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It was such a simple word, but it meant so much more to one Kim Possible, teen hero and world's savior.

She had spent the last week deep in the Amazon Rainforest tracking down a would-be villain; days spent traipsing through the stifling heat and mosquito-infested jungle. By the time she had found the villain's lair, she was covered in mud, her hair a tangled mess, and every bit of exposed skin scratched or bitten. She had been so unbelievably frustrated that she had lost it, ranting at the poor man so much he had given up without a fight.

It never used to be like this. Her effervescent personality never got down, and no matter what the sitch, she was always upbeat. It had taken an alien invasion by the Lowardians and a year since they had invaded to turn her life upside down, and not for the better.

She had been instrumental in their defeat, and in the euphoric celebrations afterwards she could never have pictured the repercussions. With the world wide devastation—including her family home—all of her long-time friends had moved away, leaving her almost completely alone. Then they came. The media, with their constant, intense and almost rabid attention to everything Kim Possible, taking away her privacy and freedom. And when it could not get any worse, there was the breakup with Ron.

It was a huge burden for your basic average girl who had only just turned nineteen, and it was so much, almost too much.

Now she was flying home in first class thanks to Wade. A special gift just for her, she had decided, because he could see how overwhelmed she was becoming. For now, she was content with the hum of the plane's engines instead of the cacophony of the rainforest and the gloriously comfy seat instead of a sleeping bag on the ground. Sitting there, she relaxed and cleared her mind of all her troubles, focusing on home and the comforts of her bed, the loving arms of her parents, and even her twin brothers. Turning her head, piercing olive green eyes stared out the window at the clear blue sky, her mind now filled with family. She soon found it drifting to friends lost and gone and, inevitably, to the loneliness her life now entailed.

A catch in Kim's throat caused her to close her eyes, running her hands through her hair as memories of the breakup she had buried for the last year dredged to the surface. It was the last time she had been close to someone, other than her family, even if she had been the one to end it. But it had been for the best. She had to keep telling herself that, or she would lose it completely. The released memories flooded back to her as she opened her eyes, staring out the window. This time, she did not see the pristine blue sky, but the past... and tears of loneliness and loss welled up.


Kim was brought out of her thoughts as the pilot's voice came over the intercom, announcing they would be landing at Middleton Airport in thirty minutes.

It's amazing how fast time flies when you're thoughts are elsewhere, Kim mused as she stared out the window. The Rocky Mountains now in the distance, replaced by a more sedate countryside that Kim instantly recognized as home.

I really, really need to thank Wade again for calling in this favor. Riding first class instead of in some baggage hold in a cargo plane is so much more relaxing. But all good things must come to an end, so I'd best get changed before we land.

Rising from her luxurious seat, she opened the overhead locker. Rummaging through her travel bag, she took out an overly large pink tee-shirt with a playful kitten on the front, a long woolen white sweater, and some faded blue jeans. Closing the bag and locker, she made her way to the restroom, and finding it unoccupied, she slipped inside, shutting and locking the door.

Splashing some water on her face, she looked into the mirror and smiled at the face looking back at her.

Dark brown hair cascaded over a loose green tee-shirt emblazoned with the words 'Bite Me' on the front, while tight black jeans covered her legs over some well-worn sneakers. A dark black choker with a green gem in the center around her neck was the only form of jewelry to accompany her wardrobe.

"Time for the real world," she whispered to her mirrored reflection.

Reaching up, she carefully unclasped the choker. Her hair immediately going from the dark brown she had grown accustomed to seeing on the way back from her missions to her natural fiery-red mane.

"Phase one of disguise removal accomplished, Sir," she said to her reflection, throwing off a playful salute to her mirrored self. Next off came the shoes, followed by the tee-shirt, and lastly, the black jeans. Folding up the tee-shirt and jeans she had just taken off, she placed them to the side on the small bathroom counter. Then, she picked up her new shirt and slipped it on over her head. Dressing quickly, she was soon pulling on her sneakers to complete the ensemble, returning her to Kim Possible as the world expected her to be.

