terrors of old would be discovered.

"We sent out a message that we found something. We'll give hourly updates to home base." One of the guards said to the Warners.

The Warners took a look at the science lab. There were broken vials around the place, and some greenish looking blood. "Yakko would've known what did this." Dot claimed.

The time passed by and one of the men found something eerie in the medical bay. "You won't like this." He said as he led the group to it. They saw what looked like a misshapen Toon that was half melted. Most of it looked like a bunch of ink.

Only silhouettes were shown during this scene, because of the scary nature of it. "Look. There's an elevator." One of the men said. He and three others went into the elevator. It didn't work so they decided to guard it in case anything came out of it.

The Warners took the opportunity to rest that night. But as the night rolled by, three of the guards went missing. It was the guards who kept the radio safe. The machine was smashed and there was some black liquid on it. Wakko and Dot kept away from the liquid. The remaining guards just used a couple of flamethrowers on the area. "This ink needs to be destroyed. No telling what a single drop can do." The Toons took shifts to keep things safe. They kept together in groups of four at all times.

Meanwhile on the military ship base. Major Plotz was with Yakko. They spent the whole night listening to the radio. For twelve hours now, there hadn't been a single response from the Antarctic team. "Major Plotz. It seems like our team needs help." Yakko suspected that something terrible happened. Though he wouldn't tell Major Plotz, he actually knew a little about the evil that was buried beneath the ice.

Major Plotz didn't know much about the Antarctic Base until yesterday. "The Cult of Perfecto Prep and in turn the Dolt Whimsey Company. Made the Dip Virus in that base. Some of the information we got suggests that an old evil The Cult knows about is in an underground section of the base."

Presto jumped into a backpack that Yakko finished loading. "Which is why I must go." He got dressed in cold weather clothing.

Major Plotz could tell that Yakko needed to go and save his siblings. "We'll get some of the others to help you out. But then again... Maybe the virus killed the team?!" Major Plotz was thinking about this.

"No. I must do this alone." Yakko said as he finished putting on his gear.

Major Plotz was baffled, he tried to reason with Yakko, while he watched the Toon put on his backpack. "Yakko you can't do this alone. Its insane I tell ya. Insane!" Yakko walked by Major Plotz.

Yakko paused while the audience got a good view of him. He firmly held on to his right strap for his equipment. His left hand was behind his back, using Toon Logic to grab something out of Hammer Space. "Usually that works to my advantage." He then used his left hand to place snow goggles on his face. He then walked towards a submarine pod, he counted on using it to head for the base and to make his escape.

While Yakko was busy looking for his siblings. Felix and Fifi met up with most of the Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. Plucky Duck, Babs & Buster Bunny, Hampton J. Pig, Shirley McLoon, Furrball, Calamity Coyote, Slappy Squirrel, Skippy Squirrel, Rita & Runt, Minerva Mink, Wilford B. Wolf, Pinky and The Brain. Were all in the cafeteria aboard the ship, Freakazoid was with Wendell T. Wolf in the same room.

"We definitely have gotten into a huge mess this time around." Plucky claimed while they ate Winnie Burgers.

"You've got that right. I always knew Roderick was a rotten Rat. But he's taken things to a whole new level of seriously messed up." Buster said while he was thinking over everything that's happened.

Babs agreed. "Yeah! I bet Rhubella is just as bad." She never really liked the rats Roderick and Rhubella. They ruined her time at a restaurant because of their addiction to smoking. Babs almost regretted making the two quit smoking. But at the same time, it did ensure that they wouldn't spread the poison of smoking.

Shirley thought for a moment. "There is like one thing about that close encounter of the nasty kind that I like totally don't get."

Rita stopped licking her paws for a moment. "What's that?" She asked.

"Like why were Roderick and Rhubella smoking in the first place? Plotlines and writers aside. Don't you like, you know, like think there is a totally bigger meaning that we like missed and some junk." Shirley had a good point.

