Age: 15
Guy: roman reigns
Meet at raw live event
Job: none
Plot: welll roman reigns requests to see me backstage (u can go from there)
Rated: dirty

You went to a Raw live event and everything was going great, the matches and segments were awesome, and you were getting very high quality pictures with your new camera. It was after The Shield's match when a security guard came up and told you to go with him. You wasn't sure why, and when you asked he just kept cutting you off and telling you that it was important that you went with him. So you did. You followed the security guard, all the way from your seat, and he took you to the backstage area. You weren't sure why he was bringing you there, and when you asked you were surprised by his answer, that Roman Reigns requested to see you. The security brought you up to The Shield's locker room, and left you in front of the door. The rest was up to you now. As nervous and confused as you were, you knocked on the door and bit your lip nervously. You looked down on the floor as you thought to yourself, what on earth could Roman Reigns possibly want with you? You quickly looked back up when you heard the door creek open and saw Roman Reigns standing there.

"Oh, hey he actually got the right girl this time." Roman smirked, as he stepped to the side.

"This time?" You stood there motionless, and thought to yourself what he meant by that, and came to some really crazy conclusions.

"Well come in." Roman said as he stood clear of the doorway.

"Oh.." You walked into the room quickly, still biting your lip, now being more nervous than before. "Where are the others?" You asked, as you looked around the room.

"They're-" Roman was cut off by Seth and Dean running out from the showers in the back. Seth chasing Dean and both of them dripping wet and naked.

You gasped and covered your eyes with your hands, before peeking through, in-between your fingers.

"Guys!" Roman yelled at them and they both stopped.

"Shit man why didn't you tell us?" Seth covered himself with his hand and walked back to the showers.

"Whatever" Dean shrugged. "She knows she wanted to see it."

You were still peeking and saw Dean wink at you before Roman pushing him to the back.

"Out!" Roman shouted at Dean.

You quickly covered your eyes, fully.

"And put some clothes on, or at least a towel."

Roman then tapped your shoulder and you opened your eyes.

"Sorry about that, they can be crazy."

"I bet." Although it was nice to get a glimpse of Seth and Dean, you wished you could also get a peek at Roman's package.

"Yeah, anyway I bet you're wondering why I asked you in here."

"Yeah, I am."

"I noticed your camera, and I figured you'd have some pretty awesome pictures of us."

"Yeah, I just got it for my advance photography class I'm in."

"I don't ask this a lot, but I'd love to see some more of your work. You send me the pictures of us from tonight, as well some of your other work. I'm just looking for a photographer for my wedding coming up, but the people that come to me, either suck or they to get into my pants, or into Seth or Dean's. You don't seem too crazy though. If you were you would have tackled the guys when they came in."

"Yeah..." You agreed with him, although you really couldn't believe that he wanted to see your photography and consider you to take personal, professional photos of him, without even knowing how young you were, even though you looked much older for your age.

"So, is that a yes, to sending me some of your work?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Great." Roman smiled and gave you a hug.