"It's as if I was never away," she murmured, looking over her now complete transformation in the mirror. Kim spent a few moments staring at her reflection and straightening imaginary creases until she was satisfied with her look. Happy with her change, she picked up her old clothes and tucked them under her arm. "Well, here we go," she said to her mirrored self and, with a friendly wave goodbye, she unlocked the door and stepped back out into the corridor.

Walking back to her seat, she immediately started to hear the whispers her disguise had spared her from, for this mission and almost all her missions for the last year. Senses honed from years of fighting super-villains, and on constant guard from twin brothers, she heard...

"Is that...?"

"Isn't that…?"

"Omigawd that's-!"

"I didn't know she was on-!"

"Mommy, Mommy! Can you get me her autograph?"

Even a year after the Lowardians' attack, I'm still almost instantly recognized, Kim groaned silently to herself while relaxing back into her seat. It's the hair that gets their attention, always the hair that allows them to instantly recognize me.

Sitting back, she closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the gem encrusted choker in her hands. Soon enough, she felt her ears popping as the plane began a slow decent into Middleton Airport.


With her reputation now enhanced, Kim was given specialist treatment through customs even though she tried to protest. After a few signed autographs for customs officials and fans, she was out the front of the airport in record time. Standing there in the chilly autumn weather, she was looking up at the clear blue sky when her wrist Kimmunicator went off. Bringing it up to eye level, she pressed the button, and the screen flickered into life instantly

"What's the sitch, Wade?" she asked as she looked down at the Kimmunicator, her friend and webmeister appearing on screen. She threw a quick glance up and down the airport taxi rank for a vacant taxi, but none were in sight.

"Hey, Kim! I've arranged a ride home for you."

"Spankin'! And thanks for the first class treat! It sure beats riding home in a cargo hold, even if I do have to miss out on a HALO jump." She pouted with an exaggerated sigh of disappointment. They shared a chuckle at her melodrama.

"Alright, alright," Wade played along, "I thought you'd like the change. Next time, I'll make sure you get a Goliath just so you can jump." He smiled, seeing the flash of excitement in Kim's eyes. "But for now, let's get you home. Besides, your ride should be showing up just about…" He paused for dramatic effect as a yellow Middleton Airport Limousine pulled up to the curb beside Kim and the back door and trunk automatically opened. "Now," he finished triumphantly.

"Thanks, Wade, and perfect as always. Talk to you again soon." Throwing a quick smile at the Kimmunicator, she turned it off, tightened the hold on her backpack, and hopped in the taxi.

~o0o~ ~o0o~ ~o0o~





The voice blared over the plane's intercom.

It doesn't get better than this, Kim thought as she leapt from the plane, a huge grin on her face. The adrenaline and the freedom. Feeling the thrill of free falling kick in, she shouted her enjoyment to the world. There was no longer anything to think or worry about now; she just had to go down as the laws of gravity demanded. If only I could bottle this feeling and keep it forever. Life would be good.

Eventually snapping back into mission mode, she scanned the landscape below, looking for her intended target. Spotting it, she smiled, aimed her body, and sped away. Judging the distance while scanning for hostiles, she pulled the ripcord as late as she dared, feeling the jerk as the parachute opened, slowing her descent.

She had been aiming for a covert landing at the back entrance of her target, but groaned as a strong cross breeze forced an adjustment at the last instant, forcing her to land in the front instead.

A perfect landing if you can ignore the position, she thought. Then she was up and moving. Speed was of the essence now, before she was caught, before she was-

"Kim Possible—Middleton Metro News. How was the mission, anything new to add to..."

"Ms. Possible—Time Square Middleton—what do you have to say about..."

"Kim—Antarctica Press—any word on the..."

