Title: Sweet Surrender

Author: Tainted Rose Wings

Warnings: OOCness, violence, angst, language, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: HarryxMichael (hinted and maaaaybe acted upon) HarryXDean (later on), TeddyxSam

Disclaimer: I neither own Harry Potter nor Supernatural. All claims go to their prospective owners.

Summary: Harry Potter never thought that when he'd become 'Master of Death' that his life would change so much. Dean Winchester had long given up the thought of ever finding someone to love. When they're thrown together by a promise Harry made twenty years prior, neither can dismiss the pull between them even if they're at each other's throats every other moment. However, hate and love teeter on a very thin line especially when surrender can taste so sweet.

Author's Note: I'm so glad everyone is warming up to this! I had some reservations about it but thank you everyone who is reviewing and supporting 'Sweet Surrender'! Here's another chapter out and I hope everyone enjoys it :)

Memories playing out

-Dreams/memories during dreams-



Chapter 2 – Maybe I'll find some peace tonight

There's always some reason to feel not good enough

And it'd hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction, Oh beautiful release

Memories seep from my veins

Let me be empty and weightless and maybe

I'll find some peace tonight

-Angel, Sarah Mclachlan

It was burning hot yet at the same time freezing cold. The air was so full of brimstone and sulfur that it was so hard to breath. Electric green eyes gazed around at the battle that was going on around him. Pure white silhouettes of angels flew around as they battled the demons that tried to keep them away from Hell's entrance. However, there was a single Angel that had most of his attention as his eyes followed God's creation. This Angel was different from the rest as where most had white or gold wings this one had raven black wings and his eyes were an ever shifting blue with flecks of onyx. He was Thursday, the Angel of Solitude and this angel was currently in a nose dive heading straight towards the opening of Hell. He glanced down at his own body made up of purple and black crackling energy, his emerald green eyes the only thing that was defining since the crackling energy barely made a silhouette of his features like it did for the angels. He shook himself from his thoughts as he followed behind the angel but not too closely so his presence wouldn't be known, not really bothering to pay attention to that around him. Nothing dared near him and the few demons that were foolish enough to try dropped down dead. They both pierced through the opening of Hell with relative ease and he slowed as he watched Thursday stop to look around. Gently, he coaxed the Angel mentally in which way he was to go as though it was his own thought and the Angel hesitated before following the mental suggestion. Suddenly, everything was so hot and it burned and he felt as though his body was on fire. He could feel a scream clawing its way out as he felt his body blister and burn.–

Harry woke with a start, his panting breathes were slightly raspy and his clothes were soaked through with sweat. He shuddered as he remembered the fires of Hell and he briefly wondered what would have happened if he hadn't gave that mental suggestion to Thursday or Castiel as he later learned his name was. Harry shook off the memories and glanced at his alarm clock, sighing at the early hour and noticing it was still dark outside. He slowly got up from his bed and quietly went to Teddy's. He opened the door carefully, not wanting to wake him and watched the young man sleep peacefully like he used to do when Teddy was but a child. His racing heart eased into a steady rhythm at the sight of his peaceful son. He ran a hand through his black bed head hair and smiled when he noticed the brown and black tresses Teddy's hair slowly morphed to. He silently closed the door and made his way to the kitchen, collapsing into a chair as he ran a hand over his face with a tired sigh. His thoughts slowly shifted to what happened yesterday with the Winchester brothers and decided they would have to be more careful. He hadn't counted on the brothers being so stubborn or so thorough in their investigations. The young man tensed when he heard the soft flapping of wings and instantly recognized whose presence it was behind him.

"I thought you wouldn't be able to make visits…"

There was a moment of silence at his bitter tone as though he was watching him thoughtfully and he probably was but then there was nothing but warmth like an embrace. Green eyes glowed for a moment and three pairs of golden brown wings signifying the rank of Archangel surrounded him as though embracing him protectively. Harry looked over his shoulder and into Michael's iridescent grey eyes. There was an apology there and the young man sighed lightly as he ran his fingers over one wing feeling it shiver underneath his caress, a small ache making itself known.

"I was able to slip away from my brothers and sisters for a time..." I might not be able to do it again. Was the silent continuation of that sentence and Harry bit his lip as a moment of silence past before Michael spoke up in alarm. "You are hurt! Yet I see no visible wound, Harry Potter."

