Road's End 13/13

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"I think your eyelashes are starting to grow back," Ororo commented when Remy woke up to find her sitting beside him. "But you're going to have to live with shorter hair than Jean's for a while."

"I don' make people trust me no more," Remy told her. "Didn' know I evah did till Essex told me… If yo' go to hell it ought to be on account of yo' own mistakes, not cause of m' stupidity, yo' understand?"

"I would hardly suspect you of making me trust you when I don't," Ororo replied. "I like you, but I know what living like you did does to a person, even without Sinister's involvement. You don't stay alive long if you don't have an ability and willingness to look to yourself first and damn all others some of the times. Someday I might trust you, someday after I trust myself not to fall back into that mode of being."

"S' good to hear," Remy said. "Ain't too comfortable bein' trusted right now anyways. Don' want to get people hurt like dat 'gain."

****** ****** ******

"Here kid," Logan said tossing a slender package into Remy's lap. "Figured you could stash this a bit easier than your normal bo staff."

Remy opened the package and grinned delightedly as he studied the heavy cylinder. It was barely longer than span of his joined hands when collapsed but extended to five and half feet at the touch of a button.

"It's adamantium," Logan explained. "Gives it plenty of strength even though it's hollow. The ends are weighted with lead to give it the mass to do real damage."

"She's sweet," Remy said. "Dis mean yo' ain't mad at me like Scott?"

"I'm not mad," Logan said. "Neither is Scott, he just let his mouth out pace his brain for a awhile there, still can't really get his head around how a kid as young as you got into that ugly of a mess in the first place, but that's his problem, not yours."

"Believe me, it wasn' hard."

"Yeah, trouble's the easiest thing in the world to find," Logan commiserated.

****** ****** ******

"Remy, I apologize for entering your mind knowing how you dislike such intrusions," Xavier said calmly. "However, the circumstances warranted such a liberty."

"Would it have killed yo' to wait till yo' could ask m' permission?" Remy replied bitterly.

"In light of the possible danger..." Xavier began only to be interrupted by Remy.

"I ain't chargin' nothin' when I'm out," he snapped. "Only reason to do it den was so yo' don' have to ask. Figure dat mean yo' planned on doin' it whatevah I want. Don' see you offerin' to undo t'ings now either."

Xavier frowned. "I hope this won't change your mind about staying with us. You are quite intelligent, but with little more than a sixth grade education and no marketable skills you will end up staying on the streets until Sinister or some other ill-intentioned person takes an interest in you. Whether you like me or not I'm the only one offering you a way out."

"Intentions, pah! Dey don' mean rein," Remy replied harshly. "Don' like no one playin' God wid me." Then the boy seemed to collapse in on himself. "But yo' right; I ain't got no choice, so I stay."

Xavier softened, "I don't mean to make you feel trapped," he said. "I hope in time you'll come to understand I acted in your best interests and that you will be happy here."

"Yo' see what good intentions be wort'," Remy sighed. "De ones wid'out dose nevah 'pologized for what dey do to me."

The End



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