Kim sighed, turning and facing reporters as they seemed to come out of the woodwork, swarming towards her. Throwing them one of her best cheerleading smiles, she waved at the world's media camped along her street.

"No big, guys, just Professor Dementor doing his usual take over the world stuff." Smelling a fresh story, the reporters converged upon her. It was survival of the loudest, each reporter trying to outdo his rival in volume in the hopes that their question would be answered. To Kim, though, they all just sounded like a pack of baying dogs out for her blood.

Closing her eyes, a small sigh escaped her lips as she gathered her thoughts. She wanted to summarize today's mission quickly so she could head inside. Then, from behind, she heard familiar footsteps and a comforting arm came around her shoulders, which she gratefully leaned into it. Opening her eyes, she looked into the slightly worried expression of her mother, her mom's brilliant blue eyes looking back at her.

"Members of the press," Mrs. Possible announced, turning to the reporters, "I'm sorry, but my daughter is needed inside, so if you'll excuse us." Turning away from the world's media, Kim flashed her mom a grateful smile and received a comforting hug around the shoulders in return. Walking towards the front door, Mrs. Possible let her daughter set the pace, knowing how Kim could be when coming back from a mission. She was well aware how slow and gingerly her daughter was moving by the time they got to the house.

The reporters, realizing their story was getting away, started yelling even louder, firing off question after question at their retreating backs and never stopping until the door was firmly closed and locked.

As the door shut, Kim slipped out of her mom's embrace and leaned against the wall. Tilting her head back, she sighed and closed her eyes while clutching her parachute.

"Thanks, Mom, they really wanted a story there."

"Oh, Kim, I'm sure if you or Wade spoke to Global Justice, we could get them classified as super-villains. Then you could round them all up and send them off to who knows where."

Both women chuckled at the thought of Kim terrorizing the paparazzi and then hauling them off to jail.

Kim shifted a bit and grimaced as her aches and pains from the mission came back now that the thrill of skydiving was gone. Sensing her daughter's distress, Anne took a look at the state Kim was in. She saw the stress and tension that never used to be there, then, her medical training kicked in.

"Kimberly Ann Possible! Bedroom! Now!" she ordered, marching off to get her medical kit.

"Yes, Mom," Kim replied meekly.

I won't get away with anything less than a full check-up this time, Kim mentally grumbled as she slowly made her way through the house. If only those reporters hadn't been there, I could've snuck in and been asleep by now. If only I were like Shego and I had punched a few, but that's her answer to everything, not mine.

But they were always there, never leaving as they waited for the next big Kim Possible story to happen.


Limping painfully up the stairs into her room, Kim dropped the parachute on the floor and turned towards the bed. At the head of the bed, nestled in between large, pink fluffy pillows, was her Pandaroo. A cuddle buddy, it was a cross between a panda and a kangaroo, and it had been her comfort toy for longer than she could remember. The feeling she got from her plush companion's gaze felt like it was admonishing her for the state she was in.

Easing herself onto the end of the bed with her feet hanging over the edge, she laid back and closed her eyes. She tried to ignore all the aches and pains that were finally jumping up and down to gain her attention as the last of the adrenalin left her body. Grunting in pain, she turned her body and reached up to snag her cuddle buddy, bringing it in close for a comfort hug.

"Well, Pandaroo, with both my shoulders out, I'm never going to get this top off—let alone the battlesuit—by myself." She stared at the ceiling as she hugged her furry companion and waited for her mom.

"So unless you're willing to help?" she asked her plush companion. "No?" She sighed sadly. "Then I guess it's a good thing Mom's here."

"It's too much, Pandaroo," Kim whispered, closing her eyes. "I know our house is rebuilt, but those reporters won't leave me alone. And without Monique and Ron to talk to, I-I feel like I'm breaking up from the inside. I can't even take my frustrations out on Shego anymore; one day we're fighting and the next we've saved the world together! Now she's pardoned and gone, just like that." Resting there and thinking about all that she had lost over the last year, tears began to well up in her exhausted eyes.