Harry scowled at the fact he'd forgotten that Angels could sense his emotions on some level or another. However, a small yelp escaped past his lips when crackling energy in the form of a hand pulled his arm and forced him to stand up. He was startled at the intensity of those alien gray eyes as they searched for some wound on his being only to look fiercely and deeply into his emerald eyes when there was none to be found. Ever changing grey eyes widened with shock and realization as they seemed to find what they were looking for. Crackling hand of energy still had hold of him but the touch was gentle compared to before as Michael said softly, "It is not physical pain but…emotional?"

He said the last word like he was asking a question as though puzzled at how that was possible but Harry didn't have time to care. Anger rushed through him as he yanked himself away from the angel with a glare. "Stop reading me."

His words were a low warning, his anger at having his emotions read pushing away the hurt that was created by Michael. The Angel frowned at him and took a step towards his emerald eyed being. "Who has hurt you?"

Harry bristled at the question and he growled out, "I'm warning you Michael. Back. Off."

Emerald eyes glowed with power but the Angel looked like he was going to insist. However, he tilted his head to the side as though listening to someone speak before looking at Harry unhappily. "I am being called back however…"

He let his sentence trail off and Harry scowled before looking away, refusing to look at the Angel infront of him. He stiffened when Michael's arms and wings embraced him, warmth spread through him like a quick fire. However, with a whisper of wings he was gone and Harry was alone once more. He bit his lip, a part of him scolding his stubbornness when all he wanted was to let Michael comfort and hold him like he used to. There was another more stubborn part that insisted on going through the motions and distancing himself from the angel as much as the angel had distanced himself from him. There was a part of him that stubbornly wanted the angel to go through what he'd gone through when Michael had withdrawn from him but at some level he knew it would be a fruitless endeavor. Michael did not have the same meddlesome human emotions he did and while he'd shown signs of breaking the usual angelic mold since inhabiting his vessel. The Archangel had a long way to go before he acted like a human or felt as a human would. So with a resigned sigh, Harry resolved himself with the idea of having another sleepless night.


Dean was thoroughly troubled and annoyed every time he and Sam went back to Bobby's home. The two young men, Marcus and Adam, just didn't sit right with him but after the fiasco a month ago when they'd stumbled upon whatever was going on and had put the brothers in danger. Both Winchesters had kept their noses out of the young men's lives but that didn't mean they didn't keep tabs on the brothers. Watching as Adam went to school and back, made friends and hung out while Marcus traveled back and forth between work and home. He took care of his younger brother and seemed more of a father figure than an older brother. Dean and Sam had to admit that they were a little envious of the brother's lives, Sam could help but wonder why moving to another country seemed to work so well for them when moving had gone so wrong for him. Dean looked down at his phone as it rang, he was currently watching the younger Black brother talk to some friends as he left the campus, and it was Bobby so Dean picked it up with a gruff 'hello'.

"Where are ya?"

"I'm…in town."

"You're trailing the kid, aren't ya idjit?" Dean winced having been scolded once or twice by the older hunter to leave them alone. He'd grown a bit fond of them, especially Adam who was a little warmer and friendlier than his older brother. Adam had a childlike view of things and much of the time acted like an excited little kid but his brother was different. There were times Dean noticed there was something almost predatory about the guy, like he was a soldier waiting for an attack and the faraway look in his eyes sometimes only strengthened that belief. "Marcus called me an' said he won't be able to be at home for a bit and he doesn't want the kid alone. He asked if he could stay with me for a bit and I said sure."

Dean frowned softly, puzzled by this and said, "Okay…"

"He doesn't have his car or house keys cause he left them home and Marcus was supposed to be there to let him in. So since he can't get home I need you to bring him here." Dean's mouth made an 'o' shape before he let a soft grumble out and said, "Fine."

"Good now hurry up, ya idjit." The older Winchester brother frowned at his phone before shoving it in his pocket. He'd been watching as the young man looked up and down the road for a while and now he knew why. He was waiting for his brother thinking he was still picking him up. With a soft sigh Dean pulled up next to the kid, he watched as surprise, annoyance and then guarded suspicion flash across his face before he spoke with his rich accent. "Hullo…Dean."

He supposed he deserved those looked and decided to brush it off and gave the young man a charming grin. "What's up dude?"

Murky green and gold flecked eyes narrowed as the suspicion in them strengthened. "Not much save for you being here."

