The cloaked hovercraft arced silently across the world, the continent of North America far below. The craft's metallic-blue hull glinted in the sun as Shego adjusted their course, the hovercraft zooming towards New York. Kim and Monique sat in the back, deep in conversation. Their day had been full of surprises, in more ways than one.

"What's the dam?" Kim inquired.

"Major," Monique replied. With a mock sigh, she lowered her scarf, dozens of vibrant hickeys adorning her neck.

Kim reached out, her fingers gently touching the love bites. "She's certainly enthusiastic."

"GF, you have no idea. Speaking of such." She sat up, her eyes twinkling. "So?" Her gaze flicked towards Shego, the unspoken question hanging in the air.

"Yeah," Kim agreed softly.


Kim nodded, blushing a little.

Monique leaned forwards and wrapped Kim in a gentle hug. Tilting her head, she whispered, "I'm so happy for you, GF, you deserve it." She dropped her voice even lower and asked, "Is she interested...?"

"Honestly, Mo, I don't know," Kim whispered back. "Maybe? There's a lot of... stuff, so it's gonna be baby steps."

"Don't you worry, GF, how could anyone resist you?" She gave Kim a gently squeeze and sat back, her face full of excitement. "Life, hey?"

"Yeah," Kim agreed, her eyes drifting back to Shego. And then there's tonight!

As the inky black of space changed back to the pale blue of an autumn sky, they quietly watched the city of New York rush up to meet them.


With a grunt, Shego flopped down onto the parapet running around the edge of Monique's apartment's rooftop, waiting for Kim to return. Behind her, the hovercraft lay nestled in amongst the exposed ductwork, all powered down. Sighing impatiently, she swung her legs over the edge of the building and rested her hands on the gritty surface, her unfocused gaze staring at the street far, far, below.

She had lost count of the number of rooftops she had perched upon in her life as both hero and villain, and she barely payed any attention to the dizzying drop.

She found her thoughts drifting back over the day so far. It had certainly been an interesting one, and it was far from over. After her rocky start with Monique, she found herself actually liking the girl. Even more so when she saw the gentle way that Monique looked out for Kim. She chuckled as she remembered the look on Monique's face as she was led away by Faux.

Friends with benefits, she mused. Then, unbidden, another memory jumped to the fore. Kimmie kissed me! Her lips began to tingle, her face flushing where Kim had cupped her cheek.

"The worlds gone mad," she murmured, a smile on her face.

With a quick look around, she lay down on the parapet and brought out her phone, accessing its photos. Her face flushed even more as she looked at the sexy image of a sleeping Kim, the young woman barely clothed, her hair all tousled as she lay curled up and around her pillow.

Geez, Cupcake, why'd it hafta be you? she thought, her heart fluttering. She was becoming increasingly aware of what tonight involved, and how rapidly it was approaching.

Closing her eyes, she frowned, the feeling of being watched intruding upon her moment. It was annoying, like a full body itch, all those hidden individuals staring at her. With a growl, her eyes snapped open, watching as a helicopter passed overhead. She followed its progress across the city's skyline, her gaze narrowing as it land atop the World News Network Tower.

You're all wondering why I haven't fucked over WNN, aren't you? she thought, snorting and still a little surprised that she hadn't. I've let ya in, Kimmie. I've let you in and there's no going back. Kim's collapse, and her subsequent panic and worry, had superseded her need for revenge, and yet, not that long ago, nothing would have stopped her. She knew WNN would have to pay, but right now, she was content to keep Kim safe.

Thoroughly annoyed by the continued surveillance, she stood up and paced around the roof, only stopping when a familiar tune echoed from her pocket. She smiled as she fished her phone out, pressing connect.

"Wesley?" she said.

"Hey, sis," both the Wegos said in perfect unison.

"Wes. Wen, how are my two favorite boys?"

"We're great. We just had to give you a call when we heard the news," Wesley said.

"Your back to being a hero! That's so cool, sis," Wendell said.

"What the f—frig!" she exclaimed, barely keeping the swear word under control. "Where'd you hear that nonsense?"

"Henry told us."
"When he was talking to Global Justice.

"About how you took out Goondam single handedly."
"That's so badass!"

"Can we join you on your next mission?" they both asked in unison.

Ohhh, that, that, doofus! she thought. How can he be so dumb...? She could hear the excitement in their voices as they continued to ask, knowing she was about to ruin it. Then, an idea, she would try the truth for once. It would feel strange, but hey, that's the sorta day she was having.

"Okay, listen up, you two miscreants, I'm not back into the hero biz."


"But, I am helping out Kim Possible right now. Sooo, if anything comes up while we're together, then you're the first on my speed dial." She smiled at the excited cheers from her phone, and deftly moved the conversation onto other topics.


