So here's an Levi x Eren fanfic. Because I find there aren't enough of them. Lots of doujinshis though -drools- Yep yep yep. Enjoy!

''Get moving, worthless scum'', the corporal ordered, voice dripping with contempt.

''Y-yes sir!''

Eren picked up his pace, trying to keep up with his commanding officer. Earlier that day, Levi had pointed out the blatant lack of basic fitness exercice in the new recruit's training. Following that, he ordered Eren to run laps around the Recon Corps' castle/home base. Needless to say, it was brutal. The terrain was unever, and they'd been at it for an hour. Eren was close to reaching his limit. On the other hand, Levi seemed fine, a constant ideal, running a little ahead of him.

''For...'' Eren panted. ''For someone with short legs, you sure are fast, heichou.''

Breath rushed out of his lungs as Levi stopped dead in his tracks and brought his knee up to Eren's stomach. Eren bent over, desperately searching for oxygen. He risked a glance upwards, eyes meeting Levi's cold glare. The lance corporal could be more frightening than the Titans at times : now was one of those times. It was just a joke!Eren thought amidst his internal panick. As if he'd read his mind, Levi snapped :

''If you can make short jokes, you've got the energy for five more laps.''

Despair was painted on Eren's face as he looked up at his officer. Levi showed him absolutely no mercy, looking down at him harshly. (Note : I know Levi's shorter, but right now Eren is bent over his knees.) Eren made a mental note never to voice such a wisecrack again. It'd be the death of him, surely. Glumly, he fell into step again, picking up where they left off. After all, he could whine and bitch all day about this or that order, but in the end he had no choice but to obey. The chain of command was nothing to mess with, especially when Levi was involved. And especially when you were considered a liability, a threat that could easily turn against you. Eren was in no position to get himself into trouble.

Aside from that, Eren didn't mind following Levi's commands. He respected the man more than anyone ever since he was a little boy dreaming of joining the Recon Corps. After seeing him in action his admiration had only grown. Even the incident during his trial hadn't sufficed to make his positive image of his idol waver. Eren could even say that the beating he had gotten from Levi that day wasn't all that bad. A small and dormant part of him had even...enjoyed it. Am I turning into a masochist, or what?!

''Oi. What's the holdup?''

Eren snapped at attention. Lost in his thoughts, he had unconsciously slowed down. Sputtering a string of apologies, he caught up with Levi before the man had the chance to confirm Eren's theory about being a masochist. Stop thinking that. I most certainly do not take pleasure from pain, whether it's heichou inflicting it or whoever.

Levi gradually came to a stop. Despite that, Eren nearly bumped into him, stopping so abruptly he almost lost his balance. Levi turned to him with a sigh, while Eren gave him a puzzled look. He was grateful for the break, though, since he was exhausted, and sore, and—dear God did the corporal look gorgeous. There really was no other word to describe him. The sweat from the physical effort made his skin glisten and his clothes cling to his toned body. He was just slightly out of breath, chest moving to and fro. He looked at Eren sternly.

''It's painfully obvious you're not focusing on this'', he said. ''We're done for the day.''

A few seconds passed while Eren's brain registered the words. Then, he beamed, face lighting up.

''Uuaah, really? Thanks, heichou!''

''Tch. You're much too lazy for a dog. You should do this every day and build stamina. For now, dismissed.''

He turned and began walking away, while Eren dutifully saluted, standing up straight. Lowering his arm slowly, he watched the corporal's back become smaller then disappear at the turn of the castle. Eren remained still for a moment, staring at the same spot. Levi's absence, although associated with the breather he so coveted, weighed on him more than he expected. If only he could've stayed a little longer with him, so they could lie on the grass and talk or something. Anything. They seldom had moments of such privacy, and he cherished what little they did have.

Eren emerged from his daze, shaking his head. What did it matter? Even if Levi and he had all the time in the world just to themselves, it wouldn't change how the other saw him. Levi most probably viewed him as a valuable asset in Mankind's struggle against the Titan, as well as a burden he had to shoulder. It was Levi who was charged with keeping close watch of him, although the initiative had been his own. Overall, the teen was likely a bother in the other's eyes. The way Levi addressed him was proof enough.

''He's like that with everyone though...right?''Eren muttered to himself.

Letting out a sigh, he started walking back to the castle. It really was no use thinking about all of this. Not only did he just aggravate himself, but he also had more important things to mull and worry over. The wretched Titans, for example. Or a nap. Yep, he was going to take a nap now. Between Levi's training sessions and Hanji's lectures about her experiences, he barely had any shuteye. Getting proper rest was part of a soldier's job, since fatigue could jeopardize a mission. He convinced himself of that until he reached his room and plopped down on the bed. His last thought before drifting off was of Levi.

Ok so. I will try writing a build-up, with lots of fluffy fluff before the lemon shows up. HOWEVER, making it multi-chapters means there's a bigger chance of me quitting mid-way :S (I'm not perseverent LOL) Maybe it'd be best for me to go straight to the delicious lemon. If you liked this chapter and have a preference, lemme know~

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