"Your brother called Bobby saying he wouldn't be home and asked if you could hang out with us. I got chauffer duty since I was out already and in town." Dean rubbed the back of his neck as the young man made a small 'uh huh' noise in the back of his throat, clearly somewhat skeptical of the story or maybe that he'd just been 'conveniently' in town. Either way the younger male opened the door and slid in watching him warily through the corner of his eyes before pulling out his phone and texting someone, most likely Marcus. Dean dealt with this, guessing his and Sammy's invasion into their privacy once made both brothers suspicious of them. Once he was done texting whoever he gave Dean a sheepish smile and said, "Thanks, mate. Sorry 'bout that."

Dean chuckled, a little amazed by the shift in his demeanor and how thick his accent was. "Dude, its fine. Honestly I should be the one apologizing."

A small part of the Winchester was surprised he'd said that and he must have shocked the younger man too because he just looked at him for a second before grinning. "I should have recorded that."

He threw a light glare at the youngster before pulling up to Bobby's. It was so easy to talk and joke around with the younger Black brother. Marcus was always so guarded and standoffish, especially around Dean. He vaguely wondered if that's how it was with him and Sam but then he realized, even he was a little warmer than the older Black brother when it came to outsiders. His attention was brought back to the present when Bobby and Sam stepped out of the house and onto the porch as he and Adam got out the car. He grinned lazily at both Sam and Bobby as he said jokingly, "Special delivery for Mr. Singer."

That earned him a sharp glare from the older man and soft chuckles from both younger men. "Hi Bobby! Hey Sam!"

"Hi Adam." Sam let the corner of his lips curl a bit, giving the young man a crooked grin as he greeted him while Bobby just grunted a vague 'hello'. He offered them both drinks that only the hunters realized had holy water in it. They'd learned that Adam was a big germophobe and had started getting him bottled things although he complained about everything tasting weird. Marcus had explained that his younger brother's palate was a little more sensitive than most and the things in England did indeed taste a little different. With a slight and customary nose scrunch from Adam they entered Bobby's home and Adam made a beeline for the kitchen, digging in the fridge for the snacks Dean kept hidden in there and the older Winchester let out an indignant shout as the young man took his last Twinkie. "Dude! Do you know how hard it is to find those?!"

The young man hummed happily before he said, "Nope. Not when you had a pretty good supply here. Marcus never lets me eat these."

Sam chuckled as he said, "I wonder why. Those things are death waiting to happen."

The young man let out a soft snicker, getting weird looks from the brothers before Bobby hit him over the head. "Actually eat something ya idjit."

The youngster pouted lightly before sighing and digging back in the fridge for something to eat. Dean chuckled and sat down at the table as he leaned back and Sam joked around with the younger Black. Bobby sat down near the older Winchester and watched everything before he asked, "What did you boys do?"

Dean blinked before he looked away and asked gruffly, "What do you mean?"

"I mean the fact that every time I bring up you or Sam to Marc he clams up faster than you can blink your eyes."

The older Winchester winced knowing it was true since every time they'd visited Bobby's and the older Black had been here he'd been frosty and monosyllabic. Sighing he said, "We might have dug a little too deep a few days after they bought their cars and risked putting them in danger from whoever they were running from."

Bobby was quiet for a while before he sighed tiredly and said, "I thought as much. Those boys seem to be assimilating well but there is something just not right. They don't talk more than they need to, don't communicate with their neighbors and Adam don't really make friends."

Dean nodded slightly since he and Sam had noticed that while they'd tailed them. Both brothers did the bare minimum to get by so that they were barely on the radar seeing as if they'd kept to themselves they'd draw attention but if they were overly friendly and gained popularity they'd be too noticeable. "It's like they don't want to make attachments in case they have to pack up and leave."

Bobby grunted softly just as Adam's murky green eyes glanced at them, a guarded expression sliding across his face for a second but as soon as it was there it was gone and he was grinning at them. Bobby and Dean looked at each other slightly startled by that look, almost as though the young man had heard them. Bobby snorted before pulling himself up and out of the chair, "Alright you idjits. I'll be in my study, don't bother me."