Anne walked quickly through the house and up the stairs to her daughter's room. Opening her mouth to ask how she was doing, the words died in her throat. There was Kim, laying on the bed, sound asleep and clutching her cuddle buddy as if her life depended on it.

Okay, okay, Anne thought as she sat down on the edge of the bed next to her daughter, worried mother feeling a little better, but let's put that to the side for now and let Doctor Possible step to the front. This is the worst I've seen her in ages, and that's even counting last month, when she came back from saving that village from the erupting volcano. Gently brushing back a few stray hairs out of Kim's eyes, she took a good long look at the state her daughter was in.

Kim's mission clothes were in tatters and she could see dried blood and dirt covering all the rips. Luckily, Kim was also wearing her battlesuit underneath. Anne knew that even though the suit could heal minor lacerations and keep pressure on any major injuries, it did not stop the initial pain and trauma. The tears drying on her daughter's cheeks were a new and worrying development, something that she would have to deal with once her daughter was patched up.

"Kimmie, wake up," Anne whispered as she gently stroked her daughter's cheek. "Come, on, Bubble-butt, wake up. Let's get those injuries looked at."

Groaning, Kim's eyes fluttered open, half-asleep olive green eyes looking up into pale blue ones.

"Five more minutes, Mommy," Kim mumbled, still not fully awake.

Anne chuckled at the tone of her daughter's voice. She pictured her again, when she was younger and using just those words when she was woken up in the morning.

"Up you get, Kim; time for school," she said in her most motherly tone of voice, keeping it gentle enough not to startle her daughter.

Kim's eyes opened and awareness kicked in, followed quickly by the pain from her injuries. Grimacing, Kim, now fully awake, smiled at her mom and started to sit up.

"Hey, Mom, guess I was more worn out than I thought," she said, smiling sheepishly.

"You just lie there for a bit," Anne said as she placed a hand on Kim's arm, tutting at her. "I'll get you out of your mission clothes; they're for the trash anyways. I'm not going to have you putting any undue strain on what I'm sure will be an interesting assortment of injuries." Leaning forward, she kissed Kim on the forehead, her eyes filled with concern. Turning away from her exhausted daughter, she rummaged through the medical kit, hunting for the scissors she was after.

With a few well-placed snips, the remains of Kim's mission shirt fell away, quickly followed by the pants; leaving Kim in just her battlesuit. Anne then put her arm around her daughter, mindful that she'd have many unseen injures under the suit, and helped her stand.

"Alright, Kimmie-cub, over to you," Anne said, trying to keep the worry out of her voice.

"Righto, Mom."

Kim fought back a wave of dizziness now that she was upright and, cocking her head, she subvocalized, "Kilo, India, Mike, One, One, Zero, Zero, Four, Pandaroo." There was subtle shimmering in the air around her suit and the blue power lines running along it stopped glowing. With the suit now powered down, it was no longer figure hugging, allowing her mom easy access to the zipper.

With the battlesuit finally off and draped on the edge of the bed, Kim was left naked as the day she was born. Her mom, knowing the routine, soon had a pair of plain white panties on her daughter and had passed a towel over so Kim could hold it over her chest for modesty's sake.

"Kimmie, what have you been fighting, a giant shredder?" Anne said with a gasp.

She was finally able to diagnose her daughter's condition and winced at the sight. Many deep lacerations and abrasions covered her daughter's body, all slowly starting to bleed now that the advanced suppression agents of the battlesuit were no longer holding them in check. Not to mention the bruising on her ribs, both shoulders and the whole left-hand side of her body as well.

"It's no big, Mom, honest." Kim smiled reassuringly. "Really, it isn't?" Suddenly feeling a little lightheaded, she rested a hand on her mother's shoulder. I'm sure I've had worse. Right now, though, she was hard pressed to think of just such an occasion.

