Chapter 1: Moving into Rivendell
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Hey guys welcome back into the world of Xana, Nix, Miki, Courtney and Crystal.
This part of the sequel that follows tells you lot what happened in the 12 years since the war of the ring. The later parts will lead you to where Miki's story ended.

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Xana heaved the last of the furniture into its new place. Elrond's youngest had just rearranged the room that was now hers at Rivendell. Elladan and Elrohir had helped her earlier on but gave up around midday, leaving their sister to finish the job. Some help they were. I must remember to use that against them as often as I can. She smiled as she left the room, now to her liking. The bed was originally against the wall was now in the middle of the room and had the headboard against the wall, her desk was now next to the door. Grabbing her bow, she headed down to the archery field, hopefully to annoy the shit out of Haldir with her archery skills.

As she arrived she saw Haldir and Nix making out under the shade of a tree. Smiling at the memory of when they first started to date, she decided to give them a wakeup call. She should be planning her wedding not making out with my archery partner. She thought as she raised her bow and released the arrow, which at the moment were Elrohir's scaring them out of their wits. Nix jumped up and started yelling "XANABELL HESTIA LAVENDER GLAURUR! YOU BETTER HOPE THAT I CAN'T THROW MY SWORD THAT FAR!" as she started to run toward her friend
"BUT IT WAS ELROHIR!" Xana yelled as she tried to outrun Nix as she did to Rumil and Orophin, Elladan and Elrohir on a regular basis. Nix finally managed to tackle Xana in the main square of Rivendell, sending her friend into the pavement before they started to roll around, both forgetting that they were wearing dresses, messing their hair up and causing a ruckus to the usually calm Rivendell before Elrond strode out of his office shaking his head as he turned around to greet the party from Mirkwood
"Welcome to Rivendell, my lords" he said bowing to Thranduil before quickly adding "Please excuse my daughter and Nix, they still act very immaturely sometimes. Don't you girls?"
"Sorry dad, but remember we aren't half as bad as 'Dan and 'Ro" Xana said as she pulled herself and Nix from the ground and straightened her dress and hair
"You wouldn't be my Xana if you weren't just a little immature." Said Legolas from where he sat next to Thranduil
"Deal with it!" she said back before taking out a leather thong and pulling her hair back into her ponytail and stalking off, picking her dress up like a lady and walking back to her room and flopped back first onto her bed, realising how comfortable it was compared to the bunk bed she had in Valinor before there was a knock at her door
"Xanabell, can I come in?" called Elrond from the other side
"Sure, dad! Whatdya want?" she said motioning for him to sit down
"I'd like to know if you're okay... you're usually never that rowdy" he said taking her hand in his
"Dad, that was nothing compared to what Nix and I used to do back home. We used to spear tackle each other occasionally or if we really wanted to, we'd jump on the other's back" Xana said trying to hide her embarrassment at the entire scene
"Well, I came here to say that King Thranduil has requested your presence in the study." Elrond said as he got up
"Do I have to go? I have letters to respond to! Arwen sent me one a week ago!" she whined looking for an excuse not to meet the king
"Legolas said that you might say that so he said to use some amount of force. Xana my office now!" he said dragging her the full length to the study
"This will be my end..." Xana hissed as Elrond announced her and led her in
"Xanabell! How are you, milady?" asked Thranduil as he stood up. Now about a month after Aragorn's coronation had he finally decided to accept that no matter what he said to Legolas, his child was always meant to be with Xana. That didn't mean that he had to like it, only put up with it
"I'm quite fine, thank-you, your highness." She said bowing at the king. The bow was only to annoy Elrond who had told her that she should curtsey
"Legolas has managed to convince me that no matter what I do or say about you to him he will keep on loving you. Is this correct Legolas?" he asked motioning for Legolas to move forward
"It is indeed father. I love her with all my being. Even though she can be immature sometimes..." he said smiling at her
"Well, lady Xanabell, I know we started out on the wrong foot but knowing my son is friends with a dwarf, having an elf, from Valinor, doesn't seem that bad anymore. Truce?" he asked standing up
"As long as you agree to stop calling me 'lady Xanabell'. Xana's just fine" she said shaking his hand noticing the jewel on his front "Interesting jewel you have there" she said pointing to it
"Xana..." hissed Elrond, preparing to scold her
"No its fine Elrond. That's what I came to talk to you about" Thranduil said indicating that this wasn't something he wanted their children to hear
"We'll see you two at dinner, Xana, weren't you going to show Legolas that place you found?" asked Elrond leading them out
"Yeah! follow me 'Las!" she yelled picking up her skirt and ran away from the office
"Does she ever run out of energy?" Legolas asked
"Not that we know of yet. Elladan and Elrohir have tried but to no avail." the wizened elf lord said before his daughter's boyfriend followed her down the hall
"Xana, what are you planning on showing me?" he asked when he finally caught up with her
"My eavesdropping skills." she hissed back while motioning for him to give her a leg up
"Call the council, Thranduil, if that's what I think it is, Melkor will stop at nothing to get it back. We may have defeated Sauron but there are evils older than him in this world." Elrond said as he paced around the room
"Then what Elrond? There are two others..." started Thranduil
"Two others that he might already have!" hissed Elrond
"I'll call the meeting. I have an idea where the other two might be..." he finished turning around and sinking in his chair while pouring himself a goblet of wine
"Xa, what the fudge sticks are you doing there?" asked Nix as she walked up
"SHHHH!" she hissed back motioning to her ear. The universal symbol for eavesdropping
"Sorry!" Nix said instantly getting the picture
"What was that about?" Nix asked as they walked back to Xana's room
"Thranduil has one of the Silmaril Jewels. 'Las, you said in your last letter that there was a new dark power in Mirkwood..." Xana said starting to look worried
"Yeah, so?" asked the confused prince
"Melkor or what's his face is according to dad 'stopping at nothing to get it back!'" Xana said as she paced the room
"Is that bad?" asked Nix
"Very. If Melkor gets his hands on the Silmaril jewels again, it could be the end of Adra." Legolas replied instantly paling as he too started to pace
"Yo! This a private pace session or can we join too?" asked Elladan as he and his twin stuck their heads around the door frame
"No, its open to siblings and not fathers that don't know that I've been eavesdropping on them" Xana said motioning for them to come in and shut the door
"So what's the topic?" asked Elrohir sitting on the desk next to his brother
"The Silmaril jewel. Father has found one of them and there is also a new evil in Mirkwood." Legolas said catching the twins up
"Oh," said one only to have the other finish the sentence for him
"Do we know where the other two are?" asked Elladan
"No, they hadn't discussed that when we were eavesdropping" Xana said
"We'll alert Aragorn, he needs to know about this. If elven mythology has any truth in it, Minas Tirith will be one of the places it could be in." Elrohir said as he and his brother left to write to Aragorn
"In every legend there is a grain of truth." Xana said remembering some of her books from home
"Legolas, where could the other be?" asked Nix looking at the prince
"The Shire. They were according to myth sent in opposite ways under very different powers. To keep them separated was considered safe." Legolas continued
"I'll write to Crystal and Courtney. They need to know. Merry, Frodo, Sam and Pippin between them oh! And Bilbo, they should have enough influence and knowledge between them to find if it is there or not!" Xana said pulling out paper and a quill and started to write
"And I'll tell Miki. She also should be able to pull enough power and influence in Minas Tirith to find enough records." Added Nix as she ran to her room
"And I guess that I'll go shooting with Haldir, Orophin and Rumil." Said Legolas leaving the room
"Love you Legolas!" said Xana as she kissed his cheek before he left
"I love you too Xanabell!" he replied as he left the room