He gave Sam and Dean a meaningful look, they were still dealing with Dean's little 'problem' and trying to figure out if it was really an Angel who pulled him out. Adam opened his mouth to let out a little whine but before he could all hell broke loose. Glass shattered and the front door burst open as demons burst forth and Adam let out a strangled sound of surprise and fear. Sam knocked the younger man back behind him as he pulled a gun out that was hidden in the back of his pants. Adam watched in horror as both brothers and Bobby tried to keep the demons at bay and protect him, he'd never been allowed to see Harry fight with the Death Eaters and he'd only heard stories about the War. Now he understood why Harry had been so adamant in not letting him get involved too much, there was nothing glamorous about this. He let out a shocked cry of pain as something grabbed him by his hair and yanked his head back. His eyes grew wide as he looked back into pitch black eyes like the iris had dilated to the point of covering the whites of his eyes. He heard someone call his name but he was too focused on the thing that had him. He knew his already black hair probably was tinting blue and his murky green eyes were probably now a swirl of purple and black. The thing looked at him with cruel curiosity before it grinned, raising its hand and he could feel pressure building around the hand. Without thinking he let his magic lash out towards the creature sending it flying as he called out to the only person that would hear his prayer. "Michael!"

For a moment the demons paused before rounding in on him, hurtling themselves towards him but there was a blast of blinding white light and suddenly there was nothing around them. Adam shuddered and slid to the floor as he looked dazed but the three men stood staring at him before they heard the flutter of wings. Standing before them was a tall man with dark hair that was falling to his shoulders while his eyes were a soulful grey. He wore jeans, a button up shirt and scuffed boots but his eyes were on the boy. He kneeled infront of the young man and laid a hand on his knee. The action drew purple eyes to grey and the young man let out a soft sob before collapsing into the angel, shaking with adrenaline and left over fear. The man stiffened slightly before awkwardly patting the young man's head. "I had warned him…it is lucky that I was away."

They saw another shudder of fear shake the young man's body at the obviously older man's words. "What the hell is going on?!"

The man threw an icy glare at Dean when he finally couldn't take anymore. "You will silence yourself, Dean Winchester. My charge is currently suffering. You will be dealt with by your own watcher."

Dean froze before it clicked in his head and it must have clicked in Sam's because he said softly, obviously awed by the realization. "You're an angel."


Dean paled a little at the correction, realizing this being was even more powerful than his own 'Angel'. "Where is…the older one?"

"Marcus is at work." Adam supplied helpfully when the Angel seemed to have trouble getting the rest of the sentence out. The Archangel scowled as he said stiffly, "He is working while you are here in danger?"

"Stop that, Michael. It's not like he thought we'd get attacked by demons."

The angel stiffly nodded but the scowl did not ease from his face. He carefully detached himself from the young man before he stood up straight. He looked at the three men who stood stock stiff from both awe and surprise. "Look after my charge."

With a violent flutter of wings he was gone and the three were left in a stunned silence.


Sam looked up the stairs to the second floor and winced. After the Archangel, Michael's, departure Adam had locked himself in one of the bedrooms and away from questioning eyes. Sam had grown fond of the young man, enjoying his playful and childish personality. He even found himself looking forward to chances of seeing the black haired, green eyed man. That thought brought back the memory of seeing said green eyes turn purple from what he could only guess was fear. He slipped into the library and watched as Dean and Bobby poured over books and books. He slipped into a seat and waited for the same question that had passed the older man's lips each time Sam went out to check up on the younger man. "How is he?"

Sam shook his head and sighed, "Still locked in the room but at least the sniffling has stopped. I think he might have fallen asleep."

"What is he?" Sam looked sharply at his brother and asked, "What do you mean?"

"You saw the same thing I did. His eyes changed color and he threw that damn demon across the room without touching it."

"What? You going to shoot him, Dean?" Sam's voice was harsh. He'd already accepted the fact that no matter what Adam was Adam. He'd had plenty of chances to hurt them but he hadn't, he seemed almost too innocent. He remembered how the young man had acted during the ambush and concluded that he'd never even seen blood spilled. Dean frowned before shifting uncomfortably, "No…he's a good kid."

Dean had also recognized the way Adam had fallen apart after the battle. There was no way he'd ever killed anything, even if he wasn't human. Bobby had a thoughtful look on his face before he said, "I've heard from fellow hunters that the magical community in Europe and Asia is very different compared to ours…"

He let out a soft thoughtful grunt before he continued, "There's something called a metamorphmagus and wand wizards. They-"

However, before he could further that thought the roaring of an engine made them jump to their feet. The engine turned off and there was a slam of a car door before a familiar voice called out, "Bobby Singer! Bobby Singer, where the hell are you?!"

