Chapter 1

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It was a calm and peaceful morning in the Nerima Ward of Toyko, Japan. To an Outsider it would seem like just a normal morning in a normal Ward in Japan which in a way was foolish cause like an time bomb it would only be a matter of time before chaos rained down on this seemingly peaceful ward.

Meanwhile at the Tendo Dojo that just so happens to be located in the Nerima Ward the residents were unaware of the fearful looks the neighbors were giving them those that were still within a block of said dogo. Within the residence itself was Soun Tendo sat the low table in the main room reading the paper. Soun's eldest daughter Kasumi was humming a tune while preparing breakfast for the family. Nabiki the middle child was just getting a cup of coffee after exiting the furo. And the youngest member of the Tendo family Akane was just coming back from her morning jog her only form of excise aside from her pointlessly braking bricks.

Breakfast! Kasumi called out alerting everyone in the house including the two none Tendo residents Ranma and Genma Saotome who were sparing the back yard. Ending the spar in a draw in order to get to get to the breakfast table only for Ranma to kick Genma into the koi pond.

Better luck next time pop Ranma shouted only to receive a growl as a reply from panda genma. Rushing inside Ranma sits down waiting for another of Kasumi's mouth water meals.

After breakfast Ranma had been wracking his brain trying to figure out why Akane was glaring at him so much more them usual.

"What did I do this time?" He asked in a bored tone

"Who is she you pervert?" She snarl, her voice laced with bits of vemon.

"What are you talking about this time."

With a snarl Akane slammed her hands on the tables leaving behind a few cracks but also a poster card with the picture of field of flowers by a river bank.

"Why do you think its a she?" Ranma asked still in a bored tone already used to the waiting to erupt volcano that was Akane.

"It's cause whats written on the poster card." she shouted

Looking at the post card Ranma reads the words:

"Coming for a visit leave the porch light on tonight."


"Another girlfriend Ranma which is she?" Nabiki asked while trying to avoid Soun's crying of how the schools will never be joined and something about family honor it all sounded the same to her the same cycle that occurred in the dojo. "Who did Mr. Saotome sell you to this time?"

Before Genma could bark about never doing something like that and try to pass the blame on to Ranma he was interrupted by the shout of "No way he's coming" from Ranma while at the same time dodging a sloppy punch thrown by Akane while shouting "Pervert!"

Halfway to his mad dash to the front door Kasumi called out "Oh my who's coming Ranma." Stopping Ranma dead in his tracks. Turning around with a big smile says my little brother Masamune. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. An uncomfortable silence wash over the room until Genma Shouts "NNNOOOO anyone but him boy tell me this is some cruel joke your playing on your father?"

"No can do Pops it's true and he is coming." said Ranma still with the same smile on his face.

"Hold up what do you mean brother you said you were an only child." shouted Akane in a matter of fact tone.

"No you thought I was an only child and besides his not my real brother it's just he was with me during my whole training journey his full name is Masamune Mamiya". Calmly stated Ranma.

"Do go on Ranma." slyly stated Nabiki thinking there could be some money made from this kind of information.

"Not much to tell me and pop were just traveling through China when I was 7 then just out of no where he just showed and offered pop some money in exchange for taking him along and train him with me". Ranma stated as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

"And you never looked for his parents they must have been worried". Kasumi stated with care.

"Yeah you two just kidnapped so kid just to train to be like you!" Akane shouted with as much venom in his voice as she could muster.

"Thanks hard to believe because he's an orphan we try to avoid that situation by not talking about it." Said an emotionally drained Ranma.

"Oh my I'm so sorry to hear that." Kasumi said in a slightly heart broke tone.

"Don't worry about it." said an unknown voice from behind Ranma.

Turning around he sees a young man around Ranma's age with black hair, he was wearing a green sweatshirt with black pockets, a pair of tan kung-fu pants with a black line go down each leg and on his he were black kung-fu shoe.

"Hey bro whats up." the young man said in a casual tone

"Masa!" Ranma shouted in an excited tone while giving him a man hug.

"Good to is you to bro" young man dubbed Masamune replyed

"Wait two questions when did you get here and how did you get in here?" Nabiki questioned

"In that order around the orphan comment and I picked the lock wasn't hard but more on that latter I came cause I want Ranma to meet someone." Masamune stated

"Who?"Ranma asked

"Them." he said while pointing towards the door way


This will Probably be a 2 to 3 chapter long fic not sure if it will be a Ranma& Shampoo or Ranma & Harem