Shego's thoughts were blessedly neutral as she hung up, the talk with the twins a great balm to her troubled soul. Sitting back down on the roofs edge, she once again stared at the busy street far below. After a while, she heard feather-light footsteps approaching, and smiled.

" 'Bout time ya got back, Princess."

"Oh, shush," Kim replied as she arrived next to Shego. With barely a pause, she sat down, her legs swinging over the edge. Shuffling a little, she stopped when her shoulder brushed up against Shego's.

Shego raised an eyebrow at the closeness, but her eyes remained fixed upon the scenes far below. Both women sat there quietly, lost in their thoughts, watching the setting sun touch the horizon. Kim couldn't help but shiver as the temperature began to drop. She threw a grateful smile at Shego when a warm arm was draped across her back, a glowing hand resting her shoulder.

"So, Ms. Go, what're our plans now?" Kim inquired in her cheekiest voice. She giggled as she dodged a playful swat from Shego.

"Don't you start with that rubbish," Shego grumbled.

"Why of course, Ms Go."

Shego's only response was to poke her tongue out.

I know I said take it slow, but this is just too special, Kim thought. Should I? shouldn't I? It was all so frustrating, exciting, and terrifying, dealing with these emotions when they also involved the woman she had fought against for so long.

Her breathing deepened as she glanced at Shego.

I- I really wish I knew if you like liked me or not. Cause... I really feel lost here.

She had never had to woo someone before, feeling very ham-handed with all the cheesy ideas that sprang to mind. She cringed inwardly at the thought of giving Shego a bouquet of flowers, a Cuddle Buddy, and some chocolates in a heart shaped box topped with a musical card. There was also a candlelit dinner for two, and afterwards they could retire to a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire. Or perhaps a serenade in the moonlight while surrounded by rose petals. These ideas weren't her, and they most definitely were not Shego! She wished, just this once, Shego could make it easy for her. But this was Shego. Her mission in life was to make things difficult for her.

Geez, just do it already! Kim thought, looking at the mere inches separating them. This is no scarier than one of Drakken's death traps... Okay, no! This is waaay scarier! With her stomach trying its best to kill her, she willed herself to act. Do it NOW! Heart pounding away in her chest she scooted up against Shego's warm body.

She could always rely on Shego to be … well, Shego. As a frowning face turned her way, Kim licked her dry lips and murmured, "Chilly." It wasn't an outright lie per se, but it was truthful enough. Light headed and tingling from her maneuver, she stretched out an arm and rested it against Shego's back, her head lying down on a pale green shoulder.

There was a slight intake of breath from Shego, her muscles tensing, but neither did she say or do anything either. Kim kept her gaze fixed firmly on the darkening skyline while emerald green eyes searched her face.

Is it too much...? Kim thought, very aware that they were now unofficially cuddling.

Kim's heart was beating a million miles an hour, Shego stiff and unmoving, staring at her.

The yawning abyss of silence continued…

A chilly autumn breeze ruffled their hair as a lone church bell tolled nearby, neither woman moving.

Kim felt her happiness falter as the lighthearted feeling in her chest was replaced by dread.

Was I... Was I was wrong?! she thought in panic, never before feeling as scared as she did right now.

When Shego finally sighed and relaxed against her, Kim resisted the urge to squeal in joy. She couldn't hold back her smile even as a pale green hand brushed the bangs from her face. It was a small victory, in a war that she didn't even know if she was fighting or not.

Baby steps, Kim thought happily.

As dusk turned to night, their intimate world illuminated only by Shego's glow, the two of them quietly watched the city come alive.


Shego's whole body was tingling in the nicest possible way. She couldn't believe her senses with how they were - oh let's face it - cuddling! The warm weight of Kim had completely disarmed her. She stared blankly into the night while her thoughts screamed at her, over and over, to push Kim away, to run, before some horrendous memory returned. But, she couldn't move, not even when Kim snuggled in closer, the delightful sensation both wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

Ohhh, Princess, what're you doing to me? she thought, helpless in the face of Kim's affectionate nature.

She dragged her gaze back to Kim when she felt her shiver, a cold breeze gusting around them. Without thinking, she began rubbing Kim's back to spread the heat, feeling the play of muscles beneath Kim's sweater. Shego ignited her free hand and held it out. Kim gratefully wrapped her fingers around the offering, resting it in her lap.

Kim tilted her head up, her warm breath tickling Shego's neck, and she quietly said, "Thanks."

"Yeah," Shego replied, her throat suddenly dry. She had tried to sound nonchalant, but it was hard to do with Kim's sweet breath on her skin. This is what I want, but can't have, she acknowledged, closing her eyes at the sudden ache in her heart. Her breathing sped up just a little as Kim pried open her glowing fist, her palm coming to rest on Kim's inner thigh. Before Shego could respond, Kim was running the glowing hand up and down her legs, humming happily at the warmth it provided.

