A/N: I know I missed out on the last few couple of drabbles. I'm sorry. But I couldn't resist doing this one as I immediately knew what I would write. :) This week's word is Mirror, and Dean contemplates what he would see in the Mirror of Erised.

100 words on the dot.

"Hey Dean, what would you see in the Mirror of Erised?"

Sam was such a bookworm and had finished the first book in the recent Harry Potter series. The brothers had been driving down some random highway when Sam asked the question all of a sudden and explained to Dean what the object was. Dean had teased his baby brother about being a geek, but had avoided answering. It had actually got him thinking.

He looked fondly at his baby brother's now sleeping form in the passenger seat and smiled. He knew what he would see. His family, his Sammy.

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