Title: Sweet Surrender

Author: Tainted Rose Wings

Warnings: OOCness, violence, angst, language, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: HarryXDean, TeddyxSam

Disclaimer: I neither own Harry Potter nor Supernatural. All claims go to their prospective owners.

Summary: Harry Potter never thought that when he'd become 'Master of Death' that his life would change so much. Dean Winchester had long given up the thought of ever finding someone to love. When they're thrown together by a promise Harry made twenty years prior, neither can dismiss the pull between them even if they're at each other's throats every other moment. However, hate and love teeter on a very thin line especially when surrender can taste so sweet.

Author's Note: I know, I know shame on me . I have two HPxSN fics waiting on me and here I am writing another one. I'm getting to them! Promise I really am don't throw anything at me just yet! This fic was just something I thought up and wanted to try out. Kind of winging it as I go along so forgive me! There will be a bit OOCness when it comes to Harry but it'll be for a reason, after all becoming the Master of Death has to put a guy through life altering crap. Hope everyone will enjoy this and no biting off my head!

Prologue – The life I've left behind me is a cold room

It doesn't mean much

It doesn't mean anything at all

The life I've left behind me

Is a cold room

-Sweet Surrender, Sarah Mclachlan

Electric green eyes glared in bored annoyance at the offending Death Eater as they circled each other. With the fall of Old Voldie many Death eaters had fled with the promise of them killing Harry Potter one day. Since then for the past five years they'd made attempts on his life and each attempt on the twenty-three year old had failed because of the simple fact that he was now the Master of Death, quite literally. He and Death were old friends now, so as Harry opened his mouth to throw a curse at the Death Eater he was a little surprised when a ray of Green light came at him from the side. The last thought he had alive in that moment had been that he couldn't believe he'd let himself be distracted and not sensed the other Death Eater homing in on him. Then he was falling into darkness and it felt as though a thousand knives were tearing his soul from his body but he knew he was already dead. When the sensation was over he stood before old man Death who watched him with some amusement glittering in his eyes. Harry rolled his eyes and huffed lightly as he said, "Get it over with."

"This is the fourth time this month, you're getting careless Master." Death chuckled softly as he spoke. He'd taken the form of an older man. He had white hair, a thin somewhat wrinkly body, aristocratic nose and dark eyes. It was one of the few forms he took when around Harry and probably the one most favored. Harry hummed softly, knowing it was true. He'd grown careless over the months, tired of the attacks and trying to keep himself from dying in the first place. He stopped being so vigilant after the first three years and these last two he was sure he'd died a total of three hundred and fifty eight times including this moment. He'd gotten used to the feel of dying and now it was merely a welcome sensation of weightlessly falling and relaxing in the cool darkness. The only thing that made him return immediately to his human body usually was his son, Teddy, but the boy was with his Grandmother, Andromeda, so he could take his time now. Death gave him a quizzical look and Harry realized why, he was glowing faintly. Soon Harry also felt why, after inheriting the Elder wand it had melded into his body as a permanent resting spot since it accepted him as its one and only master. It had certainly been useful as now he no longer had to use a wand to use his magic. It was as though his magic had come alive when the Elder wand became one with him and he accepted his role over Death. It was the Elder wand that now made him glow, from his physical form in the world of the living it called to his soul. The ring on his finger grew warm, the sorcerer's stone let out a gentle hum as it balanced out the Elder wand's call and kept him on the plain of in-between. Usually those waiting to be judged or accepted into Death's embrace were allowed here but as Master over Death Harry frequented this place often, even when he was not dead.

Lost in his thoughts, Harry didn't notice Death's head tilt slightly as though to listen to someone before giving Harry a thoughtful look. However, Harry did feel Death's stare and looked up, sending the being a questioning glance. "What is it?"

"He wishes something to be shown to you." Death's eyes glanced up and Harry's eyebrow rose. He paused for a moment, uncertain, before nodding his head. Death moved forward and lightly tapped Harry's forehead and suddenly his soul was rushing back up but unlike the usual darkness that accompanied his soul's trip back to its body there was a blinding white light moving alongside him. Instinct –or maybe it was that tiny voice inside his head– made him reach out towards it and he was engulfed by it as a scream was wrenched from him. It felt like a thousand tiny pins and needles moved through him with a vengeance. Then images flashed through his mind at a breakneck pace but each clearer than the next. A woman pinned to the ceiling engulfed in flames (he could not remember that woman passing through the dark realm to be told she may move on), a man hunting horrible creatures down, two boys one older than the other and obviously looking after the younger boy, a man wearing a hat on the phone talking to the man who was hunting the creature, then there was the yellow eyed demon Harry knew all too well, and finally a moss green eyed man crying out for someone in hell. Harry sucked in a sharp breath when his soul came to a halt just at the edge of the dark realm (he'd come to name the dark place people come to meet Death). He watched as the blinding light halted near him and seemed to watch him causing Harry to frown. He got the impression of what the light wanted him to do but he had a son now, he had priorities. The light got brighter and he once again got the impression he was being urged to agree to watch over those boys. He glared at the light, at him. He crossed his arms and huffed as he spoke, "You should have just sent one of your ruddy angels, you bloody hurt. You wanker."

The light was blinking softly and he got the impression of laughter but he was far from amused. The light stopped blinking and grew brighter again, warming everything each touched and softening up Harry's stubbornness. Letting out a soft growl and stomping his foot in childish acceptance he grouched. "Oh all bloody right. I accept, when the time comes you will have my permission and my help."

The light grew blinding to the point it hurt and Harry let out a growl of annoyance before the light was gone completely. Death showed up without a sound and Harry glared at the amused smile the horseman wore. "He almost acts like a child at times. Reminds me of someone…"

Harry shot Death a murderous look at his comparison of him and the glowing light who'd actually been the one and only 'All father'. Death put both hands up in surrender, pacifying his displeased master enough for the look to soften. "I will need to be in a stasis for some time…"

Death looked at him thoughtfully before nodding. "The little one?"

Harry shook his head at the question of whether or not his son would be included in the stasis. Teddy was around their age at the moment from what he gathered from the visions so once he awoke it would be fine. "I will spend another two or three years with Teddy and then it will be time I head into my stasis. Come collect me in three years."

Death bowed low to Harry, smiling lightly as he said "It shall be my pleasure."

Harry rolled his eyes before allowing his soul to finish its journey back to his body, all the while remembering the tortured look in those moss green eyes.