They rushed out with their guns and faced a rather livid Marcus, his emerald eyed seemed to be glowing from his anger and again Dean felt a strange tingling in the back of his mind. Green eyes flickered to his for a second before narrowing as he growled out, "Put those down and take me to him."

All three seemed to hesitate as there was something suddenly very dangerous about the young man that set their instinct on high alert. Something almost predatory about how he stood and watched them, his muscles taught as though he was ready to pounce. Dean vaguely thought that unlike his younger brother he had no doubt that Marcus probably had no problem attacking or killing, especially for his younger brother. Bobby shook his head a little stiffly and offered a flask to the young man, "Drink this first."

A soft almost animalistic growl left the man's lips at Bobby but he obeyed stiffly and drank. Bobby also held out a silver knife to which Marcus sneered at before slicing down his arm and revealing red blood. Nodding in satisfaction Bobby and Sam let down their guns and after a moment of hesitation so did Dean but he watched Marcus carefully. "Where is he?"

The older Black's eyes darted towards the windows of the place probably hoping to catch a glimpse of the young man or where he might be. "He locked himself in one of the bedrooms after the angel left. He was pretty shaken up."

At the mention of the angel Marcus' features darkened before he winced at the mention of his younger 'brother'. "I've tried to keep him away from all of that, away from all the bloodshed and fighting."

His voice was strained and a little pained, as though he was blaming himself for what had happened. "What are you?"

Green eyes shot towards moss green eyes and they held for a moment, familiar tingles brushing the back of both their minds before Marcus scowled and said, "What are you talking about?"

"We saw his eyes change colors, you idjit." Marcus frowned at Bobby's words before something in him seemed to snap and he sagged a little. "How much do you know?"

"Only what I've heard from other hunters. There's a different kind of community in Europe. That there are wand wizards and that there was a war." Marcus nodded his head and sighed, running a hand through ebony strands before he spoke. "I'm one of those wand wizards. We have a magical core, our magic comes from the earth itself or at least mine does. Our wands are our focus but a handful of us don't need one, Adam and I included. We can focus our magic without it. Magic for us is like…a living thing."

When no one interrupted him he trudged on, "However, Adam is a little more than that. He's a metamorphmagus, his mom was too. He can change his appearance whenever he wants and even change his sex if he wants to. Most of the time he only does it when he has some strong emotions or when I want him to look like me but otherwise he keeps it under control."

Dean frowned but it was Sam who asked what was bugging them. "Wait a minute. 'his mom', 'when I want him to look like me' aren't you two brothers?"

Marcus stiffened and said, "It's a little more complicated than that. I don't want to talk about it. Where is he?"

The older Winchester brother opened his mouth to demand answers but Bobby hit him over the head and spoke. "Course, kid. Come on in."

They followed Bobby into the house and up the stairs, stopping when they reached the second to last room. Marcus hesitated before knocking softly, "Hey, kiddo. It's me…let me in?"

There was a moment of silence before the sound of lock clicking open reached their ears. Marcus slowly opened the door and peaked in, seeing a head of navy blue depressed hair peeking out from under the covers of the bed. As soon as Marcus sat on the bed soft sniffling begun and the older Black gently brought the youngers head onto his lap, stroking dark blue hair affectionately. "It was horrible…all the blood."

Marcus shushed Adam gently and said, "I know, just don't think about it."

"I'm sorry I always fought you on your decision not to let me join in on the fighting…I don't ever want to." Marcus sighed softly, glancing up at the three men before he said, "I've just only ever wanted to protect you."

He hated hearing him like this. He was so innocent that it hurt. 'Adam' was still very much a kid inside a young man's body. He hadn't had the normal childhood that most kids did and he knew that it had…affected him. Seeing people die only reminded the younger man that his parents had died in a war and that 'Marcus' had died more times than he could count. He prayed that Tonks and Lupin's son would never have to draw blood but there was something deep in his gut that told him the time was fast approaching that he would have to. Soon the sniffling stopped and navy blue hair slowly faded to a sandy brown color. A tear stained yet peaceful face revealed itself from the covers as Adam fell asleep having tired himself out. Marcus shifted so that Adam was now asleep on the bed fully and shooed the three men out, closing the door softly. They went back downstairs and into Bobby's library Marcus looked around it in wonder, the older man had always kept this door closed when he'd come over so it was a knew sight for him. He looked at the three men and asked, "Do you know why they attacked you so suddenly?"