Runt was licking a bone he was given. "Sounds like a big mystery. Definitely a big mystery." Runt always had the habit of repeating himself and adding in the word "definitely" to his sentence.

Calamity Coyote thought for a moment. While Skippy looked to his aunt. "Why did those rats smoke Aunt Slappy?"

Slappy seemed to know more than she was letting on throughout this adventure. "Because it was a reference to what happened to the Real Dolt Whimsey. He was turned to ashes because of smoking."

Minerva Mink was a little surprised to hear that. "That's seriously dark." Was all she could say.

Calamity Coyote thought a little longer on something. "Um... I think you guys should listen to Pinky." Freakazoid said while he was watching the white mouse.

Pinky was drawing on a picture of the Earth. "Fascinating." The Brain was in awe at the sight.

"Considering the attacks The Cult has made in the past twenty-four hours. And then taking into account the effects of the bombs..." Pinky seemed like he was scribbling random stuff at first. But he was actually writing notes backwards, along with lines that were making a triangle over the picture of the Earth. "Even with changes to latitude, longitude, and humidity... And the black inky liquid we've seen..." Pinky circled all areas they saw get hit. Along with some other places such as a place located in Africa. He made a note that the area was bombed from the underground by The Cult.

Before anything else happened, the Ka-Boom family came into the cafeteria for food. Along with Johnny Pew and Bimbette the pink skunkette. The Ka-Boom family is from Pleasantville, the family members include Mr. & Mrs. Ka-Boom. The teenage Katie Ka-Boom, the boy Tinker Ka-Boom, their aunt and uncle, Katie's cousin Tiffany Ka-Boom and Mitch Ka-Boon who is Katie's cousin-inlaw. And of course there are the in-laws on Mitch's side of the family. While they went about their business, Calamity Coyote pulled out a sign that read. "Back to the plot." And the camera turned to focus on the main characters.

The Brain was surprised to see his assistant show a burst of high level intelligence. Pinky was able to calculate where The Cult would attack next based upon where they've attacked. They were trying to make some kind of giant circle and triangle formation to engulf the entire world. "The final locations they'll attack will include Paris France and Washington D.C. By the weeks end or sometime tomorrow." Pinky circled the places he named in back and red ink.

Fifi gasped. "Not ze capital!"

Felix also gasped. "Not the capital."

The couple were mentioning the capitals of both of their home countries. Furrball was wondering what this all meant. "Meow?" He said while looking at the map.

Grace and Patch arrived with Lenny Da Vinci. "I'm afraid that The Cult has located the evil that they need... And the Warners are in danger." The old Toon seemed almost sickly as he walked into the cafeteria.

Without warning Patch used his magic to make a protective barrier to keep anyone from eavesdropping on the group. "I cast a shield to keep Lenny safe." He said while walking on all fours.

Felix thought for a moment. "Wait. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are in danger?" He had a feeling something bad was happening to them.

"Wakko and Dot traveled with nine men to investigate an old Nazi Germany base in the Antarctic. The base was turned into an American base long ago. When we lost contact with the team Yakko went to rescue them..." Lenny knew that he couldn't hold back anymore.

Slappy stood near Lenny. "Lenny. It's time we tell them." She nodded to Patch and the magical cat casted a protection spell.

"Wait... The three Warner Siblings went to a frozen base... Cut off from the rest of the world... With nine men?" The fox was feeling terrified.

Suddenly Foxy and Bosko showed up. "We old timers saw things that the new generations refuse to acknowledge. In doing so, they've doomed themselves and future generations with ignorance." Bosko was steady as he talked.

"There are many things buried deep beneath the ice. Many very unholy things." Foxy didn't sound like he was joking at all.

Lenny took in a deep breath. "We are being "dead serious" when we say... There are unholy things down there... Most of them were made by Mankind, ergo the Human Race." A Fade Out happened as the old Toons told their story.