One night. Just give me this one night? Shego silently entreated herself. One perfect moment to hold up against the bloody darkness of her past.


The lone church bell tolled again, signaling an hour had passed by. Atop the apartment block, Kim opened her eyes, a contented look upon her face.

Time to go, Kim thought, even though she didn't want to move. We'll be home in time for dinner. I'll even have a chance to clean up. She flicked her eyes up to a pale green face, seeing Shego staring off into the distance. Following her gaze, Kim came across a certain building, one that she knew had both their attention.

"Hey, you," Kim said, breaking the comfortable silence between them.

"Hmm?" Shego replied, sounding very far away in her thoughts.

"I've had enough with being watched for one day, so howzabout we head home? It's early enough that I wouldn't mind giving my hair a wash before dinner, with your help of course?"

"Yeah, whatever," Shego replied distractedly, her eyes not moving from the WNN Tower.

"They're really annoying, aren't they?" Kim said, referring to the hidden surveillance watching the both of them.


"They're all here for you, you know that, right?"


"Are you still planning on... doing something?"

Shego pulled away and just looked at her, telling Kim everything she needed to know. She wanted to talk to Shego, try and dissuade her, but this was neither the time nor the place. There were too many other interested parties listening in.


As the cloaked hovercraft zipped its way back to Middleton, a battle of wills was taking place onboard, the outcome never in doubt.

"Fine! All right! I'll help you wash your damned hair," Shego snapped, her iron resolve crumbling under Kim's puppy dog pout.

"Annnd dwy it too?" Kim asked, her big, sad eyes, boring into Shego's.

"And - dry - it - too," Shego growled out.

"Spankin'!" Kim replied enthusiastically. She resisted the urge to wrap her arms around Shego and give her a hug, instead, she leaned back in her copilot's seat, a happy smile on her face. She had been doing that a lot lately, smiling, and it felt good.

You're so good for me, I wish I'd spotted it sooner. Heh! Woulda been interesting if we were still hero and villain? She tilted her head at the thought. Wouldn't have stopped me either!

Humming happily to herself, she ignored the curious glances from Shego.

Almost home, Kim noted, a familiar mountain range coming into view. Home, she had never felt such a delicious sense of excitement and trepidation before. There was so much to organize before tonight. She needed to tidy her room, wash herself and her hair, shave - everywhere - and work out an excuse for her parents as to why Shego was sleeping in her room.

She wasn't going to instigate anything tonight, sticking to her game plan of 'take it slow', but if anything did happen, she wanted to be ready.


With a soft bump, the hovercraft landed in the Possibles front yard, Kim up and in the back as Shego dropped the force field around the cockpit. Before any objections came her way, Kim picked up a few shopping bags and slid out onto the grass.

She stole a glance back over her shoulder as she walked up to the front door, seeing the worried and annoyed look on Shego's face.

She really is too cute, Kim thought.

After some careful juggling of the bags, Kim managed to get door open, and stepped inside. The house was quiet, her parents not home yet, and the twins most likely out practicing their Pep Puppy routines with the Middleton cheer squad.

"So, we meet again, at last," Kim muttered as she walked towards the stairs, "When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master." She tightened her grip on her bags and headed up the mountainous barrier, pleasantly surprised at how little her injuries complained.

Kim shouldered her way past the half-open door to her room and, dropping the bags at the foot of her bed, she lay down on its welcoming comforter. She didn't have to wait long for company to arrive, Shego muttering under her breath as she stomped into the room. She let out a put-upon huff, dropped the bags she was carrying next to Kim's, and without a word, headed off to collect the rest.

Three trips later, and she was done.

"There ya go, Possible, enough clothes to keep you well dressed for a year," Shego commented, waving her arm at the massive pile of shopping bags.

So many, Kim thought as she sat up, still amazed at how much they had bought. Or, Shego had bought, she reminded herself. As Shego sat down next to to her, Kim got to her knees, an excited grin on her face. "Why thank you, my gallant green knight, how shall I reward thee? A hug? A kiss on the cheek? A... massage?"

Shego snorted, and went to push Kim back onto the bed. Kim responded by ducking under Shego's arm, moving in closer. She came up short, Shego's free hand blocking her. Kim's excited grin was mimicked by Shego and, with a quick twist, she batted the hand out of the way. There was a quick flurry of arms from the both of them, but neither was able to get the best of the other.

"Hair?" Kim suggested, her face flushed with excitement from their impromptu sparring match. Shego nodded and, as if on queue, they both relaxed their grip from each other.

"I'm off to change, first," Shego stated as she stood up. Grabbing her shopping bags, she headed out the door and down the stairs without another word.


Shego walked into her room and stopped, her eyes going wide.

What - the - FUCK!? she thought, staring at the hot-pink comforter now covering her bed. When did she—? Gripping the door frame so hard it cracked, she turned and yelled, "POSSIBLE! What the hell did you do to my bed?!" She ground her teeth as Kim's laughter drifted down the stairs.

