Hidden moments

Tron x Megaman

Both sat on the edge looking over the quarry as the moon peeked through the few clouds, it's crescent form glowing in patches on the grass below. No one would be so far out of town with all the dangers one could run into. It made their secret meetings that much easier. If either side found out who they were meeting in the dead of night then both would get a serious chewing out at minimum. Both would deal with banning of seeing the other despite each side unable to enforce it. He was their best digger while she was the best technical mind making any punishment difficult.

Shifting length wise he soon rested his head in her lap looking up at the pink on her cheeks as she laces a hand with his. Enjoying the heat of his single ungloved hand she scanned the other looking at his famous buster the weapon of choice taking over his other hand.

Smelling of damp earth, warm metal, and oil in that particularly unique fashion that couldn't ever be a negative to her. Being with him made her heart spin off it's axis especially whenever he was in proximity. Fluttering wildly against her rib cage it made conversing difficult when they were supposed to be enemies. They really didn't hate each other at first before becoming rivals. Rivals morphed to friends finally becoming lovers in the very quarry they were sitting in. After the explosion of the main engine he took the time to help heal the burns it caused on the petite teen.

"Megaman, do you ever wonder about us?"

Looking up at her she could feel being pushed back lightly in to the dewy grass. Looking down she could see his unruly spikes as the hem of her shirt was pulled up before soft lips laid a kiss above her belly button. Rolling perpendicular his ear soon rested on her sternum causing her blush to grow to a full red face before he answered.

"I always think about us Tron, your the best thing in my life."

Meeting her gaze with a blush of his own she rested her other hand on his head keeping the closeness as well as the blush on both of their faces. They had not gone much further then kisses, but this was a guilty pleasure to both sides. She felt his breath on her chest with ever exhale every other second. Both enjoyed the close contact making sure to use it for their solitary ministrations after they part. Pulling their minds from the gutter both lay feeling the cool dew dampen his armor and her jacket.

Feeling his body move again pulled her from the restful half slumber. Next thing she knew the firm pressure on her lips that filled her with a feeling of warmth that made her wish to just lay in it to enjoy as much as she could. Opening her mouth their tongues twirled slowly. Twitching lightly both moaned at the feeling of the soft muscle grinding against it's partner stopping from the lack of oxygen both smiled before a playful smile made itself apparent.

His head rested between her chin and chest biting at her neck with a roughness she never thought enjoyable before. Groaning at his unusual roughness when he gently sucked at her bitten flesh as the small trickle of blood escaping made her inhibitions begin to self destruct. Lifting his head gently she was panting before pulling his head to hers.

"No more.. we can't here... we..wow"

Smiling at her enjoyment at the small bit of pain the way her breath was ragged made him thrilled. Keeping herself in check as the feeling in her body began to warm with a lustful feeling. Both had reached their limits for the night. Sex was on both their minds fully knowing they couldn't at this point until the problems on the island were finished.

Pulling her to her feet both began to make their way back stopping only when they had to go their separate ways. Stepping on the packed earth Tron leaned up to kiss him goodbye.

"Later, loverboy" waving a good bye before turning away he could only smile before heading back to the flutter for the night.