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"Steph, have you seen my cape and cowl?" Tim called out from the spare room where they tended to keep their costumes, poking his head to peer into the main area of their apartment. "It doesn't seem to be where I left it..."

When he walked into the living room, however, he froze as he saw Stephanie standing in the middle of the room, her hands on her hips, wearing the cape to his costume, the cowl fulled over her face.

"Why hello, citizen!" she spoke in a fake deeper voice. "I'm Red angsty broody Robin. Do you need me to save you while scowling and glaring into the distance?"

"Steph, give me back my cape."

"But I need this cape to be cranky around my weird brothers and awesome girlfriend!"

"I'm not kidding, Steph."

"I don't kid ever either, because I am a meany cranky dude!"

Taking a deep breath, Tim walked towards Stephanie, and simply grabbed his cape by the top of the cowl, pulling it off of the girl and quickly tugged it onto himself.

"Get into costume, Steph."

"I will if you promise to smile when you are talking to people who aren't criminals."

"... You really won't get into costume otherwise?"

"Nope. You will be a sad lonely birdy."

"... Okay, fine. It's only you anyway."


"Yes, Steph."

Stephanie smirked, and was about to skip off to get dressed, before freezing in sudden memory. Slowly, she turned to Tim, an awkward smile present on her face.

"... I forgot to mention we're patrolling with Damian tonight."

"... What?"

"You promised!"

"... I really hate you sometimes."

"But you love me still."

"That is currently irrelevant I'm upset."

"Smiiiilllle, Timmy!"