I'll sleep out in the yard before I leave this in here!

She strode over to the bed and ripped off the comforter, the sheets underneath a vibrant pink.

It's toast!

Her face set, she bundled up all the hideously colored linen, then opened the patio doors. Tossing the horrendously pink blanket, sheets, and pillow covers, out into the backyard, she ignited them with a burst of plasma.

She dusted her hands in grim satisfaction as she walked back inside, closing the doors behind her.

There's no way I'm letting her get away with this!

She knew something had to be done, a retaliatory strike of infinite embarrassment, but what? Grabbing her shopping bags, she upended them on the bare mattress, thinking about her options. A small, black tank top, caught her eye, and she realized Kim had given her the perfect opening.

If Kimmie wants to play, then a massage au naturel. With an evil grin, her eyes darted upwards to Kim's room. You asked for it Cupcake! And, since I get something out of it as well, so much the better.


Kim looked up from her ablutions in the bathroom when she heard Shego call out, asking her where she was.

"In here," Kim replied loudly, "I'm just freshening up a-" Her head jerked up and she spun around as the door opened, Shego peeking inside. Kim managed to hold back her squeak of embarrassment, especially when the corner of Shego's mouth twitched into a light yet devious smile.

"Well, well, well, Cupcake," Shego said, stepping into the bathroom.

"Hey! A little privacy, please and thank you!" Kim exclaimed. She was only in her cream-colored bra and panties, a towel tied loosely around her waist. A blush was already rising on her cheeks, and it wasn't just from her lack of clothes. There was Shego, in a skimpy, black tank top and some loose, black and green sweats riding low on her hips. She was very aware that Shego wasn't wearing a bra, and of the lacy black undies peeking above the elastic of her pants. It was all so casually captivating, especially with how her hair was loosely tied back in a ponytail, her feet bare.

Gawwwd, she makes anything look sexy, Kim thought, blinking slowly. "C'mon, gimme a few more minutes?" she asked, gesturing towards the door.

"Mistress," Shego said as she leaned back against the door.

W-What's she doing? Kim thought in alarm as the door clicked shut, her heart beating faster as Shego locked it behind her.

"Bitch!" Shego finished with.

Kim licked her suddenly dry lips. While she was growing more comfortable with being around Shego in a state of undress, the intense focus she was receiving was causing a major body blush.

Geez! What's goin' on? What's she thinking? Kim thought, her feet shuffling nervously. Shego hadn't moved, and neither had her gaze. She just stood there, twirling a stray lock of her raven-black hair between her fingers. Kim knew Shego. She knew her moods and her looks. But at this moment, she just could not read her.

Kim's heart skipped a beat as a mischievous glint came to Shego's eyes.

Shego pushed off the door and sauntered towards Kim, that smirk never leaving her face. Kim tried to take a step back but the bathroom counter was right behind her.

"H-hey? Out!" Kim said, her hands gripping the edge of the bench in support.

"Not happenin', Cupcake."

Kim's eyes were wide as Shego stopped right in front of her. She was so close, so very, very, close.

Kim shivered as Shego leaned across her, Shego's hot breath tickling Kim's bare shoulder. A pale green hand dipped down, sliding along Kim's arm, and she bit her lip at the delicious sensation of warm skin against her own. She barely held back a disappointed sigh as Shego stood back up.

"For... tonight...?" Shego inquired in a seductively low tone, twirling a razor in her fingers.

"Um... yeah..." Kim managed to reply in a weak and detached voice, too off-balance to even think of another response.

Kim watched as Shego put the razor back on the counter, the small personal shaver making a loud click in the silent bathroom.

"So... um... really, Shego, my shoulders are fi-"

Kim couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She could only stare at the pale green hand resting on her upper arm. A shiver ran up and down her spine at the contact, Shego lightly stroking the three faint claw marks that marred her skin.

"That was a night to remember, hey, Pumpkin?"

"Yeah," Kim replied. She didn't trust herself to say anything else at the moment, the delicate touch making her toes curl. Also, she could never forget that night, the one where Drakken had almost succeeded in taking over the world via his army of Little Diablo robots.

"One of our best fights?" Shego said, her fingertips gracing their way up Kim's arm.

Oh—? Oh Geez! W-what is she...? Kim thought, her breath hitching in her throat.

"I remember this one," Shego said, her fingers stopping along the edges of a faint white scar on Kim's neck.

"T-Texas, you threw a red-hot branding iron at me." Kim bit her lip, her entire body erupting with goosebumps as her hair was brushed away from her shoulder, sharp nails caressing the nape of her neck.

"Yeah. Dr. D and his killer cows. Stupid plan, but a good fight."