Sam shook his head as he said, "Nothing concrete but we've been looking. We think it might be because Dean was resurrected by an angel."

Moss green and emerald eyes met for a second before Marcus looked away but Dean caught the look of amusement on the younger man's face. "What's so funny Witch-boy?"

Marcus scowled and growled out, "I'm a wizard not a girl and nothing is funny."

Sam intercepted Dean's next barb before they could start arguing. "That Archangel…why is he around Adam?"

Dean noticed Marcus' face darken before he said curtly, "Everyone has a guardian angel…Adam's just happens to be an Archangel."

They could tell there was a story behind that but before they could question him he'd gone outside, a scowl on his face.


To say Harry wasn't shocked to suddenly be dragged into an empty room by a livid Archangel would be a lie. For a moment he cowered against a wall as the angel glared over him, his mind scrambling to understand what he did to piss off the angel all of a sudden. "You have been irresponsible and neglectful, Harry potter. You have put your ward in danger and left him without protection as though he means very little to you. How could you leave him with those imbecilic hunters!"

Harry's mouth hung open as he looked up at the angel before his words started to register and rage boiled over. His voice was a deadly hiss as power crackled around him and he noticed the Archangel flinch back a bit. "How dare you. How dare you accuse me of neglect. Who do you think you are?"

Michael's features darkened in what Harry could only guess was anger as he growled out, "I am the one who just saved your ward from a demon attack. When you were here working."

The last word was a sneer on his lips but Harry felt like his heart had been dipped in ice. None of his alarm spells went off, how was that possible? This realization only made the anger flare and without thinking he lashed out, hand smacking the Archangel clear across the face. The Master of Death felt pain shoot up his arm but it was pushed away by the satisfaction of seeing his handprint on the beings face. Michael kept his face turned in the direction the slap had twisted his face in and the clear shock that had been on his face was gone. In place was the usual neutral expression that only managed to piss off Harry even more. "You have no right. Not after you abandoned me…not after you didn't answer my calls all those times. You have no right to speak of anyone being irresponsible and neglectful."

Understanding seemed to dawn on the angel's nearly perfect features and his features softened as he took a step forward. Harry wanted to step back but he was already against the wall so he turned his face away, stiffening at the feel of warm downy against his cheek as Michael's wings brushed against it. He whipped around and growled out, "Don't touch me."

"I am sorry, Harry." Something snapped and Harry shoved the Angel hard. "I don't care. I don't care how sorry you are. Sorry fixes nothing. I ha-"

He was cut off by the feel of feather light lips brushing against his, rough hands cradling his face and the warmth of wings enveloping him. For a moment he leaned into the feel before he remembered why he was so angry with the angel. He lashed out again, grabbing onto the crackling power that was now his and flinging it at the angel. With a flash of blinding light Michael was gone but not his anger or worry.


Harry couldn't feel his earlier bitter anger at the angel at the memory no matter how many times he tried to drag it up to the surface. All that was left was a tired resignation and the desire to just give up the stupid attempts of saving his feelings. A familiar tingling started at the back of his mind just as the door to the porch opened, he looked behind him from where he leaned against the railing and saw Dean step out. Moss green eyes locked onto his own electric green ones and Harry felt his magic rise to the surface, tasting the air between them much like a snake would. They stood side by side quietly, neither daring to say a word as the silence between them seemed to speak for them. "He's a good kid…"

Harry felt the corner of his mouth twitch upwards and he nodded his head. "Yeah…He'll be better when the morning comes."

They were quiet for a moment before Harry spoke, "I'm surprised you haven't gone into a shooting spree from the rumors about you Winchesters."

Dean snorted and replied, "Trust me there's still a part of me that doesn't understand why I haven't done that by now but…It don't feel right. Yet."

The master of death understood what that meant clearly. Give Dean Winchester a reason and he'd have no qualms about putting a bullet into his head. "Charming as ever, Winchester."

The moss green eyed man looked at the slightly shorter man, slightly puzzled about the tingling in the back of his head. He'd begun to realize it was only when 'Marcus' was around but kept the observation to himself, not even Bobby or his brother knew about it. Then there was the fact that his eyes were just so damn familiar. "I feel like I've seen you somewhere before."

Harry stiffened at Dean's words and scrutinizing gaze before he pushed himself from the railing. "I think we should both get some sleep."

The older Winchester frowned as the older Black murmured, "Maybe I'll get a little peace tonight."

To be continued…