"Well then, let's get those nastier lacerations stitched up, and then we can get around to bandaging the rest."


Both women were so focused on Kim's injuries that they did not notice that they were no longer alone in the loft. They first realized that they had company when the new arrival cleared their throat, and a sultry voice Kim knew oh-so-well spoke up.

"Oh, Princess, this is a bit more than I was expecting."

There, leaning casually against the door and eyeing Kim up and down with a massive grin on her face, was Shego. Stunned, Kim took in everything at once while her mind tried to fathom who-what-why was Shego in her room?

"Shego?!" both Possible's said loudly.

"It's a bit of a surprise to see you again," Anne finally said. "It's been a while. Still, it's good to see you, and-"

Kim was not hearing anything her Mom and Shego were saying because she was off in her own world. After all, it was definitely Shego, with her exotically pale green skin, her long, luxurious raven-black hair—with impossible hints of green—flowing over her shoulders, and those emerald green eyes you could lose yourself in. Wait, what? She was wearing a long-sleeved, fashionable, teal green shirt that hugged her tightly, showing off her curves. Her legs encased in stylish black riding leathers with accompanying boots. Held loosely in her hands were a phone, sunglasses, and what looked like a large envelope. It was a far cry from what Kim would ever wear, and it was a far cry from what she was currently wearing…

"Sheeegooo, Noooo!" Kim suddenly squeaked, coming out of her daze and remembering her current state of undress. She desperately tried to hide behind her mother, but her mom's steady hand held her firmly in place.

"And I fully agree, Shego," Anne continued, now that her daughter's interruption was over. "Still, it is good to see you again." Throwing another quick glance at their new arrival, she went back to tending to a nasty laceration on Kim's side. After a few seconds, she paused, bit her lip, and then asked, "Do you think you're up to binding some ribs, Shego? Kimmie's mentioned that you have some basic medical training."

"Sure thing, Doctor P; that I can do," Shego replied, a little surprised at being asked. "But don't let it get out that I helped Kimmie again, or my defunct evil reputation would be ruined," she added with a chuckle.

The wink Shego gave Kim as she sauntered over made Kim squirm inside and, if it was possible, her face turned even redder. In fact, Shego could actually see the blush travelling down Kim's torso, making her grin even more.

"Buuuut, Muuuuum, it's Shego!"

"And?" Anne replied calmly, not taking her eyes off her stitching. "Surely you can't be that embarrassed? After all, you and the girls used to shower after cheerleading practice all the time."

Closing her eyes, Kim's mind raced to come up with an excuse that she knew her mom would accept. Unfortunately, all her thoughts started with, It's Shego, but it's Shego, cause it's Shego, and a blushing Kim could not come up with a viable excuse apart from, It's Shego! She turned her head and wished the ground would just open up and swallow her.

"Okay, Mom," Kim mumbled. She dropped her head and accepted her fate as she tightened her hand around the towel across her chest just a little bit more.

Shego's in my room! Quick, focus on something else, anything else! Unfortunately Kim's mind kept coming back to, it's Shego. Shego's in my room. I have the world's most dangerous and wanted woman in my room and I'm almost naked. No, focus, she's pardoned! But still, it's Shego, in MY room! I'd rather be caught naked by the press than this. Well no, no I wouldn't; but this is 'So the Drama'.

Eventually, her mind calmed down a bit from the initial shock of seeing Shego after almost a year, and she started to realize what else was wrong with the picture. Shego was not wearing her customary figure hugging catsuit, just normal clothes, even if they were her usual black and green colors. Her pale lips were bare and unadorned, absent was the black lipstick she was used to seeing. Without the harsh lines her face seemed so much younger. In fact, how old was she? Lastly, gone were the clawed gloves that, for years, had threatened Kim with so much bodily harm.

Is this really my Shego? Wait, what!? Did I say that, My Shego? Gawd, I must be losing it.