Before Kim knew it, Shego's fingers were doing an intimate dance across her body. At each and every scar, Shego would comment, Kim replying, the fingers moving on. By the time Shego had finished, Kim's body was practically vibrating from the attention, her erogenous zones stimulated beyond reason.

"Allow me..." Shego said.

Kim had never heard Shego's voice like this. It was smooth, sweet, and soft. Hypnotic. Before she could ask 'what', Shego moved - closer, resting against her. Shego's legs straddled one of her own, their thighs pressed together. It was too much for Kim, her synapses shutting down at the delicious contact. Drawing in a ragged breath, she closed her eyes at the sensation, barely even registering her arm being raised.

"Now…" Shego purred in Kim's ear.

Kim heard the splash of water as Shego wet her hand. Then, moistened fingers were running under Kim's arm, softly kneading her flushed skin. She didn't know whether to be happy or sad when the caresses were replaced by the cool, metal blades of the razor.

Then, Shego began to hum, as she deftly moved the shaver up and down.

Kim couldn't believe her ears, but this was quickly superseded by a more pressing need. She desperately choked back a moan as Shego began tapping her foot, Kim's senses bombarded by Shego's thigh stimulating her most sensitive of sensitives.

Kim's plan to take it slow felt like it had skipped several steps.

This is torture…! Kim silently moaned, her grip on the counter so tight her knuckles were turning white. I can't even enjoy it… I- I have to pretend nothing's wrong. She was using all her will not to cry out, to keep from voicing her pleasure. She wanted to give in. It felt so good, the teasing friction rubbing against her folds, driving her to the edge … and over it.

She's doing it on p-purpose. It has to be on purpose! Sh-Should I? N-No! Take it slow! But if she's...? Slow! Purpose!

Unbidden, Kim's hand reached out, her fingers desperately searching for contact. Her hand latched onto Shego's hip, the feeling of skin against skin so good. There was a wet spot on her panties, and it was getting bigger. Now it was just a matter of time, how long could she hold out? Then, a lingering thought hit her, Ohhh craaap…! If Shego realizes she's making me— GAWD, I don't care! I need- I'm gonna... Yeah, oh god, YESSS!

A silent exhalation of pleasure escaped Kim's lips as her body betrayed her. Fireworks exploded behind her eyes at the glorious release, her orgasm sweeping through her.

Kim's eyelids fluttered open when Shego shuffled to the side, raising Kim's other arm. Kim was riding her high but reality was quickly calling. Embarrassed beyond belief, she prepared herself for Shego's comments. But none came, Shego seemingly oblivious to what had just occurred.

She has to know? Kim thought. She had to say something. She opened her mouth, but her voice failed her as glowing fingers trailed across her bare belly. She shuddered and almost came again at the wondrous combination of heat and touch. Mute and helpless, she watched as Shego dried under her arms with her plasma wreathed hands.

With a flick of her hair, Shego stepped back, nodding to herself at a job well done.

"Ciao, Kimmie, come get me when you're done and we'll do your hair," Shego called out, closing the bathroom door behind her.

Alone at last, Kim slid to the floor, her legs no longer willing to support her. She ran a shaky hand through her hair, her gaze on the departed image of Shego. Leaning her head back against the counter, she tried to wrap her thoughts around what had just happened.

I really—? With someone!

She wanted to laugh. She wanted to cry. The emotions of the moment washing over her. The months, years, of thinking and dreaming about it, could not compare to the final outcome. It wasn't how she pictured her first time, but when was it ever? She knew it had started out as a simple tease from Shego. Even as it ramped up, she had still felt safe, knowing she could have asked Shego to stop anytime.

She tilted her head at that thought. Yeah, she makes me feel safe. Looking back at the door, she whispered, "Sheeegooo..."


Shego collapsed back onto Kim's bed, hands behind her head.

That... wasn't meant to happen! Damn you and your perfect skin, Princess!

She had only planned to tease Kim, too keep it light but distant. Tease. Taunt. Play with her. But stay detached. Yet, it had spiraled out of control as she explored Kim's flawless skin. Yes, flawless! She found all the tiny scars and imperfections only improved the package that was Kim Possible. Caught up in the moment as much as Kim, her innocent maneuver had gotten away from her.

Yeah, I just felt Kimmie up. Made her cum! She couldn't stop her large grin as she remembered the look on Kim's face as she orgasmed. How she had felt Kim's body shudder against her own in ecstasy. In her own way, she had enjoyed it as much as Kim.

Gods, to be a teenager again, she thought, snorting at the idea.

She squeezed her eyes shut, knowing where her thoughts wanted to go. What would happen if she relaxed. To keep her sanity, she had to maintain her kingdom of isolation. Stay its queen. Even as the horrors of her past gibbered and howled outside the walls of her mind. She couldn't let Kim in. Couldn't let her see. She had to remain the aloof soldier of fortune she had always been. Conceal, don't feel, don't let Kim know.