The Fade In happened with Yakko in the Antarctic Peninsula. He used a special vehicle built for frozen expeditions. He made his way to the Antarctic base, where Wakko and Dot were playing with two guards. Yakko made haste when he arrived and he was surprised to learn that something terrible happened. A creature responsible for the Dip Virus was loose in the base. It claimed all but two of the guards. As far as Wakko and Dot knew, the creature came from an elevator linked to lower levels that the group didn't get to. They also found some recordings from Lenny Da Vinci, Bosko, Foxy, and a bunch of Real Humans.

The terror was beyond their understanding. Yakko got out to check on things in the base. "First things first. The narrator needs to let me start talking." He said to Joe the Announcer.

"Oh... Right." Joe the Announcer said.

Yakko looked around. "We need to evacuate all notes. Firstly we need to put stuff in the Gaggy-Bag." Shortly after Yakko said that, one of the guards tried to stop the other one from escaping. But they messed with a grenade and it destroyed the vehicle.

"You have to forgive them Yakko. We're all on edge." Dot said to her big brother.

"More so then the time Ko-Ko the Clown was animated for the first time." Wakko was talking about the very first named Toon who interacted with Real Humans and invented the Fourth Wall Breaks.

"I suppose we'd better get inside." Yakko said as a wind storm suddenly began to kick up. The Toons went into the base, they briefly saw something big and inky run by. The guards burned ink down with a flamethrower.

One of the guards gave his supplies to the Warners. "We don't know how many monsters are here. So stay alert."

The group heard glass vials breaking. Wakko and Dot sat on some snow, while the guards burned stuff. Yakko looked at a vial containing green blood. "It's gotten into the blood. " He said while looking at it.

The group moved throughout the base getting all the information they could. For they knew that The Cult of the monsters in the base could destroy anything useful. They found a recording that had the first name smudged out. Strangely the last name was kept in tack. The recording was by someone with the last name of Connor. "I don't know what's going on these days. Drew asked everyone to donate a personal item to help with the creation of his new Ink Machine. He made some radical claim about it pleasing gods... I don't know which ones he means though. As far as I know there's only ever been one True God above all the rest. I personally think he's lost his mind at this point. He never could admit losing to Whimsey." The recording ended.

"Strange... Some of these recordings were laying around." Wakko thought it was odd. "I can get it if the film voice recordings were placed in storage... But something has kept the elements from destroying the recordings." Wakko and the others heard some sounds before they found a film projector.

The film projector suddenly started up. It showed a clip of Mic Mouse from the Dolt Whimsey company, whistling while on an old steamboat. Shortly after the clip ended, a monster grabbed one of the guards by his face and covered it in ink. The other guard saw the monster dragging the guard away and made the mistake of following the monster into the dark all alone. "The mask of good hides the face of evil." A voice in the area said as some clips of Mic Mouse from back in the old days were shown by various film projectors.

The Warners tried to make their escape, but as they began running. The base shook and began to sink into the ice a bit. During the confusion the Warners hit a button. "Weather control. Deactivated." A voice said as it suddenly became warm. The Warners looked out a window for a brief moment and saw the ice melted and some nice firm ground. They tried to make a run for the outdoors, but ended up falling through a hole in the ground. They screamed as they fell, they landed on an elevator and took a trip to the inner depths of the evil place.

"That was a rough landing." Yakko said as they got up.

"Where are we?" Wakko asked while they looked around.

Yakko sniffed the air for a moment. "It smells like the 1940's... Around the time two big animation studios hit rock bottom."

Dot then asked. "Just like us?"

Yakko shook his head. "Nooo. We got a Reboot. I mean studios that people have generally forgotten about." The trio turned on flashlights.

"We're going to see what secrets are buried here." Dot said as they looked around.