"Sooo, Princess," Shego's soft warm voice purred in her ear. "It's been a while since I've seen you. And I gotta say, I'm a little annoyed that you seem to have so easily replaced me for our weekly tussles."

Oh yes, that's my Shego all right. Kim tried to suppress her embarrassment at the closeness of Shego, but the shiver down her spine from the warm breath on her ear was another matter.

"Shego," Kim pleaded, clenching her hands. "This is hard enough without you making it worse." She resisted the strong urge to stomp her foot, knowing how much that would hurt right now.

"Oh, Kimmie, when have I ever gone easy on you?" But her tone was friendly rather than teasing.

"So, Princess," Shego said again as she looked at the multitude of injuries over Kim's body. "I haven't seen you this beat up since Warhok had you down for the count." She lightly rested her hands under Kim's arms, waiting to see if Kim would react to her touch.

Kim shivered at the feeling of extra-warm hands on her bare skin, and turning her head, she found her gaze caught by emerald green eyes. She was mesmerized by the almost glowing orbs, losing herself in them. Eyes that had, in the past, been brutally trying to injure her. Then she blinked and the moment was gone, and Shego had begun to oh-so-gently bind her ribs.

"Yeah, well, blame it on Professor Dementor and his thing for dogs; but now he's moved on to giant robot killer dogs." Kim winced at the memory. "They're a little harder to take care of when they're chasing you all over the place while you're being blasted by lasers. They bounced me off a few walls until I managed to turn them on him."

"Uh-huh, yeah, and where was the Buffoon during all this? Isn't it his job to keep the bad guy distracted while you do your hero thing?"

"It is... was..." came her barely audible reply. "But, well, he's away right now, and I- I'm not sure when he's coming back." Kim swallowed, holding back the tears. "So right now, it's sorta just me handling everything."

Being this close, Shego saw the flinch and the pain behind the words at the mention of the sidekick. She filed it away for later enquiries, and continued with tending to Kim's ribs.

"You know what, Pumpkin, you should take a break. The world really won't come to an end if you do." Thinking about this, Shego amended, "The world won't come to an end from your standard super-villains, alien invasions are excluded from this clause. Besides, it'll give GJ something to do, and last I saw they could definitely use a kick up their ass," she added with smirk.

"Shego, language," Anne admonished, looking up with an unhappy expression on her face before returning to Kim.

"Yeah, sorry Doctor P," Shego replied, actual honesty in her voice. "Kimmie knows I hate 'em, even if they are no longer trying to lock me up."

"I know I could stop at any time," Kim said, looking down at Shego as she bound her ribs. "But we all need heroes right now, especially while we're trying to rebuild. Yes, Global Justice could lift its game, I know that. But anything's possible for a Possible, so I can do this. Just give me a few days and I'll be right as rain."

"A few days!?" her mom said loudly, her head coming up to stare at her daughter. "Oh, Kim, you'll be out of action for at least two weeks, maybe more. You're lucky I don't drive you to the hospital and leave you there. And NO." She poked Kim in the leg. "Don't even think of going on any missions until I say so. Don't make me..."

Kim was stunned at the emotion in her mother's voice and rested a hand on her shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. She quickly raised her arm back up before Shego could complain.

"Don't make you what, Mom?" Kim finally asked. The fact that her mom had just stopped in mid-sentence meant she had to wait, her mind full of curiosity and a little trepidation.

Anne did not answer straight away, thinking and staring at the two women right in front of her. Then, instead of answering Kim's question, she turned towards Shego.

"Shego, are you in a rush? Or is this a social visit? Could we have a chat downstairs, once Kimmie's tucked into bed?" Question asked, she turned back to her daughter and continued on with her stitching.

"Oh, I'm in no rush, Mrs. P. If you want to talk, that's fine." Shego threw a smirk at a stunned Kim, seeing the curiosity burning in her eyes. "Actually, I can see Kimmie here needs some downtime." She winked at Kim and got an annoyed frown in return. "So I'll drop by again tomorrow."