Above all else, and while this infatuation lasted, never witness Kim getting hurt or injured.

She dragged a hand across her face. Fuckit it, I'm too tired to think about this right now.

Beep... Bee... Beep. Beep.
Beep... Bee... Beep. Beep.

The chirping buzz of the kimmunicator snapped Shego out of her maudlin thoughts.

Kim's voice drifted through the bathroom door, "Can you get that for me?"

Beep... Bee... Beep. Beep.
Beep... Bee... Beep. Beep.

"Yeah, yeah," Shego called out. She rolled across the bed and grabbed the annoying device. Dropping it on the floor, she hung her head over the edge of the bed, and pressed connect. "What?" she snapped, as Wade's face came up on the screen.

"H-Hey, Shego," Wade replied, "just the person I was looking for. That info you were after, I've found the source."

Shego's gaze narrowed as she looked at Wade, her tiredness draining away at the news. Glancing at the bathroom door, she held a finger up to her lips. Wade nodded in understanding.

"It's Wade. It's nothing," Shego called out as she headed for the door.

"Tell him I'm-" Kim replied.

Shego was down the stairs and in her room before Kim had finished speaking, the bedroom door closing behind her.

"Who?" Shego inquired.

"I tracked a shipment of one-way, bullet resistant glass from Latvia," Wade said, pride in his voice. "From there, I was able to follow it through various dummy corporations to its final destination."

"Wade," Shego said, the boy genius failing to catch the hint of annoyance in her voice.

Shego promptly tuned Wade out as he began a long and complicated explanation. She was very experienced at this, her many years of working for Drakken had honed her 'I really don't care about the details' skills.

She blinked as Wade finally stopped, focusing back on the kimmunicator.

"Who - is - it?" she demanded.

"Ah... Um... It's Global Justice. They've set up up a standard monitoring station in the house at number thirty-four-"

Shego saw red, the poor kimmunicator crushed in her glowing hand.

Those fuckers sat and watched while Kimmie collapsed, and did nothing!

She was out the door. Hellfire and brimstone, the apocalypse, they all paled with what she intended to do.


Kim looked up from shaving her legs as her kimmunicator buzzed again.

"Hey, can you get that for me as well?" Kim called out.

She frowned when there was no response, the device continuing to beep. Grumbling to herself, she popped the razor back on the counter, wiped her leg, and opened the bathroom door. She instantly felt the emptiness in the house.

Two quick calls. Shego's missing. Can't be good?

She half-ran, half-limped, over to her bedside table, and picked up her wrist-kimmunicator.

"Kim! It's Shego. She's gone after Global Justice!" Wade's said, his panicked expression telling her volumes.

The hovercraft's gone and I didn't hear her motorbike, what am I missing? Kim thought. Her expression went serious as she said, "Wade, slow down, and start from the beginning."


Shego sprinted through a neighbor's yard, unseen. Then, bunching her legs, she was a blur as she dove across the road, landing under the eaves of a house. She flipped herself up and into its roof, and lay down, surveying her target. The house in question looked no different than any of the others, but that was the point.

There! she thought, spotting the faint gleam of a motion sensor in a flower bed. She took her time as she scanned the entire house and yard. After all, she was safely hidden from prying eyes by a looming tree and the apex of the roof she was on.

Standard design, she thought, spotting the motion sensors, pressure sensors, heat detectors, and cameras. Fuckers can't even be creative. She knew off by heart the Global Justice manual for intrusion detection and prevention. She also knew how to get around them. Rising into a crouch and, with a feral grin, she leaped high into the air, coming down silently on a first floor windowsill. A quick peek through the glass showed no one inside.

Showtime! she thought with grim satisfaction.

She closed her eyes and focused, adjusting her glow, just like she had for Kim's hair. Raising a hand, she spread her fingers, unleashing a near-invisible burst of ionized plasma. The mini-EMP surged across the room, shutting down its electronic sensors, and a lit finger took care of the glass. Without a sound, she stepped into the bare room, its door closed.

One... she silently began counting.

She moved across the room, and put her back to the wall next to the door.


She crouched as a single pair of footsteps quickly approached.


The door flew open, a young woman in a Global Justice uniform scanning inside.

Night-night! Shego's thought. Her hand flashed forwards, a finger coming to rest on the lone agent's forehead. Before the startled woman could react, Shego's fingertip glowed, and the agent's eyes rolled up into her head. Shego caught her before she hit the ground, dragging the unconscious woman into the room.

Geez, she'd have to be Kimmie's age? She stood up, but found her eyes gravitating back to the slim form in its figure-hugging, blue-grey uniform. She's cute! Kimmie needs a few more tight-fitting outfits like hers. Gah!? Damn it, Princess, now you've got me fantasizing while I'm on the job!

Grumbling to herself, she stepped out into the corridor, and followed the sound of raised voices.


