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It was a dark clear night over the Pacific Ocean. The sea was calm and silent as well as the sky. Suddenly a roaring was heard in the sky over the Pacific taking that silence away. It was a plane flying towards a certain destination. It was a US Military Lockheed C-130 Hercules carrying supplies and troops. It's destination was on a Island where a US Naval Base was located at least 345 miles from the Costa Rican Coast.
Inside the plane was 40 Marines of the 22nd Infantry Battalion with supplies and some vehicles. They were all trying the pass the time of the long flight with conversation, jokes, music, or what they loved the most... sleep. Among the Marines was a Corporal but a former Gunnery Sergeant. He had his head against the metal of the plane resting and listening to everything going on.

"James?" said someone beside him to his right which caused him to open his eyes. He saw the equipment before him. A bunch of supplies, enough to wage a small war and along side that was a Humvee, All-Terrain 4x4s, and a few Dirt Bikes.
James was average heavy build with a strong looking face. His eyes were blue and his hair was black with a bowel style cut.
He looked in the direction of the voice "Yes Damian" he said looking at a Marine Private wearing big glasses. Damian and him were good friends even before The Corps. James was the jockey while Damian was his nerd friend in High School. Damian was a small thin build like he always was, probably one of the smallest built Marines in the Corps. He had Hazel eyes with slight red hair and had somewhat of a low voice.

He opened his mouth a bit but he quickly choked. He cleared his throat "Can I tell you something important?" he said nervously. He was sweating bullets, if any Marine could create a river this one could at the moment.
James looked at him sternly, he could have just ignored him like most others and go back to resting but Damian was his friend and his fellow Marine. Also Damian has been acting a bit weird over the past few weeks to begin with after he said he done something which no one took seriously.
"What is it Damian?" he said with a calm but stern tone.
Damian looked around suspiciously as if he was searching if anyone was listening. James knew that Damian only came to him with any problems and never kept a secret from him but with the past few weeks that changed. There was a long list that has changed with him.
Damian gulped and wiped his sweat off his brow "I...I wanted to tell you that I..." he paused "I hacked."
"You hacked...that isn't something new" James said to him.
"No, a few weeks ago" This sort of caught James attention "I possibly hacked into the Government's Top Secret servers or something" he finished. Now he definitely was getting James's full attention.
He sighed aggravatingly "You remember the last time you did that back in High School...The FBI showed up the next day looking for who did it."
"I know but it's different this time...I think my life is in danger" he said showing fear in his eyes "Before we came back to base I was being followed by some black vehicle. My apartment was broken into with my Computer being taken. Some strange people came to my mothers house and asked weird questions. They even followed me outside the gates of the Base itself" he finished trying not to tear up.
James was shocked at this. He clearly saw that Damian was scared to death, he knew this was serious but had the quick thought that it could be The Government just scaring him but from breaking into his apartment, to going to his mothers, and following to the Base gates back in California. It was all too much and wasn't normal. If they wanted to scare him like this they could have told his DI of what he did and Damian would be like this. It would be easier than what they sounded like they were doing.

James placed his hand on James shoulder with a smile "Don't worry man. It'll be ok, it's probably the Government trying to scare you so you won't do it again. Perhaps when we get to where we are going we can calm you down with a few drinks ok" Damian nodded. James felt it was going to go down hill from here but he will stand with Damian to face it, he never let him face a danger alone in his life.

Suddenly everyone that wasn't asleep all started looking out the windows. James and Damian looked out to see a huge Island with 4 other islands in a crescent shape partly below them. There was no light but from what they could see was a lava coming from a volcano on the far side of the largest island.
Some awed at the site, others brushed off and started talking to whomever, some cracked jokes saying they are planning a vacation there one day. James chuckled at the jokes, he loved hearing his platoon having a good time. Well, if it was still his platoon but he was over the past. But nonetheless this was his family whom he had served with in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn't have nothing back in the states to go to anyway, he was the first Marine on the plane to go where-ever they wanted him to go. Anywhere away from home.
Damian awed at the site too but was curious on where they was at. He looked over at the one of the crew of the C-130. He was about to wave him over until the plane shook violently making everyone quiet. It shook again making everything move quickly, it felt like something hit them from above almost.

The crew scrambled back to their feet making sure everything was secure. They told everyone to make sure they were strapped in tight and get their helmets on, that is when everything on the plane went offline, no lights or nothing, just the pitch blackness of the night. The emergency lights even struggled to come on but barley.
A chilling sound was heard from the planes engines, they were no longer working as the propellers came to an abrupt halt. The started a quick descend to the ground below. Everyone was trying to fight the G-Forces against as they tried to tighten themselves and put their helmets on. Many struggled but succeeded except for a few.
James almost had his helmet on until he heard something to his right. It was a private struggling to get his on. He was the newest addition to the platoon after they lost a few in Afghanistan. James let go of his helmet and started to help the Private.
James finally was able to get the helmet on the private and strap it on head. James turned back to get his on but it was too late as some of the supplies broke free and went flying around. One caught his against the skull knocking him out cold.

The C-130 was going down fast towards the largest island. Within a short half minute the plane started to scrap the tops of the jungle. The next thing everybody knew was a loud crashing noise as everything went black.

On the largest island a lone creature was sleeping in a small opening on a cliff face. It was at least 10 feet long and possibly 6 feet in hidth. Its hide was made up of white shiny scales with black blue spots and lines going down its body. It had a strong muscular build but very thin as if its been starved. Scars could be seen on its body, some not so serious to really bad ones.
It was asleep soundly within the small opening. A loud bang was heard that made it shoot up from its sleep. It looked in the sky to see some strange thing falling from the sky. It roared into the thick jungle not so far away making a loud series of crashing noises.

It looked at where it crashed and saw smoke come from it crashed. It was curious on what 'Thing' crashed. It got up with a whimpering growl and started to head towards the site. Not knowing of what it was but one thing for sure, but it could mean 'Food and