While they explored, they found a janitor closet with a recording by somebody with the last name Franks. The closet was covered with ink, and the Warners played it. "I love cartoons. Toons are just amazing beings. I mean take Ko-Ko the Clown, created by the Fleischer brothers. He was the very first named Toon to interact with people. The majority of his cartoons focused on him playing around and getting in and out of that inkwell. Toons make people laugh regardless of who made them. But Fleisher made the first named Toon and in 1924, he had synchronised sound for the first time. People like Sammy have jobs because of the innovation and genius of people like the Fleisher brothers." After the recording ended, the Warners looked at each other.

The Warners assumed the recording was from a janitor. "Sounds like this janitor was a big fan of the old Toons." Dot commented.

"He must've made this recording a long time ago." Wakko said.

"Yeah. Especially since he knows about Koko the Clown." Yakko stated while they continued to press on.

Wakko looked up and did a Fourth Wall Break. "Hey Yakko. How come you forgot to add a hyphen when you said Ko-Ko the Clown?" Wakko let his tongue hang out to the side after he asked his question.

"Because the hyphen in Koko's name was removed later in his career. He had it changed that way because of legal reasons." Yakko explained.

While exploring the outpost, they noticed that there seemed to be an unusual amount of wood and metal and brick used in the construction of the walls. It definitely had more of an animation studio look than a structure made for uses in the polar regions of the world. Although the Warners often pretended to be afraid of things, or had some kind of knowledge to give them an edge. This entire series of events in the series thus far, was a complete and total unknown. They found something that looked almost like an outhouse. "And here we thought the big bad militaries always used indoor plumbing." Dot commented while they looked at the structure. It was big enough to fit a couple of people in it. They noticed some kind of halo was drawn on the door of the structure.

Wakko saw three words written on top of the structure. "Little. Miracle. Station." He read aloud the words on a small sign on the structure.

Yakko grinned, looked at the audience and said. "Goodnight everybody." Shortly after he said that, they heard what sounded like a heart beating.

They opened up the miracle station, and jumped into it. They silently watched what looked like some monster made out of ink. The ink monster had an uncanny resemblance to Mic Mouse. The monster seemed to have a permanent unnerving grin on its face, it created a huge inky shadow like aura around its body as it walked. "That guy looks like..." Before Wakko could finish, Yakko covered his mouth.

The older Warner brother waited for a moment before he said anything. "It did look like Mic Mouse. Which means that somebody or something from the Dolt Whimsey Company is behind whatever happened here." The Warners quietly walked out of the miracle station.

They soon found another recording by Connor. The gruff man spoke like it was a typical audio journal. "Harman and Ising revolutionized animation for Warner Bros. And Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. The development made me think about the three major studios that started it all. First Fleisher Studios which went on to work with Paramount. The studio that became the first competition against Max Fleisher and his company owned by Drew. And then we had that Dolt Whimsey guy show up. Figures that after a generation went by that more animation studios would pop up. People like me just do the work to keep studios going." As the Warners explored, they found another audio log that was in what looked like an animation room.

Soon the Warners found a name on an audio log that they recognised. "Leon." They said while holding a recording with the name Schlesinger on it. They turned it on and they listened to the log. "I arrived with the United States army this morning. The Nazis were up to some crazy forsaken stuff down here. Found a book about summoning monsters. Dolt Whimsey took an unnatural interest in the book, claimed it reminded him of his teen years. I preferred the old days when we just made Toons to entertain people... I wonder what evil we'll find here." The recording ended.

As the Warners travelled, they heard something scuttling along the pipes. They found a recording from Max Fleisher, they knew it was him based on the tone of the voice in the Fleischer recording. "Its dark, cold, and ice is all over. That's how I've described a day in this "No Man's Land" of a place... My studio has been doing well with Popeye. Though it seems sending him to war may have been a bad idea. Sure he's providing aid to the Allies... And he's gotten help alongside other Toons such as Bluto, Bugs and Daffy. But I fear that the Nazi forces are developing a virus down here. A virus that can actually kill Toons. So far from what I have seen... The results have proven fatal when used on humans." The recording ended.