No, no, no, no, no, Kim chanted as she slipped into her jeans. Strapping on her wrist kimmunicator, she grabbed a t-shirt and her cane, and quickly made her way downstairs. She wasn't thinking clearly. She only knew that she needed to get to Shego. Stop her. Before anything major happened.

Please, Shego! Please, please, please, don't do anything stupid!

She roughly pulled on her shirt, wrenched open the front door, and ran out into the front yard. Her skin immediately prickled at the chill breeze, her bare feet sinking into the cool grass.

Which—? She scanned the street, her eyes locking onto the house in question.


Shego silently stopped beside an open door and, looking in, she quickly sized up the six Global Justice agents inside. They were all far too young, most likely trainees or new recruits. They were all clustered around various monitors, the agent in charge barking out his orders. She instantly disliked the sallow-faced young officer, his imperious nature rubbing her the wrong way.

Her gaze moved onto the monitors, showing the Possibles house at various angles. The main screen had Kim front and center. Shego grinned at the image, at how determined Kim looked, her hair flowing behind her as she ran up the street towards them.

Me first, Princess, then you can play.

"How the hell did she find us?" the officer yelled out. "And why hasn't Agent Rizzoli reported in?"

Before his fellow agents could reply, Shego stepped forwards, and said, "Maybe, she's sick of you assholes spying on her?"

There were collective gasps from the agents as they spun about, their eyes going wide. Shego leaned against the door and crossed her arms, her gaze boring into the officers pale blue eyes.

"You're- You're trespassing on Global Justice property," the officer blustered.

"Like I give a fuck!"

"And you've compromised an ongoing mission!"

"Geezus! Were you born this stupid or did GJ pound that into you?" Shego was surprised to see some of the agents hold back smiles. Seems I'm not the only one who finds this idiot annoying? She stood up, her hands igniting. "Now, You've got one chance to explain why you didn't help Kimmie when she collapsed!"

The officers face went white as he backed away, his hand dropping to his sidearm.

"Agent Johnson made that call," one of the agent's said quickly.

"He's at headquarters right now," another agent said.

"We only got here today," another agent piped up.

"Quiet! I'm in charge," the Junior officer snapped, his face visibly sweating.

Shego stared at them each in turn, discerning the truth of their words. Three of them were too scared to lie, two others plus the officer simply glaring at her. Eventually, she nodded, though her face remained angry. She felt thwarted that there was no one to take her frustration out on. She certainly wasn't going to beat up these kids, even an annoying one like this officer.

"Out!" she snarled. "All of you get out so I can trash this place!"

"I- I can't allow that," the officer said.

"You seem to be under the illusion that you've got a choice," Shego said as she took a small step back. "I said, GET OUT! Before I drag your sorry asses out myself!" She pressed her back against the wall and called out down the corridor, "And you, come out where I can see you."

An agent shuffled around the corner, his face bathed in sweat. Shego looked him up and down. He was barely out of high school, probably given this easy assignment as a training exercise. She was surprised when he raised a trembling arm, pointing his wrist-taser at her.

"H-hands up, miscreant!" he managed to get out.

"Yeah, right, like that's gonna happen?" Shego drawled, rolling her eyes. "Now, put it down before I do it for you!"

The agent ignored her warning and brought his other hand up, his finger resting on the taser. "In the name of Global Justice, I-"

Shego's gaze narrowed as she subtly adjusted her stance, watching the agent and his weapon with a terrible clarity. She had instantly deduced where the barbs would go, and as he fired, she was already stepping swiftly out of the way.

And what's even scarier is that Kimmie's even better than me!

Her ability to survive as a superhero with her brothers, then as a freelance thief, and finally a sidekick, was more than just her luck and her healing ability as most agencies presumed. She was gifted, just like Kim, their incredible reflexes more than a match for any weapon. Shego had the strength and the speed, but Kim had the agility and the hyper-awareness to go with it. Throw in Kim's unorthodox cheerleader moves with her phenomenal martial arts skills, and she was a force to be reckoned with. This is why guns, even rifles and machine guns didn't faze either of them.

The barbs of the taser hit the wall behind her, but she was already moving, a green blur.

The surprised agent screamed as she wrenched his arm up, slamming his head into the wall. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

"You - BITCH!" the officer yelled from behind, drawing his sidearm.

Shego was already diving to the side as shots filled the air, stopping behind a wall.

Alright, you little fucker, you asked for it! she thought. Young or not, trainees or not, they had shot at her, and there was only one reply in her book.

Shego's hands became encased in boiling, crackling, plasma, and raising them up, she unleashed the emerald inferno at the ceiling above. The roof exploded upwards, parts of it vaporizing instantly, the plasma rising high into the sky.

There were alarmed cries from the agents in the room.

Distract, she thought grimly.

She rested her glowing hands against the wall and, focusing, she blasted a hole clean through it.


