-Hours later-

Mimiteh was outside next to gate of this human place. All of the lights were one including on the fences but they were constant. She was laying down with her head low and looking down at the ground, thinking of everything going on. She wondered the facility everywhere by herself, she needed to reflect on everything.

"Mimiteh?!" she heard Adsila's voice, she looked over to see her run for her.

"Hey." she replied in a low voice.

"What's the matter girl? Why you ran off like that? I've been looking for you for a while now." she asked her concerned, she sat beside Mimiteh and nuzzled her a bit.

Mimiteh was silent for 30 seconds before letting out a sigh shaking her head "I feel bad! I'm deeply upset!".

"With what? What that human said?...look you shouldn't be upset at what he said." she replied to her.

"No..No that's not it..." she responded to Adsila.

"Well...then what is it?" she asked confused a bit.

"It's what is all going on right now and things I have done." she said letting out an exhale and looking up at the sky, it was a few hours till dark "Right now most of my pack doesn't want me here...most want me dead. My Father resents me...he hasn't talked to me and avoids me...he has been avoiding me for almost a year Adsila. I can't find a mate because I can't lay and no one wants to be with someone like me...a rule breaker. All I do is cause trouble and problems for everyone...the only one I have ever had in my life and truly care about me is mother, you and some of the girls, and my brother...you're all I got left. and I fear that I'll lose you all because of me...I shouldn't be here or have came back...but my heart got in the way." she said nearly in tears "I can't blame the human for wanting to give up on life. He has experienced alot of loss and despair and I don't even know the full of it! I got mad with him but yet I still can't blame him...I've wanted to give up so many times but never found the strength to do so. I..I just want it all to end and never be this...I don't know how much I can take Adsila. Even the Human...James I mean probably resents me as well. All I want is things to go back to normal, but I know things will get worse. I don't know how much I can take anymore...I just don't...know anymore" She finished in tears almost, she just let some of it out but not all of it.

Adsila didn't know what to do or say, she had never been through Mimiteh's Experiences so she couldn't give insight. She pondered at what to say, she just nuzzled her and received it back with tears. She wanted to help her best friend, though couldn't know how.

They both sit there for a short while, Mimiteh was silently crying...still holding everything in which was tearing apart on the inside. Adsila just nuzzled her in her embrace, on the verge of tears as well.

"Uhm...I'm done here for now" they heard someone say making them nearly jump, they look over to see James standing there , looking at them with a bit concern on his face. They figured he just got here.

"Hey!" Adsila said in excitement but Mimiteh just got up and didn't look at him.

"hey...let's get you back before things happen" she said leading the way again away from the facility.

Adsila just watched her walk away as if nothing happened, she sighed and motioned James to Follow yet strangely James was already walking. She noticed he walked up beside her and gave her a glance, it was a glance of worry and she saw it. She didn't respond to it.

As they passed the gate James leaned over and pressed a button and slowly the gate began to close tightly and shut behind them.

Over the next half an hour it was dead silent, there wasn't a single conversation. Mimiteh was far ahead by herself, looking at the ground a bit.

Adsila still didn't know what to say or do, she was overwhelmed. She looked at James for a few second and he looked back, she leaned in and nuzzled him under his chin and gave a light purr.

He was surprised by this but kept walking like she did, he petted the top of her head.

She sighed and purred a bit, she something in his ear somewhat going towards his mouth, it had a blinking green light and it was a dark gray color.

She ignored it and purred a bit "I really wish you could understand us James...Mimiteh along with all of us need help." she said to him, knowing to herself that he couldn't understand "I'm scared that Mimiteh is going to do something stupid...she is close to the edge and I fear she might leap. Also I wish the pack would be more kinder and respectful to her...they don't need to be giving her looks or calling her fowl names or even threatening her and her brother...and me in that matter. Things are going bad. If Mimiteh was right, you could possibly help us but I don't know how." she said to him closing her eyes, she slowly let out some tears onto him "You're really strong. I can feel it, I like it. Maybe you can help us, if they don't kill you first or worse" she said to him slowly moving away from him. She merely glanced at him and he was looking dead at Mimiteh with a deep glare. This glare was powerful as if he was predator, she saw him sigh and close his eyes.

Adsila just looked away and left it to be.

-Sometime later-

They reached the place where James was treated. Along the way it was all but silent, well except for a few patrols that basically snarled at the 3 of them. Adsila and Mimiteh ignored them but James gave them hateful glares. He didn't have a good day nor from some info he found out, he may have found a possible lead on one of his own men's suicides on the island.

Mimiteh immediately walked to the side of the cliff and just laid next to it, Adsila slowly but urgently walked next to her.

"Mimiteh?" She asked.

"Leave me alone!" she said deeply and rude like "I wish to be! Now go!" it was more rude now.

Adsila was hurt by this and slowly backed up, she really didn't know what to do.

James clinched his fist and gritted his teeth, he sighed "Don't be rude to you're own Friend Mimiteh!" He said to her fiercely.

Adsila and Mimiteh both looked at him slowly, shocked and surprised. He just responded to what was going on.

James looked at them both but just stood there, he wasn't pleased at all with this.

*Looks like Mimiteh is down in the dumps...looks like she wants to end it all but cant come to herself to do it :(. Adsila is worried and doesn't know what to do at all. But now James...seems to understand them but how does everyone wonder? and he isn't pleased with the Way Mimiteh is acting at all...the next chapter is gonna be very personal :3.*
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