Kim's mind went into overdrive, wondering what on earth her mother could want to talk to Shego about. Her eyes darted between the two women slowly ministering to her injuries. She tried to fathom what her mom could be planning and what Shego, after all this time, could want with her.

After a few minutes of tense silence, during which Kim could feel every touch from Shego as she bound her ribs, Shego finally announced that she was done. Nodding that she had heard, Anne finished stitching up the last of her daughters serious lacerations. Then she started on the not so serious cuts, scrapes and abrasions, firstly applying rubbing alcohol on each, followed by antibiotic cream and bandages, leaving Kim looking more like a mummy than a person.

"There we go, Kim, all done," Anne said as she stood up. "Now, let's get you something simple and easy to slip into so you can go to sleep." With this in mind, she walked over to Kim's wardrobe and soon came back with an overly large white tee-shirt with a kitten on the front; Kim was about to drop her towel when she remembered Shego was standing right next to her.

"Sh-Shego, um, could… could you sorta turn around while I change?" Gawd, Mom's right. I've showered and changed in locker rooms hundreds of times, but for some reason I can't do it in front of her.

"Geez, Kimmie," Shego exclaimed, rolling her eyes at her, "never knew you were such a prude." To Kim's great relief, she did turn around, apparently finding the back wall of the room of great interest.

Anne held out the tee-shirt for her daughter, and with a few winces from the strain on her shoulders, Kim soon had it on. Feeling much safer from certain emerald eyes, she looked over at Shego while her back was turned. She could not help but admire her graceful athletic build and how relaxed she was, even though she was in her former arch-nemesis's house. Sighing and wishing she had such a gorgeous body, she realized she was still staring at Shego, even though she was now dressed.

I wasn't staring, Kim's thoughts swirled. Then, a little flustered, she announced, "All done, Shego." She watched as Shego spun gracefully and focused on her as soon as she said it was okay. The intense focus of Shego's gaze made Kim glad that Shego had accepted her need for privacy without any arguments.

"Bedtime, Kim," Anne said, breaking Kim out of her thoughts. "I'll come back and check on you when I get home from work. I don't plan on being too long." She started clearing the bed of her medical equipment, quickly storing it away in the chest.

"Okay, Mom." Kim muffled a yawn with one hand as she eyed the bed. Even though it was only a few steps away, with her tired and aching body, it felt like it was much, much further.

"I've got Kimmie, Mrs. P. if you get the covers," Shego suddenly announced to the room. In two strides she was behind Kim, and before she could stop her, Shego had Kim in her arms bridal style. The startled yelp followed by muttered grumbling from Kim was music to Shego's ears as she carried the injured woman over to her bed.

Anne nodded her appreciation to Shego and turned to the bed, pulling down the heavy pink comforter and sheets. Straightening the pillows, she placed Kim's Pandaroo within easy reach.

If she starts to hum the bridal waltz, Kim thought tiredly, there's nothing on heaven or earth that will stop me from beating her up right here and now.

Kimmie at my mercy, Shego thought happily. Oh, I can't resist this. It's almost too good to be true. So, as Shego gently leant down, putting Kim into the bed, she sung in a hushed whisper for Kim's ears only.

I kissed a girl and I liked it
the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it

Shego did not think it was possible for Kim to blush any more than she already had, but she was proven wrong. Hearing the whispered lyrics, Kim turned beet red from head to foot. The growl that emanated from her was primal, but Shego was up and away before Kim could to do anything.

"Night, Pumpkin," Shego called out from the doorway, and with a quick salute, she was out and down the stairs.

"Sleep well, Kim," Anne said, pulling up the sheets and comforter and tucking them under her daughter's chin. "I'll leave a note for your dad and the twins not disturb you when they get home." With a kiss to her daughter's forehead, she turned off the lights and headed downstairs.

Kim was fast asleep before her mom had even reached the floor below.