She dove into the operations room, a manic grin in her face!


Kim was halfway to the house when the worst possible scenario played out. She heard gunfire, which was promptly followed by a section of the roof exploding upwards, a green ball of plasma shooting into the sky.

"Call for an ambulance," Kim called out over her shoulder as she broke into a full-blown sprint, her injuries crying out in protest.

"On it, Kim," Sadie replied, following close behind.

"Get back inside!" Kim yelled out, frantically waving her arm at a few of her neighbors who had come out to see what was happening. Geez, could this get any worse?

She arrived at the house and ran up its porch. With barely a pause, she raised her crutch, and slammed it into the door, the wooden structure flying inwards as it was ripped off its hinges.

"Shego!" Kim yelled out as she stepped inside.

Kim paused, a very young and surprised female agent in front of her, the insignia on her uniform identifying her as a trainee. She had her gun out, fear and worry on her face.

"Stand down, agent," Kim said authoritatively. She watched the nervous woman's face intently, seeing the minuscule tightening around her eyes.

"I said, stand down, I'm Kim-"

The Global Justice agent raised her gun, her finger tightening on the trigger. Kim's eyes narrowed at the action. A tactful retreat was not an option for her. Shego was in there, and she needed to get to her. Kim sprung forwards as the gun went off, the bullet slamming into the door frame behind her. She twisted her body in midair as more shots went off. Alighting briefly on a wall, she pushed off, bringing her cane around and slamming it into the agent's head.

The agent went down without a sound.

Kim landed with a grunt, going down on one knee. Dammit! Can't I have just one day without all this?

Senses alert, she spun about as another agent stepped into view. His gun was already raised, firing! She raised her crutch, the impervious metal deflecting the bullet. It was an impossible shot, a Possible shot. With a yell, she launched herself from the floor, the agent backing away.


"Next time, think!" Shego said as she surveyed her handiwork, the six unconscious agents spread around the room. If this is the new breed of GJ agents then the world is truly fucked.

Hrmm, only six of you? She tapped her chin in thought, knowing that there were two more unaccounted for. She looked towards the doorway as a loud crash echoed up from downstairs. Grinning at the sound of Kim's voice, she sauntered out the door, not even worried when she heard the sound of gunfire.

Shego stopped at the upstairs landing and rested her arms on the balustrade, looking below. A Cheshire grin crossed her face as Kim limped into view, a Global Justice agent unconscious at her feet.

"Why, Pumpkin, yer beatin' up GJ agents now? Ain't that my schtick?"

Kim looked up, the worry on her face softening to annoyance. "Yeah, yeah," she replied.

"Come to think of it, you're beating up the law, hanging out at lairs, and associating with former villain's, is there something you wanna tell me?" She leaped over the balustrade and landed next to Kim. "A new career choice, perhaps?"

Kim's only response was to poke her tongue out.

Still flush with the heady excitement of battle, Shego stepped closer. "Careful now, Princess, that's an offer that's hard to refuse."

Kim blushed instantly, but instead of dropping her head, a combative grin came to her lips. She opened her mouth to reply, but instead, her eyes flicked upwards. Shego tensed as she felt it too.

"Lookout!" Kim yelled.

Shego was already moving as Kim stepped in front, pushing her to the side.

Multiple shots rang out.

Shego used Kim's added momentum to propel herself off the wall, flipping herself back up and onto the upper landing. She landed next to the dishevelled officer, his gun now empty as he uselessly pulled the trigger.

"Please—" he started to beg, raising an arm.

Shego didn't say a word as she roundhoused him in the face. He smashed into a wall, crumpling to the floor without a sound.

"It's a good thing you decided to pass on GJ, Kimmie, cause-"

"—Shego?" Kim called out, her voice quavering with fear.

It was a tone Shego had never heard from Kim before. She spun back to the railing, her heart freezing at the sight. Kim was standing there, her face white, blood staining her t-shirt from the bullet wounds in her chest.

"...Shego…" Kim implored again as she dropped to her knees, her terrified gaze never leaving Shego's.

"KIM!?" Shego screamed, leaping over the banner. She was there, next to Kim, and wrapping her arms around her as Kim slumped forwards. "Kim...?" There was so much blood. "Oh gods, no...!"

Kim looked up, her face ashen.

"Y'called me by my name," Kim barely whispered. She raised a blood-caked hand to Shego's cheek. "Shego, I-" She coughed, a bloody froth covering her lips. "I like-" Her hand dropped, and she exhaled softly, the life leaving her eyes.

"Hey now. Shh. You'll be fine. It'll all be okay," Shego whispered. Tears filled her eyes as she rocked back and forth, cradling Kim in her arms. "Please, Kimmie... come back to me?"

There was no reply, the hallway deathly silent.

Shego threw back her head and screamed out her heartbreak, the howling madness of her past rising to claim her.