Soon the Warners found a recording from Dolt Whimsey, located in an editing room. The recording seemed like it was a mix of a few recordings. "I have had the privilege to help provide plans and videos for the military and the Allies. My old rivals Fleisher, Schlesinger, and that hack Drew. Have travelled with me while we take a break from making Toons." The recording went silent for a bit before resuming. "Only a couple days went by before we found some of the evil that the Nazi army was doing here. They were using some kind of a machine to turn soldiers into Toons. This is interesting and disturbing... We found only one test subject and have detained him. We have a liaison with us called Lenny Da Vinci. The Toon is examining the unusual hybrid that seems to think of himself as a Toon." The recording paused for a bit before more information came. "The Toon was apparently once a scientist known as Prof. Lloyd, and he was completely converted from a human being into a somewhat inky, Technicolor Toon. I've decided to hire this new Toon in order to see what we can do with him... Once he's rehabilitated that is."

The Warners paused the recording, they stood still as they watched the Mic Mouse ink monster walk away. The Warners waited a few minutes before resuming the recording. "I have been pleased with the work I've been doing. The others just left but I've volunteered to stay with Lenny. Drew took schematics to make an Ink Machine. I am going to use my knowledge to make an Ink Machine and use it before him. Drew... Fleisher... Soon I'll beat them at the game they made to keep little people like me from becoming big." The recording then made sounds before going on. "I have made an Ink Machine. Thanks to a tentacle faced monster I've summoned. We have an Ink Machine working. It is turning humans into Toon like creatures and my latest Toon called Judge Doom, has taken a few volunteers. The volunteers turned into Toons though I am honestly concerned with the backgrounds of the volunteers... But I need the Toon Patrol to keep Toons in line when the war is over. Last thing we need is a Toon losing their marbles and killing somebody." The Warners eyes widened a bit. They realized now that the reason Judge Doom was so unusual was because he was once a human scientist. The recording continued with more information. "I have made a terrible mistake... A dreadful mistake... I decided to have Mic Mouse convert my old college into a school... Judge Doom went completely insane. He actually finished what the Nazis started... He killed a Toon! He calls the method of killing them The Dip... He has plans to destroy the neutral home of the Toons called Toontown. Doing so would unleash an ink monster called The Phantom Blot. My young mistakes are haunting me... In my youth I made the mistake of taking interest in the O-Cult or the Cult of O or simply The Cult... As a result they pressured me into finding the Ink Machine and the Book on how to Summon Monsters. The monster in question can produce magical ink for the machine... Drew is doing rituals with his Ink Machine... Some Ink Machine volunteers are turning into nightmares... The monster said that they will use my multimedia company (as he called it) to take over the world. But as long as I am alive they won't use my precious dream for evil... I must stay alive."

The Warners paused and looked at each other. "Whoa..."

They continued to look around, they soon found a recording titled Da Vinci. It was clearly a recording from the great Lenny Da Vinci. It was in a makeshift room near the emergency room of the studio. "My name is Lenny Da Vinci. I have seen so many terrible things. Connor has been my only true friend through all of this... My job has been to keep the Antarctica forces psychologically stable. Some of the men have been uneasy. We discovered a machine the Nazis were using in rituals called the Ink Machine. The machine seems simple at first glance... But it can take in a lot of ink. The most disturbing part is that I discovered Real Humans can be used like ink for the machine. It uses some kind of magic to judge people and make them into some kind of ink based being. Experiments and recovered documents have shown that the reason there have been so many Toons based off of our enemies is because of the Nazis using an Ink Machine on certain people. I am convinced that I've rehabilitated the Real Human turned Toon called Judge Doom. But one serious blow to his head could potentially make him unstable." The recording went mute for a bit before continuing. "The Ink Machine has the power to turn Real Humans into Toons. A pure soul will become a perfect and immortal Toon. A corrupted soul becomes an ageless ink monster that can die from violent means. Perfect beings look exactly like a Toon used as a template for the Ink Machine, such as Daffy Duck... Corrupted beings become either shapeless ink beings or a scary looking version of a Toon. I fear that The Cult is going to force Dolt Whimsey into using an Ink Machine to make a legion of evil Toons loyal to them... The ink is being created by a squid faced monster... Whimsey... Drew... What has become of you..."

