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Alaude's Moemon Adventure

Chapter 13

Alaude woke up, yawning.

"Zura, you did a pretty good job." Alaude said, grinning.

"Um, where's Amy?" Zura asked, looking around, frowning.

"…" Alaude looked around, frowning. He couldn't find Amy. Instead, he saw a hole in the ground where her sleeping bag had been. Alaude looked into the hole to see Amy sitting there, annoyed, and about twenty feet down.

"Get me out of here!" Amy exclaimed.

"Can't you run up a vertical wall?" Alaude teased.

"Of course not!" Amy exclaimed. "Besides, this place is really creepy! I think something is growing down here!"

Amy looked down at the floor beneath her feet, which was covered in mushrooms and mold.

"I think I'm in some kind of chamber…" Amy called up, frowning. "I might have fallen through the ground and into a nest during the night…"

"Don't make so much noise!" A voice whispered, Amy turning around and seeing a moemon in the corner, staring at her.

"Who are you?" Amy asked, moving back, shaking.

"I'm sorry…" The moemon said, trembling. "B-but you just fell and landed, and I was so scared, and you're so loud… And scary…"

"And she has hairy legs." Alaude called down.

"I DO NOT!" Amy exclaimed.

The moemon crawled out of the shadows, trembling. She wore an orange sleeveless dress that reached her knees, and had short orange hair down to her neck. Growing from her head were two red and yellow mushrooms in the same way as cat ears. She had shiny black eyes, and an embarrassed expression.

"A Paras!" Amy said, surprised. "Oh, so this is your garden I'm sitting in, I'm so sorry!"

Amy got off of the mushrooms, and took her sleeping bag off of them as well.

"It's fine…" Paras said, shaking her head.

"Now then, how should I get out of here?" Amy asked, scratching her tangled hair, frowning.

"Okay, Zura, do you think you can fly down and pick her up?" Alaude asked.

"Negative." Amy shouted from the pit. "I don't want any bats coming near me!"

"I feel the same way…" Paras said, frowning. "Zubat are scary…"

"You're absolute right!" Amy said, nodding. "They are scary!"

Amy turned her head to see Alaude had dropped a rope down.

"Okay, nice to meet you!" Amy said, smiling at the Paras.

"Um, can I come with you?" Paras asked, blushing.

"Oh, that would be great!" Amy said, smiling. "Come on!"

Amy and Paras climbed up the rope, and out of the hole. Amy reached into her bag and picked out a moeball, throwing it at Paras, capturing her.

"Yosh!" Amy said, smiling. "Paras, captured!" She released the Paras, grinning. "I'm going to call you Pamela!"

"Okay…" Pamela said, nodding.

Amy pulled out her moedex to check the moemon's data.

Moemon: Paras

Name: Pamela

Species: Mushroom Moemon

Type: Bug/Grass

Current Level: 14

Scarcity: Rare

Diet: Paras are herbivorous, and don't like eating meat but can eat wheat and dairy.

Ability: Effect Spore

Height: 4'03"

Weight: 92.4lbs

Cup Size: A

Strong Against: Grass, Psychic, Water, Dark, Rock, Ground

Weak Against: Fire, Ice, Flying, Rock

Attacks: Scratch, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Leech Life

Evolves Into: Parasect (Lvl 24)

Evolves From: None

Info: Paras are a very shy moemon due to their half grass nature, and often hide. The mushrooms growing out of their heads can be removed and ground down into a fine powder, which is used as an aphrodisiac. The mushrooms on their head re-grow within 24 hours. They are very trusting of the trainers that care for them, and only let them touch their mushrooms.

Amy turned to Alaude, grinning.

"So, are we heading out?" Amy asked, grinning.

"Your legs are hairy." Alaude said, frowning.

Amy hit him in the gut with a powerful kick.

"Say that again, jerk." Amy said, stomping off, frowning.

The two of them continued through the mountain, when suddenly they were stopped by a figure dressed in black.

"Stop right now, you kids!" The man shouted. "I'm a member of Team Rocket, and I-"

"Out of my way!" Amy said, enraged, kicking the man out of the way. She continued to stomp off, enraged.

"What the hell?" Alaude asked, frowning. "What is Team Rocket doing here?"

"Shut up, Alaude!" Amy said, turning to him, pissed. "Tell me, what do you think of me?"

"Huh?" Alaude asked, frowning.

"Do you think I'm some sort of manly girl who's only good at running and working out and mountain climbing?"

"You rock climb?" Alaude asked, surprised.

"It's a hobby." Amy said, shrugging. "But still, I want your honest answer."

"Listen, I was just kidding around about you being manly." Alaude said, frowning. "Still, you're not bad. It doesn't matter if you're kind of manly, it's a little cute."

"Don't say things like that!" Amy said, blushing, looking down at the floor.

"She likes you…" Zura said, staring at Amy.

"I do not, stupid bat!" Amy said, frowning.

"Anyways, we need to investigate this." Alaude said, frowning. "Why is Team Rocket here?"

"I don't know…" Amy said, frowning. "What could they be after?"

"Please, help us!" Alaude turned and saw a Clefairy run up to him. She was very young, and wore a pink shirt and pink miniskirt. She had a fluffy pink tail and wings sticking out of the back of her shirt. She also had curly pink hair down to her shoulders and brown ears and pink eyes.

"Um, with what?" Alaude asked, frowning.

"Team Rocket stole our precious moonstone…" The Clefairy said, frowning. "Please, can you get it back?"

"Sure, I can try." Alaude said, nodding. The Clefairy led them to the location, the two getting prepared for fighting.

EoS: But can he succeed?

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