The Warners found another audio log from Dolt Whimsey. "Drew has become obsessed with his Ink Machine... I don't know what happened... But Joey Drew Studios is gone along with all of its employees..." The recording made scratch sounds and the Warners paused it. They ran into a miracle station and saw the Mic Mouse ink monster walking around. Eventually the monster passed by and they resumed listening. "I have a genius idea. I'll create a Toon copy of me. He'll be frozen and take my place if I can't figure out how to become pure. I drink which is bad if I become drunk... At least there is no problem with adults smoking. I have absolutely no concerns with that at all." The Warners travelled to an area that looked like it housed an Ink Machine.

There was one final recording they found from Connor. "Connor here... I've worked long and hard in my life. In my opinion half of the major studios are literally going to Heck. I have no idea what Drew or Whimsey have been up to, but this forsaken ink is commonplace in both of their studios because of those darn Ink Machines. Schlesinger. Whimsey. Drew. Fleischer. They all have dreams. I wonder if they've ever stopped to ask themselves. How many people are we willing to crush for two things in life. Their dreams and money... Whoever finds this. Use my escape hatch to get out of this evil forsaken place. Save yourselves. For the darkness in the mind approaches. Isn't that right... Lenny? You always warned everyone what could happen..." The recording ended and an escape hatch lit up.

The Warners tried running for it, but the Mic Mouse ink monster appeared out of nowhere. They ran to the hatch and used some Toon Logic to keep away from the monster as they activated an emergency elevator. The elevator took them up but the ink monster climbed up, trying to capture them. It made rodent sounds and horrific sounds as it tried to get them. The elevator shot up to the surface and they discovered some kind of alien ship. "Enough 1950's movie references." Yakko said as he and his siblings saw that The Cult was in the tunnels. The evil group was setting up another bomb that would surely destroy the entire outpost.

The Warners decided to make a run for it. The Cult spotted them, but the Mic Mouse ink monster was borrowing underneath the floor. It zoomed around like Bugs Bunny whenever he was underground, and the monster tripped a few people as it made floor boards shoot up. It eventually emerged and attacked The Cult. The Cult members tried fighting it but it was too powerful. During the confusion, Wakko got hit with a vial containing the Dip Virus. "Ow!" He cried out.

"Wakko!" Dot cried out as they headed for the surface.

Lenny Da Vinci and a caricature Toon version of Kurt Russel were piloting a helicopter. "We're in range of the base. Prepare to pick up the survivors." The main pilot said as the helicopter was lowering. Strangely there was some typical weather around the outpost while the rest of the place was snowy.

General Admiral Bay was watching the Warners as the helicopter lowered. He saw some vehicles were at the base and that they belonged to the evil Cult. He could see the Warners running and jumping for the helicopter. Bay saw an explosion beginning to form underneath the ice. "Oh my..." Was all he could say before the explosion went off. The Warners jumped into the vehicle just in time, while the explosion went off. The ground was disappearing and the helicopter and the people inside of it were sent flying out of the area.

Meanwhile on the military ship. The Nerdlucks, Pound (the orange leader), Bang (the green one who looks cool in his MonStars form), Bupkus (the purple one who got part of his face messed up by Daffy for a short while), Blanko (the blue one who is a bit of a dimwit) and Nawt (the short red one). Were all keeping an eye on Lenny Da Vinci, because he kept secrets from everyone. "I hope those Warner kids get back soon." Pound said to his team.

Suddenly a radio signal came in. "Excuse me. We prefer to be called vertically-impaired-pre-adults." Yakko said while the military ship got his transmission.

"Yakko my boy. You're alive!" Lenny said over the radio.

End of Outpost 5